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          Synopsis of Ordinances, 1841-1937

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Main Heading Subheading1 Subheading2 Ordinance Number & Series Date Synopsis Notes
Yachts - Yacht Club

4955 AS 1879 Granting to members of the Southern Yacht Club the use of that portion of the harbor inside of the revetment levee from the New Canal to Astredo's House as a mooring place for yachts, provided that the said Club will place a keeper at the bridge at the intersection of New Canal and the revetment levee, and keep said bridge in good repair at the Club's expense.
Yachts - Yacht Club

7142 AS 1881 Repealing all ordinances granting privileges to individuals or corporations on the revetment levee west of the New Canal, which are not secured by notarial act with the city government. See 7200 AS rescinding this ordinance in so far as it applies to privileges granted to the Southern Yacht Club.
Yachts - Yacht Club

11503 CS 1895 Amending ordinances 4955 AS and 7200 AS to provide more room for the yachts of members of the Southern Yacht Club. See also 5472 CCS - extending privileges granted under these ordinances for 25 years.
Yachts - Yacht Club

4524 NCS 1907 Requiring owners of skiffs and other pleasure craft at West End and other lake resorts, to obtain the name, business and residence address of any person or persons renting such craft, to establish identity in case of loss.
Yachts - Yacht Club

2234 CCS 1915 Entering nito notarial contract with the Southern Yacht Club for exchange of jurisdiction, occupation, and control of certain properties. See also 7358 CCS, 14117 CCS, and 14168 CCS - pertaining to restaurant location.
Yachts - Yacht Club

11817 CCS 1929 Appropriating $1000 to meeet the expenses incurred in the entertainment of visitors in connection with the Star Class Yacht Championship Races at New Orleans.

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