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Tickets, 87
R. D. Pitard Hardware Co., Inc.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 91
Rachmaninoff, Sergei
Programs--Concerts, 44, 45
Raggio, Corporal Joseph
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 18
Ramblers' Club
Programs--Balls, 12
Rand, Clayton
Pamphlet--Henry M. Shreve, "A Servant of Louisiana"
Ransom Industrial Life Insurance Co.
Receipts, 15
Rault, H. [Locksmith]
Business Cards, 16
Ray, Dr. James O.
Obituaries, 10
Reading Award
Certificates, 15
Realty Owners' Protective Alliance
Broadsides, 12, 13
Handbills, ?
Letterheads--Organizations, 28, 29
Broadsides, 64
Red Cross
Certificates, 3, 4, 5, 6, 19, 20
Programs--Concerts, 10
Programs--Miscellaneous, 33
Redditt, Eliza J.
Obituaries, 8
Regular Democratic Organization [Orleans Parish]
Ballots, 8
Reily-Taylor Co. [Coffee]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 152
La Renaissance Louisianaise
Broadsides, 43
Rennyson, I. B. [Auctioneer]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 169
Republican Party
Broadsides, 11, 61
Rest Awhile
Reports, 1, 2, 3
Solicitations, 7, 8
Reuter, Chris. [Seeds]
Tickets, 98, 99
Reuter's Seed Store
Advertisements, 34
Reuther, Joseph [Bakery]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 23
Rex Shoes
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 41, 42
Reynolds, Marc M.
Magazine Article--"Queen of the Gulf Coast," from Moody's Magazine, XI (January, 1911), pp. 22-32
Ricci, Aldo [Violinist]
Tickets, 10
Rice Planter, The
Newspapers, 9
Richards, Newton [Granite and Marble Yard]
Advertisements, 80
Rieth Florist
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 147
Rigamer & Wahlig [Cistern Factory]
Business Cards, 18
Rizal y Mercado, Dr. Jose
Invitations--Anniversaries, 4
Robb, James
Catalogs, 2
Robert E. Lee Centennial Committee
Resolutions, 2
Roberts & Company
Catalogs, 15
Roberts, Kenneth L.
Magazine Article--"New Orleans Notes"
Roehl, Etta
Handbills, 16
Roosevelt, Theodore
Solicitations, 13
Roosevelt Hotel
Tickets, 21, 22
Ross Service Station
Invoices, 52
Rotary Club of New Orleans
Speeches, 5
Royal Carpet Cleaning Co.
Blotters, 54
Ruch, Katherine Faust
Certificates, 4
Ruch, Mrs. Louis
Certificates, 5, 6, 20
Rules for Electric Service and Meter Installations, May 1, 1935
Rules to Govern Electrical Apprentices
Booklets, 13
S. T. Alcus & Co., Ltd.
Business Cards, 30
Sacred Heart Church
Tickets, 13, 94, 95
Saenger Theater
Programs--Theatre, 45, 46
Programs--Concerts, 35
Saenger's St. Charles Theatre
Programs--Theatre, 1, 2
St. Alphonsus Orphan Asylum
Correspondence, 9
St. Aloysius College
Invitations--Commencement, 21
St. Anna's Asylum
Charters, 60
St. Anna's Episcopal Church
Invitations--Concerts, 1
St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church
Programs--Miscellaneous, 4
St. Anthony's Church
Prayer Cards, 3
St. Anthony's Church. Lenten Services, 1940
Menus, Price Lists, 1
St. Augustine Church
Souvenirs, 8
St. Charles Avenue Christian Church
Business Cards, 64
St. Charles Hotel
Advertisements, 23a
Menus, Price Lists, 1
Handbills, 21
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 70, 136
Views--Buildings, 63
St. Charles Music Hall - “The Drunkard” presented by the New Orleans Federal Theater (WPA) (Program is printed on fabric)
Programs-Theater, 61
St. Charles Players
Programs--Theatre, 1, 2
St. Charles Theatre
Advertisements, 32
Programs--Concerts, 21
Programs--Theatre, 1, 2, 3
St. Francis of Assisi Church
Invitations--Dedications, 17
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Certificates, 21
St. Joseph's High School, Pupils of
Programs--Theatre, 60
St. Louis Cathedral
Pamphlet--Specifications for Restoration of St. Louis Cathedral (1849) Click here to read it online!
