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L. Grunewald Co., Ltd.
Business Cards, 28, 29
L. Soards
Receipts, 22
L. C. Keever & Co.
Advertisements, 8, 9, 10, 11
L. C. Tortorich & Bro. [Real Estate]
Business Cards, 37
L. N. Brunswig & Co. [Druggists]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 46, 199
Laborde, B. [Mortician]
Invoices, 44
Lacroix Automobile Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 167
Ladies Benevolent Association of Louisiana
Programs--Anniversaries, 4?
Ladies Confederate Memorial Association
Programs--Anniversaries, 4?
Lafargue, Andre
Invitations--Lectures, 2
Lafayette, Marquis de
Programs--Anniversaries, 7, 8, 9
Lafayette Fire Insurance Co.
Blotters, 43, 44
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 5
Lafayette Square
Views--Buildings, 63
LaHache, Theodore Von [Composer]
Sheet Music, 3
Lakes-to-the-Gulf Deep Waterway Association
Certificates, 18
Land Show (1912)
Handbills, 18
Lane, Joseph
Souvenirs, 23
Lane Mills
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 30
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 105, 207
The Lantern
Newspapers, 4
La Lanterne Magique
Receipts, 4
Law Library
Catalogs, 3
Lawrie, Andrew
Pamphlet--New Orleans Pocket Shipping Guide
Layolle's French Opera
Programs--Opera, 5, 18, 24
Solicitations, 23
LeBlanc & Railey, Ltd.
Blotters, 11
Lecler Printing Co.
Blotters, 30, 37
Lee, Robert E.
Obituaries and Funeral Notices, 4
Leeds Foundry
Views--Buildings, 15
Lelong, Michel
Obituaries and Funeral Notices, 1, 13
Lenfant’s Valet Parking
Tickets, 119
Leon Godchaux Clothing Co., Ltd.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 72, 149
Receipts, 18
Leona Rice Milling Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 217
Leonard Krower & Son, Inc.
Blotters, 1
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, ?
Leonic Psychology Institute
Invitations--Lectures, 6
Tickets, 49, 50
Leroy & Jurgens [Book Binders,, etc.]
Invoices, 39
Levert, Albert O.
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 17
Le Page du Pratz
Magazine Article--"A Geographical Description of Louisiana"
Views--Buildings, 63
Levois & Jamison
Views--Buildings, 34
Levy Rice Milling Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 216
Lewis, Dr. Edward L.
Obituaries and Funeral Notices, 7
Lhevine, Josef & Rosiza [Pianists]
Programs--Concerts, 47
Lhote & Co. [Door & Sash]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 162
Liberty Monument
Programs--Anniversaries, 5
Library League of New Orleans
Charters, 51?
Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company [W.R. Irby Branch]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 134
Lincoln Motor Company
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 43
Lind, Jenny
Programs--Concerts, 21
Lindbergh, Charles A.
Invitations--Banquets, 23
Linn Wood Lodge--No. 67, F. & A.M., roll of officers and members, 1926
Little Nickle [sic] Weekly
Schedules, 7, 8
Liverpool, London and Globe
Blotters, 84, 86
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 6, 131, 163
Lob Insurance Agency
Blotters, 10
Locke, Samuel [Hardware and Cutlery]
Views--Buildings, 14
Logical Point
Pamphlets--Progressive Union
Long, Huey P.
Broadsides, 37, 48-60
Handbills, 38, 39, 40
Pamphlet--Share Our Wealth
Sheet Music, 1
Louise Cook’s Pralines
Business Cards, 81
Louisiana and Pontchartrain Railroad
Pamphlet--Remarks, showing the advantages to be derived from an immediate construction of the Lafayette & Pontchartrain Railroad; delivered at a public meeting of the citizens of the Fourth District of New Orleans on the evening of 9th April, 1852, by Col. S. H. Peck; to which are appended the charter of the company and other documents relating thereto. Click here to read it online!
Louisiana Authors Journal
Broadsides, 58
Louisiana Bankers' Association
Invitations--Banquets, 10
Louisiana Boat Club
Tickets, 113
Louisiana Chamber of Commerce
Handbills, 23, 24, 25
Louisiana Child Finding and Home Society, Inc.
Handbills, 31
Louisiana Civil Service League
Handbills, 37
Pamphlet--The Merit System in Public Employment for Louisiana
Louisiana Cotton Manufactory
Views--Buildings, 45
Louisiana Electric Light Co.
