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Digest of the Acts and Deliberations of the Cabildo
Safe of Three Keys

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Subject Book Volume Page Date Description
Safe of Three Keys 3 II 199 3/9/1792 Governor: Carondelet; Royal Ensign: Almonaster The Commissioners agreed at this time that a safe with three keys be made in which to secure the funds of the city. The Junior Judge and Captain of the Regiment of this Post (Josef de la Pena) was entrusted with this commission and ordered to have one made equal to the one in use by his Regiment.
Safe of Three Keys 3 II 218 5/18/1792 Governor: Carondelet; Royal Ensign: Almonaster Don Josef de la Pena stated that the safe he was commissioned to make by order of the Cabildo on March 9th last, was now finished. They agreed to distribute the keys, one to the Lieutenant Governor and Judge Advocate of War, one to the Royal Ensign, and the third to the City Treasurer.
Safe of Three Keys 3 III 1 5/25/1792 Governor: Carondolet; Royal Ensign: Almonaster At this time the City Treasurer presented a statement of the accounts of the city funds. The Commissioners agreed that these funds, having been deposited in the safe, that the safe be closed and the keys delivered as agreed upon in the previous session. (See also page 23, 27, 124 and 157, all pertaining to city funds deposited and taken from the Safe of Three Keys.)

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