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David Barrow Fischer Photograph Collection

Size of collection:  558 photoprints
Source:  Donation, 1955
Terms of Access:  Available to registered researchers by appointment
Copyright Information:  Please discuss with an archivist in the Louisiana Division

Historical Note

David Barrow Fischer was born in 1877 in St. Francisville, Louisiana, into one of West Feliciana Parish's oldest land-owning families. His father, Maximillian Fischer, was a merchant, who moved his family to the river town of Bayou Sara in 1880, during the heyday of the great river packets. Fischer's sister later remembered traveling to New Orleans on the Natchez and the J.M. White. When the business failed, the family moved to Kenmore plantation in Pointe Coupee Parish and young David was sent to school in Lexington, Kentucky. The family later moved to New Orleans. Fischer never married and died in 1952. After his death, these photoprints of steamboats collected by Fischer were donated to New Orleans Public Library by members of his family.

Scope and Content

The collection is comprised of 558 black and white photoprints collected by David Barrow Fischer, primarily of steamboats, although a few other types of vessels are included. Also included are images of ship builders, hulls, loading docks, captains, and “roustabouts” on the wharves. The images range in size from 3” x 4” to 6” x 8” and they are mounted on either 6” x 7” or 10” x 12” board. Several of the prints are reproductions of paintings or drawings; the bulk of the prints are photographs.

The photographers of the majority of the prints in the Fischer Collection are unidentified. Fischer was clearly far more interested in the steamboats themselves than in the photographers who documented them. Attached to most of the prints are typewritten labels describing the boats, naming their builders, owners, and crews, and detailing their history on the rivers of the South and Midwest. These descriptions have proven to be paraphrases or quotations taken from various editions of Frederick J. Way's directories of steamboats (which were published under various titles beginning in the 1940s). Whether the labels were attached to the photographs by Fischer himself or by NOPL staff members is unclear.


The prints are arranged alphabetically by name of the vessel and numerically within each alphabetic category. Prints added to the collection after the initial arrangement was established, were arranged in a “Supplement” series, assigned the letters ‘SP’ and a number within that category.

The inventory below includes the name of the vessel (or subject matter), number assigned to the item, date when the vessel was put into service and no longer in service, the method of the steamboat’s “demise”, and any additional notes.

Note:   Since Fischer collected the images from a variety of unidentified sources, copyright is unresolved for these prints; therefore, the collection has not been digitized as a whole. LINK HERE for a sample of the images, along with a transcription of the captions attached to the images.


Photo Number Name of Vessel Construction Date Destruction Date Method of Destruction Notes
A1 A. Baldwin 1905

Taken in 1965
A2 A. Baldwin 1905

A3 A.L. Mason 1890 1894 Wrecked
A4 A.M. Halliday 1903

Catamaran-Hull ferry
A5 Alex Scott 1847

Later replaced by the "Eclipse"
A6 Alexis Damestre

Ferry boat
A7 Alice Dean 1864 1872 Dismantled Machinery went towards building of "Thomas Sherlock"
A8 Altona

A10 America

A11 America

A12 America

Taken ca. 1920
A13 America

A14 America

A15 America 1898 1926
Temporarily renamed "Winfield Scott" for filming of "Magnolia", 1924
A16 America

Cover of Christmas greeting card
A17 America

A18 America

A19 America

A9 America 1867 1868 Sank Collision/fire. Also pictured, "Major Anderson" (b. 1860)
A20 Andy Baum 1872

A21 Andy Johnson 1866 1876 Sank Collission/ice. President Andrew Johnson traveled on this boat, 1867
A22 Annie P. Silver 1878 1889 Sank
A23 Annie P. Silver 1878 1889 Sank Made from parts of earlier steamboat, "Susie Silver"
A24 Arkansas 1868

A25 Arkansas Belle 1870 1880

A26 Arkansas City 1882

Interior of cabin
A27 Arkansas City 1882 1896 Wrecked Tornado
A28 Arkansas City 1882

A29 Arkansas City
1896 Wrecked Photo of tornado damage
A30 Arkansas City

A31 Assumption 1875

A32 Assumption 1875 1895 Dismantled Taken ca. 1890
A33 Assumption 1875 1895?

