Mayor Ernest N. Morial

City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Date range: ca. 1977-1986
Size of collection: 2015+ prints
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment
Copyright Information: Please discuss with a Louisiana Division archivist

Scope Note

Ernest N. "Dutch" Morial, the first African-American mayor of New Orleans, was inaugurated on May 2, 1978. He was elected to a second term in 1982.

Link here for biographical information and a history of the Morial administration.

The prints were scanned as grayscale images at 400 dpi and saved as TIFFs. The TIFFs are being retained as archival masters. The images shown here are compressed JPEGs, edited from the TIFFs.

Additional Ernest N. Morial photographs can be found at the Amistad Research Center.


The prints are numbered and filed sequentially in general subject categories, which are alphabetically arranged. Duplicate photographs have been omitted from the inventory.

Click on the links below to view thumbnail images; each thumbnail links to a larger image.

Functions (Unidentified)
(Photos 1-66)
Almonaster-Michoud Industrial District
(Photos 67-68)
(Photos 69-74)
Armstrong Park
(Photos 80-88)
Awards Ceremonies
(Photos 89-156)
"B" Miscellaneous
(Photos 75-79)
Beignet Bowl
(Photos 157-161)
Bicentennial, U.S.
(Photos 162-164)
Birthdays, Mayor's
(Photos 165-231)
Block Parties
(Photos 232-233)
"C" Miscellaneous
(Photos 234)
"Cajun Cowboy"
(Photos 235-259)
Carter, President Jimmy
(Photos 260-263)
(Photos 264-295)
City Council
(Photos 296-326)
Clean City Committee
(Photos 328-331)
(Photos 332-337)
Commission on the Future
(Photos 338-344)
Conferences/Conventions, Misc.
(Photos 345-347)
Convention Center
(Photos 348-350)
Cox Cable
(Photo 351)
Criminal Sheriff
(Photos 352-355)
Democratic National Convention/Democratic Party Functions
(Photos 356-362)
Dignitaries/Celebrities -- International
(Photo 363)
Dignitaries/Celebrities -- Local
(Photos 364-365)
Dignitaries/Celebrities -- National
(Photos 366-373)
Dillard University/Amistad
(Photos 374-376)
Duck Dinner, Mayor's Stag
(Photo 377)
Duncan Plaza Design Competition, 1981
(Photos 378-415)
Dutch Alley
(Photos 416-417)
Edwards, Governor Edwin
(Photos 418-427)
Exxon Building Announcement, 1979
(Photos 428-429)
Election for Councilman, District B, 1986
(Photos 430-439)
(Photos 440-552)
(Photos 553-567)
Fire Department
(Photos 568-574)
Food Drive
(Photos 575-581)
French Market
(Photos 582-636)
French Quarter Festival
(Photos 637-656)
"Fun" Shots
(Photos 657-677)
"G" Miscellaneous
(Photo 678)

(Photos 679-774)
(Photos 775-792)
Health Department/Blood Bank
(Photos 793-801)
Hurricane Elena, 1985
(Photos 802-807)
(Photos 808-832, 989-990)
International Relations
(Photos 833-934)
International Week
(Photos 935-938)
Jackson, Jesse
(Photos 939-948)
Joan of Arc Statue
(Photos 949-951)
Judge -- Morial Swearing In
(Photo 952)
La Rochelle, France to New Orleans Race
(Photos 953-)
League of Women Voters
(Photo 964)
Louisiana Nature Center
(Photo 965)
Louisiana World Exposition (World's Fair)
(Photos 966-984)
"M" Miscellaneous
(Photos 985-987)
Mardi Gras
(Photos 988-1014)
Martin Luther King
(Photos A1-A18)
Mayor's Day at the Races
(Photos A19-A23)
Minority Business Conference
(Photos A-24-A32)
Miscellaneous -- Identified People With Mayor
(Photos A33-A47)
Miscellaneous -- Unidentified People With Mayor
(Photos A48-A158)
Model Cities
(Photos 1015-1021)
Mosquito Control
(Photos 1022-1023)
Municipal Yacht Harbor
(Photos 1024-1025)
(Photos 1026-1055)
"N" Miscellaneous
(Photos 1056-1057)
NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner
(Photos 1058-1067)
National Municipal Organizations
(Photos 1068-1126)
New Orleans Recreation Department/Sports
(Photos 1027-1158)
Office of Economic Training and Development
(Photo 1158a)
Police Department
(Photos 1159-1170)
Politicians, Local
(Photos 1171-1210)
Politicians, National
(Photos 1211-1234)
Portraits/Head Shots
(Photos 1235-1457)
Press Conferences/T.V. and Radio Appearances
(Photos 1458-1524)
Public Meetings
(Photos 1525-1535)
(Photos 1536-1549)
Receptions-West African
(Photos 1550-1573)
Regional Transit Authority
(Photos 1574-1591)
Riverfront Awareness
(Photos 1592-1595)
(Photos 1596)
Roast, Celebrity Benefit
(Photos 1597-1606)
"S" Miscellaneous
(Photos 1607-1608)
Second Line Against Crime
(Photos 1609-1614)
(Photos 1615-1627)
Snapshots, Miscellaneous
(Photos 1628-1662)
Social Functions/Parties
(Photos 1663-1675)
Solidarity Day
(Photos 1676-1677)
(Photos 1678-1694)
Staff with Mayor Morial
(Photos 1695-1712)
Streets Department
(Photos 1713-1725)
Town Meetings
(Photos 1726-1741)
Staff No. 1
(Photos 1742-1810)
Staff No. 2
(Photos 1811-1846)
Trade and Tourism
(Photos 1847-1904)
(Photos 1905-1953)
Unidentified People
(Photos 1954-1967)
University of New Orleans
(Photos 1968-1976)
"V" Miscellaneous
(Photos 1977-1984)
Youth Programs
(Photos 1985-2015)

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