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December 2010

This photograph, taken on March 9, 1963 by William R. Lee of Big Chief Photography, shows the launching of the S/S Margaret Lykes at Avondale Shipyards. It was the fourth vessel to sail under that name, honoring the wife of Joseph Lykes, the last surviving member of the family that founded the Lykes Bros. Steamship Company. The vessel was 495 feet long, 69 feet wide, and capable of a speed of 20 knots. It cost $8 million and was the third Lykes ship to be constructed at Avondale.

For twenty years the Margaret Lykes operated as a break-bulk freighter between the Company's ports on the Gulf of Mexico and various destinations around the world. In 1984 the U.S. Maritime Administration purchased the vessel and placed it, under the name Cape Carthage, in the National Defense Reserve Fleet in Virginia. After several years the Cape Carthage moved to Texas where it was completely stripped of its furnishings and reduced to scrap metal in 2008.

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