Tickets, 39, 42, 43, 44
Views--Buildings, 63
St. Louis Hotel Association
Charters, 54
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
Programs--Concerts, 17, 18, 19, 66
St. Margaret's Daughters
Solicitations, 11
Tickets, 16, 17
St. Mark's Baptist Church
Announcements, 8
St. Mary's Academy
Prospectuses, 4
St. Mary’s Dominican High School, 1955
Booklets, 14
St. Maurice Mutual Aid and Benevolent Association
Invitations--Banquets, 14
St. Paul's Church
Programs--Recitals, 1
Invitations--Concerts, 4 [March 11, 1897]
Invitations--Concerts, 5 [November 17, 1897]
Invitations--Concerts, 6 [May 26, 1898]
St. Philip Vacation School
Invitations--Banquets, 27
St. Roch Church
Newspaper Articles (Non-Louisiana Papers), 2
St. Simeon's School
Invitations--Commencement, 16
Invitations--Receptions, 13
Tickets, 20, 85
St. Stephen's Church
Souvenirs, 9
St. Vincent De Paul Cemetery
Receipts, 2
St. Vincent's Home for Destitute Catholic Boys
Pamphlet--Report of the Board of Directors of the St. Vincent's Home, for Destitute Catholic Boys (1868)
Click here to read it online!
St. Vincent's Hotel
Reports, 20
Librettos, 3
Sale of Library of Dr. Warner
Advertisements, 93
Salmen Brick & Lumber Co., Ltd.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 166
Salmond, Felix [Cellist]
Programs--Concerts, 52
Broadsides, 31
Salvation Army
Letterheads--Organizations, 1
San Carlo Opera Company
Handbills, 10
Programs--Opera, 3, 8, 15
Programs--Theatre, 34
San Jacinto Social and Pleasure Club
Reports, 4, 5
Sand-Lime Brick Association
Programs--Convention, 2
Sanders, J. Y.
Speeches, 11
Sardou, Victorien & Louis Gallet
Pamphlet--Patrie, Grand Opera in Five Acts [Libretto]
Scarborough, L. [Auctioneer]
Broadsides, 28
Scherer's [Tailoring]
Tickets, 63
Schmidt & Ziegler [Grocers]
Views--Buildings, 4
Schneider & Zuberbier [Grocers]
Views--Buildings, 2
Schultz, C. Raymond [Watchmaker]
Business Cards, 20
Schwarz, Joseph [Baritone]
Programs--Concerts, 60
Schweizer Gesellschaft von New Orleans
Annual Reports, 11
Scotti Grand Opera Company
Programs--Opera, 4
Seamen's Church Institute
Invitations--Banquets, 7
Seghers, D. E. [Surveyor & Draughtsman]
Business Cards, 32
Selective Service
Certificates, 1, 2
Service Equipment Co.
Blotters, 20
Seventh Ward Improvement Association
Letterheads--Organizations, 5
Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans
Newspaper Articles--"The City Council, Passage of Sewerage and Drainage Ordinance" in Times Democrat [April 26, 1899]
Shakspeare Iron Works
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 121
Share Our Wealth Society
Broadsides, 59
Pamphlet--Share Our Wealth
Shaw, John A.
Views--Buildings, 43
Shaw-Walker City Amateur Baseball Championship Series
Schedules, 17
Sheldon, Wm. J. [Leather]
Views--Buildings, 29
Sher-Kops, Krewe of
Invitations--Balls, 5
Sherrouse-Steele Motor Car Co., Inc.
Invitations--Dedications, 8
Shreveport Community Service
Programs--Miscellaneous, 30
Shreveport Mill and Elevator Co.
Invoices, 18
Sidney (Steamer)
Tickets, 107
Simon, Benedict [Lithographs]
Views--Buildings, 22
Simone & Serpas [Vegetables]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 168
Singer Sewing Machines
Advertisements, 46, 47
S. J. A. French Club
Tickets, 31, 32, 33
Slaughterhouse Company
Charters, 29
Broadsides, 30
Smith, Gerald L. K.
