Mayor Moon Landrieu
Records, 1970-1978
[New Orleans Public Library Series]

52 cartons
Also available on 24 rolls of 16mm microfilm

The records of the Landrieu administrations are divided between the Loyola University of New Orleans Department of Archives and Special Collections and the City Archives at the New Orleans Public Library. Through a cooperative project, NOPL microfilmed both sets of records. The following is the inventory of the City Archives portion of the Landrieu records.

See also the finding aid for the Landrieu Papers at Loyola University.


[REEL 44]

Box 1

Board of Review Records

Clippings, 1973-1976
Correspondence, 1972
General subject files, 1972-1974
Minutes, 1972
Minutes, 1973
Minutes, 1974

Box 2

Boards and Commissions Records

Audubon Park Commission
Aviation Board, New Orleans
Brechtel (John B.) Memorial Park Advisory Committee
Brown (Joe W.) Memorial Park Advisory Committee
Central Business District Historic Districts/Landmarks Commission
City Planning Commission
City Trusts, Board of
Civil Service Commission
Community Improvement Agency

Box 3

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
Delgado Albania Plantation Commission
Downtown Development District
Drug Affairs, Bureau of
Emergency Health Service Advisory Committee
Employees' Retirement System, Board of Trustees
Esplanade-Marigny Historic Study Committee
Fire Prevention Advisory Committee
Firemen's Pension and Relief Fund, Board of Trustees
Food and/or Beverage Advisory Committee
French Market Corporation
Health and Human Resources Administration, State of Louisiana
Health, Board of
Health Education Authority of Louisiana
Historic Districts/Landmarks Commission
Historic Pharmaceutical Museum Advisory Committee
Housing and Neighborhood Preservation Study Committee
Housing Authority of New Orleans
Housing, Mayor's Committee on
Human Relations Committee
Industrial Development Board

[REEL 45]

Box 4

Institute of Mental Hygiene of the City of New Orleans
Insurance Advisory Committee
International Trade and Relations Committee
International Trade Building Corporation
Jefferson Parish Railroad Study's Citizens' Advisory Committee
Jobs for Veterans Task Force
Liquidation, City Debt, Board of
Louisiana Coastal Commission
Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District
Military Affairs Committee
Mississippi River Bridge Authority
Mosquito Control Advisory Committee
Municipal Auditorium Advisory Committee
Municipal Yacht Harbor Advisory Committee
New Community Development Corporation
New Orleans Area Health Planning Council
New Orleans Lakefront Development Committee
New Orleans Museum of Art, Board of Trustees
New Orleans Recreation Department Advisory Committee
Parkway and Parks Commission
Playground and Community Service Commission
Pontchartrain Park Advisory Board
Public Belt Railroad Commission

Box 5

Railroad Terminal Board
Real Estate Appraisers
Regional Airport Authority, State of Louisiana
Regional Planning Commission
Regional Transit Authority
Rodent Control Advisory Committee
Sewerage and Water Board
Social Advisory Committee
Sports Advisory Committee
Tourist and Convention Commission, Greater New Orleans
Traffic and Transportation Bureau, New Orleans
Union Passenger Terminal Committee
Upper Pontalba Building Commission
Urban Reinvestment Task Force
Vieux Carre Commission
Welfare Board, City
Welfare Board, Orleans Parish

Box 6

International Relations Office Records

Andres Almonaster y Roxas
Andres Alvarez (Father)
Archdiocese of New Orleans
Berlin Goodwill Pavilion
Berlin Greenweek Fair
Bilingual Education Program
Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans
Brice, Bruce
British Circle
Carnival in Campeche--New Orleans Delegation (1974)
Carnival in Dusseldorf (1972)
Carnival in Veracruz (1975)
Central America
Certificates and Special Keys Engraved
Chamber of Commerce
Citizens United for Responsive Broadcasting (CURB)
City Hall--Correspondence, General
City Hall--Public Relations Office
Civil Aeronautics Board
Comite Organizador del Festival Latino Americano (COFLA)
Council for International Visitors of Greater New Orleans
Cuban-American Vietnam Resettlement Committee
Cuban Commemorative Plaques

[REEL 46]

