Our Letter of the Month series presented digitized letters selected from among the many thousands housed in NOPL's City Archives & Special Collections.

2012 Letters
September 2012
Edgar H. Farrar to Dr. H[enry]. Dickson Bruns, June 29, 1915

August 2012
F. C. Font (Secretary to Mayor Andrew J. McShane) to City Attorney Ivy G. Kittredge, April 18, 1921 [re: the death of William C. Pierce]

July 2012
James W. Reynolds, Superintendent of Police, to Mayor Martin Behrman, December 5, 1912

June 2012
John Klorer (City Engineer) to Wilbert Black (Commissioner of Public Property), May 7, 1924

May 2012
Thomas Sully to the City Engineer, November 23, 1892

April 2012
Thomas F. Jenkins to James E. Armor, December 5, 1839

March 2012
Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel to Mayor deLesseps S. Morrison, June 28, 1960

February 2012
William M. Fayssoux to Mayor Andrew J. McShane, May 9, 1923

January 2012
William C. C. Claiborne to the Mayor of the City of New Orleans, June 6, 1812

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