Broadsides, 59
Smith, Gipsy
Invitations--Receptions, 12
Smith & Rauch [Food Store]
Invitations--Dedications, 5
Smith Brothers Co., Ltd.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 97, 98
Smithsonian Institution; Air and Space Museum
Certificates, 29
Societa' Nazionale Dante Alighieri
Programs--Dedications, 5
La Societe des Concerts du Conservatoire de Paris
Programs--Concerts, 26
La Societe Francaise de Bienfaisance et D'Assistance Mutuelle de la Nouvelle-Orleans
Charters, 67
Invitations--Balls, 1
Pamphlet--Historique de la Societe Francaise
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Invitations--Anniversaries, 6
Programs--Anniversaries, 13
Society of the Cincinnati
Certificates (Oversize Box)
Society of the Holy Spirit
Pamphlet--Society of the Holy Spirit
Pamphlet--The Catholic Position on the School Question
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Programs--Banquets, 1
Programs--Miscellaneous, 13
Sophie B. Wright High School
Programs--Theatre, 57
Tickets, 83
Sophie L. Gumbel Home and Training School
Letterheads--Institutions, 12
Soule, George
Speeches, 1, 2, 3
Soule College
Certificates, 22
Letterheads--Institutions, 1, 2, 3, 4
Speeches, 1, 2, 3
Soule, Thomas & Wentworth
Catalogs, 16
South Louisiana Fair
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 12, 47
Programs--Miscellaneous, 6
Tickets, 26
South Louisiana State Fair
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 117
Tickets, 52
Southeastern Shrine Association
Souvenirs, 22
Southern American Ticket
Ballots, 3
Southern Building Codes Congress
Meeting Notices, 16
Southern Car Service Association
Pamphlet--Rules covering car service and storage
Southern Educational Association
Invitations--Exhibits, 4
Catalogs, 7
Southern Exposition (New York)
Prospectuses, 8
Southern Industrial Convention (1900)
Editorials, 1, 2, 3
Southern Jobbers Supply Co., Inc.
Blotters, 8
Southern League [Baseball]
Schedules, 16
Southern Match Co.
Blotters, 2
Southern Moline Plow Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 192
Southern Mutual Benevolent Association
Charters, 33
Southern Pacific Railroad
Blotters, 32, 48
Schedules, 13, 14
Southern Pacific Steamship Lines
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 176
Pamphlet--One Hundred Golden Hours at Sea
Southern Pine Association
Pamphlet--The Gulf Coast Classification of Pitch Pine
Southern Railway System
Pamphlet--Queen and Crescent Limited; Superior Service De Luxe Train between Cincinnati and New orleans
Pamphlet--Queen and Crescent Limited Route; Fsat Trains, Pullman Sleepers, and Dining Cars between Shreveport and the East and South East
Southern Soap Factory
Views--Buildings, 3
See also: Magic Keller Soap Works, Ltd.
Southern University
Invitations--Commencements, 25, 26
Tickets, 84
Southern Yatcht Club
Tickets, 112
Southwest Pass
Pamphlet--Deepening Channels of Southwest Pass and Pass A L'Outre
Southwestern Geographic Division, N.E.L.A.
Programs--Conventions, 1
Southwestern Public Service Association
Programs--Conventions, 1
Souvenir of New Orleans, La. (1884?)
Souvenirs, 21
Souvenir of New Orleans and the Exposition, 1885
Souvenirs, 33
Spalding, Albert [Violinist]
Programs--Concerts, 61, 62
Spalding and Rogers's Floating Circus Palace
Newspaper Articles (Non-Louisiana Papers), 3
Spanish Fort
Views--Buildings, 63
Standard Brewing Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 12, 13
Stanley, Helen [Soprano]
Programs--Concerts, 42
Star Printing Works
Business Cards, 38
Starr, Blaze
Magazine Articles--"Two extremes: Blaze and Anita" in Sir (September, 1963)
State National Bank
Broadsides, 10
State Normal School
Pamphlet--Fourth Annual Report of the State Normal School (1862) Click here to read it online!
