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Digest of the Acts and Deliberations of the Cabildo

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Subject Book Volume Page Date Description
Prisons 1
24 4/20/1770 Governor: Unzaga; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. – A petition is presented by Mr. Butel Lalima asking payment for 916 pounds of iron used in making bars on the gallery of the Public jail.
Prisons 1
165 11/12/1773 Governor: Unzaga; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. – The bad condition of the public jail was discussed at this time, and Don Joseph Ducros and Don Luis Andry were commissioned to inspect same and make report. (At the next meeting, same page, it was agreed to demolish the corridors in the dungeons situated in the patio of the Capitol House, and use the tiles and brick obtained therefrom in the repairs. Bill for the work done on page 190).
Prisons 1
288 7/31/1778 Governor: Galvez; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. – Don Francisco Pascalis de la Barre, Chief Constable, presents expenses incurred in the repairs to the City Jail, which were approved and voucher authorized.
Prisons 2
36 9/1/1780 Governor: Galvez; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. – Don Pascalis de la Barre makes known the damage done to the City Jail by the recent hurricane, and asks the Cabildo to make repairs from the city funds.
Prisons 3 II 13 3/26/1788 Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Jr. – A record is given of the disastrous fire of March 21st, 1788, in which the jail was burned.
Prisons 3 II 35 8/22/1788 Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Jr. – At this meeting mention is made of the necessity of repairing the roof and interior of the jail, and the “preservation of the walls, which have been left standing since the fire which occurred on March 21st of this year.”
Prisons 3 II 53 3/13/1789 Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Jr. – Contract for rebuilding awarded to Don Augustin de Mc Carty – age 53. – Plate lead furnished by Don Antonio Majente – page 79. – Building completed – page 83. – Payment authorized – page 84.
Prisons 3 III 175 12/12/1794 Governor: Carondelet; Royal Ensign: Almonaster – The urgent necessity of repairing the Royal Jail which was destroyed by fire on the afternoon of the 8th of December 1794, was discussed at this meeting. They agreed to request the two engineers of the City to submit a plan with an estimate of the cost, for approval. Edicts to be posted advertising for bids; contract to be awarded to the lowest bidder. – (At the next meeting, page 177, the plan, estimating cost at 1,000 Pesos, was approved and edicts ordered posted in the customary places.) It was also agreed to ask the Intendant for the necessary funds from the Royal Treasury, to be reimbursed by the City Treasury, page 176.)
Prisons 4 I 73 12/4/1795 Governor: Carondelet; Royal Ensign: Almonaster – It was decided that the hangman could not continue living in his present abode as it is the place where Almonaster has started to build the Capitol Houses. (Later it was found inconvenient to house the executioner within the jail due to the complaints that he introduced alcoholic beverages to the prisoners. (See Cabildo 4, Volune II, page 83.)
Prisons 4 I 85 1/29/1796 Governor: Carondelet; Royal Ensign: Almonaster – At this time the Chief Constable, Pascalis de la Barrre, suggested that the jail being in his charge, he should live therein in conformity with the law in all the dominions of the Sovereign. He offered to build a house at his own expense in the rear of the jail patio. The Commissioners agreed, with the understanding that he could not rent, sell or mortgage the house, nor have right to the ground on which it is built.
Prisons 4 I 160 11/18/1796 Governor: Carondelet; Royal Ensign: Almonaster – Bill is presented to the Cabildo by Don Nicholas Duquesney for repairs made to the Royal Jail by order of the Governor. At the same time, bill is presented by Don Hilario Bouttet for carpenter work done.
Prisons 4 III 13 2/15/1799 Governor: Gayoso; Royal Ensign: De La Ronde – At this time it was decided to lay bricks in the yard of the Royal Jail, repair the cells and roof that section close to the Cabildo, in accordance with the plan of Don Gilberto Guillemard, Major of this Post.
Prisons 4 III 115 12/13/1799 Acting Governor: Vidal; Royal Ensign: De La Ronde – Don Juan Maria Caudaufrey Dujarreau informs the Cabildo that the work on the Royal Jail is about to be completed, and he wishes payment of one-third as per contract. (Later he requests payment in the amount of 610 Pesos and 4-1/2 Reales for work in enlarging the jail (page 217). The Cabildo appointed two Commissioners to inspect the work, whose report (page 221) states the bill should be only 434 Pesos and 7 Reales, and Don Juan Godofre Dujarreau to be notified to this effect.)
Prisons 4 IV 33 11/7/1800 Acting Governor: Vidal; Royal Ensign: De La Ronde – A petition presented by Jose Duquet, Master Mason, states that in a public deed passed before Notary Public Pedro Pedesclaux in the presence of Don Jayme Jorda, he obligated himself to construct a brick well with a wooden pump, a brass pump box and a brick tank for the prisoners to bathe in, for which he requests payment. At the same time the Master Blacksmith, Juan Dumaine, requested payment for 1171 pounds of iron used in the Royal Jail.

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