The Pamphlet of the Month series includes digitized state and local documents, cataloged booklets, and items from the Louisiana Division's Rare Vertical File and other special collections.

2011 Pamphlets
December 2011
Constitution of the New Orleans Club (1858)

November 2011
Ursuline Academy, Below New Orleans (1888)

October 2011
A Report on Aviation in the New Orleans Area (1964)

September 2011
Parish Prison Progress, 1954-1958

August 2011
Report of Superintendent of the Municipal Boys' Home...1929

July 2011
Directory of the Public Schools of New Orleans, La...Session 1921-1922

June 2011
Report of Operations [of the Division of Public Works] for Year Ending December 31st, 1929.

May 2011
Constitution and By-Laws of Columbia Steam Fire Co. No. 5 (1882)

April 2011
Murals in the New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal (1955)

March 2011
NORD: New Orleans Recreation Department, 1950

February 2011
The Facts about the Proposed Mississippi River Railroad and Highway Bridge at New Orleans (1928)

January 2011
Touro-Shakspeare Home, Board of Managers Report, 1901-1918

2010 Pamphlets
December 2010
One Hundred Golden Hours at Sea (1929)

November 2010
Catalogue of the Exhibit of the Louisiana Historical Society, Opened February 20th, 1900, at the Fisk Free Public Library, in New Orleans, La.

October 2010
Inner Harbor-Navigation Canal, New Orleans, Louisiana, May 5, 1923

September 2010
Official New Orleans Harbor Guide
and Souvenir of Steamer Capitol De Luxe
, 1927

August 2010
Lake Pontchartrain Shore Development. January 12, 1926

July 2010
Study of Natural Gas Situation at New Orleans, La.. May 1928

June 2010
[Program] First Provincial Assembly for De Soto Province and District Assembly for Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, Fourth Degree Exemplification, Knights of Columbus. April 23, 1916

May 2010
Rules and Regulations for the Government of Conductors and Motorneers, September 1st, 1895.

April 2010
Visitors Guide to New Orleans (1923).

March 2010
Cooke's Tours of the City (1917?).

February 2010
Annual Report of the Association for the Relief of Jewish Widows & Orphans of New Orleans (1866).

January 2010
[A project...regarding the sugar mart], (1869?).

2009 Pamphlets
December 2009
The Water Question (1869).

November 2009
Annual Report of the Board of Commissioners of the Second Draining District (1869?).

October 2009
Budget of the Probable Receipts and Expenditures of the City of New Orleans, for the Year 1869.

September 2009
Report [of the Surveyor Relative to the Drainage System] (1868) .

August 2009
Annual Statement of the Commissioners of the Consolidated Debt and Railroad Debt of New Orleans, from January 1 to December 31, 1866 [including reports of the
McDonogh School Fund and the Fink Asylum Fund] (1867).

July 2009
Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the Public Schools, City of New Orleans, For the Year Closing March 31st, 1868 (1868).

June 2009
Louisiana State Fair. Report of the Third Grand Fair....1869 (1869).

May 2009
Fourth Annual Report of the Directors of the State Normal School....1861 (1862).

April 2009
Eighth Annual Report of the President and Directors of the New Orleans, Opelousas and Great Western Railroad Company (1860).

March 2009
Annual Report of the New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern Railroad Company to the Legislature of the State of Louisiana (1866).

February 2009
Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, Official Mardi Gras 1974 Special.

January 2009
Report of the Board of Directors of the St. Vincent's Home, for Destitute Catholic Boys,
Established in New Orleans by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in July, 1866 (1868).
2008 Pamphlets
December 2008
Report of the Committee of the Free Market of New Orleans Established for the Benefit of the Families of our Absent Volunteers, Together with the List of Contributions, Number of Markets, and Families Supplied, from 16th August to 31st December, 1861, inclusive.

November 2008
Inventory and Valuations of Real Estate, Improved and Unimproved, and Railroad Stocks, Belonging to the City of New Orleans, Prepared by Experts, Under the Supervision of the Finance Committee of the Common Council, for the year 1869.

October 2008
Rail Road Communication between New Orleans and Mobile; Acts of the Legislatures of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, Authorizing the Construction of a Rail Road from New Orleans to Mobile, and Empowering the City of New Orleans to Subscribe in Aid of such Undertaking, &c. &c. (1854)

September 2008 A
An Ordinance for the Appointment of Agents to Represent the City of Baltimore in the Execution of the Will of John McDonogh, Late of the City of New Orleans, Deceased (1854)
September 2008 B
Papers Relating to the Coal Field on the Upper Ouachita River, Submitted to the Academy of Sciences of New Orleans (1857)

August 2008
Charter of the New-Orleans and Carrollton Rail Road Company
Approved February 9th, 1833; with an appendix Containing an act to amend the Charter of said Company, an act to amend the Penal Laws of this State, five Ordinances of the City Council of New-Orleans, an Ordinance of the Board of Council of the City of Lafayette, relative to said Rail Road, together with an act to amend an act entitled "An act to amend An Act to Incorporate the New-Orleans and Carrollton Rail Road Company and for other purposes."

July 2008
Remarks, showing the advantages to be derived from an immediate construction of the Lafayette & Pontchartrain Railroad; delivered at a public meeting of the citizens of the Fourth District of New Orleans on the evening of 9th April, 1852, by Col. S. H. Peck; to which are appended the charter of the company and other documents relating thereto.

June 2008
Report of the Committee of Claims [on] the Petition of Oliver Pollock (1807)

May 2008
Memorial to the Legislature of Louisiana by Dr. Armand Mercier, of New Orleans (1858)

April 2008
Reports of the Board of Commissioners of the First Draining District (1864)

March 2008
Charter, Constitution and By-Laws of the Hibernian Benevolent and Mutual Aid Association of Louisiana (1870)

February 2008
Krewe of Babylon: Inaugural (1940)

January 2008
An Outline of Twelve Months of Progress in New Orleans: August 17, 1936 - August 17, 1937

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