Mayor John Fitzpatrick

City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Date range: 1892-1896
Size of collection: 1 carton
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment

Historical Note

John Fitzpatrick (1844-1919) was Mayor of New Orleans, 1892-1896. Orphaned early in life, he entered politics at an early age and rose steadily in the ranks of the city's Democratic machine. He served as Criminal Sheriff and Administrator of Public Works prior to his election as Mayor in 1892. Fitzpatrick was the only New Orleans mayor to be impeached (in 1894), but the District Attorney was unable to convict and remove him from office. Following the end of his term of office, Fitzpatrick remained active in Democratic politics and served in several official capacities, including on the Board of Directors of the New Orleans Public Library (he was instrumental in bringing about the formal establishment of the Library in 1896).


Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by the name of the correspondent or the subject of the folder's contents. In addition to the correspondence there is also a copy of Fitzpatrick's 1896 report to the City Council and a questionnaire giving details on the operation of the Mayor's Office.

Scope Note

The records are "fragments" that have survived in the City Archives. Most of the records are in the form of incoming letters to the mayor. In some cases related materials are fastened together. The arrangement in alphabetical by name of correspondent (corporate or individual). Where only one or two items exist for a given correspondent, those items are filed in alphabetical miscellaneous folders. Much of the material is "ceremonial" (i.e., letters of introduction/greetings, letters of appointment, etc.) but there are documents of more significance, especially in the files for city of New Orleans government agencies. In the file "United States Treasury Department" there is a letter from the captain of the Rex carnival organization discussing parade routes.

Individual correspondents include Congressmen Newton Blanchard, C.J. Boatner, Charles Buck, R.C. Davey, Adolph Meyer, Andrew Price, and S.M. Robertson. Also represented is Archbishop Francis Janssens and the mayors of several American cities. In addition to the correspondence there is also a copy of Fitzpatrick's 1896 report to the City Council and a questionnaire giving details on the operation of the Mayor's Office.

Detailed Description of the Records

American Surety Co.
Back Tax Bureau
Blanchard, Congressman Newton C.
Board of Commissioners of Napoleon Ave.
Board of State Engineers
Boatner, Congressman C.J.
Brown, Edward W. [Mayor of Rockford, IL]
Buck, Congressman Charles
Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana
Charity Hospital
Chicago & Southern States Exposition
City Attorney
City Council
City Engineer
Civil Sheriff
Criminal District Court
Daily States
Davey, Congressman R.C.
Davis, Webster [Mayor of Kansas City, MO]
Deiler, J. Hanno
District Attorney
Gore, Mahlon [Mayor of Orlando, FL]
Guild, George B. [Mayor of Nashville, TN]
Hooper, Alcaeus [Mayor of Baltimore, MD]
Howe, Albion [Mayor of Superior, WI]
Janssens, Archbishop Francis
Louisiana Board of Health
Louisiana Retreat
Louisiana State University
Louisiana Sugar and Rice Exchange
McCulloch, C.C. [Mayor of Waco, TX]
McKisson, Robert E. [Mayor of Cleveland, OH]
Marine Hospital Service
Meyer, Congressman Adolph
New Orleans Board of Trade
New Orleans Cotton Exchange
New Orleans Maritime Association
New Orleans and North East Railroad Co.
New Orleans Water Works Co.
Nichols, Francis M. [Mayor of Wilkes-Barre, PA]
Pingree, H.S. [Mayor of Detroit, MI]
Police and Public Buildings, Department of
Police Department
Price, Congressman Andrew
Public Works, Department of
Recorders' Courts
Robertson, Congressman S.M.
Shakspeare Almshouse
Siminel, Nicholas [Chief Engineer of the Moscow (Russia) Water Works]
State Tax Collector
Swift, George B. [Mayor of Chicago, IL]
Trans-Mississippi Commercial Congress
Tulane University
United States Customs
United States Post Office
United States Treasury Department
Western States Conference
Wright, Sophie B.
Report to the City Council, 1896

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