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F.F. Hansell & Bro., Ltd.
Catalogs, 7
Invoices, 42
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 148, 197
Fabry, Dr. Paul A. [Director, International House]
Business Cards, 76
Factors and Traders Insurance Company of New Orleans
Charters, 12
Facts About New Orleans America's Most Interesting City
Fairbanks Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 49
Falstaff Brewing Corporation
Announcements, 7
Farley, E.A.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 150
Farrar, Jonas & Kruttschnitt Law Offices-letter to Honorable Walmsley urging completion of sewerage and water systems
Correspondence, 1
Farwell, F.H.
Pamphlet--History of inland water transportation
Fatjo, Marks & Co.
Views--Buildings, 6
Faust, Edna M.
Certificates, 3, 19
Faust, W.C.
Certificates, 1, 2
Fenasci Dancing School
Broadsides, 3
Invitations--Balls, 6, 7
Fenner, Justice Charles E.
Speeches, 9
Fernandez, Gabriel
Business Cards, 48
Fernandez & Whiting [Auctioneers]
Broadsides, 27
Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 71
Fife Brothers Clinic
Advertisements, 12
Fifth Ward Civic Club
Meeting Notices, 20
Finlay, Dicks & Co. [Druggists]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 47
Firemen's Charitable Association
Certificates, 16
Charters, 58, 64
Firemen's Insurance Company of New Orleans
Charters, 48
Fisher, Francis P.
Pamphlet--Establishing a standard of measurement for natural gas in large quantities
Fisk Free and Public Library
Catalogs, 8
Letterheads--Institutions, 16
Pamphlet--Petition of the Board of Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund, 1895
RE: Moving the Fisk Free Library to St. Charles Avenue
Magazine Article--"Fisk Free and Public Library"
557 Tire Co., Inc.
Blotters, 26, 50
Fleming's Southern Patent Medicine Warehouse
Views--Buildings, 16
Flonzaley Quartet
Programs--Concerts, 43
Florance & Rosen [Attorneys]
Business Cards, 24
Flying News
Magazine article--Flying News [Magazine], October 1929 issue
Foedor, Jane
Programs--Opera, 2
Follett, Hiram
Certificates, 16
Ford Bros. Veterinary Hospital
Invoices, 6, 7
Foreign Consular Corps
Charters, 30, 31
Forestry, Reclamation and Home-Making Conference
Programs--Conventions, 14
Fortier, Gilbert J.
Pamphlet--One mile up.
Forum Institute
Prospectuses, 10, 11
Fourchy & Fourchy [Civil and Naval Architects]
Advertisements, 43, 44
Fourth Recorder's Court
Letterheads--Institutions, 19
Frank, John [Leather]
Views--Buildings, 11
Fred's Hotel
Business Cards, 71
Freed, A.A. [Real Estate and Investments]
Almanacs, 2
Free Market of New Orleans
Pamphlet--Report of the Committee of the Free Market of New Orleans (1862) Click here to read it online!
Free Masons, Grand Lodge of Louisiana, certificate of membership,1860
Certificates, 36
Pamphlet--Combined roster of city lodges, F&AM (1914)
Freiche, Adrien
Advertisements, 13
French Hospital
Handbills, 28, 29, 30
Letterheads--Institutions, 9
French Louisiana
Magazine Article--"French Dominions in America"
French Market Homestead Association
Handbills, 34
French Market Liquor Co.
Licenses, 5, 6
French Opera Association Ltd.
Reports, 14, 15, 16, 17
French Opera Co. [Jules Layolle]
Programs--Opera, 5, 18, 24
Solicitations, 23
French Opera House, 1896/1897 Season
Broadsides, 70
Frey, Frank [Grocer]
Handbills, 42
Frey, Madame [Spiritual Advisor, Phrenologist]
Business Cards, 78
Frey, N. [Grocer]
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 13
Friedrich, Ed. [Refrigerators]
Advertisements, 40, 41, 42
Frierson's Court
Greeting Cards, 8
Frischholtz, John
Business Cards, 79
Catalogs, 11, 11a
Fruit Dispatch Co.
