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Records of interments in the non-municipal cemeteries of New Orleans, 1841-1846
     v. 1 Protestant [Girod Street] Cemetery
     July -- December, 1841

Transcribed by Colleen Fitzpatrick, New Orleans Volunteer Association (NOVA).

Name Quality, Calling or Trade Age Sex Condition, Bond or Free Disease When Born Where Born When Died Where Died Period of Residence in This City Married or Single Remarks and Observations
Maria, wife of F. Lockett
46 F Free Consumption
New Orleans 1-Jul No. 242 Magazine St. From Infirmary M R. Chaseau, At. Phys.
James S. Fletcher Ship Carpenter 24 M
Congestive Fever
Georgetown, Dist. of Ca 7-Jul Western Exchange 4 yrs S J. R. Henderson, At. Phys.
Son of Jedediah Leeds
5 mos & 20 dys M
Hydrocephalus Internus?

7-Jul New Orleans

C. A. Luzenberg, At. Phys.
Emeline Slingerland
2 1/2 yrs F
New Orleans 8-Jul

W. Stone, At. Phys.
Eliza Volce
1 yr. F
Hydrocephalus Acutus
New Orleans 8-Jul City of Lafayette

Autenreith, At. Phys.
Infant slave of H. E. Cammack [?]
2 1/2 yrs F Slave Convulsions
New Orleans 11-Jul

A.H. Cenas, At. Phys.
John, Slave of Mrs. Carswell
9 mos & 20 dys M Slave Hydrocephalus Acutus
New Orleans 11-Jul Burgundy St.

Ballgast, At. Phys.
Wm. F. Throckmorton
28 M
Winchester, Virginia 11-Jul St. Charles Hotel 4 yrs S Harrison, At. Phys.
Aaron Brewster Ship Master 38 M
Kingston, Massachusetts 14-Jul Maison de Santé
M J.P. Kimball, At. Phys.
Robert McCormick Clerk Cot. Brok Office 32 M
Congestion of Brain
Near Ballycastle, Ireland 16-Jul Rampart Street 4 years S J. Farrell, At. Phys.
Jushua Baldwin O'Callaghan
8 mos M
Intestinal Affection
New Orleans 17-Jul 2nd Municipality

M. Dupinenis, At. Phys.
Lydia Ann Potter
26 F
Phthisis Pulmonalis
New Hampshire 17-Jul 2nd Municipality 6 yrs M W. Stone, At. Phys.
Mrs. Elizabeth Fink
26 F
Germany 25-Jul No. 48 Casacalvo St. 2 yrs & 6 mos M J.N. Lewis, At. Phys.
Fanny Grippel
45 F Free Hydrothorax
Philadelphia 25-Jul Maison de Santé 10 yrs S J.P. Kimball, At. Phys.
June Shilter
2 yrs & 9 mos F
Hydrocephalus Ague 10/26/1839 New Orleans 25-Jul No. 84 1/2 Old Levee

P.A. Lambert, At. Phys.
Jiles Lahany Carpenter 56 yrs M
Liver Complaint
Ireland 28-Jul No. 150 Camp St. An old resident M Erastus Wells, Commissary 3 Wd. 2d Mun & Jacob Ott
James Barbour Weaver 45 M
Scotland 31-Jul No. 99 New Levee 7 mos S G. Ridgley, M.D.
James Z. Doty
3 yrs, 6 mos & 20 dys M
Lafayette 31-Jul Andrew Street

G. Ridgley, M.D.
Miss Zerilda Shepherd
18 yrs F
Infl. of Bowels
Kentucky 30-Jul Circus St., Residence of Col. Wm. Christy 10 mos S A.H. Cenas, M.D.

Males      10
Females      9
Total      19

Over 12 years of age      12
Under 12 years of age      7
Total      19

White persons      15
Colored      4
Total      19

Natives of New Orleans      9
Of other cities of the U.S.      7
Foreigners      4
Total      19

Elmira Robertson
5 yrs F
Congestive Fever
New Orleans 31-Jul Frenchman St. - 3rd M.

