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Scrapbook photographs, 1947-1948
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The New Orleans Recreation Department (NORD) created seven scrapbook of photographs documenting the work of its first two years, 1947 and 1948. The scrapbooks originally had the following titles:
  • Photographic Record of Colored Activities
  • Photographic Record of Maintenance (3 volumes)
  • Photographic Record of Arts and Crafts
  • Photographic Record of Athletics (2 volumes)

By the time the scrapbooks were transferred to the City Archives, however, they had largely lost their identity due to detached covers and loose pages. Archives staff chose to inventory the photographs individually, arranged more or less in the order in which they were received from NORD. The photographs were numbered consecutively and inventoried using captions on the scrapbook pages when available. They remain attached to the original scrapbook pages and are filed in two large boxes. Digital copies of the photographs are available; click on the links in the "Number" section of the inventory to see jpeg versions online (use your browser's Back button to return to this inventory).


Caption/Description Number Comments
Baseball clinic at Pelican Stadium with instructions given by the New Orleans Creoles team members, 1947. NORDSB_001 Damaged photograph
Baseball clinic at Pelican Stadium with instructions given by the New Orleans Creoles team members, 1947. NORDSB_002
Baseball clinic at Pelican Stadium with instructions given by the New Orleans Creoles team members, 1947. NORDSB_003
Baseball team posing with family members in front of a backstop. NORDSB_004
Baseball player sliding into home plate with umpire signalling "safe." NORDSB_005
Group of men and one woman in a living room setting. NORDSB_006
Children receiving Easter baskets and other gifts. NORDSB_007
Children receiving Easter baskets and other gifts. NORDSB_008
Children receiving Easter baskets and other gifts. NORDSB_009
Children with their Easter gifts. NORDSB_010
Audience listening to the New Orleans Symphony in the Booker T. Washington auditorium. NORDSB_011
Women and children after receiving their Easter gifts. NORDSB_012
Group of children and adults at Lincoln Playground. One young boy has a horse. NORDSB_013
Young boy on horseback at Lincoln Playground. NORDSB_014
Children playing horseshoes in a housing development courtyard. NORDSB_015
Boys and men playing and watching ping pong game in a tree-filled area. NORDSB_016
Girls at a track event at Lincoln Playground. NORDSB_017
Children playing in a circle in front of a building. NORDSB_018
The NORD "Choristers," organized in December, 1947. NORDSB_019
Boys at a track event. NORDSB_020
Boys at the start of the city-wide swimming meet at the Lafon Playground pool, July 19, 1947. NORDSB_021
Crowd at a nighttime event. NORDSB_022
Recreational workers at a business session, 1947. Morris F.X. Jeff, head of the "Negro Division" of NORD, is fourth from left, front row. NORDSB_023
Scene from Colored Play Day at the Macarty School Playground, July 10, 1947. NORDSB_024
Clinton Coleman getting a swimming lesson from Life Guard Instructor Robert P. Meteye at Lafon Playground pool. NORDSB_025
Little girls getting swimming lessons from Life Guard Instructors at Lafon Playground pool. NORDSB_026
Rittiner Playground--before. NORDSB_027
Interior view of an unidentified building showing desks and chairs. NORDSB_028
Exterior view of an unidentified open space. NORDSB_029
Lakeview-Delgado Playground--before. NORDSB_030
Delgado Barn--before. NORDSB_031
Exterior view of an unidentified open space. NORDSB_032
Shakspeare Park--before. NORDSB_033
Boys and men playing/watching football game at Lincoln Playground. NORDSB_034
Children on playground equipment at Lincoln Playground. NORDSB_035
Landry Playground--before. NORDSB_036
Rittiner Playground--after, with children and families. NORDSB_037
Exterior view of the rear of an unidentified building. NORDSB_038
Mandeville Center, second floor--after. NORDSB_039
Mandeville Center--scenic artist. NORDSB_040
Mandeville Center, second floor--after. NORDSB_041
Interior view, Mandeville Center. NORDSB_042
Interior view of a fire station (probably at 718 Mandeville Street). NORDSB_043
Exterior view of the fire station at 718 Mandeville Street. NORDSB_044
Keller Playground. NORDSB_045
Exterior view of an unidentified playground with a round bandstand. NORDSB_046
Workers removing concrete-base posts from an unidentified playground. NORDSB_047
NORD baseball clinic at Pelican Stadium, 1948. NORDSB_048
Moon Landrieu, Pelican Manager Jimmy Brown, and Larry Lassalle. NORDSB_049a
Marbles finalists. NORDSB_049b
NORD baseball clinic at Pelican Stadium, 1948. NORDSB_050
Finale of the Municipal Players in "Sunbonnet Girl" at the Municipal Auditorium. NORDSB_051 NORD sponsored and directed the play.