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 19
Fuerst & Kraemer, Ltd. [Candy]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 122
G. Jaquet & Co. [Steam Tobacco Manufactury
Views--Buildings, 28
Gabrilowitsch, Ossip
Programs--Concerts, 6
Gaiennie Company Limited [Plumbing]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 111
Galli-Turci, Amelita
Programs--Concerts, 3
Callo Wine Company of Louisiana
Business Cards, 75
Schedules, 5, 6, 7, 8
Tickets, 27, 28, 29, 46, 64-71
Ganz, Rudolph [Pianist]
Programs--Concerts, 64
Gardner Motor Co.
Broadsides, 47
Garic's Bakery
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 27
Garlock Packing Co.
Blotters, 18
Garic's Bakery
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms
Gas Light and Banking Co.
Handbills, 3
Invoices, 16
Gazin, James Jay [Carpenter and Builder]
Business Cards, 6
Gentilly Avenue Improvement Association
Charters, 3
Reports, 13
Gentilly School
Tickets, 89, 90
George Alce Gold Medal Cigar Manufactury
Views--Buildings, 21
George G. Wolf & Levi [Crockery Store]
Catalogs, 5, 6
George H. Grandjean & Co. [Civil Engineers]
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 34
George W. Gregor & Co.
Checks, Notes, Etc., 3
Gerardy, Jean [Cellist]
Programs--Concerts, 36
German-American Homestead
Business Cards, 27
German Protestant Orphan Asylum
Appointments, ?
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 11
Germania Insurance Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 4, 119
Applications, 10
Broadsides, 35
Charters, 5, 6, 7
Get-Together Club
Tickets, 11
Giannini, Dusolina [Soprano]
Programs--Concerts, 50
Gibbons, J.T.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 125, 191
Gigli, Beniamino [Tenor]
Handbills, 11
Programs--concerts, 71
Gilbert, Charles E., Jr.
Pamphlet--A Souvenir of the Old Creole Quarter of New Orleans
Gillis, K. [Cab #170]
Business Cards, 5
Gilt Edge Shoe Store
Business Cards, 55
Gius. Corvaja [Steam Ship]
Catalogs, 11
Glas, J. Vandergriff [Wholesale Dealer in Pascagoula, MS]
Invoices, 41
Gluck's Restaurant
Pamphlet--A Condensed History of Old New Orleans Click here to read it online!
Golden Queen Mining and Milling Co.
Charters, 53
Gotthiel, Edward
Contracts, 1, 2
Gottschalk, R.F.
Solicitations, 3
Graham, J.I.
Obituaries, 5
Graham, Katherine
Obituaries, 6
Grand Army of the Republic
Broadsides, 14
Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana Free and Accepted Masons
Charters, 38
Grand Opera House
Advertisements, 32
Grand Prix du Mardi Gras
Certificates, 31
Grand United Order of Odd Fellows--District Grand Lodge No. 21
Charters, 72
Graugnard & Schneider, Tobacco Manufacturers
Views--Buildings, 7
Green, Carmel
Sheet Music, 1
Broadsides, 29
Greenwall Theatre
Advertisements, 32
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 60
Gregg House
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 28
Gresham, James A. [Bookseller and Stationer]
Business Cards, 15
Gretna Courrier
Newspapers, 6
Grunewald Hall
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 34
Grunewald Hotel
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 67,68,69, 209
Pamphlet--Points about New York and New Orleans
Pamphlet--Souvenir of the Louisiana State Museum in New Orleans
La Guepe de la Nouvelle-Orleans
Business Cards, 36
Gulf Coast Lines
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 15
Gulf Refining Co.
Blotters, 5
Haines & Morton's School of Dancing
Tickets, 24, 25
Hammond, La.
Annual Reports, 9
Hardee's New Orleans Map
Pamphlet--Hardee's New Map of New Orleans
Harding, President Warren G.
Invitations--Banquets, 2
Harlem (Jefferson Parish, La.)