A. Davezac, M.D.
John Ditty Trader 35 M
Yellow Fever
Pennsylvania 31-Jul Foucher St. - 2nd M.
S J. Rhodes, M.D.
Emily, daughter of James Niven, Esq.
14 mos F
Marasmus and Dentition
New Orleans 2-Aug Carrollton

Sam'l W. Ruff, M.D.
Infant of Mr. Philips

New Orleans 8-Aug 3rd Municipality

W. Stone, M.D.
René Delarue
78 yrs M
Catarrhus Senetis
Not Stated 16-Aug Carondelet St. - 2nd M. 37 yrs W J.W. Picton, M.D.
Isabella Miller
25 F
Congestive Fever
Pennsylvania 16-Aug 1st Municipality
S J.M. Mackie, M.D.
Regina Fox
3 mos F
New Orleans 16-Aug 3rd Municipality

J.H. Lewis, M.D.
Robert W. Elliot Bar Keeper 45 yrs M
Killed by the explosion on board Steamer Swan
Boston, Massachusetts 16-Aug English Turn 15 yrs M L.N. Seré Secretary of Recorder 3rd Municipality
Joshua Town Capt of Ship Talbot 23 yrs M
Yellow Fever
Salem, Massachusetts 17-Aug Maison de Santé, 2nd M. 3 wks S J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Jane Dose
50 yrs F Free Bilious Fever
District of Columbia 18-Aug Hevia St. - 2nd Mun. 20 yrs M O. Carey, M.D.
John Scott River Pilot 35 yrs M
Killed by a fall through a hatchway injuring the spine
Scotland 24-Aug 2nd Municipality Not known M O. Carey, M.D.
Child of Mr. S. Jackson

Still Born
New Orleans 26-Aug 2nd Municipality, No. 1 St. Anne Street

Guinquel, Midwife
Charles L. Seitas Marble Dealer 40 yrs M
Yellow Fever
New York 26-Aug No. 57 Ramp. St., 2nd M. A transient resident M G.W. Campbell, M.D.
_____ Breiter [sic] Merchant 26 yrs M
Yellow Fever
Germany 28-Aug Corner of Canal & Carondelet Sts. A few months
C.A. Luzenberg, M.D.
John B. Ives Merchant 28 yrs M
Yellow Fever
New York 29-Aug 2nd Municipality One year
G.W. Campbell, M.D.
T.R. Lancaster Ship Master 30 yrs M
Yellow Fever
Woolwich, Maine 30-Aug 2nd Municipality 2 wks S De Mesionsille, M.D.
Mrs. Caroline Barclay
32 yrs F
Ireland 29-Aug Julia St. 2nd M. Several yrs M C.A. Luzenberg, M.D.
Jonathan Wheeler
22 M

Hampton, Maine 31-Aug 116 Old Levee

J.E. Kerr, M.D.

Males       11
Females      6
Not Named      1
Total      18

Over 12 years of age      13
Under 12 years of age      5
Total      18

White persons      17
Colored      1
Total      18

Natives of New Orleans      5
Of other cities of the U.S.      9
Foreigners      3
Not Named      1
Total      18

Capt. Jno. B. Nock Ship Master 28 M
Yellow Fever
New York 31-Aug Maison de Santé 3 wks S J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Joseph Booth Printer 23 M
Yellow Fever
New York 31-Aug
7 mos S C.H. Barton, M.D.
Milly Lewis
100 F Free Old Age
Norfolk, Virginia 3-Sep
1 yr W J.M. Mackie, M.D.
James W. Johnson Trader? [sic] 26 M
Yellow Fever
Cincinnati 4-Sep Maison de Santé 3 mos S J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Ferdinand Vogel Merchant 19 M
Yellow Fever
Bavaria 4-Sep corner of Royal & Dumaine
S Guesnard, M.D.
Joshua Baker
26 M
Yellow Fever
Massachusetts 5-Sep No. 49 Perdido St.
S Jas. Jones, M.D.
Mrs. H.M. Hammond
34 F
Yellow Fever
Philadelphia 5-Sep

M Geo. W. Campbell, M.D.
James H. Percival Printer
Inflamation of the Larynx
New York 5-Sep 2nd Municipality
S J. Beatty, M.D.
Geo. W. Thompson
23 M
Yellow Fever
Not Stated 5-Sep