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 3, 4
Louisiana Engineering Society
Programs--Banquets, 6
Louisiana Equitable Life Insurance
Views--Buildings, 31
Louisiana Export Lumber & Box Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 144
Louisiana Fire Prevention Bureau
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 4, 5
Louisiana Fruit and Truck Farm And Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Blotters, 14
Magazine Article--"A Geographical Description of Louisiana"
Louisiana Historical Society
Catalogs, 8
Charters, 4
Correspondence, 3
Invitations--Balls, 8, 9, 10, 11
Invitations--Dedications, 12
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 29
Meeting Notices, 5-12
Programs--Anniversaries, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16
Programs--Banquets, 3, 4
Resolutions, 4
Speeches, 6
Tickets, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39
Louisiana Jockey Club
Charters, 52
Tickets, 97
Views--Buildings, 63
Louisiana Kennel Club
Programs--Miscellaneous, 19
Louisiana Luxury Tax (Tokens)
Tickets, 111
Louisiana Mutual Insurance Company of Louisiana
Charters, 16
Louisiana Public Welfare Tax (Tokens)
Tickets, 110
Louisiana Purchase Exposition
Invitations--Exhibits, 3
Pamphlet--Louisiana Authors
Programs--Miscellaneous, 31
Souvenirs, 29
Louisiana Public Welfare Tokens
Tokens, 1-5
Louisiana Retail Clothiers and Furnishers Association
Programs--Conventions, 10
Louisiana Rice, Corn and Flour Mill
Views--Buildings, 9
Louisiana Rifles
Invitations--Balls, 3, 4
Louisiana Secretary of State
Certificates, 17
Louisiana Sesquicentennial (Statehood)
Letterheads--Organizations, 36
Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Handbills, 32
Louisiana Society of Naturalists
Programs--Miscellaneous, 14, 15
Yearbooks, 8
Louisiana Special
Handbills, 23, 24, 25
Louisiana State Bar Association
Catalogs, 14
Louisiana State Board of Dentistry
Letterheads--Organizations, 12
Louisiana State Board of Health, Bureau of Food and Drugs
Reports, 11
Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners
Pamplet--Medical Law of Louisiana
Louisiana State Collector of Taxes on Pedlars and Hawkers
Licenses, 7
Louisiana State Fair
Advertisements, 56, 57
Pamphlet--Report of the Third Grand Fair Given on the Fair Grounds ... by the Mechanics and Agricultural Fair Association of Louisiana (1869) Click here to read it online!
Programs--Miscellaneous, 30
Louisiana State Federation of Women's Clubs
Invitations--Conventions, 3
Louisiana State Firemen's Association
Applications, 1, 2
Broadsides, 15
Membership Cards, 2
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
Advertisements, 5
Certificates, 24, 25
Magazine Article--"Famous Lottery Wheel's Last Spin" in Literary Digest, August 15, 1925
Receipts, 12
Tickets, 64-71, 114
Louisiana State Marine and Fire Insurance Company of New Orleans
Certificates, 27
Louisiana State Medical Society
Programs-Banquets, 10
Louisiana State Museum
Invitations--Dedications, 9, 10, 19
Pamphlet--New Orleans and the Louisiana State Museum
Pamphlet--Souvenir of the Louisiana State Museum at New Orleans
Programs--Dedications, 2, 3, 21
Programs--Miscellaneous, 8
Louisiana State Normal School
Speeches, 9
Louisiana State Parks Association
Meeting Notices, 15
Louisiana State Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Applications, 5
Broadsides, 19
Invoices, 3
Letterheads--Organizations, 21, 22, 23, 24
Solicitations, 24
Louisiana State Teachers Association
Catalogs, 7
Invitations--Exhibits, 4
Louisiana State University
Tickets, 53
Louisiana Sugar and Rice Exchange
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 174
Louisiana Sunshine Society
Programs--Miscellaneous, 12
Louisiana Teachers' Association
Programs--Conventions, 13
Louisiana Tehuantepec Company
Checks, Notes, Etc., 17
Louisiana Transfer, 100th Anniversary
Invitations--Anniversaries, 5
Invitations--Balls, 8, 9, 10, 11
Programs--Anniversaries, 10, 11, 12
Louisiana Trust Banking Co.
