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Early Sheet Music Collection

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Portions of the Library's Sheet Music Collection were transferred to the Louisiana Division when the old Art and Music Division was reestablished as the Periodicals, Arts, and Recreation Division.

The first portion of the collection to be transferred comprises loose items filed in individual folders. These items are arranged in six series:

  • New Orleans Early (ca. 250 items)
  • New Orleans (ca. 25 items)
  • Early (ca. 25 items)
  • Southern (ca. 125 items)
  • American (ca. 200 items)
  • La Hache (ca. 50 items)
The items in this portion of the collection are arranged within each series in alphabetical order by name of composer/arranger. They are indexed by title and by name of composer/arranger in a card file in the Louisiana Division. Thanks to the work of volunteer Linda Angelocci we are now able to offer an online version of the card index; click HERE to search the index.

The La Hache materials noted above are compositions produced by Theodore von La Hache (1822-1869), a local music teacher, composer, and organist who wrote piano and sacred music. His work comprises a major part of the second portion of the Early Sheet Music Collection, a series of bound volumes. Five of the thicker volumes are taken up with works by La Hache as are a number of individually bound items. Other "thicker" volumes are devoted to piano music, guitar music, and music in general; two of them appear to have been compiled by individual collectors. Among the 200 or so individually bound titles are items produced by Louis Moreau Gottschalk, the DeDroit Brothers, Basile Bares, and other local musicians. The bound portion of the collection is not included in the aforementioned card index, but it is now included in the Library's automated catalog, accessible from our homepage. Search by name of composer/arranger, title of work, or genre (e.g., "piano music").

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