City of New Orleans

City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Date range: ca. 1940s-1950s
Size of collection: 155 slides
Terms of Access: Original slides not available
Copyright Information: Please discuss with a Louisiana Division archivist

Scope Note

35mm color slides showing ongoing construction projects, new buildings, some public events, etc. We're not sure exactly who produced these slides, or from what time period they date. We are fairly certain that they were transferred to the City Archives by an agency in City Hall, perhaps the Streets Department. We are estimating their time of production as the 1940s and 1950s.

The brief and barely informative captions appearing with the photographs below were transcribed from the original slide holders. Supplied captions, as well as added information, appear in brackets.

Unfortunately, archivist Wayne Everard had taken the original slides home with him in order to prepare them for this web page. Before he could return them to the Library, however, Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters conspired to destroy the slides along with most of the rest of the contents of Wayne's house. We have retained high resolution image files (scanned at 3200 dpi); they will have to serve as permanent surrogates for the lost originals. Coincidentally, a number of the slides record buildings and scenes that were probably also destroyed by the terrible storm of 2005!

The prints have been arbitrarily numbered and filed sequentially. Click on a thumbnail below to links to a larger image.

Jeff Davis overpass, July 1951

[Street work on Canal Street, late 1957]

Carrollton Avenue station site

Canal Street at night

Bouny paving

Marigny Street blacktop (near St. Peter and Paul School)

Canal Street

Skyline and City Hall

Civic Center, March 1959

[Mayor Chep Morrison and Mrs. Morrison during one of his inauguration events during the 1950s]

[Mississippi riverfront]

New bridge

Hospital group

1930 Mardi Gras

Skyline from river

Nursery greenhouse

Ursulines, tracks removed (near Claiborne)

Bus shot, Industrial Canal

1950 Mardi Gras

[Mayor Chep Morrison at one of his inaugurations during the 1950s]

Orleanian Apt.

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