Tickets, 62, 63
Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Pamphlet--New Orleans: the City of Progress, Beauty, Charm & Romance
Louisville, New Orleans and Texas Railway Company
Pamphlet--Rules for the Government of the Transportation Department ...
Louquet, Elizabeth E.-John Traylor Marriage Certificate
Certificates, 35 [Oversize]
Lowe, A.L.
Schedules, 26
Loyacano, Jack
Solicitations, 1
Loyalty Day (1918)
Programs--Miscellaneous, 21
Loyola University
Handbills, 27
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 33
Lusitanian-Portuguese Benevolent Association
Luzianne Coffee
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 152
Lyman, Abe
Tickets, 5, 6
M.F. Dunn & Bro. [Stationers]
Blotters, 52
M. Pokorny Sons, Ltd.
Blotters, 27
Invitations--Anniversaries, 1
MacBeth, Florance
Programs--Concerts, 31
McCormack, John
Programs--Concerts, 27, 28
McDonogh, John
Pamphlet--The Will of John McDonogh ...
McDonogh School (Maryland)
Programs--Miscellaneous, 34
McDowell Choral Club
Programs--Concerts, 5
Programs--Recitals, 4
McIntyre, John [Fireman]
Certificates, 16
McMains, John
Invoices, 12
Maestri Bridge
Souvenirs, 10
Magic Keller Soap Works, Inc.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 126
See also: Southern Soap Works
Magic Theatre
Advertisements, 48, 49
Maginnis Cotton Mills
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 135
Maier, Guy [Pianist]
Programs--Concerts, 46
Mailhes and Simone [Vegetables]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 168
Maison Blanche Company
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 52, 53, 73, 76, 193
Manley, John E. [National General Secretary, YMCA]
Invitations--Banquets, 16
Manresa Retreat House
Applications, 7
Schedules, 9
Marble Hall Saloon
Business Cards, 2
Mardi Gras
Advertisements, 89
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 22, 23
Views--Mardi Gras
Margaret's Steam and Mechanical Bakery
Business Cards, 46
Marine Bank & Trust Co.
Blotters, 35
Invoices, 40
Martin Brothers Restaurant
Invitations--Dedications, 1
Martinez, Albert Allen
Certificates, 26
Martinez Interlock Wood Sheet Piling
Advertisements, 4
Matas, Dr. Rudolph
Invitations--Banquets, 26
Matzenauer, Margaret
Programs--Concerts, 37
Mayer Brothers [Tobacco]
Views--Buildings, 5
Mayer Israel's
Blotters, 25
Maylie and Esparbe, Inc.
Tickets, 103, 104
"A Mean Cur"
Broadsides, 66
Mechanics and Traders Bank of New Orleans
Charters, 14
Mechanics Institute
Views--Buildings, 33
See also: Chaille, Dr. Stanford E.
See also: Dowler, Dr. Bennett
See also: Jones, Dr. Joseph
See also: Knott, Dr. J.J.
See also: Matas, Dr. Rudolph
See also: Zayas, Dr. Joachim
Melden, Charles M.
Programs--Miscellaneous, 22
Memorial Mercy Home
Annual Reports, 18
Menge Patent Pump
Advertisements, 45
Mente & Company [Burlaps and Bags]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 2, 3
Merchants & Planters Ferry Co.
Newspaper Article--Gretna Courier, September 10, 1892. Re. rental of Harvey Canal Ferry to city of New Orleans
Newspaper Article--Gretna Courier, February 4, 1893. Re. rental of Harvey Canal Ferry to city of New Orleans
Merchants Mutual Insurance Co.
Charters, 17
Views--Buildings, 40
Mercier, Dr. Armand
Pamphlet--Memorial to the Legislature of Louisiana by Dr. Armand Mercier of New Orleans (1858) Click here to read it online!
