Dorothy Violet Gulledge Collection

Louisiana Division
New Orleans Public Library

Date range: 1947-1973
Size of collection: 2,818 color slides
Source of Acquisition: Donation of Ann Gulledge Garza, 1988
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment

Biographical Note

Dorothy Violet Gulledge, an amateur photographer, was born in Perry County, Mississippi, on August 24, 1908. In 1922, her family moved to New Orleans, where she lived for the rest of her life. Miss Gulledge worked as a stenographer and office manager for the Liquid Carbolic Corporation in the 1930s, and from the 1940s-1970s, as a legal secretary.

According to Ann Garza, Miss Gulledge's sister and the donor of this collection, Miss Gulledge enjoyed travelling and took photographs on her travels. Many of the photographs were apparently taken during commercial bus tours to plantation homes and other sites in Louisiana and Mississippi or during organized tours of French Quarter courtyards, possibly in connection with New Orleans' annual Spring Fiesta. She also enjoyed taking long walks in the French Quarter and elsewhere to take photographs. She did not drive but traveled around the city by streetcar and bus with her camera.

Miss Gulledge died on November 1, 1988.


The collection is comprised of 2,818 color slides of New Orleans buildings, courtyards, and gardens; Mardi Gras balls and parades; plantation exteriors, interiors and grounds in Louisiana and Mississippi; and other historic sites. 17 slides were taken in Central America (Costa Rica and Panama); 77 slides, mostly those of plantations, are commercially made, apparently purchased by Miss Gulledge during visits to landmark sites.

We have started a project to digitize the entire Gulledge collection. The first part of the inventory below provides access to the completed portions of this project. The second part of the inventory lists the remaining series/subseries in the collection. Previously scanned slides, representing a sample of the overall collection, can be seen in NUTRIAS' Images of the Month Gallery for December 1998, January 1999, February 1999 and January 2002.


The slides are arranged by the subject of the photograph and grouped in general categories (Carnival, Miscellaneous, New Orleans Streets, Parks and Squares, Plantation Tours, and Plantations) as reflected in the inventory below. Many of the slides, particularly those taken in New Orleans, were identified by Miss Gulledge, who wrote the identifications and sometimes the date of the photograph on the slide mounts themselves. Although the arrangement relies upon these identifications, users should be aware that there may be some inaccuracies in Miss Gulledge's information. A number of the slides are undated and/or unidentified or only loosely identified (e.g., those taken during French Quarter Courtyard tours, unidentified plantation tours, or during the Natchez Pilgrimage tours).

Digital Images

The Gullege images are currently being digitized. The digital images will be posted online as the project progresses.


French Quarter Patio Tours

New Orleans Streets

Plantation Homes

Name/Subject Date Number of Slides Category Notes
Alpheus Carnival Ball 1966 42 Carnival
Mecca Carnival Ball 1969 2 Carnival
Moselm Carnival Ball 1966 32 Carnival
Moslem Carnival Ball 1967 40 Carnival
Moslem Carnival Ball 1969 2 Carnival
Naiads Carnival Ball 1967 47 Carnival
Naiads Carnival Ball 1969 2 Carnival
Niobians Carnival Ball 1969 2 Carnival
Noblads Carnival Ball 1969 2 Carnival
Pandora Carnival Ball 1969 3 Carnival
Unidentified Carnival Ball 1966 18 Carnival
Unidentified Carnival Ball (#1) 1973 15 Carnival
Unidentified Carnival Ball (#2) 1973 35 Carnival
Unidentified Carnival Ball (#3) 1973 19 Carnival
Unidentified Carnival Ball (#4) 1973 36 Carnival Possibly Moslem
Venus Parade 1966 28 Carnival
Avery Island 1971 24 Miscellaneous
Bellingrath Gardens 1964 40 Miscellaneous 1 slide is commercially made; some of these may have been taken elsewhere
Cemeteries--New Orleans 1949; undated 25 Miscellaneous
Central America 1947; 1948 17 Miscellaneous Panama and Costa Rica; Miss Gulledge's father was an engineer in the Canal Zone following World War II.
Christmas windows (D.H. Holmes; Maison Blanche) 1965; undated 8 Miscellaneous Maison Blanche and D.H. Holmes
Churches (non-New Orleans) 1971 26 Miscellaneous Centerville Presbyterian Church, Evangeline Church; Episocopal Church (Franklin, LA); St. Mary and St. Michael Churches (Union, LA -- commerically made slides)
Delgado Museum of Art 1948; undated 29 Miscellaneous
Egrets 1971 8 Miscellaneous Includes one blue heron
Flowers undated 4 Miscellaneous
Mississippi River 1962; undated 9 Miscellaneous Includes ferries; river traffic; Huey P. Long Bridge
Robert E. Lee on the roof undated 2 Miscellaneous
Audubon Park 1948; 1950; 1954 22 Parks & Squares Horse show, 1948
City Park 1948; 1950; 1951; 1952; 1962; undated 98 Parks & Squares
East End Park undated 7 Parks & Squares
Jackson Square 1950; 1951; 1962 26 Parks & Squares
Lafayette Square 1950; 1951; undated 16 Parks & Squares
Covington and St. Francisville, LA 1972 34 Plantation Tours
Covington, LA 1972 20 Plantation Tours Not all slides taken in Covington?
Natchez Pilgrimage 1967 137 Plantation Tours Loosely identified; 23 slides are commercially made
Natchez Pilgrimage 1970 106 Plantation Tours Loosely identified; 6 slides are commercially made
Natchez Pilgrimage undated 15 Plantation Tours
Plantation Tour 1969/12 21 Plantation Tours
Plantation Tour 1969/9 34 Plantation Tours
Plantation Tour 1971/5 38 Plantation Tours
Plantation Tour 1972/10 35 Plantation Tours
Plantation Tour 1972/6 27 Plantation Tours
Plantation Tour 1972/8 27 Plantation Tours

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