State Street Commission
Letterheads--Organizations, 37
Stationers' Marks
Stationers' Marks
Steamboats' Traffic Association
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 177, 178
Steckler's Seeds
Catalogs, 18
Stern Foundry & Machinery Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 194, 210
Stonewall Jackson Association
Views--Buildings, 63
Story Building
Views--Buildings, 39
Story, Sidney [Wines]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 127
Pamphlet--Blue Book
Streckfus Steamboat Line
Pamphlet--New Orleans Harbor Guide
Pamphlet--Sightseeing Tours of New Orleans' Wonderful Inland Harbor
Street Light Committee
Meeting Notices, 19
Street Paving
Magazine Article--"History and Selection of Street Paving in the City of New Orleans," Journal of the Association of Engineering Societies, XXII (February, 1899), pp. 45-57
The Student Prince
Programs - Theater, 62
Suehpro Club
Applications, 8, 9
Pamphlet--A project ... regarding the Sugar Mart (1869?) Click here to read it online!
Sugar Bowl 24 (January 1, 1958)
Tickets, 120
Summer Art School
Prospectuses, 2
Sunbeam (Steamship)
Tickets, 117
Sutherland, C.A.
Tickets, 45
Sutton's Foundry and Structural Steel Works
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 164, 165
Swamp Lands
Pamphlet--Acts of the Legislature for Leveeing, Draining and Reclaiming Swamp Lands (1866)
Swift & Co., Ltd.
Invitations--Dedications, 18
Swiss Benevolent Society
Invitations--Balls, 15
Szumowska-Adamowska, Antoinette
Programs--Concerts, 7
Tarrant, Robert Hayne
Programs--Concerts, 3, 25-34
Programs--Opera, 3, 4
Tebault, William Gartley [Furniture Store and Vice Presidential Candidate]
Broadsides, 21
Business Cards, 21
Teche Transfer Co., Inc.
Schedules, ?
Tennessee Furniture Co.
Business Cards, 31
Tertis, Lionel [Violinist]
Programs--Concerts, 52
Teutonia Insurance Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 7, 8, 119
Texas Transport & Terminal Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 180
Tharp & Bultman Co. [Morticians]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 128
Theatre de L'Opera
Reports, 31
Theatre d'Orleans
Contracts, 5
Newspaper Articles--"New Orleans Little Theatre" in Little Theatres of the South Magazine, 1934
Thiel, Charles A.
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 8
Third District Savings, Banking & Trust Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 24
Third Presbyterian Church
Invitations--Dedications, 4
Programs--Concerts, 9
Thomas B. Bodley & Co.
Views--Buildings, 19
Thompson, Virginia Barnes
Invitations--Receptions, 1
Tichenor, Dr. George H.
Reports, 40
Times Democrat
Invoices, 13, 38
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 183
Newspapers, 3
Times-Picayune Publishing Co.
Contracts, 3
Pamphlet--Style Sheet for Proofreaders and Operators
Pamphlet--Instructions to Correspondents
Touro Buildings
Views--Buildings, 38
Touro Infirmary
Annual Reports, 6, 12
Invitations--Commencement, 19
Letterheads--Institutions, 5
Programs--Commencement, 1
Toy and Furniture Renovation Project
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 14
Toye Brothers
Pamphlet--Yellow Cab Sightseeing Tours of New Orleans
Traffic Club of New Orleans
Letterheads--Organizations, 44
Trainor, J. C. [Publisher's Representative]
Business Cards, 49
Transportation Club of New Orleans
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 45
Traveler's Bar and Package Liquor Store
Advertisements, 58
La Traviata
Librettos, 2
Traylor, John-Elizabeth E. Louguet Marriage Certificate
Certificates, 35 [Oversize]
Trefz, Edward Frederick
Invitations--Banquets, 20
Le Trio de Lutece
Programs--Concerts, 38
Tulane Dramatic Co.