S J.M. Mackie, M.D.
Ann Graham

New Orleans 6-Sep 3rd Municipality

J. Rhodes, M.D.
G.F. Brandedberg Merchant 26 M
Yellow Fever
Bavaria 6-Sep corner of Royal & Dumaine 8 mos S Guesnard, M.D.
Mrs. H. Clark Keeper of Boarding House 50 F
Mania a Potu
England 8-Sep 105 Poydras St. 25 yrs W A. Nestor, M.D.
Mary M. Klesch
46 M
Yellow Fever
Germany 8-Sep
5 yrs M J.W. Mueller, M.D.
Washington C. Johnson Stone Cutter 18 M
Yellow Fever
Ireland 11-Sep Custom House St. 2 yrs S O. Carey, M.D.
Rev'd Elijah Steele
25 M
Yellow Fever
Not Stated 11 Sep Perdido Street, wid. of Mr. Ross
S Geo. W. Campbell, M.D.
Charles N. Kilham Master of Vessel 30 M
Yellow Fever
Boston, Massachusetts 10-Sep corner of Barracks & Levee Streets 10 dys S A.N. Cenas, M.D.
William Clut Carpenter 30 M
Mania a Potu
Newburyport, Massachusetts 11-Sep Parish of Jefferson 20 yrs
Certificate signed by 3 respected citizens
Elizabeth Espy
14 F
Yellow Fever
Co. Derry, Ireland 11-Sep Magazine St.
S W. Stone, M.D.
Henry Watson Merchant 58 M
Infl. of Bowels
New Jersey 12-Sep Circus St. 1 yr S O. Carey, M.D.
Richard N. Plummer Clerk 27 M
Yellow Fever
Alexandria, Dist. of Ca 12-Sep 23 Tchoupitoulas St.
S A.C. Young, M.D.
Zacariah Atwell Seaman 37 M
Yellow Fever
Not Stated 13-Sep Tremé & Ursuline St. A few mos
C.A. Luzenburg, M.D.
Charles Ramsay Lawyer 30 M
Yellow Fever
Pennsylvania 14-Sep 1st Municipality 10 mos S J. Rhodes, M.D.
Mr. Hollander

Not Stated 15-Sep

Guesnard, M.D.
James Toter* Engineer 21 M
Yellow Fever
Pennsylvania 16-Sep Maison de Santé
S J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Stephen Colburn Watchman 32 M
Yellow Fever
New England 17-Sep Maison de Santé
S J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Charles P. Waterman Printer 28 M
Yellow Fever
Rochester, New York 17-Sep Maison de Santé 3 yrs S J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Charles D. Miller Printer 30 M
Yellow Fever
Philadelphia 17-Sep 2nd Municipality
S Geo. W. Campbell, M.D.
Infant of Betsy Keater
17 M
New Orleans 17-Sep Lafayette 2 mos
J.D. Osborne, M.D.
Theresa Cecilia Lathrop
7 wks F
Congestion of Lungs
New Orleans 18-Sep 2nd Municipality

J.D. Osborne, M.D.
Capt. J.A. Carrington Mason 35 M
Yellow Fever
Connecticut 20-Sep Bacchus St. 3 yrs S J.P. Kimball, M.D.
James H. Johnson Clerk 20 M
Yellow Fever
Albany, N. York 19-Sep No. 13 Tchoupitoulas St. 2 yrs S A.C. Young, M.D.
John Griffin Carpenter 30 M
Yellow Fever
England 20-Sep Jackson St. 5 yrs S J.P. Kimball, M.D.
James Y. Semple Merchant 20 M
Yellow Fever
Pittsburg, Penn. 20-Sep No. 9 Canal St. 10 mos S C.F. Snowden, M.D.
John Evans Carpenter 28 M
Yellow Fever
Virginia 22-Sep
16 mos S Wm. E. Kennedy, M.D.
Charles Williams Clerk 25 M
Yellow Fever
Augusta, Maine 23-Sep
One year
G. Bagley, M.D.
Jacob Brower
19 M
Yellow Fever
New Jersey 23-Sep Beard Brig Ajax 3 wks S J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Charley E. Starkey Merchant 27 M
Yellow Fever
Yorkshire, England 24-Sep
2 yrs S W. Rushton, M.D.
Gustave Kolligs
28 M
Yellow Fever
Frankfort, Germany 24-Sep
4 yrs
Antenreith, M.D.
Mrs. Baldwin
35 F
Yellow Fever
Pennsylvania 26-Sep Robertson St.
M J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Henry Kendall
28 M
Yellow Fever
Cumberland, England 26-Sep