Pamphlet--Great and Unreserved Sale ... In the Town of Harlem
Haughery, Margaret
Business Cards, 46
Magazine Article--"Margaret, the First Statue of a Woman to be Erected in the United States" from Holland's Magazine, June, 1926
Haubtman & Loeb Co., Ltd.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 190
Hebrew Benevolent Association
Annual Reports, 6
Heifetz, Jascha [Violinist]
Programs--Concerts, 41
Hein, J. [Clothing Store]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 55
Heinrici, Max
Magazine Article--"J. Hanno Deiler, eine Wurdigung" from German American Annals, New Series, VII (Sept./Oct., 1909), 277-80
Helping Hand Mission
Annual Reports, 1
Broadsides, 8
Business Cards, 42, 54
Handbills, 35
Solicitations, 18, 19
Hennen, Alfred [Attorney]
Catalogs, 13
Hernsheim, S. [Tobacco]
Views--Buildings, 8
Heyd, Louis A. [Ice, Wood, & Coal]
Invoices, 29, 30
Heyman-Hirsch Ribbon Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 77
Hibernia Bank & Trust Co.
Blotters, 6, 7, 47, 51
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 14, 15, 16, 17
Pamphlet--The Agricultural and Industrial South
Hibernian Benevolent and Mutual Aid Association of Louisiana
Charters, 39 Click here to read it online!
High School Scholarship Association
Meeting Notices, 3
History of the Carnival and New Orleans, 1903
Hodgson, H.H. [Dealer, Remington Typewriters]
Invoices, 33
Hoehn Baking Co., Inc.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 26
Hoelzel, Ph. [Louisiana Rice, Corn and Flour Mill]
Views--Buildings, 9
Hofmann, Josef
Programs--Concerts, 33
Holland, Sir Robert Erskine
Invitations--Banquets, 15
Holle, H.J.
Advertisements, 24
Holmes, John [President, Swift & Co.]
Invitations--Banquets, 1
Holy Cross College
Invitations--Commencement, 1, 2
Holy Name of Jesus High School
Invitations--Commencement, 17
Holzer, R.G.
Invoices, 10
Home for Homeless Men
Annual Reports, 8
Home Institute
Programs--Recitals, 2, 3
See also, Wright, Sophie B.
Home Insurance Company of New Orleans
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 172
Home Manufacturing Exhibition
Invitations--Exhibits, 6
Hopital de la Societe Francaise
Letterheads--Institutions, 9
Hortman-Salmen Co., Inc.
Advertisements, 62
Pamphlets--New Orleans Lumber History
Hotel Crescent
Advertisements, 23a
Hotel Denechaud
Advertisements, 23a
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 201
Hotel Royal
Advertisements, 23a
Hotel Schmitt
Advertisements, 23a
Hotel Victor
Advertisements, 23a
House of the Good Shepherd
Handbills, 33
Howard & Carroll [Fresh & Salt Meats]
Business Cards, 12
Howard Memorial Library
Pamphlet--A Short Sketch of the Howard Memorial Library
Pamphlet--[Untitled, in fraktur] Refers to William Beer, Librarian
Howards Cleaners, Inc.
Blotters, 31
Howe, William Wirt
Obituaries, 13
Huberman, Bronislaw [Violinist]
Programs--Concerts, 52
Huey P. Long Bridge
Invitations--Dedications, 3, 14
Broadsides, 25
Hutcheson, Ernest [Pianist]
Programs--Concerts, 57, 58
Hyatt, A.W.
Advertisements, 86
Hyman, Thomas McCabe
Obituaries, 3
I.L. Lyons & Company
Invoices, 15
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 42, 43, 137
Iberville South
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 20
Illinois Central Railroad
Certificates, 28
Pamphlet--New Orleans
Imperial Shoe Store
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 132
Improved Order of Redmen
Invitations--Conventions, 2
Indivisible Friends Commandery #1
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 40
Tickets, 78, 79, 80, 81
Inner Harbor Navigational Canal
Programs--Dedications, 4
Institute of Dental Pedagogics
Invitations--Banquets, 11
The Interim
Invoices, 11
International Typographical Union
Programs-Conventions, 20
Interstate Inland Waterways Convention
Announcements, 4
Interstate Trust & Banking Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 35