A34 Autocrat 1860 1868 Burned
B1 B.L. Hodge 1867 1873
Second. Rebuilt/renamed "Southern Belle", 1867
B2 Baltic and Diana

Racing, from painting by Americian artist George F. Fuller
B3 Baronne

B4 Bart Able 1864 1879 Dismantled Machinery went towards building of "Jesse K. Bell"
B5 Belfast 1854 1857 Sank Also pictured, at right, the "Eclipse" (b. 1852)
B6 Belle

B7 Belle

B9 Belle

B8 Belle (of the Coast?) 1880 1897

B10 Belle Creole 1823

B11 Belle Lee 1868 1870

B12 Belle Lee

Renamed "Grand Republic"
B13 Belle Lee 1868 1876 Burned Rebuilt/renamed "Mary Bell", 1875; burned, 1876
B14 Belle of Alton 1868 1873 Burned Burned/rebuilt, 1871; burned, 1876
B15 Belle of Alton 1868 1873

B16 Belle of Shrevepoert 1872 1886 Sank
B17 Belle of Shrevepoert 1872 1886 Sank
SP3 Belle of Shreveport 1879 1886
(Supplement) Also pictured: "Dacotah", "Mattie Belle", and "War Eagle"
B18 Belle of St.Louis 1875 1879 Sank
B19 Belle of the Bends

B20 Belle of the Coast 1880 1897 Burned
B21 Belle of the Coast

B22 Belle of the Coast 1880

Also pictured, "Assumption"
B23 Belle of the coast

B24 Belle of the Coast 1880

B25 Belle of the Coast

B26 Belle of the Coast

SP2 Belle of the Coast?

B27 Belle Pike 1866 1872 Wrecked Collision/ice
B28 Belle Vernon 1867 1873 Sank
B29 Belle Vernon 1867 1873 Sank
B30 Big Sandy 1884 1895 Burned
B31 Big Sandy

B32 Bluff City 1896 1897 Burned
B33 Bluff City

Interior of dining hall (1896)
B34 Bluff City 1896 1897 Burned
B35 Bluff City 1896

Partially completed, image taken shortly before launch
B36 Bluff City 1896 1897 Burned
B37 Bluff City 1896

B38 Bob Blanks

B39 Bob Blanks 1903

B40 Bob Blanks 1903

B41 Bob Blanks 1903 1912 Burned
B42 Bob Blanks 1903 1912

B43 Bob Blanks

B44 Bob Blanks 1903 1912 Burned
B45 Bonanza 1885 1909

B46 Borealis Rex

Rebuilt after hurricane damage, 1918
B47 Brilliant 1863 1865 Burned
B48 Burlington 1864 1867 Sank Collision
C1 C.E. Hillman 1860

C2 Calhoun 1876 1892 Dismantled
C3 Cape Girardeau

Also pictured, "Cincinatti"
C4 Cape Girardeau

Taken ca. 1930
C5 Cape Girardeau 1899 1910 Sank Previously named "War Eagle"; renamed "Cape Girardeau" when rebuilt, 1901
C6 Capital City

C7 Capital City

Taken ca. 1873
C10 Capitol 1920

View of paddlewheel, taken ca. 1935
C11 Capitol

Taken 1923, at opening of the New Orleans Industrial Canal
C8 Capitol 1920

Operated until 1945 when replaced by the "President"
C9 Capitol

Also pictured, "Tennessee Belle"
C12 Captain Alphin 1937 1948 Retired Towboat
SP4 Captain Williams?

(Supplement) From Greater
C13 Carrie B. Schwing 1904

C14 Carrie V. Kountz 1869

Taken from 1874 illustration
C15 Cecil N. Bean 1928

C16 Chalmette 1899

Built out of savalge from "City of Vicksburg"
C17 Chalmette 1899

C18 Chalmette

Loading cotton, ca. 1900
C19 Chalmette

Sunken "Chalmette", 1904. Also pictured in background, "Betsy Ann"
C20 Chalmette 1899 1904

C21 Charles Belcher 1852 1854 Burned
C22 Charles Morgan 1873 1886 Burned
C23 Charles Morgan

C24 Charles Morgan

C25 Charles P. Chouteau

C26 Charles P. Chouteau

C27 Charles P. Chouteau 1877 1887 Burned
C28 Charles P. Chouteau 1877 1887 Burned Built from hull of burned "Carondelet"; first boat to have electric lights
C29 Charles P. Chouteau

C30 Charles P. Chouteau

Taken in 1878
C31 Charles P. Chouteau 1877

C32 Charles P. Chouteau 1877

C33 Charles Rebstock 1880

C34 Chickasaw 1883 1903?