W. Rushton, M.D.
Cyrus W. Crosby Seaman 35 M
Mania a Potu
Nantucket, M'e 26-Sep
6 days
W. Stone, M.D.
Joseph Proctor
23 M
Yellow Fevers
England 26-Sep 3d Municipality

By 3 Citz. 3d Mun
Frederick Storms
30 M Yellow Fever
New York 27-Sep 2nd Municipality 9 mos
James Jones, M.D.
Mrs. Caroline N. Stephens

Yellow Fever
New Hampshire 28-Sep Algiers 3 yrs
A.H. Cenas, M.D.
Lewis A. Reed, Jr.
1 yrs. & 9 mos M
Yellow Fever
Lafayette 29-Sep Lafayette

W. Stone, M.D.
Elizabeth Browney
23 F
Yellow Fever
Cincinnati 30-Sep Camp St.
S J.P. Kimball, M.D.

Males      35
Females      10
Not Named      1
Total      46

Over 12 years of age      43
Under 12 years of age      3
Total      46

White persons      45
Colored      1
Total      46

Natives of New Orleans      3
Of other cities of the U.S.      28
Foreigners      11
Not Named      4
Total      46

Ezra Matson Lather 23 M
Yellow Fever
Hartford, Connecticut 1-Oct Maison de Sante 2 yrs S J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Mary Ann Welcy
29 M
Philadelphia 1-Oct
21 yrs M Charles Fond, M.D.
William J. Randolph
30 M
Yellow Fever
New Albany, Indiana 2-Oct Maison de Sante

J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Capt. A. Anderson Capt. Steam Boat 26 M
Yellow Fever
Tennessee 2-Oct

Jno. W. Campbell, M.D.
Albert G. Mann Merchant 38 M
Yellow Fever
Massachusetts 2-Oct Canal & Treme Sts. 1st Summer
Luzenberg, M.D.
Charles Hasting Merchant 36 M
Yellow Fever
Richard, Virginia 4-Oct
8 mos M A.H. Cenas, M.D.
Samuel Leonard Carpenter 55 M
Chronic Diarrhea
Philadelphia 5-Oct No. 202 Tchoupitoulas 41 yrs S A. Davezac, M.D.
A. White Engineer 24 M
Yellow Fever
Nashville, Tennessee 7-Oct No. 152 Camp St. A few mos M E.H. Baden, M.D.
Elizabeth Montgomery
7 mos F
New Orleans 7-Oct

Jno. Pearson or Jno. Zoyes
James Harden
13 M Free Yellow Fever
N. Albany, Indiana 7-Oct
6 mos
J.M. Mackie, M.D.
Hiram King Palmer Carpenter 39 M
Delirium Tremens
Connecticut 9-Oct Philippa St. 11 yrs
J. Levereng, M.D.
Mrs. Catharine B. Mann
19 F
Yellow Fever
Massachusetts 9-Oct
1 yr
Luzenberg, M.D.
A.W. Andrews

Yellow Fever
Swanasey, Wales 11-Oct Maison de Sante

J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Richard S. Risley Druggist 25 M
Yellow Fever
New York 10-Oct

Jas. Ritchie, M.D.
A.W. Andrews

Yellow Fever
Swanasey, Wales 11-Oct Maison de Sante

J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Mary Whitsell
26 F
Ulceration of the Bowels
Ireland 14-Oct

M J. Rhodes, M.D.
Capt. S.W. Bartlett Seaman 31 M
Yellow Fever
Salem, Massachusetts 15-Oct

J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Capt. J. Churchill Seaman 35 M
Yellow Fever
Massachusetts 19-Oct Maison de Sante
M J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Virginia Martin
21 F
Yellow Fever
England 20-Oct Charity Hospital
S Clk. Ch. Hospital
A.M. Willard
22 M
Yellow Fever
Boston, Massachusetts 22-Oct

A. Davezac, M.D.
Child of Dr. Rigley

Congenital Disease
New Orleans 22-Oct

G. Rigley, M.D.
Henry C. Reed
24 M
Yellow Fever
Massachusetts 23-Oct

A. Davezac, M.D.
Janette Lyall
4 F
Hydrocephalus Acutus
New Orleans 23-Oct No. 21 Conti

Byrenheit, M.D.
Samuel Ferguson Pilot 33 M
Yellow Fever
Pennsylvania 24-Oct Old Levee 6 dys S J.N. Lewis, M.D.
Geo. Dermeyer, Sen'r.
70 M
Int. Fever
Germany 24-Oct