Meric, Stanley [Mechanic]
Business Cards, 65
Merrick & Lewis [Attorneys]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 160
Merz, George (Old Canal Steam Lager Beer and Ale Brewery]
Views--Buildings, 25
Metairie Benevolent Association
Invitations--Banquets, 24
Metairie Jockey Club
Invitations--Balls, 2
Tickets, 51
Metropolitan Bank
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 36, 37
Meux, John [Real Estate Agent]
Business Cards, 21
Mexican Patriotic Committee
Invitations--Receptions, 3
Mexico, Consul General of
Invitations--Banquets, 17
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 24
Invitations--Receptions, 9, 10
Mill Owners Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
Blotters, 55
Miller, Dufour & Dufour [Attorneys]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 159
Milliken & Farwell
Invoices, 27
Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra
Programs--Concerts, 48, 59, 65
Mirror of Sport
Newspapers, 5
Mississippi Valley--Latin American Convention [1906]
Appointments, 2
Mississippi Warehouses
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 8
Missouri Pacific Railroad/Missouri Pacific Railway Co.
Blotters, 57
Schedules, 10, 11
Tickets, 118
Mobile and Ohio Railroad, Ltd.
Blotters, 28, 39
Moni, Abbe
Obituaries and Funeral Notices, 14
Monsecours Plantation
Broadsides, 80
Monteleone Hotel
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 138
Montgomery Bonded Warehouse
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 8
Montjau, Etta Madier de
Thank You Notes, etc., 1
Moose, Order of
Broadsides, 16
Letterheads--Organizations, 17
Programs--Balls, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Tickets, 23, 30
Morgan Line
Pamphlet--One Hundred Golden Hours at Sea
Moresque Building
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 15
Morini, Erika [Violinist]
Programs--Concerts, 49
Mortgage Securities Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 157, 158
Morton's Auction Exchange
Business Cards, 10
Most Worshipful St. John Grand Lodge Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
Reports, 34
Motion Picture Advertising Service Company
Contracts, 7
Motor League of Louisiana
Letterheads--Organizations, 38
Mount Olive Church
Tickets, 45
Mount St. Mary's College
Certificates, 23
Mouton Monument [General Alfred Mouton]
Invitations--Dedications, 15
Munaco, S. [New Furniture Made to Order]
Business Cards, 67
Murtha, Joe [Insurance]
Business Cards, 50
Music Appreciation Series
Announcements, 11
Musicans Mutual Protective Union
Magazine Article--"The Prelude"
Mutual Benefit Life and Fire Insurance Company
Charters, 9
Myles Salt Co. Ltd.
Blotters, 23, 29, 38
Napoleon Avenue Presbyterian Church
Yearbooks, 7
Natchez (Steamboat)
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 33, 208, 209
National Association of Railroad and Utilities Commissioners
Invitations--Conventions, 11
National Association of Stationers and Manufacturers
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 13
National Automatic Fire Alarm Company of Louisiana
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 156
National Board of Fire Underwriters, Committee of Twenty
Correspondence, 5
National Bottling Co.
Applications, 3
Prospectuses, 12
National Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teachers Associations
Programs--Conventions, 7, 8
National Good Roads Congress
Meeting Notices, 18
National Realty Co., Ltd.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 170, 195
National Rice Milling Company
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms
National Sash & Door Company
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 155
National Tax Association
Programs--Conventions, 18, 19
Natural Gas
Pamphlet--Natural Gas...
Pamphlet--Study of Natural Gas Situation at New Orleans, La. Click here to read it online!
Navy Ship Yard, destruction of by U.S. forces, 1861
Illustrations, 1
Navy Yard and Depot
Pamphlet--Report of the Secretary of the Navy, communicating the result of an examination, made in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, of the property offered by R. B. Sumner and others as a site for a navy yard and depot at New Orleans (1852)
Broadsides, 4
Neihysel, Ethel
Programs--Concerts, 8
New Levee Street, #19 [Priestly & Bein]
Broadsides, 66 (filed in oversized box)
New Orleans, La.
Pamphlet--The Crescent City
Pamphlet--A Trip Through Old New Orleans
New Orleans Academy of Sciences
Pamphlet--Constitution and by-laws of the New Orleans Academy of Sciences Click here to read it online!