Tickets, 96
Tulane Educational Fund
Invoices, 35
Tulane Helluvarag
Newspapers, 2
TulaneProgressive Club
Tickets, 61
Tulane Side Lines Club
Invitations--Banquets, 4
Tulane Theatre
Advertisements, 6, 7
Programs--Opera, 1, 16
Programs--Theatre, 4, 7, 16-40, 42, 47-51, 55
Tickets, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17
Tulane University
Invitations--Commencement, 14, 15, 28-35
Programs--Theatre, 7
Resolutions, 3
Tickets, 3, 8
Tulane University--Alumni
Invitations--Anniversaries, 2, 3
Programs--Theatre, 7
Tulane University--Class of 1904
Broadsides, 18
Tulane University--Cercle Francais
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 89
Tulane University--Debates
Programs--Miscellaneous, 9, 10, 11
Tulane University--Football
Invitations--Banquets, 28
Tulane University--Law School
Invitations--Commencement, 4
Tulane University--Medical School
Annual Reports, 4
Invitations--Commencement, 4-10
Speeches, 4
Tickets, 8
Turci, Ettore [Baritone]
Tickets, 21, 22
Turpin, Ernest [Confectionery]
Views--Buildings, 27
Tuscarora [Steam Tow]
Invoices, 5
Twelfth Division Railway Mail Service
Announcements, 9
Twelfth Ward Democratic Anti-Lottery League
Souveniers, 27
Ulua Navigation, Land, Commercial, and Colonization Company
Prospectuses, 5
The Unemployment Committee
Broadsides, 5
Union Finance Co.
Blotters, 53
Union Paper Products Company, Inc.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 124
United Ancient Order of Druids
Charters, 59
Solicitations, 21
United Daughters of the Confederacy
Announcements, 2
Broadsides, 9
Invitations--Conventions, 5, 6
Invitations--Dedications, 15
Invitations--Receptions, 11
Programs--Miscellaneous, 8
United Confederate Veterans
Programs--Conventions, 11, 12
United Fruit Co.
Announcements, 10
Pamplet--Ships and Ports of the Great White Fleet
Souvenirs, 30
United Spanish War Veterans
Invitations--Banquets, 3
United States Customhouse
Views--Buildings, 63
United States Department of Agriculture
Pamphlet--Experiments in the Destruction of Fly Larvae in Horse Manure
United States Department of the Interior
Pamphlet--Report to the Acting Secretary of the Interior: the Swamp and Overflowed Lands in Louisiana
United States Inspectors Certificate
Certificates, 36
United States League of Local Building and Loan Associations
Programs--Conventions, 17
United States Merchant Marine
Licenses, 8
United States Navy; Skylab III
Certificates, 30
United States Post Office
Receipts, 3
University of Louisiana
Programs--Commencement, 8
University of the South (Louisiana Alumni)
Charters, 20
USO “Letter on a Record,” 1943
Correspondence, 7
U.S.S. Louisiana
Letterheads--Organizations, 27
U.S.S. Merrimac, launch from Navy yard, 1861
Illustrations, 2
Programs--Miscellaneous, 20
Ursuline Convent
Pamphlet--Manual of the Pilgrim to the Shrine of Our Lady of Prompt Succor
Pamphlet--Ursuline Academy, Below New Orleans
Valentine's Comic Opera Company
Programs--Theatre, 51
Vance, WBK "Bill" [Insurance]
Blotters, 49
La Variete Association
Charters, 78
La Variete Club
Programs--Theatre, 8
Vass Family
Certificates, 32
Programs--Recitals, 7
Programs--Theatre, 11-15, 59
Veranda Hotel
Invoices, 25
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S.
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 48
Viau, Fred H. [Aetna Finance Co.]
Business Cards, 77
Vic. Young & Co. [Bakers]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 28
Vicksburg Daily Citizen
Newspapers, 1
Vieux Carre Curiosity Shop
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 151
Vieux Carre--Guides
Pamphlet--Guide to old French Quarter, New Orleans, La. by Josiah Gross, Esq.
Pamphlet--Souvenir of the old Creole Quarter of New Orleans b y Charles E. Gilbert, Jr.
Vigilant Hose Company #3 (Donaldsonville, La.)
Handbills, 15
Vincent & Co.
Receipts, 32
Vinten, George H. [Printers' Warehouse]
Views--Buildings, 10
Volunteer Prison League
Annual Reports, 3, 10
Volunteers of America
Annual Reports, 3, 10
Broadsides, 17
W. G. Coyle & Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 120
W. W. Carre Co., Ltd.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 143
Waldhorn Antiques
Pamphlet--Antiques, a rare collection from old Creole families
"Wallpaper Newspaper"
Newspapers, 1
Walshe, B. T.