Box 7

Cultural Resources Committee
Department of State
Dewey Crowder Associates (Mobile, Alabama)
Donations of Obsolete Equipment
Executive High School Internships of America
Family Health, Inc.
Foreign Relations Association
Galvez Statue
Guatemala Relief Fund (1977)
Haughery, Margaret
Honorary Representatives of the City of New Orleans
Human Relations Committee--Latin Advisory Committee
Human Relations Committee--Spanish Speaking Community
Hunter, Joe
Interamerican Bank
Inter-American Center, Loyola University
Interamerican Group

Box 8

Inter-American Municipal Organization, 1970
Inter-American Municipal Organization, 1971
Inter-American Municipal Organization, 1972
Inter-American Municipal Organization, 1973
Inter-American Municipal Organization, 1975-1977
International Relations Committee--Annual Reports, 1963-1970
International Relations Office--General Correspondence, 1970-1972
International Relations Office--General Correspondence, 1973-1976
International Trade Mart
Irish Channel Action Foundation
Irish Channel Action Foundation--Monthly Summaries

Box 9

Landrieu, Mayor Moon
Trip (Spain, 1972)
Trip (Central American Conference, 1977)
Trip (Trade and Tourism Mission, Central America, 1977)
Visit (Eugene Cardinal Tisserant, 1970)
Visit (South Dakota Industrial, Financial, and Governmental Delegation, 1970)
Visit (Officials from the United Kingdom, 1972)
Visit (Royal Swedish Training Ship "Alvsnabben," 1972)
Visit (Russian Delegation, 1972)
Visit (Senior Mexican Generals, 1972)
Visit (Staff Members of the Prefectural Government of Hokkaido, Japan, 1972)
Visit (Lions International, 1973)
Visit (South African Parliamentarians, 1973)
Visit (United Nations Special Delegation, 1974)
Visit (Wife of Jamaican Prime Minister, 1974)
Visit (Novikov, I.T., 1975)
Visit (Spanish Ambassador/Spanish Schooner Sebastian El Cano, 1977)
Visitors, Miscellaneous, 1970-1971
Visitors, Miscellaneous, 1972
Visitors, Miscellaneous, 1973
Visitors, Miscellaneous, 1974
Visitors, Miscellaneous, 1975
Visitors, Miscellaneous, 1976

Box 10

Piazza D'Italia Records

L'Architecture d'Aujour d'hui
Boston Italians
di Camerino (Roberto) Promotion
Hallock, Ann H.
Italian-American Digest Articles
Italian Community Relations
Operations Manual, Piazza Fountain
Orleans Tours--Correspondence
Piazza Facts
Preservation Resource Center Script
Press Background
Public Relations--Publications, Rates, etc.
Public Relations--Talk Shows, etc.
Reception for Italian Americans (1977)

[REEL 47]

Box 11

Public Relations Office Records

Correspondence, Alphabet-Miscellaneous [folders exist for the following letters only]


Box 12

Correspondence, General

Commendations, 1970
Commendations, 1971
Condolence and sympathy, 1970
Congratulations, 1973-1975
Greetings, 1970
Greetings, 1971-1972
Introductions, 1970-1971
Requests for assistance, 1970
Requests for assistance, 1971

Box 13

Solicitations, 1970
Suggestions/complaints, 1971
Thanks, 1970
Thanks, 1971 (#1)
Thanks, 1971 (#2)

[REEL 48]

Box 14


May, 1970
June, 1970
July, 1970
August, 1970
September, 1970
Box 15

October, 1970
November, 1970
December, 1970

Box 16

January, 1971
February, 1971

[REEL 49]

February, 1971
March, 1971
April, 1971
May, 1971

Box 17

June, 1971
July, 1971
August, 1971
September, 1971

[REEL 50]

October, 1971

Box 18

November, 1971
December, 1971
January, 1972
February, 1972
March, 1972
April, 1972

Box 19

May, 1972
June, 1972
July, 1972
August, 1972

[REEL 51]

September, 1972
October, 1972
November, 1972
December, 1972

Box 20

January, 1973
February, 1973
March, 1973
April, 1973
May, 1973
June, 1973
July, 1973

Box 21

August, 1973
September, 1973
October, 1973

[REEL 52]

November, 1973
December, 1973
January, 1974

Box 22

February, 1974
March, 1974
April, 1974
May, 1974
June, 1974
July, 1974

Box 23

August, 1974
September, 1974
October, 1974
November, 1974
December, 1974

[REEL 53]