C35 City of Alton 1860

Also pictured, General Grant's flagship, "Maria Denning" (b.1860)
C36 City of Alton 1868 1884

C37 City of Alton 1868 1884 Burned
C38 City of Baton Rouge

C39 City of Baton Rouge 1881 1890 Sank Wreck
C40 City of Baton Rouge
C41 City of Baton Rouge
C42 City of Baton Rouge 1881

C43 City of Baton Rouge
C44 City of Baton Rouge 1881

C45 City of Baton Rouge 1881

Interior of dining hall
C46 City of Baton Rouge 1881

C47 City of Bayou Sara 1884 1885 Burned
C48 City of Bayou Sara 1884 1885 Burned
C49 City of Cairo 1882 1896 Wrecked Tornado
C50 City of Cairo 1882

C51 City of Cairo 1882 1896

C52 City of Cairo 1882 1896 Wrecked Tornado
C53 City of Cairo 1864

Predecessor of second "City of Cairo"
C54 City of Greenville 1879 1882 Sank Collision
C55 City of Helena 1871 1885 Burned
C56 City of Helena 1871

C57 City of Helena 1871

C58 City of Hickman 1890 1896 Sank Raised, parts went towards the building of "City of Cincinatti"
C59 City of Hickman 1890

C60 City of Hickman 1890

C61 City of Hickman 1890 1896 Sank
C62 City of Hickman

C63 City of Hickman

C64 City of Hickman 1890

C65 City of Hickman 1890 1896

C66 City of Hickman

C67 City of Louisville 1894 1918 Sank Collision/ice
C68 City of Monroe 1887

After 1896 tornado damage, rebuilt, lengthened, and renamed "Hill City", 1897
C69 City of Monroe 1887

C70 City of Monroe 1887

C71 City of Monroe

C72 City of Monroe

Taken early 1890s
C73 City of Monroe 1887

Interior of ladies' cabin
C74 City of Monroe

Interior of dining hall, ca. 1890
C75 City of Monroe

Taken ca. 1896, before tornado damage; renamed "Hill City" after 1896 rebuild
C76 City of Muskogee

Under construction, ca. 1908
C77 City of Muskogee 1908

Taken ca. 1918; later renamed "Loraine K.", 1922
C78 City of Muskogee

Taken ca. 1918; later renamed "Loraine K.", 1922
C79 City of Natchez 1885 1886 Burned
C80 City of Natchez 1885
C81 City of Natchez

Taken ca. 1885
C82 City of New Orleans 1881 1898 Dismantled Machinery went towards the building of the "City of Pittsburgh"
C83 City of New Orleans 1881 1898 Dismantled Machinery went towards the building of the "City of Pittsburgh"
C84 City of New Orleans

C85 City of New Orleans

Loading freight
C86 City of New Orleans

Detail of anchor emblem between stacks
C87 City of New Orleans

Pilothouse detail
C88 City of New Orleans

Pilot in pilothouse
C89 City of New Orleans

Interior of cabin
C90 City of New Orleans

Taken in 1881
C91 City of New Orleans

Taken ca. 1895
C92 City of Providence 1880 1910 Sank Collision /ice
C93 City of Providence

C94 City of Providence

Taken ca. 1895
C95 City of Providence 1880

C96 City of Providence 1880

C97 City of Providence
1910 Sank Collision/ice
C100 City of St. Louis

C101 City of St. Louis 1883

C102 City of St. Louis 1883

Interior of cabin
C103 City of St. Louis 1883

C104 City of St. Louis 1883

President McKinley took a New Orleans harbor ride on this ship, May, 1901
C98 City of st. Louis 1883 1903 Burned
C99 City of St. Louis

C105 City of Vicksburg 1881 1896
Damaged in 1896 tornado; sold, rebuilt, and renamed the "Chalmette", then sank in 1904
C106 City of Vicksburg

C107 City of Vicksburg

Interior of cabin, ca. 1885
C108 City of Vicksburg 1881

Later rebuilt/renamed the "Chalmette"
C109 City of Vicksburg

Taken in 1881
C110 City of Vicksburg

C111 City of Vicksburg 1881

Under construction, 1881
C112 Clermont

C113 Clinton 1872 188?