New Orleans and Carrollton Railroad Company
Charters, 18, 22, 68
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 16, 35, 38
Schedules, 24
New Orleans and Nashville Railroad Company
Charters, 27
New Orleans and Western Railroad
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 24
New Orleans Art School
Yearbooks, 3, 4, 5, 6
New Orleans Association of Commerce
Advertisements, 55, 63-78, 82
Annual Reports, 2
Invitations--?, 49
Invitations--Banquets, 2, 6, 18, 22
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 31
Letterheads--Organizations, 9
Pamphlet--A Natural Center for Trade and Industry
Pamphlet--A Virgin Opportunity
Pamphlet--New Orleans and her Commerce
Pamphlet--New Orleans, the Most Delightful Convention City in America
Pamphlet--The Story of New Orleans Today
Pamphlet--Why the Success of Your Organization Depends on Plural Membership
Reports, 33, 35, 38, 41
Tickets, 91, 92
New Orleans Athletic Club
Letterheads--Organizations, 26
New Orleans Auxiliary Sanitary Association
Charters, 2
New Orleans Baseball and Amusement Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 189
New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Vicksburg Railroad Company
Charters, 55
New Orleans Bee
Almanacs, 1
Solicitations, 17
New Orleans Bicentennial
Programs--Anniversaries, 6
New Orleans Bicycle Club
Charters, 63
New Orleans Board of Health
Letterheads--Organizations, 33
Magazine Article--"New Orleans Board of Health--Yellow Fever" (from The Bulletin of Medical Science, Volume II, #1, January, 1842)
New Orleans Board of Trade
Ballots, 2
Broadsides, 1, 2
Charters, 40
Invitations--Banquets, 21
Letterheads--Organizations, 10
Reports, 10
Tickets, 93
New Orleans Brewing Association
Charters, 74
New Orleans Building Company
Charters, 8
New Orleans Butchers' Protective and Social Union
Reports, 12
New Orleans Catholic Association
Charters, 69
New Orleans Choral-Symphony
Programs--Concerts, 23
Prospectuses, 6, 7
New Orleans City Federation
Letterheads--Organizations, 40
New Orleans City Federation of Clubs
Letterheads--Organizations, 25
New Orleans City and Lake Railroad Company
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 17, 21, 22, 23
Pamphlet--Rules and Regulations for Conductors and Motorneers Click here to read it online!
Schedules, 25
New Orleans City of Commerce and Carnival, by Missouri Pacific Lines
Prospectuses, 14
New Orleans City Park Improvement Association
Invitations--?, 46
New Orleans City Railroad Company
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 204
Schedules, 23
New Orleans Civic Opera Association
Programs--Opera, 1, 14, 21
New Orleans Clearing House Association
Charters, 10
New Orleans Club
Charters, 30
New Orleans Coffee Co., Ltd.
Advertisements, 28
Invoices, 8
New Orleans College of Dentistry
Programs--Commencement, 6
Invitations--Banquets, 11
New Orleans College of Oratory and Elocution
Catalogs, 17 Click here to read it online!
Programs--Commencement, 4
Tickets, 12, 16, 17, 56
New Orleans College of Pharmacy
Programs--Commencement, 7
New Orleans--Commerce
Magazine Article--"Queen of the Gulf Coast" (from Moody's Magazine, January, 1911, pp. 22-32)
Pamphlet--Progressive Union
New Orleans Community Chest
Advertisements, 39
New Orleans Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Art
Programs--Concerts, 16
New Orleans Convention and Publicity Bureau, Inc.
Advertisements, 52, 53
Annual Reports, 14
Pamphlet--Convention List
Pamphlet--There's Much to do while Passing through New Orleans
Schedules, 3, 4
New Orleans Convention and Tourist Bureau
Annual Reports, 16, 17
Letterheads--Organizations, 8
New Orleans Correspondent, The
Newspapers, 8
New Orleans Cotton and Produce Circular
Newspapers, 6
New Orleans Cotton Exchange
Charters, 50
Invitations--Dedications, 16
Pamphlet--Rules Governing Business in Contracts for the Future Delivery of Cotton
Reports, 37-44
Tickets, 48, 55
Views--Buildings, 63
New Orleans Cotton Palace
Views--Buildings, 64
New Orleans Council of Church Women
Yearbooks, ?
New Orleans Cremation Society
Charters, 66
New Orleans Day Nursery
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 31
New Orleans--Description
Magazine Article--"New Orleans, our southern capital" by Julian Ralph in Harper's New Monthly Magazine (LXXXVI, #513)
Magazine Article--"New Orleans" by Charles Dudley Warner in Harper's New Monthly Magazine (LXXIV, #410)
Magazine Article--"New Orleans" in Harper's New Monthly Magazine (#440, January, 1887)
New Orleans Federation of Clubs
Programs--Conventions, 6
New Orleans Furniture Manufacturing Company
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 61, 62, 63, 65
New Orleans Gas Light Company
Charters, 25, 26, 57
New Orleans Grand Opera Company
Programs--Opera, 6, 7
New Orleans Home Investment Company
Broadsides, 40
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
Souvenirs, 28
New Orleans--Industry
Pamphlet--The Agricultural and Industrial South
New Orleans Insurance Association
Views--Buildings, 32
New Orleans Item
Announcements, 1
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 59
Pamphlet--Type Book [Advertising Department]
New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern Railroad Company
Pamphlet--Annual Report of the New Orleans, Jackson, & Great Northern Railroad Company Click here to read it online!