January, 1975
February, 1975

Box 24

March, 1975
April, 1975
May, 1975
June, 1975
July, 1975
August, 1975

Box 25

September, 1975
October, 1975
November, 1975
December, 1975

Box 26

Dedications and Groundbreakings

Mickey Markey Playground (July 28, 1970)
Fire Station #51 - Pile-driving (July 22, 1970)
Jackson Square Pedestrian Park (September 8, 1970)
Groundbreaking, Tupelo Canal (December 6, 1970)
Vieux Carre Riverview (March 19, 1971)
St. Bernard Health Clinic (April 7, 1971)
Fire Station #51 (July 6, 1971)
Methadone Clinic (July 9, 1971)
Fire Station #4 (August 2, 1971)
Zion Playground (August 3, 1971)
Neighborhood Health Facility - Groundbreaking (August 27, 1971)
Alcohol Detoxification Medical Center (August 31, 1971)
Fire Station #16 (October 1, 1971)
NORD Keller Center (November 22, 1971)
Tupelo Canal - Groundbreaking (December 6, 1970)

[REEL 54]

Box 27


May, 1970
June, 1970
July, 1970
August, 1970
September, 1970

Box 28

October, 1970
November, 1970
December, 1970

Box 29

January, 1971
February, 1971
March, 1971
April, 1971
May, 1971

[REEL 55]

Box 30

May, 1971
June, 1971
July, 1971
August, 1971
September, 1971

Box 31

October, 1971
November, 1971
December, 1971
January, 1972

Box 32

February, 1972
March, 1972
April, 1972

[REEL 56]

Box 33

May, 1972
June, 1972
July, 1972
August, 1972
September, 1972

Box 34

October, 1972
November, 1972
December, 1972

Box 35

January, 1973
February, 1973
March, 1973
April, 1973

[REEL 57]

Box 36

May, 1973
June, 1973
July, 1973
August, 1973
September, 1973

Box 37

October, 1973
November, 1973
December, 1973

Office Documents, General

Box 38

Applications for employment
Certificates (Folder #1)
Certificates (Folder #2)
Lists of names
Mayor's schedule
Press releases, 1970-1973
Press releases, May-June, 1970
Press releases, July, 1970
Press releases, August, 1970
Press releases, September, 1970

[REEL 58]

Press releases, November, 1970
Press releases, December, 1970
Press releases, January-March, 1971
Press releases, April-June, 1971

Box 39

Press releases, July-September, 1971
Press releases, October-December, 1971
Press releases, December, 1971
Press releases, January, 1972
Press releases, February, 1972
Press releases, March, 1972
Press releases, April, 1972
Press releases, May, 1972
Press releases, June, 1972
Press releases, July, 1972
Press releases, August, 11972
Press releases, September, 1972
Press releases, October, 1972
Press releases, November, 1972
Press releases, December, 1972
Press releases, June, 1973
Press releases, July, 1973
Press releases, August, 1973
Press releases, 1974

Subject Files, Departmental

Box 40

Alcohol Safety Program
Answer Desk
Audubon Park
Cooperative Area Manpower Planning System (CAMPS)
Chief Administrative Officer
City Attorney
City Decorator
City Demonstration Agency
City Park
City Planning Commission
Civil Defense
Civil Service
Community Improvement Agency
Council on Aging
Council on Youth Development
Finance Department
Fire Department
French Market Corporation

Box 41

Health Department (Folder #1)
Health Department (Folder #2)
Health Department (Folder #3)
Housing Authority of New Orleans
Human Relations Committee (Folder #1)
Human Relations Committee (Folder #2)

[REEL 59]

Human Relations Committee -- Beautiful Blocks Contest
Mayor's Sports Advisory Committee
Municipal Auditorium
Police Department
Pontalba Apartments
Property Management

Box 42

Public Relations Office (Folder #1)
Public Relations Office (Folder #2)
Recreation Department (Folder #1)
Recreation Department (Folder #2)
Regional Planning Commission
Retirement System
Safety and Permits Department
Sanitation Department
Sewerage and Water Board
Steering Committee for the Vieux Carre
Streets Department

Box 43

Total Community Action
Urban Development, Office of
Utilities, Department of
Vieux Carre Commission
Vieux Carre Task Force
Welfare Department