C114 Clinton

C115 Clinton 1872

Taken ca. 1884
C116 Clipper
1928 Burned Taken ca. 1911
C117 Clipper

Taken after fire, 1928
C118 Colonel A.P. Kouns 1874 1878 Sank Taken 1875
C119 Columbia 1903 1910 Sank Collision/fire
C120 Columbia 1903

Taken in 1903
C121 Columbia

Taken in 1903
C122 Columbia 1903

C123 Commonwealth 1864

C124 Cora Anderson 1856

Also pictured: at right, "John J. Roe" (b. 1856); "Cora Anderson" (piloted by Mark Twain, mentioned in his work, "Life on the Mississippi")
C125 Corona 1878

C126 Corona

Taken ca. 1889. Also pictured, the "Corona" (right) and the "Danube" (left)
C127 Courier 1870 1885?

C128 Crescent 1943

C129 Crystal City 1887 1893 Wrecked Collision/ice. Also, previously sank and then raised in 1889
D1 D. Stein 1877

D2 Danube 1877 1897? Dismantled First ship from right; sank in 1891, then raised, continued to run until 1896 or 1897
SP5 Darbonne

D3 Darling 1863 1869 Burned
D4 David R. Powell 1882 1882?

D5 David R. Powell 1882

D6 Des Arc 1891 189?
Replaced the burned "Josie D. Harkins"
D7 Dewey

Originally the "Kate Adams"; bought/renamed "Dewey", 1898; bought/renamed "Lotus Sims", 1902
D8 Dictator 1865

E1 E.H. Fairchild 1857

SP6 E.J. Gay 1878 1904? Explosion (Supplement)
E2 E.W. Cole 1880 1891 Wrecked
E3 Eclipse 1852

Oil painting by American artist, William E. Reed
E10 Ed Richardson

E11 Ed Richardson

E12 Ed Richardson

E13 Ed Richardson

E14 Ed Richardson 1878

E15 Ed Richardson

Also pictured: near right, "Helena"; far right, the "Mabel Comeaux"
E16 Ed Richardson 1878 1888

E17 Ed Richardson 1878 1888
Interior of cabin
E4 Ed Richardson 1878 1888 Dismantled
E5 Ed Richardson 1878 1888 Dismantled
E6 Ed Richardson

Taken at Mardi Gras, ca. 1875
E7 Ed Richardson

Interior of cabin
E8 Ed Richardson

E9 Ed Richardson

E18 Edward J. Gay 1878 1888 Burned
E19 Edward J. Gay 1878 1888 Burned
E20 Edward J. Gay

E21 Edward J. Gay

E22 Edward J. Gay

E23 Edward J. Gay

E24 Edward J. Gay

E25 Edward J. Gay 1878 1888 Burned Opaerated until 1887
E26 Edward J. Gay 1878 1888 Burned
E27 Edward J. Gay

E28 Electra

Taken ca. 1900-1902
E29 Electra 1897

Under consruction, 1897
E30 Electra 1897

Renamed "Sunny South"
E31 Electra 1897

Taken in early 1900s
E32 Electra

Under construction, 1897
E33 Emma 1866 1870 Sank Collision/fire
E34 Emma C. Elliott 1871

E35 Emma Duncan 1860

Renamed "Dora", operated until 1871
E37 Era No. 10 1868 1892 Burned
E36 Era No. 2

F1 F. Barksdale 1824 1888 Burned
F2 F.M. Owens 1910 1915 Sank
F3 Fleetwood

F4 Fleetwood 1880 1893 Retired Also pictured, in foreground, towboat "Jim Montgomery"
F5 Frank B. Hayne 1904