Views--Buildings, 12
Walther, O. [Builder]
Business Cards, 11
War Relief Benefit Concerts
Programs--Concerts, 22
Warmothn, H.C.
Pamphlet--For Congress, First Disstrict by John A. Wogan, Chairman Business Men's Committee
Warner, Rev. Beverly, D.D.
Invitations--Lectures, 8
Warren Easton High School
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 46
Washington Artillery
Invitations--Dedications, 2
Programs--Concerts, 68, 69
Souvenirs, 11, 12, 13
Washington Artillery Monument
Views--Buildings, 63
Washington School
Invitations--Receptions, 4, 5
Pamphlet--The water question (1869) Click here to read it online!
Waterbury Chemical Co., Inc.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 45
Waterman, T. S. [Soda Water Manufacturer]
Views--Buildings, 13
WDSU-TV Nash Roberts Hurricane Track Map, 1967
Magazine Article--"Hourly frequency and intensity of rainfall at New Orleans, La." in Monthly Weather Review, January, 1929
Weekly Register
see Oversize
Wehrmann-Schaffner, Eugenie
Advertisements, 13
Weil, William L. [Clothing Store]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 74
Weis, Julius (Heirs of)
Contracts, 10
Welcker, Alfred. Oysters, Fruits, and Vegetables
Business Cards, 80
Wenner, Frank L. [Printer]
Advertisements, 35
West End
Programs--Miscellaneous, 24-29
Views--Buildings, 63
White House [Restaurant]
Business Cards, 41
White League
Souvenirs, 16, 17
Whitney & Sloo Co., Ltd.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 81-85
Whitney Studio Club of New York
Programs--Exhibits, 2
Wholesale Drummers Association of New Orleans
Invitations--Banquets, 5
Widow Gus Robinson's Ice Cream Works
Business Cards, 72
Wilson, Woodrow
Speeches, 10
Newspaper articles, 5
Broadsides, 27
William Danner & Son [Auto Tires and Accessories]
Invoices, 31
Wm. Frantz & Co., Inc.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 140
Wm. .O. Rogers School
Invitations--Commencement, 27
Tickets, 86
Wogan Brothers [Molasses]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 142
Woman Order
Broadsides, 23
The Woman's Journal
Newspaper Articles (Out of State Papers), 4
Women's Interdenominational Church
Charters, 70
Woodward, Wight & Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 86, 101, 211, 212, 213, 214
World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition
Handbills, 19
Programs--Dedications, 7
Tickets, 107
Views--Buildings, 46-54, 63, 67
World's Panama Exposition
Advertisements, 26
Newspaper Articles, 1
Pamphlet--Hearings ... International Exposition in 1915
Pamphlet--Logical Point
Wright, Sophie B.
Calling Cards, 1
Invitations--Receptions, 2
Wulschner Music Co.
Sheet Music, 2
Invitations--Banquets, 16
Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad
Broadsides, 4
Schedules, 19
Yellow Fever
Magazine Article--"New Orleans Board of Health--Yellow Fever" in The Bulletin of Medical Science (January, 1942)
Pamphlet--Memorial to the Legislature of Louisiana by Dr. Armand Mercier of New Orleans (1858) Click here to read it online!
Pamphlet--Phosphorus, the cause of Yellow Fever
Pamphlet--Tableau of the Yellow Fever of 1853
Young Men's Business Club
Resolutions, 3
Young Men's Excelsior Benevolent Association
Charters, 44, 45
Young Men's Mutual Benevolent Association
Charters, 51
Young Men's Select Cotillion Party
Invitations--Balls, 16
Young Sons of Louisiana [Benevolent Association]
Charters, 36, 37
Ysaye, Eugene
Programs--Concerts, 4, 29, 30
Zayas, Dr. Joachim
Pamphlet--Observations in furtherance of a proposition submitted to the General Assembly
Zella Tile
Business Cards, 74
Ziegfield Follies
Programs--Theatre, 50
Ziegler, Julia Margaret
Certificates, 21
Zimbalist, Efrem [Violinist]
Programs--Concerts, 54
Zimmerman's Toy Flying Machine
Advertisements, 24

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