Box 44

Subject Files, General

Aerial Maps
Airlines and Airports
Amendments (Charter Changes, etc.)
American Society of Planning Officials, 1971
American Society of Travel Agents, 1976
Annual Report, 1970
Annual Report, 1972
Annual Report, 1974

Bag Your Trash Campaign
Bag Your Trash Lunch
Black Panthers, 1970
Blacks--Louisiana Weekly

Box 45

Boggs, Hale
Bourbon & Royal Streets Promenade
Census, 1970
Central Business District

[REEL 60]

Chamber of Commerce
Cities (other U.S.)
Citizen Participation
City Directory--Corrections
City Directory--Information Received
City, State of the, 1974

Box 46

Constitutional Amendments, 1970
Constitutional Amendments, 1970--Advertising & Publicity
Constitutional Amendments, 1970--Correspondence
Constitutional Amendments, 1970--Endorsements
Constitutional Amendments, 1970--Factual Information on the Pride Package
Constitutional Amendments, 1970--Knocks [Opposition to]
Constitutional Amendments, 1970--Lists of names
Constitutional Amendments, 1970--Miscellaneous

Box 47

Consular Corps
Consumer Protection Committee
Convention Invitations
Crime and Delinquency
Cultural Center
Delta Queen
Democratic Party
Derelict Cars Meeting (7/7/1970)
Desire Housing Project
Domed Stadium
Elections (August/November, 1972)
Elections (December, 1973)
Elections (Bond Issue & Amendments, February, 1972)
Elections (Bond Issue, March, 1973)
Elections (Congressional, February, 1973)
Elections (Legislative, 1971/1972)
Elections (Mayoral, 1973)

Box 48

Flag Day (1970)
Food Festival (1970)
Gallery Circle Theatre--Cultural Center Complex
Hall Talk Luncheon (1971)
International House
International House--Student Exchange Program
International Trade Mart
Jackson, Mahalia
Jazz Festival/Food Fest (1970)
Jazz Festival (1974-1975)
Jazz Festival (1975)
Jeanne d'Arc Monument (continued on next reel)

[REEL 61]

Jeanne d'Arc Monument (continued from last reel)
Judgeships (1970-1971)
Lautenschlaeger, Lester, Testimonial Luncheon (1971)
League of Women Voters
Legislature (1970)
Let Freedom Bells Ring (1970)
Louisiana Municipal Association
Louisiana Trails Symposium
Luncheon--Legislative Delegation (1971)
Lunches--News Media

Box 49

Mardi Gras (1971)
Mardi Gras (1974-1975)
Mardi Gras Advisory Committee
Mayors' Day at the Races (1971)
Measles (1970)
Memorial Day
Mid Winter Sports Association
Musical Evening at City Hall (1970)
National League of Cities
New Orleans Buccaneers
New Orleans Public Schools

Box 50

News Media (Folder 1)
News Media (Folder 2)
News Media (Folder 3)
News Media (Folder 4)
News Media (Folder 5)
Parish Prison
Public Health Hospital
Public School Volunteer Program, Evaluation Committee
Race Relations
Revenue Sharing
Service Awards

Box 51

Shell Building
Soap Box Derby
Softball Game--City Officials vs. Commercial Athletic League
Southern Growth Policy Board
Steamship Passenger Service
Stern Tennis Center
Student Demonstrations
Sugar Bowl Parade
Super Turf Committee
Times-Picayune Loving Cup
Tourism (Metropolitan Area Committee)
Tourist Commission
Tourist Promotion
Tulane University Homecoming
Tulane University Scholarships
Turbo Train
United Fund (1970)
United Fund (1971)

Box 52

United Nations Day
United States Conference of Mayors

[REEL 62]

United States Conference of Mayors--Replies (1972)
United States Conference of Mayors--The Mayor
United States Day (1970)
United States Day (1971)
Urban Affairs Seminar
Urban Renewal
Veterans Day (1970)
Veterans Day (1971)
Viet Nam Requests
Vieux Carre
Vieux Carre Showboat Film
Vieux Carre Traffic Survey
Visit, Cardinal Tisserant (1970)
Visit, Mayor John Lindsay (1971)
Visitors (1970)
Visitors (1971)
Women in City Government
Young Men's Business Club

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