Renamed "Alice B. Miller", 1908
F10 Frank Pargoud

F11 Frank Pargoud

F12 Frank Pargoud 1868

F6 Frank Pargoud 1868 1878

F7 Frank Pargoud

F8 Frank Pargoud

F9 Frank Pargoud

F13 Fred A. Blanks 1879

Originally, "Ouchita"; renamed "Fred A. Blanks", 1899
F14 Fred A. Blanks 1879

F15 Fred A. Blanks 1879

F16 Fred A. Blanks 1890

Rebuilt, 1899; sold and renamed "Vicksburg", 1902
F17 Fred A. Blanks 1879

Interior of cabin
F18 Friendly 1888

G1 G.W. Sentell 1882 1894 Burned
G2 G.W. Sentell 1882 1894

G3 G.W. Sentell

G4 Gem 1898 1914 Burned
G5 Gem 1898 1914

G6 General Lytle 1864 1882 Dismantled Damaged from ice
G7 George Collier 1851 1855 Burned
G8 George D. Palmer 1863

Originally, "Nannie Byers"; rebuilt/renamed "George D. Palmer", 1866
G10 George H. Walker 1923

G11 George H. Walker

Taken ca. 1940
G9 George H. Walker 1923 1947 Retired
G12 George Prince 1922

Resold/renamed "Ouachita"
G13 George Prince

G14 George Prince 1922

Resold/renamed "Ouachita"
G15 Georgia Lee 1898 1918 Sank
G16 Golden City

G17 Golden City 1876 1882 Burned
G18 Golden Crown 1877 1890 Burned Rebuilt/renamed "DeSoto"
G19 Golden Crown 1877 1890 Burned Rebuilt/renamed "DeSoto"
G20 Golden Rule 1877 1877 Burned
G21 Golden Rule

Burned Also pictured, towboat "John A. Wood"
G22 Golden Rule

Also pictured, towboat "John A. Wood" (b. 1870)
G23 Golden Rule 1877

G24 Golden Rule 1877

G25 Golden Rule 1877 1892 Burned
G26 Gordon C Greene

Previously named "Cape Girardeau"
G27 Gordon C Greene

G28 Gordon C Greene

G29 Gordon C Greene

Interior of dining hall
G30 Gorge Collier 1851 1855 Burned
G31 Gouldsboro

G32 Gouldsboro 1863 ca. 1940 Retired Originally, Civil War gunboat named "Chickasaw"
G33 Governor Allen 1867

Engines eventually went toward building of "Edward J. Gay"
G34 Grand Republic

G35 Grand Republic 1867 1877 Burned Originally, "Great Republic"
G36 Grand Republic

Interior of cabin; see also "Richmond", "City of Natchez", and "Helena"
G37 Grand Turk 1848 1854 Burned Also burned at the time, "Grand Turk", "Natchez" and others
G38 Grand Turk 1848 1854 Burned Also pictured, "Gipsy" (b. 1854)
G39 Granite State 1879 188? Sank
G40 Grey Eagle 1857 1861 Sank Collision
G41 Guiding Star 1878 1893 Sank Collision/ice
H1 Helena 1876

Originally, "J.B.M. Kehlor"; rebuilt/renamed "Helena", 1886
H2 Helena

H3 Henry Frank

H4 Henry Frank 1878 1884

H5 Henry Probasco ca. 1870 1873 Sank
H6 Hill City 1897
Sank Originally, "City of Monroe"; rebuilt/renamed "Hill City"; sank, raised, rebuilt, and renamed "Corwin H. Spencer", 1903
I1 Idlewild 1879
Sank Collision/ice; orginally named "Ariane" (b. 1879)
I2 Issaquena
1887 Burned Originally the "City of Ironton"; sold, rebuilt, and renamed "Issaquena", 1882
J1 J.M.White

J10 J.M.White

Interior of cabin
J2 J.M.White
1886 Burned
J3 J.M.White
1886 Burned Interior of dining halls (Ladies' Cabin, left, and Gentlemen's Cabin, right)
J4 J.M.White

Also pictured, "John Cannon"
J5 J.M.White 1878 1886

J6 J.M.White

J7 J.M.White

J8 J.M.White 1879 1886

J9 J.M.White

J11 Jacob Strader

J12 James Howard 1870 1881 Burned
J13 James Howard

J14 James Lee 1879 189?