Stage set of NORD's first dramatic presentation, "Cry Havoc," at the Behrman Memorial Center. NORDSB_052 John C. Pacquette directed the play.
Team portrait, the New Orleans Fleas football team. NORDSB_053
Bill Elliot interviews track champions on WNOE. NORDSB_054
Toy Bowl banquet, Tutweiler Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama. NORDSB_055
Team portrait, the New Orleans Flies football team. NORDSB_056
The Toy Bowl Special leaves for Birmingham. NORDSB_057
At the Toy Bowl game: Mayor Morrison autographs a football. NORDSB_058 Bishop Toolen and Mayor Cooper Green look on.
Bantam football exhibition at Tulane Stadium. NORDSB_059
Before departing for the Birmingham Toy Bowl, Mayor Morrison presents the colors to the NORD band. NORDSB_060
Annual baseball banquet at the St. Charles Hotel. NORDSB_061
Bantam football action, 1947. NORDSB_062
Fortier Tarps, "C" champs, 1948. NORDSB_063
Volleyball at the Reynes Housing Project. NORDSB_064
Basketball for supervisors at Newcomb College. NORDSB_065
Boys in a tug-of-war at Cabrini Playground. NORDSB_066
Paddle tennis at Cabrini Playground. NORDSB_067
William Green of the American Red Cross demonstrating one of the things that junior lifeguards must prevent--ducking of little children by others. NORDSB_068
Basketball action at the Algiers gym. NORDSB_069
Coach Emmet Pare of Tulane explains finer tennis points at a NORD clinic. NORDSB_070
Tennis champs, 1948. NORDSB_071
Fishing was part of the program. NORDSB_072
NORD chairman Henry Thomas explains a sand trap shot. NORDSB_073
NORD high jumpers compete at Loyola. NORDSB_074
Young marbles contender takes aim. NORDSB_075
Uptown elementary track meet at Loyola. NORDSB_076
Girls struggle to "break tap" at Behrman Memorial track meet. NORDSB_077
Team photo of the St. Roch Playground baseball team, champions in the City Recreation Playground League. Henry "Dunk" Beter of NORD is presenting a trophy to Coach Herb Retif of the championship team. NORDSB_078 The team is wearing "Dr. Nut" uniforms.
Softball game between the police and fire departments at Taylor Playground, July 31, 1947. NORDSB_079 The firemen won the game, 9-2.
Fire Chief Howard Dey receives a trophy from Ruth Blust, Miss New Orleans of 1947 after the firemen defeated the police team 9-2 in a baseball game at Taylor Playground, July 31, 1947 for the championship in the City Department Recreation Softball League. NORDSB_080 Henry "Dunk" Beter of NORD and Commissioner of Public Safety Bernard McCloskey look on.
Winners of NORD's bowling tournament receive trophies at the Parisian Room, August 2, 1947. Ernie Gould of NORD presents trophy to Charles Adams and Joe Gemelli, chairman of the bowling committee, presents trophy to Irene Short. NORDSB_081
Winners of bowling awards for their outstanding achievements: Richard Trotter, Roy Short, Sherwood Kiser, Irene Short, Genevieve Powell, Jean Price, Corinne Ciravalo, and Charles Adams. NORDSB_082
Bowling awards party at the Parisian Room. Mayor Morrison donated the ice cream and soft drinks (including the bottles of Dr. Nut shown on several tables). NORDSB_083
Boys and girls at swimming lessons at the Stallings Playground pool. NORDSB_084
Girls softball team at an unidentified playground. NORDSB_085
NORD's inaugural Play Day at City Park stadium. The Eucharistic Congress altar is shown in the photograph. NORDSB_086
Boys playing checkers at NORD's inaugural Play Day. NORDSB_087
Mayor Morrison speaks to boys and girls at the inaugural NORD Play Day. The NORD Traveling Theater is visible in the background. NORDSB_088
View of boys and girls after the opening event at NORD's inaugural Play Day, August 5, 1947. NORDSB_089
Exterior view from the Cabrini Recreation Center showing children playing and a ball game in progress. NORDSB_090
A new theater appears at the Dorgenois Center. NORDSB_091
Old jail cells are demolished at the Dorgenois Center. NORDSB_092
Prison bars give way to a play center at the Dorgenois Center. NORDSB_093
Dorgenois Center was converted from a jail house to a recreation center. NORDSB_094
Dorgenois Center--before NORDSB_095
Interior view, Arthur Scott Teen Center. NORDSB_096
