At the end of 2007, we "retired," after more than ten years of activity, the Images of the Month Gallery. One of our purposes in presenting the galleries was to highlight parts of the collection not elsewhere represented on our web site. Now that we have been able to post several thousand images online -- digitized original photographs, photos from publications, maps, Mardi Gras invitations, and more -- there are fewer areas left for us to mine.

We did not get out of the monthly image business entirely, though. Beginning in 2008, a regular Image of the Month page debuted, featuring an image already available online elsewhere on the web site or an image that we had previously digitized but not yet posted online. The intention was to provide a more detailed description of the image content and the context in which it was created than we were generally able to do so when presenting larger groups of digitized material.


2012 Images
September 2012
Dr. Henry Dickson Bruns

August 2012
Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, February 1936

July 2012
Automobile damaged in fatal accident, January 1935

June 2012
Carrollton and Tulane, 1952

May 2012
A view up Royal Street, 1961

April 2012
Belle Helene Plantation, 1965

March 2012
Archbishop Joseph Francis Rummel, ca. 1935

February 2012
Rex and the Boeuf Gras on Canal Street, 1965

January 2012
Charity Hospital Under Construction, 1938
2011 Images
December 2011
4131-4133 St. Charles Avenue, ca. 1920

November 2011
Front View of the Ursuline Convent, 1908

October 2011
The Airport, 1955

September 2011
House of Detention Farm, 1954

August 2011
Milne Boys' Home, ca. 1950

July 2011
St. Claude and St. Anthony, 1924

June 2011
Trash can kittens

May 2011
The 1987 CSX tank car fire

April 2011
L & N Passenger Terminal Plans, 1900

March 2011
Day Camp at the Rosenwald Center, 1952

February 2011
On the Huey, 1952

January 2011
Touro-Shakspeare Home, 1953

2010 Images
December 2010
Launching the Margaret Lykes, 1963

November 2010
The Musée Conti, 1964

October 2010
The I-10 High-Rise, ca. 1963

September 2010
The Good Neighbor, ca. 1955

August 2010
The New Orleans Lakefront, March 1958

July 2010
Aerial Progress Shot of Veterans Administration Hospital, July 10, 1948

June 2010
Grunewald Hotel [Letterhead], 1906

May 2010
Carondelet and Canal Streets, ca. 1948

April 2010
Don't mess with the Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department!

March 2010
"View of the Pontalba Apartments, New Orleans, La."

February 2010
The Jewish Orphans' Home

January 2010
The Main Library--A Century Ago

2009 Images
December 2009
Poydras Asylum, 1938

November 2009
"Old" Poydras Street, 1966

October 2009
Around "the cemeteries," 1946

September 2009
A rural scene in Gentilly, ca. 1903

August 2009
A Gold Bond from Old New Orleans

July 2009
Senator Long's Suite in the Roosevelt Hotel, 1934

June 2009
Aerial View of the Fair Grounds, 1946

May 2009
McDonogh #11 Elementary School, 1880s

April 2009
Demolition of Union Station, 1954

March 2009
The Mastodon

February 2009
Mida and Bodu Michell on the Avenue, Mardi Gras, 1940

January 2009
St. Vincent's Hotel and Free Labor Bureau (ca. 1911)
2008 Images
December 2008
William Howard Taft in New Orleans, 1909

November 2008
The French Market: A Postcard View from 1910

October 2008
Swimming with the sharks, 1990

September 2008
Before UNO, 1941

August 2008
Opening the Spillway, 1950

July 2008
L&N Railroad Terminal and Pedestrian Bridge to the Canal Street Ferry

June 2008
Municipal Yacht Harbor (under construction)

May 2008
City Park, the Peristyle

April 2008
Seventeenth Street Canal Flooding (in Jefferson Parish), 1947 Hurricane

March 2008
St. Patrick's Parade, 1984

February 2008
Twelfth Night Revelers, Invitation, 1884

January 2008
At Lincoln Playground, 1948

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