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March 2010

We're note sure exactly when this post card was published, but we do know that it was mailed to New Orleans Mayor Victor Schiro in 1964. It is one of hundreds that His Honor received from young girls interested in obtaining a copy of his Beatle Day Proclamation, issued to commemorate that band's performance in City Park on September 16.

The post card itself, regardless of its message, is of interest for several reasons. A horse drawn carriage hauling tourists around the French Quarter is still a familiar sight in 2010, but the image documents two other features that are no longer with us. One is automobile traffic on St. Ann Street alongside Jackson Square. That roadway, along with St. Peter and Chartres Streets adjacent to the Square, became a pedestrian mall in the early 1970s.

The second noticeable change from the 1960s has to do with the tenant occupying the corner unit in the Lower Pontalba Building. Back then, Fernandez's Wine Cellar was a popular place to pick up a bottle of wine to drink in Jackson Square, perhaps with a muffuletta sandwich purchased down Decatur Street at the Central Grocery. The Fernandez family closed the wine business in 1972 and the space has been occupied by a series of tourist-oriented restaurants ever since. The Fernandezes did not leave the neighborhood, though; they still own and operate the Cafe du Monde coffee stand directly across the street from the Lower Pontalba.

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