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Louise Llulla was the daughter of the infamous Spanish duelist Joseph “Pepe” Llulla. who was said to have fought several dozen duels during his long lifetime and to have served as a second in many more. In 1857, he purchased the St. Vincent de Paul cemeteries, also known as the Louisa Street Cemetery, as an investment (although the wits of the day said that he needed a place to bury his victims). Pepe Llulla never married, though he had several long-time female companions, including one who bore him his daughter Louise. She married a man named Manuel Suarez, who eventually assisted his father-in-law in operating the cemetery. When her father died in 1888, she became involved in a lengthy fight with her father’s last companion and his brother and sister over Pepe’s considerable estate. Louise won.

Shown here is Pepe Llulla’s will, naming his daughter as his sole heir.

(Will of Joseph Llulla. Orleans Parish Civil District Court. Will Books, vol. 23, p. 516-517)

In this advertisement, published the year after Pepe’s death, Louise announces that she is now the proprietor of the St. Vincent de Paul cemetery. It is unclear why she styles herself “Mrs. Llulla,” since she was by then Mrs. Manuel Suarez (the “M. Suarez” identified as sexton in the ad). Perhaps she was capitalizing on her famous father’s name. She continued to operate the cemeteries until her death in 1902.

(Business Guide of New Orleans and Vicinity, [1889])