M Antenreith, M.D.
Margaret B. Drouillard
36 F
Yellow Fever

M Droullard, M.D.
Jon H. Bransford Merchant
Yellow Fever

J. Harrison, M.D.
Mrs. Ann West
27 F
Yellow Fever
Ireland 30-Oct
A few weeks
J.P. Kimball, M.D.

Males      18
Females      8
Not Named      1
Total      27

Over 12 years of age      23
Under 12 years of age      4
Total      27

White persons      26
Colored      1
Total      27

Natives of New Orleans      3
Of other cities of the U.S.      18
Foreigners      4
Not Named      2
Total      27

Ann Elizabeth Sloo
20 F
Yellow Fever
Ohio 1-Oct

S J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Caroline Myer
15 mos F
Chronic Dysentery
New Orleans 3-Nov

W. Stone, M.D.
Henry Fink
4 mos M
New Orleans 21-Nov

J.W. Mueller, M.D.
Thos Fitzpatrick Printer 30 yrs M
Infl. of Intestines
Halifax, N.J. 10-Nov

J.M. Mackie, M.D.
E. Kinsman
24 M
Killed by a fall
Not Stated 12-Nov

Harris, M.D.
John Albertus Printer 37 M
Martinsburg, Va. 17-Nov Circus St.
M J.M. Mackie, M.D.
Mary A. Davis
2 F
Brain Fever
New Orleans 17-Nov Gretna

J.E. Kerr, M.D.
Thomas Morgan Druggist 25 M
Not Stated 17-Nov Canal St.
S V.A. Drouillard, M.D.
Lucius C. Adams Printer 40 M
Pul. Consumption
New York 19-Nov

Geo. W. Campbell, M.D.
J.S. Golding Physician 32 M
Pul. Consumption
Late of Arkansas 22-Nov 1st Municipality

C.A. Luzenberg, M.D.

Males      7
Females      3
Total      27

Over 12 years of age      7
Under 12 years of age      3
Total      10

White persons      10
Colored      0
Total      10

Natives of New Orleans      3
Of other cities of the U.S.      5
Foreigners      2
Not Named      0
Total      10

Child of Jane Woods

Still Born
New Orleans 1-Dec Circus St.

Galvindo, M.D.
Miss Mary C. Lee

Parish of Jefferson

Robert Kendall Engineer 25 M
Not Mentioned 3-Dec Race Street A short time
J.M. Mackie, M.D.
Joseph W. Davis Capt Steamer Southerner
Disease of Brain
Not Mentioned 4-Dec

J.P. Kimball, M.D.
Janette Williams
33 F
Scotland 6-Dec Greatmen St. 5 yrs M Antenrieth, M.D.
Charles Keating
1 yr & 9 mos M
New Orleans 7-Dec Union St.

R.M. Graham, M.D.
Jean Baptiste Peschier
48 M
Delirium Tremens
Genoa, Swit. [sic] 8-Dec 3d Municipality 24 yrs
Thomas, M.D.
Madam Bureau
56 F
Not Mentioned 7-Dec Carondelet near Julia
W Luzenberg, M.D.
John Rogers

Not Mentioned 7-Dec

3 Citizens
Boyd Smith
38 M
Chronic Visceral Disease
Scotland 14-Dec
1 yr M J.M.W. Picten [?], M.D.
Child of Dr. Carey

Prem Birth
New Orleans 15-Dec 2nd Municipality

O. Carey, M.D.
William Porter

Gangrine [sic]
W. Stone, M. [sic] 15-Dec 3rd Municipality

W. Stone, M.D.
John Vance Jr. Clerk 22 M
Ireland 15-Dec
6 yrs S J. Farrell, M.D.
Martha E. Waleka
42 F
Phth Pulmonalis
Germany 16-Dec

W. Stone, M.D.
Child of Mr. Wilson
1 F
New Orleans 22-Dec 3rd Municipality

Fricon, M.D.
Mrs. Wm. Ash Alston
25 F
Ulcerated Bowel
Louisiana 28-Dec St. Louis Exchange
M C.A. Luzenberg, M.D.
Matilda Maria Waterman
1 yr & 8 mos F
Chronic Dysentery
Louisiana 28-Dec

A. Davezac, M.D.

Respectfully Submitted

G. A. Blakesley
Supt. Prot. Cemetery
Girod St.

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