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Identifying Your Catholic Ancestors | Fall 2020 Genealogy Series
WithThe Office of Archives and Records of the Archdiocese of New Orleans
and New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries (NOCC)

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Archdiocese Record Books

About the Program

Join the Archives of the Archdiocese of New Orleans' Kimberly Johnson and Katie Vest, NOCC's Heather Veneziano, and Amanda Fallis of the City Archives & Special Collections at NOPL for a 6-week Zoom series about researching your New Orleans Catholic ancestors. We are excited to share these webinars with our Southeast Louisiana neighbors every Saturday at 11am from Sep.12th to Oct.17th. Please note that materials will become available on this page 1-2 days before each session airs.

  • Full Series Description Downloadable PDF
  • Register via Zoom Active from 9/3/2020 - 10/17/2020; once registered, check e-mail and spam folders for Zoom access info
  • Visit The Office of Archives and Records of the Archdiocese of New Orleans
  • Visit New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries
  • Visit and subscribe to the City ArchivesYouTube Channel for recordings

  • Session 1: Basics of Genealogical Research September 12th, 2020 11a-12:15p

    Join us for short introduction to genealogical research, followed by an overview of the Archdiocesan records: learn what is available, what isn't available, and what can be requested.

  • Session 1 Materials Include:
    • "What Books We Hold", Archives of the Archdiocese
    • "Cemeteries Owned and Operated by NOCC", New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries
    • "Whom to Call About Cemetery Records", New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries
  • Session 1 Presentation Slides
  • Session 1 Video Recording
  • Sources for Additional Genealogy Research

  • Session 2: Requesting Genealogy Records September 19th, 2020 11a-12:15p

    Learn how to order records, what forms to use, and all about where to find the information you will need on-hand ahead of placing a request.

  • Session 2 Materials Include:
    • "Genealogy Request Form", Archives of the Archdiocese
  • Session 2 Presentation Slides
  • Session 2 Video Recording
  • Guide to Genealogical Materials
  • Louisiana Biography and Obituary Index

  • Session 3: Navigating Newspaper Databases for Obituaries September 26th, 2020 11a-12:15p

    Use your regional Public Library cards to access newspaper databases and find obituaries, which are often the starting point for locating and researching Catholic ancestors.

  • Session 3 Materials Include:
    • "Obituaries for Genealogy Research", City Archives & Special Collections
  • Session 3 Presentation Slides
  • Session 3 Video Recording
  • Louisiana Biography and Obituary Index

  • Louisiana Library Connection Database Portal
    • The newspapers discussed in this session are accessible to Orleans, St. Tammany, Jefferson, and East Baton Rouge Parish Library cardholders through this database portal (please have you card number ready to enter). If you are not in one of these Louisiana parishes, be sure to ask your local library if they provide access to databases such as Newsbank, and what region they cover.

    Session 4: Archdiocesan Indexes and Digital Resources October 3rd, 2020 11a-12:15p

    Explore the available indexes and digital resources offered by the Archdiocese and NOCC.

  • Session 4 Materials Include:
    • "Publication Order Form: Archdiocese of New Orleans Sacramental Records Series", Archives of the Archdiocese
  • Session 4 Presentation Slides
  • Session 4 Video Recording
  • NOCC Burial Records Search
  • NOCC 360 Virtual Tour

  • Session 5: Cemetery Research October 10th, 2020 11a-12:15p

    Learn about cemetery research and care, including where to start, different tablet and tomb types, and also about the Perpetual Care and restoration programs of New Orleans Catholic Cemeteries.

  • Session 5 Presentation Slides
  • Session 5 Video Recording
  • NOCC Burial Records Search
  • NOCC 360 Virtual Tour
  • NOCC Tomb Preservation and Restoration

  • Session 6: Cemetery Exploration: Identifying Burial Locations October 17th, 2020 11a-12:15p

    Experience virtual examples of working with archival records to identify burial locations within a number of cemeteries, complete with visuals and sample searches.

  • Session 6 Presentation Slides
  • Session 6 Video Recording
  • "Research Resouces for New Orleans Area Cemeteries" by Stephen Fowlkes, 2011, for the Louisiana Historical Center at the Louisiana State Museum
  • The Historic New Orleans Collection Cemetery Survey
  • Fred and Heath Hatfield's Inventory and Cross-Index to Plaques and Tombs of Historic New Orleans Cemetery Lafayette #1

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