Mayor Moon Landrieu hired Robert H. Tucker, Jr. as a special assistant (later Executive Assistant) in 1970. Since that time Bob Tucker has served city government in numerous positions. Today he is chairman of the Regional Transit Authority.

Arnold Broussard served as Mayor Dutch Morialís Executive Assistant for Human Resources.

In 1984 Warren Woodfork became the first African American Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department.

In 1981 Arnesta Taylor was a NOPD sergeant. Ten years later he succeeded Warren Woodfork as Superintendent of the Department. This photograph shows him shaking hands with Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy when he was a Deputy Superintendent. Ca. 1990.

A New Orleans Police Department Sergeant in 1981, Joseph Orticke, Jr. succeeded Arnesta Taylor as Superintendent in 1993.

Dr. Clarence C. Haydel, Jr. served on the Audubon Park Commission during the administration of his brother-in-law, Mayor Dutch Morial.

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