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          Synopsis of Ordinances, 1841-1937

Subjects beginning with letters U & V

Main Heading Subheading1 Subheading2 Ordinance Number & Series Date Synopsis Notes
Unlawful Assembly

3847 OS 1858 Prohibiting persons of color from assembling.

See "Moral Code"

4839 OS 1859 Providing for the arrest and detention of vagrants and vagabonds to prevent pilfering.

1025 AS 1871 An ordinance to suppress and punish vagrancy in the City of New Orleans. Amended and re-enacted by 13974 CS.

5046 AS 1879 To define and punish each of the offenses of being idle and disorderly, and of being a rogue and vagabond.

1436 NCS 1902 To punish vagrants, dangerous and suspicious persons, buncosteerers, confidence men, thieves, gamblers, pimps, touts, fakirs, pickpockets, and all persons as knowingly horbor or protect same. See also 5754 NCS prohibiting transportation in the city of any indigent person.

5268 CCS 1918 Defining who are vagrants and providing punishment for all such persons.

14477 CCS 1936 Defining and prohibiting vagrancy, loitering, prostitution, or offering to procure another for prostitution, or any indecent or immoral act.
Viaducts Canal Street Viaduct
8990 CCS
Providing for the payment of judgment rendered against the City of New Orleans in favor of the Coco Cola Company.
Viaducts Canal Street Viaduct
9019 CCS
Providing for the installation and maintenance of lights by the Algiers Public Service, Inc.
Viaducts Canal Street Viaduct
9111 CCS
Accepting bid of W. H. Bond for construction of the remainder of Canal Street pedestrian viaduct.
Viaducts Canal Street Viaduct
8889 CCS 1925 Providing for the completion of the viaduct over Canal Street from Front Street to the river, and for pro-rating of the cost.
Viaducts Franklin Avenue Viaduct
9375 CCS 1926 Directing the New Orleans Public Service to remove the viaduct over Franklin Avenue.
Viaducts Newton Street Viaduct
4301 NCS 1906 Directing preparation of plans and specifications for construction of a viaduct over the tracks of the Southern Pacific Railroad on Newton Street. See also 4656 NCS.
Viaducts Newton Street Viaduct
6102 NCS 1909 Prohibiting the driving of hogs, sheep and horned cattle over the Newton Street Viaduct, except between the hours of 4 and 6 AM, and 10 and 11 AM. See also 7535 CCS, as amended by 12784 CCS - re maintenance of Newton Street Viaduct. See 13456 CCS - re improving floor and widening roadway.
Vieux Carre

8735 CCS 1925 Creating the Vieux Carre Commission, fixing its jurisdition, power, duties and expenditures, and defining its purposes and functions. Amended and re-enacted by: 8757 CCS, 14058 CCS, and 14538 CCS.
Vieux Carre Beauregard Home - Chartres Street
13175 CCS 1931 Exempting "Beauregard Home" from taxation.
Vieux Carre Old Napoleon House - 514 Chartres Street
14676 CCS 1937 Purchased by Major Robert S. Maestri and tendered to the City of New Orleans.
Vieux Carre Pontalba Buildings
11949 CCS 1930 Accepting from the Pontalba Building Museum Association, Inc., that certain portion of ground and the improvements there on known as the Upper Pontalba Building, and fixing the terms and conditions controlling said donation.
Vieux Carre Pontalba Buildings
12183 CCS 1930 Creating a Commission to be known as the Pontalba Building Culture Museum Commission, fixing its powers and duties and defining its functions. Amended by 12963 CCS changing the name of the Commission to the Upper Pontalba Building Commission.

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