J15 James Lee

J16 Jesse K. Bell 1879 1897 Dismantled
J17 John A. Scudder 1873 1885
Parts of dimantled ship went towards building of "Marble City"
J18 John B. Maude 1872 1875 Sank
J19 John B. Maude

J20 John B. Maude

J21 John B. Maude

Duplicate of J18
SP7 John B. White

J22 John H. Hanna 1876 1888 Burned
J23 John Howard 1893 1898 Burned
J24 John K. Speed 1892 1902 Burned
J25 John K. Speed

J26 John K. Speed

J27 John Kilgour 1864 1874 Dismantled Engines went towards building of "Charles Morgan"
J28 John W. Cannon 1878 1886 Dismantled Built to replace the "William S. Pike"; General U.S. Grant was once passenger; parts went towards building the "Olivia Beirne"
J29 John W. Cannon

J30 John W. Cannon

J31 John W. Cannon

J32 John W. Cannon

J33 John W. Cannon

Also pictured, "John H. Hanna"
J34 John W. Cannon

Also pictured, "City of Vicksburg"
J35 John W. Cannon

Taken in1878
J36 John W. Cannon

Taken in1878
J37 John W. Cannon 1878 1886

J38 John W. Cannon

J39 John W. Cannon 1878

K1 Kate Adams 1882 1888 Burned First
K2 Kate Adams 1888 1903 Burned Second. Sold/renamed "Dewey", 1898; sold/renamed "Lotus Sims", 1902
K3 Kate Adams 1888

Second. Sold/renamed "Dewey", 1898
K4 Kate Adams

K5 Kate Adams

K6 Katie 1871 1878 Dismantled Parts of dimantled ship went towards building of "Ed Richardson"
K7 Keokuk 1858 1866 Sank
K8 Keokuk

Originally, "C.K. Peck" (b. 1876); renamed "Keokuk", 1884
L1 L.W. Crane

L2 La Belle Riviere 1899 1927 Burned The final "Katie Adams", used for 1926 production of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
L3 Lady Gay 1865 1870 Sank
L4 Lotawanha 1867 1874 Sank
L5 Louisville 1866 1875 Dismantled Engines went towards building of "Golden City"
L6 Lucy Bertram 1863 1876 Dismantled
M1 Mabel Comeaux 1883 1907 Dismantled a.k.a. "Fair Mabel"
M2 Magenta 1864 1871 Burned "Julia & Randolph", "Grand Era", "Thompson Dean", and "John Howard" also burned in this fire.
M3 Magenta

M4 Magenta

SP8 Mandeville

M5 Mary E. Keene 1860 1863 Destroyed Ruined intentionally during Civil War, to prevent capture from Federals.
M6 Mary E. Keene

M7 Mary Houston 1877 1893 Sank Rebuilt, sank, then raised and dismantled
M8 Mary Houston

N1 Natchez

N10 Natchez 1891 1918
N11 Natchez

N12 Natchez

N13 Natchez

Duplicate of N5
N14 Natchez

Duplicate of N8
N15 Natchez 1869 1879
N16 Natchez

Shown racing with "Eclipse". Pre-Civil War lithograph
N2 Natchez

N3 Natchez 1869 1879
N4 Natchez 1879 1889 Sank Seventh
N5 Natchez

N6 Natchez

N7 Natchez

N8 Natchez

N9 Natchez

N17 New Falls City 1858 1864
Sunk to avoid capture by Federals; then raised after Civil War. One of floating palaces referred to in Mark Twain's writings
N18 New Orleans

N19 New Orleans 1911

Replica. Construction of hull
N20 New Orleans 1911

Replica. Shown with work crew
N21 New Orleans 1911

Replica. Under construction, to celebrate "Centennial of Steamboating on the Mississippi"
N22 New Orleans 1911

N23 New Orleans 1911

Replica. Built by Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
N24 New Orleans 1911

N25 New Orleans 1911

N26 New Orleans 1911

N27 New Orleans 1911

Replica. Hull being framed
N28 New Orleans 1925

Ferry between New Orleans and Algiers. "New Orleans" and her sister ferry, "Algiers", eventually replaced by the "Crescent" and "Westside"
SP9 New Orleans