New Orleans Lake Shore Land Co.
Advertisements, 33
New Orleans Land Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 154
New Orleans Life
Invoices, 45
New Orleans Live Stock Commission Co., Inc.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 153
New Orleans Maritime Association
Charters, 71
New Orleans Maritime and Merchant's Exchange, Ltd.
Tickets, 7
New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal
Receipts, 5
New Orleans Metropolitan Area Basic Survival and Evacuation Plan, 1961
New Orleans Mid-Winter Sports Association
Programs--Banquets, 7
New Orleans Motor Co., Inc.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 1
New Orleans Mutual Insurance Association
Charters, 79
New Orleans National Bank
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 9, 10
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34
New Orleans Normal School
Invitations--Lectures, 3, 7
Pamphlet--Why the United States Is at War With Germany
New Orleans, Opelousas, and Great Western Railroad Company
Pamphlet--Eighth Annual Report ... New Orleans, Opelousas, and Great Western Railroad Company (1860) Click here to read it online!
New Orleans Passenger Bureau
Resolutions, 1
New Orleans Permanent International Trade Exhibition
Contracts, 3
Pamphlet--N.O. Permanent International Trade Exhibition
Reports, 6, 7, 8
New Orleans Police Minstrels
Tickets, 106
New Orleans Poll Tax Association
Meeting Notices, 4
New Orleans Polyhymnia Circle
Solicitations, 3
New Orleans Pontchartrain Bridge
Souvenirs, 10
New Orleans--Port
Newspaper Articles (Non-Louisiana Newspapers), 1
Pamphlet--A Virgin Opportunity
Pamphlet--Realization of a New Character of Port Economy...
Pamphlets--Progressive Union
New Orleans Press Club
Applications, 6
Membership Cards, 1
New Orleans Produce Exchange
Charters, 19
New Orleans Progressive Union
Invitations--Banquets, 25
Invitations--Exhibits, 6
Invitations--Lectures, 4
Letterheads--Organizations, 16, 27, 31, 43
Pamphlets--Progressive Union
Prospectuses, 8
Solicitations, 13
Tickets, 88
New Orleans Public Service, Inc.
Advertisements, 36, 37, 38
Contracts, 6
Pamphlet--A Near Century of Gas in New Orleans Click here to read it online!
Pamphlet--Natural Gas...
Pamphlet-- New Orleans…Its Streets Points of Interest and Street Car and Bus Routes
Pamphlet--New Orleans Public Service [Laws]
Pamphlet-- Study of the Natural Gas Situation at New Orleans, La. Click here to read it online!
Schedules, 21
Tickets, 105, 116
New Orleans Quartett Club
Programs--Balls, 11
New Orleans Railway and Light Co.
Annual Reports, 5
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 56
Pamphlet--Tourists' Guide to New Orleans
Tickets, 72, 73, 74
New Orleans Railways Company
Handbills, 5, 6, 7
Tickets, 109
New Orleans Railway and Mill Supply Co., Limited
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 5
Receipts, 19
New Orleans Real Estate Board
Letterheads--Organizations, 17
New Orleans Riot (1866)
Pamphlet--New Orleans Customhouse
New Orleans Roofing and Metal Works
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 112, 113
New Orleans--Sanitary Legislation
Magazine Article--"Sanitary Legislation in New Orleans" by S. M. Bemiss (reprint from New Orleans Journal of Medicine, April, 1870?)
New Orleans Seamen's Friends Society
Broadsides, 20
Letterheads--Organizations, 14
New Orleans Southern and Grand Isle Railway Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 182
New Orleans States
Receipts, 10
New Orleans Stock Exchange
Charters, 47, 49
Tickets, 4
New Orleans Sugar Shed Company
Charters, 28
Schedules, 12
New Orleans Symphony Association
Programs--Concerts, 17, 18, 19, 20, 66
New Orleans Times
Receipts, 8
New Orleans Traction Company, Inc.
