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Survey Slides

Many of the Historic Districts were resurveyed in or around 1995. A product of this round of surveys was a series of slides to accompany each survey. The ca. 1995 surveys themselves are still in use by the HDLC and have not yet been transferred to the City Archives.

The slides are identified by street and house number or simply the street. There are ca. 4600 unidentified slides in this series as well. The only identifying information on these slides is a number that is not representative of the address. In the inventory, these are labeled as "Unidentified Slides."

It has not been verified that every address within in a specific Historic District is represented in the survey slides for that district.

The following historic districts are represented in this series of slides:

  • Algiers Point
  • Bywater
  • Esplanade Ridge
  • Lower Garden District
  • Faubourg Marigny
  • Treme
The slides are organized in the Detailed Inventory by address.

Examples of Survey Slides

Example of the types of slides that are available in the Survey Slide series. Click on image for larger view.

717 Congress Street

542 Elmira

2419 Governor Nicholls

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