(Supplement) Taken by Greater New Orleans Tourist and Convention
N29 New South

N30 New South

N31 New South 1887 ca. 1905 Dismantled
O1 Oliver Beirne 1886 1891 Burned
O2 Oliver Beirne

O3 Oliver Beirne

O10 Ouachita

O11 Ouachita

O12 Ouachita

O13 Ouachita

O14 Ouachita

O15 Ouachita

O16 Ouachita

O17 Ouachita

O18 Ouachita

O19 Ouachita

O20 Ouachita

O21 Ouachita

O22 Ouachita

O23 Ouachita

O24 Ouachita

O25 Ouachita

O26 Ouachita

O27 Ouachita

Duplicate of O7
O28 Ouachita

Duplicate of O7
O29 Ouachita

Duplicate of O12
O30 Ouachita

Duplicate of O12
O31 Ouachita

Duplicate of O12
O4 Ouachita 1890 1899 Burned Rebuilt/renamed "Fred A. Blanks"
O5 Ouachita 1922 1940 Dismantled Originally "George Prince"; bought/renamed "Ouachita", 1934
O6 Ouachita

O7 Ouachita

O8 Ouachita

O9 Ouachita

O32 Ouachita Belle 1870 1880 Sank
P1 Pat Cleburne 1870 1876 Explosion Fire
P2 Paul Tulane

P3 Paul Tulane 1888 1896 Sank
P4 Phil Sheridan 1866 1876 Dismantled Machinery went towards building of "Belle of Minnetonka"
P5 Potomac 1870 1880s Dismantled
SP10 President

SP11 President

P6 Princess 1855 1859 Explosion
R1 R.R. Springer 1879 1885 Sank Collision
R2 Richmond 1867 1874 Wrecked Collision. Used as model by American painter, Frances Parkinson Keyes, for oil painting entitled "Steamboat Gothic"
R3 Rio Cloud

R4 Rob Roy 1866 1880 Burned Remains dismantled
R10 Robert E. Lee

R11 Robert E. Lee

R12 Robert E. Lee

The "racer". Lithograph
R13 Robert E. Lee

The "racer". Taken in 1874
R14 Robert E. Lee

The "racer"
R15 Robert E. Lee

The "racer". Taken in 1870
R16 Robert E. Lee 1876

The "side-wheeler" succeeded the "racer"
R17 Robert E. Lee 1876 1882 Burned Succeeded the "racer"
R18 Robert E. Lee 1876

Succeeded the "racer"
R19 Robert E. Lee

Portrait. Captain John W. Cannon, skipper who commanded Robert E. Lee during 1870 race against the "Natchez"
R20 Robert E. Lee

Portrait. Captain John W. Cannon, skipper who commanded Robert E. Lee during 1870 race against the "Natchez". Oil painting
R21 Robert E. Lee

Image of trophy awarded to Robert E. Lee for winning Lee-Natchez race, 1870
R22 Robert E. Lee

Portrait. Captain James Pell, pilot who steered Robert E. Lee during 1870 race
R23 Robert E. Lee 1876

The "side-wheeler"; interior of cabin
R24 Robert E. Lee 1866 1876

R25 Robert E. Lee

Duplicate of R1
R26 Robert E. Lee

Duplicate of R1
R27 Robert E. Lee

R5 Robert E. Lee 1866 1876
First. The "racer" shown here with it's rival, "Natchez", the sixth. Also pictured, "Great Republic" (b. 1882)
R6 Robert E. Lee

R7 Robert E. Lee

R8 Robert E. Lee

Only known photo of Lee-Natchez race, July 4, 1870
R9 Robert E. Lee 1876 1882 Burned Second. The "side-wheeler" succeeded the "racer"
R28 Ruth 1865 1869 Burned
S1 S.H. Parisot

S2 Sarah Edenborn 1909

SP12 Sarah Edenborn

SP13 Sarah Edenborn?