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 17
New Orleans University
Programs--Commencement, 2, 3
Programs--Miscellaneous, 22
New Orleans Water Works Co.
Charters, 23
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 203
Speeches, 7
New Orleans World Court Committee
Announcements, 5
New Orleans World Exposition Souvenir Picture Book, 1884
Souvenirs, 32
Newcomb Alumnae Association
Schedules, 1
Tickets, 14
Newcomb Art Alumnae Association
Invitations--Exhibits, 1
Newcomb College
Programs--Commencement, 5
Programs--Miscellaneous, 32
Programs--Theatre, 4, 5, 6, 58
Prospectuses, 2
Newcomb College--Laboratoroy of Psychology and Education
Contracts, 9
Newcomb College--Poppie Day
Programs--Miscellaneous, 5
Newcomb College--School of Art
Invitations--Exhibits, 2
Newcomb Glee Club
Sheet Music (bound), 4
Pamphlet--Newcomb Songs
Newhauser, Hannah [Soprano]
Solicitations, 4
Tickets, 15
Newman Club
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 35
Newsboys' Home
Solicitations, 5
Tickets, 1, 2, 41, 75
Nicholas Burke Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 93
Nicholson, Mrs. E. J.
Handbills, 2
Nimmo & Dunham [Grocers]
Business Cards, 45
Nix, Rosary Vera
Invitations-Miscellaneous, 53
Noiret, H. [Nautical and Optical Equipment]
Business Cards, 62
North American Saengerbund
Programs--Concerts, 35
North, Central and South American Exposition
Handbills, 20
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 7
Novaes, Guiomar [Pianist]
Programs--Concerts, 39
Nunenmacher, Edw., Jr. [Furniture Mover]
Business Cards, 7
Ocean Saw Mill
Views--Buildings, 42
Ocean Towboat Line
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 29
Odd Fellows Hall
Views--Buildings, 36, 37
Office of Price Administration [Ration Books]
Receipts, 13, 14, 16-21
Old Canal Steam Lagerbeer and Ale Brewery
Views--Buildings, 25
Ole Mammy Pralines
Handbills, 22
Olivier, Andre A.
Advertisements, 25
One Pint Club
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 21
One Step Party
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 8
Onorato, B. [Auctioneer]
Catalogs, 11a
Opera Guarantee Association (Ltd.)
Programs--Opera, 17
Order of the Eastern Star
Invitations--Conventions, 1
Programs--Balls, 1
Business Cards, 48
Orleans Anti-Tuberculosis League
Annual Reports, 7, 15
Orleans Club
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 9
Meeting Notices, 3
Orleans Democratic Association
Programs--Balls, 19
Orleans Fire Company No. 21
Charters, 56
Orleans Levee District, Board of Commissioners of
Pamphlet--Lake Pontchartrain Shore Development (1926)
Orleans Parish Medical Society
Invitations--Banquets, 26
Programs--Concerts, 70
Orleans Parish Tuberculosis and Public Health Association
Advertisements, 79
Letterheads--Organizations, 15
Orloff, Nikolai [Pianist]
Programs--Concerts, 63
Orpheum Theatre
Programs--Theatre, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 44
Orpheus, Krewe of
Applications, 8, 9
Otis Manufacturing Co. [Mahogany]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 145
Oton, Bessie Miller [Author]
Advertisements, 9
Our Lady of Prompt Succor (Shrine)
Pamphlet--Manual of the Pilgrim to the Shrine of Our Lady of Prompt Succor
Blotters, 14
Paderewski, Ignace
Programs--Concerts, 1, 11, 12
Palace Paramount Burlesque
Programs--Theatre, 56
Palmer, Leigh C. [President, United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation]
Invitations--Banquets, 21
Pan-Am [Gasoline and Motor Oils]
Blotters, 3
Pan-American Airways
Invitations--Dedications, 20
Pan-American Furniture Factory, Inc.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 66
Parish Superintendents of Public Instruction
Programs--Conventions, 5
Parker, Walter
Pamphlet-- A Virgin Opportunity
Pamphlet--Realization of a New Character of Port Economy ...
Pamphlet--Why Flood Control & River Regulation are Essential to Economic Welfare ...
