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July 2008

This image from the Alexander Allison Photograph Collection shows the Louisville and Nashville (L&N) Railroad Station behind a pedestrian walkway over the railroad tracks to the Canal Street-Algiers ferry landing. Many older New Orleanians may remember the elevated walkway better than the station because it survived for a somewhat longer period of time. The L&N facility closed following the opening of the new Union Passenger Terminal early in 1954 and was demolished sometime thereafter; the walkway remained a Canal Street fixture for another decade or so.

The old walkway extended from in front of the present-day Canal Place development, past a present-day Entergy substation, and alongside the Aquarium of the Americas. It crossed both the L&N tracks and those of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad. A new elevated passageway now serves the ferry but since it only has the Public Belt (and Riverfront Streetcar) tracks to contend with its starting point is considerably closer to the River than that of its predecessor. Its own fate is uncertain since it acts as a barrier to direct passage between the Aquarium and the Riverwalk Marketplace.

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