Interior view, Arthur Scott Teen Center. NORDSB_097
The Arthur Scott Teen Center.received extensive interior and exterior repairs. NORDSB_098
The Arts and Crafts room in another section of the Arthur Scott Teen Center. NORDSB_099
Charles Rappold, NORD Superintendent of Maintenance. NORDSB_100
NORD players take a curtain call. NORDSB_101
Stage setting, Behrman Memorial. NORDSB_102
NORD Travelling Theater visits Cabrini Center. NORDSB_103
NORD Travelling Theater visits an unidentified playground. NORDSB_104
NORD Travelling Theater visits Stallings Playground. Ellen Fernandez, NORD's singing comedienne from Cabrini Center, leads the crowd in community singing. NORDSB_105
NORD Travelling Theater on Canal Street in a benefit performance for the European Children's Fund, May, 1948. NORDSB_105a
Mrs. Joseph Friend speaks from the Travelling Theater at the dedication of new lights at the Bunny Friend Playground. NORDSB_106
NORD Travelling Theater visits Clay Playground. The photo shows the largest crowd ever to witness a Travelling Theater performance, July 2, 1947. NORDSB_107
NORD Travelling Theater visits Dublin Playground. NORDSB_108
View of a typical audience of children viewing a performance, probably at the Dorgenois Center. NORDSB_109
NORD band holds a sidewalk serenade outside the Dorgenois Center. NORDSB_110
Opening night at the Dorgenois Center. NORDSB_111
NORD Travelling Theater at Dublic Playground for the lighting system dedication. NORDSB_112
NORD Travelling Theater at Coliseum Playground, July 23, 1947. NORDSB_113
WSMB broadcasts Play Day activities from City Park stadium. NORDSB_114
Minstrel show at the opening of the Mandeville Center. NORDSB_115
Stage set from the opening night at Behrman Memorial. NORDSB_116
May Festival at Behrman Memorial. NORDSB_117
New Orleans Symphony concert for children at the Municipal Auditorium. Sponsored by NORD. NORDSB_118
Exterior view of building (probably the Scott Teen Center). NORDSB_119
View of children and adults at Delcazal Playground in Algiers. NORDSB_120
City map showing the locations of NORD facilities. NORDSB_121
City of New Orleans Recreation (seal or emblem). NORDSB_122
View of an unidentified small, triangular playground. NORDSB_123
Puppet show at an unidentified NORD center. NORDSB_124
Arts and crafts program at the Dorgenois Center. NORDSB_125
Arts and crafts exhibit at the Cabrini Center. NORDSB_126
Arts and crafts class at St. Roch Playground. NORDSB_127
Children working on an arts and crafts project at an unidentified NORD facility. NORDSB_128
Arts and crafts at Desmare Playground. Mrs. G. W. Jones, playground supervisor, demonstrates weaving to little girls. NORDSB_129
Legion B baseball parade on Canal Street begins the 1947 program, May 31, 1947. NORDSB_130
Ping pong tournament, 1947. NORDSB_131
Paddle tennis at the City-wide Miscellaneous Sports Meet. NORDSB_132
Dodge ball at the City-wide Miscellaneous Sports Meet. NORDSB_133
Clay McGrath teaching a tennis clinic, sponsored by NORD, at City Park. NORDSB_134
City-wide Tennis Tournament at City Park, under the direction of Clay McGrath, June 30, 1947. NORDSB_135
City-wide Marbles Tournament at Pelican Stadium, May 7, 1947, with Junior Champion Alfred Coogan (Jefferson Davis Playground) and Senior Champion Donald Mara (Lusher Playground) receiving awards from Ken Pritchett of MGM. NORDSB_136
Swimmers in the pool at an unidentified NORD center, 1947. NORDSB_137
Bowlers at the clinic taught by NORD at the Avenue Bowling Center. NORDSB_138
On the job training at the YMCA for women supervisors. NORDSB_139
Dancing lesson at an unidentified NORD center. NORDSB_140
Winners of an archery tournament sponsored by NORD: Gerald Wagener (junior boys), Carol Lynn Joanen (junior girls), Harold Goertz (senior boys), and Marie Domhofer (senior girls). NORDSB_141
Archery tournament finals at Desmare Playground, July 14, 1947. NORDSB_142
Exterior view of Public Baths, 461 St. Mary Street. NORDSB_143
Empty swimming pool, probably at the Public Baths. NORDSB_144
Bulldozer working at Annunciation Playground. NORDSB_145
Lawrence Square--before. NORDSB_146
Lawrence Square--after. NORDSB_147

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