SP14 Sausquehanna

S3 Sherlock

S4 Silver Moon 1859 1869 Sank Collision/rocks
S5 South America 1854 1861 Dismantled Sank in 1856; recovered and operated as "Lexington" until 1861
S6 Sprague 1901

At the time, largest river towboat in the world
S7 Sprague

S8 Sprague

Also pictured, "Carrie B. Schwing" (b. 1912). Taken ca. 1935
S9 Spread Eagle 1873 1881 Dismantled Parts of dimantled ship went towards building of new "Spread Eagle" (b. 1881)
SP15 St. Genevieve 1874 1887
S10 St. James 1865 1876 Retired
S11 St. James 1898 1916 Burned
S12 St. James

S13 St. James

S14 St. James (?)

S15 St. John 1878 1899 Dismantled Also pictured, "Alice Le Blanc"
SP16 St. Louis

(Supplement) Also pictured: "Colossal"; "Spread Eagle"; "Bayard"; "Rob Roy"; "Emma C. Elliot"; "Great Republic"
S16 State of Kansas 1890 1899 Burned
SP1 Steamboating on the Mississippi

(Supplement) Pastoral scene of steamboat, river, and Live Oak trees. Taken by Bureau of New Orleans News
S17 Sucker State 1860 1872 Dismantled
S18 Sultana

S19 Susie Silver 1870 1878 Dismantled Parts of dimantled ship went towards the building of the "Annie P. Silver"
S20 Susie Silver

T1 T.P. Leathers 1885 1890 Sank First
T2 T.P. Leathers 1891 1900 Sank Second
T3 T.P. Leathers

T4 T.P. Leathers

T5 T.P. Leathers

T6 Tarascon 1863 1879 Dismantled First
T7 Tarascon 1895 1917 Sank Second
T8 Telegraph 1877 1891 Dismantled Rebuilt into new boat of same name
T9 Tell City 1889 1917 Sank Sank and salvaged several times; permanently lost, 1917
T10 Tennessee Belle 1927 1942 Burned
T11 Thomas Sherlock 1873 1891 Sank Collision
T12 Thomas Sherlock

T13 Thomas Sherlock

see also "Sherlock"
T14 Thompson Dean 1872 1882 Dismantled Rebuilt/renamed "Will S. Hays"
T15 Tom Jasper 1867 1876 Reworked Remade with new and longer hull, renamed "Centennial"
SP18 Tugboat

U1 U.P. Schenck 1876
Sank Collision. Had previously been lengthened and remade/renamed "Longfellow"
U2 U.P. Schenck

U3 United States 1869 1884 Dismantled Second. Built with hull from first, wrecked "United States"
UN1 unnamed

UN2 unnamed

UN3 unnamed

UN4 unnamed

UN4 unnamed

V1 Valley Queen 1889 1903 Burned
V2 Valley Queen

V3 Vicksburg
1903 Sank Originally "Ouchita", then "Fred A. Blanks"
V4 Vicksburg, Mississippi

Along the levee, taken 1883. Pictured: "Will S. Hays"; "Ed Richardson", behind her; "Leflore", foreground; in the distance, left to right, "Clara S.", "Deer Creek", "Aglia" (ferry), and "Helen Mead" (towboat); packet with stern in front, "Sallie Carney"
SP16 W.M. Edenborn

W1 W.M. Garig 1904 1918 Dismantled Rebuilt/renamed the "Golden Eagle"
W2 W.R. Arthur 1864 1871 Sank Collision
W3 W.R. Arthur 1864 1871 Explosion Also pictured: "Cornelia" (1865-1870), burned; "Henry Ames" (1864-1870); "Lizzie Gill" (1865-1870), sank
SP17 War Eagle

(Supplement) Also pictured: "Belle of Shreveport"; "Mattie Belle"; "Dacotah"
W4 War Eagle 1854 1870 Burned
W5 Warren 1882

Replaced "City of Savannah"
W6 Warren

Also pictured, "Edward J. Gay"
W7 Wild Wagoner 1864 1876 Dismantled
W8 Will Kyle 1879 1883 Sank Collision
W9 Will S. Hays 1882

Y1 Yazoo Valley 1876 1883 Sank Raised and dismantled
Z1 Zephyr 1847 1920 Sank Renamed "Camellia", 1865; Rebuilt/renamed "New Camellia", 1878

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