Pass A L'Outre
Pamphlet--Deepening Channels of Southwest Pass and Pass A L'Outre
Pass Christian Yacht Club
Programs--Miscellaneous, 23
Passenger Tax
Receipts, 1
Pattison, Lee [Pianist]
Programs, Concerts, 46
Pavlova, Anna
Programs--Opera, 11, 12, 13
Pearl Rivers
Handbills, 2
Peerless Bakery
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 22
Pelican Book Shop
Prospectuses, 13
Pelican Club
Tickets, 101, 102
The Pelican's Flight (Louisiana's Historical Pageant)
Programs--Miscellaneous, 30
Penick & Ford, Ltd. [Molasses]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 141
Peoples Bank of New Orleans
Checks, Notes, Etc., 11
Peoples Homestead Association
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 107, 108
Peoples Savings, Trust and Banking Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 39
Peoples Telephone Company
Invoices, 4
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 175
Peoples Tobacco Co., Ltd.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 106
Pershing, General John J.
Broadsides, 36
Pescud, Peter F. [Insurance Agent]
Blotters, 12
Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre
Broadsides, 6
Peynaud, Professor Baptiste ("Champion Air-Diver of the World")
Advertisements, 61
Peyrat & Cresap [Inspector, Weighers, Etc.]
Business Cards, 19
Philharmonic Society of New Orleans
Programs--Concerts, 2, 25, 36
Philip Werlein Southern Music House
Advertisements, 26
Views--Buildings, 17
Pickwick Club
Programs--Balls, 10
Souvenirs, 4
Pickwick Hotel
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 27
Pike, George A. (General Collecting Agent)
Business Cards, 80
Letterheads--Nineteenth Century Business Firms, 37
Certificates, 16, 36
Pinckard Family
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 41
Broadsides, 30
Plaquemine Fire Department
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 2
Plaquemines Parish
Pamphlet--Ordinances of the Police Jury of the Parish of Plaquemines (1869)
Plum Plan Hall
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 18
Police Jail
Letterheads--Institutions, 22
Police Jury Association of Louisiana
Handbills, 23, 24, 25
Pollock, Oliver
Pamphlet--Report ... Petition of Oliver Pollock ... of Pennsylvania (1807) Click here to read it online!
Polytechnic and Industrial Institute of Louisiana
Charters, 65
Reports, 42
Ponca (Steamboat)
Catalogs, 11a
Ponselle, Rosa [Soprano]
Programs--Concerts, 40
Pontchartrain Railroad
Magazine Article--"The Pontchartrain Railroad--the Birth of the Railroad in the Mississippi Valley" from Illinois Central Magazine (May, 1916), pp. 12-20
Pamphlet--Acte pour incorporer la Compagnie du Chemin-à-coulisses de Pontchartrain [with amendments] (1836) Click here to read it online!
Schedules, 27
Port Gibson Female College
Prospectuses, 3
Port Pontchartrain
Receipts, 1
Porter Clothing Co.
Invitations--Dedications, 6
Poydras Female Asylum
Pamphlet--Fortieth annual and first printed report of the Poydras Female Asylum
Handbills, 22
Presbyterian Hospital
Invitations--Anniversaries, 7
Solicitations, 2, 22
Priestly & Bein (#19 New Levee)
Broadsides, 66 [oversize]
Probst, Cliff [Auctioneer & Realtor]
Advertisements, 83
Proclamation, Headquarters, Department of the Gulf, New Orleans, May 1, 1862
Announcements, 14
Progressive Bank and Trust Company
Annual Report, 20
Broadsides, 62
Protective Order of Railroad Trainmen
Programs--Conventions, 16
Provident Chemical Company
Advertisements, 8, 9, 10, 11
Provident Savings, Trust and Safe Deposit Bank
Handbills, 8
Prytania Theatre
Schedules, 18
Public School Alliance
Solicitations, 12
Pugh & Lemann [Attorneys--Donaldsonville, La.]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 181
Pythian Temple
Letterheads--Organizations, 30
Quarante Club
Yearbooks, 1, 2
Pamphlet--Federal Quarantine
Queen and Crescent Route
Greeting Cards, 1
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 99, 100
Queen Victoria
Greeting Cards, 3
Querbes & Bourquin, Inc. [Insurance]
Invoices, 24

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