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February 2008

This image is from the Carnival Collection, one of the Special Collections within the Louisiana Division/City Archives. We scanned the original item for a local craftsman back in 2002 but did not post it to NUTRIAS. We're pleased to be able to present it at this time.

The image is an 1884 invitation to the Twelfth Night Revelers' masked ball. The theme of that year's ball and parade (yes, TNR did parade in its early years) was "The Kingdom of Flowers." The 1884 queen was Alice Herndon, the twenty-one year old daughter of Thomas Cammack Herndon (proprietor of the Planters' Cotton Press) and Rebecca Jane Krumbhaar Herndon. Miss Herndon, who apparently did not marry, died in 1923.

Twelfth Night Revelers held its first ball and parade in 1870, making it the second oldest active carnival krewe in New Orleans. Its early history was rather irregular; 1884 marked the group's return following a five-year absence from the carnival scene. Now, in 2008, TNR is going strong and its ball still marks the official opening of the carnival season, usually on Twelfth Night itself (but January 5 this year).

Click the image to see a larger version. Click the little flower to see a detail.

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