Intracoastal Canal Association of Louisiana and Texas
Invitations--Conventions, 7, 8
Intracoastal Canal Convention
Pamphlet--History of Inland Water Transportation
Iron Warehouse
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 8
Italian Fruit Auction
Catalogs, 11
Italy America Society
Programs--Exhibits, 1
Item Newsboys Band
Invitations--Concerts, 3
J. A. Blaffer & Co.
Views--Buildings, 26
J. B. Vanhorn & Co. [Commission Merchants]
Views--Buildings, 30
J. D. Kitchen & Bro.
Blotters, 9
J.J. Bailey [Fancy and Staple Groceries]
Receipts, 11
J. P. Sarrazin Steam Tobacco Manufactury
Views--Buildings, 23
J.S. [Excursion Steamer]
Advertisements, 2
J. Steckler Seed Co., Ltd.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 173
Jacks, Lawrence Pearsall
Invitations--Lectures, 5
Jackson, James William, Jr.
Obituaries, 12
Jackson, Thomas Anderson
Obituaries, 9
Jackson Benevolent Association of New Orleans
Charters, 73
Jackson Brewing Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 14-19, 130
Jackson Democratic Association of Louisiana
Applications, 14
Broadsides, 42
Handbills, 13, 14
Solicitations, 20
Jackson Monument Association
Souvenirs, 14, 15
Jacob H. (Jake) Morrison
Meeting Notices, 21
Jahncke, Ernest Lee
Speeches, 6
Jahncke Navigation Co.
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 179
Japan, Consul of
Invitations--Receptions, 7
Jefferson, Joseph
Programs--Theatre, 41
Jefferson Benevolent Association of New Orleans
Charters, 46
Jefferson College
Invitations--Banquets, 12, 13
Invitations--Commencement, 11, 12, 13
Tickets, 46, 82
Jefferson Davis Monument Association
Meeting Notices, 2
Jefferson Fire Company #22
Broadsides, 24
Jefferson Highway Association
Pamphlet--International Tourist Guide, From Pine to Palm
Pamphlet--Tourist Camp Manual
The Jefferson Journal
Newspapers, 7
Jefferson Saw Mill Co., Ltd.
Business Cards, 13
Jeritza, Maria
Programs--Concerts, 24
Jerusalem Temple
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 44
Jesuits Church and College
Letterheads--Institutions, 8
Tickets, 40
Jewel of th South
Business Cards, 57
Jewish Widows and Orphans Home
Programs--Anniversaries, 1
John Gauche's Sons [China]
Letterheads--19th Century Business Firms, 15
Johnsen, Charles G.
Handbills, 41
Johnston, Rosa Duncan
Obituaries, 2
Joly, Henry [Electrician]
Business Cards, 58, 59
Jones, Dr. Joseph
Pamphlet--Observations and Practical Results of Medical Service
Pamphlet--Researches Upon Spurious Vaccination
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation
Invitations--Banquets, 19
Jos. Seidel & Bro. [Furniture Manufacturers]
Business Cards, 17
Julia [Steam Tug]
Business Cards, 40
Julius Weis & Co.
Invoices, 19
Junior Confederate Association, garden party fund raiser
Programs--Miscellaneous, 36
Junius Hart Piano House
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 104
Katz & Besthoff
Blotters, 46
Souvenirs, 24
Keeley Institute of Louisiana
Solicitations, 14, 15
Keller, J.H. [Soap Manufacturer]
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 126, 202
Views--Buildings, 3
Kingfish [Song]
Sheet Music, 1
Kings' Daughters and Sons
Reports, 1, 2, 3
Solicitations, 6, 7, 8, 9
Knights of Columbus
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 20
Programs--Banquets, 8 Click here to read it online!
Knights of Pythias
Charters, 32
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 30, 50
Programs--Balls, 18
Reports, 36
Knights of Temperance
Letterheads--Organizations, 13
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
Applications, 15
Knoop, Otto [Lumber Merchant]
Business Cards, 25
Knott, Dr. J.J.
Pamphlet--Phosphorus, the Cause of Yellow Fever
Kolb & LeCler [Printers]
Business Cards, 1
Advertisements, 92
Invitations--Miscellaneous, 8
Letterheads--20th Century Business Firms, 79
Kopman, Henry H.
Pamphlet--Bird Fauna of Two Sections
Ku Klux Klan
Applications, 15

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