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Digest of the Acts and Deliberations of the Cabildo
Health Rules--Sanitation

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Subject Book Volume Page Date Description
Health Rules - Sanitation 3 I 10 8/27/1784 Acting Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. – The Commissioners, in the interest of public health, request the Reverend Cirilo de Barcelona not to permit burials (except of distinguished or notable persons) in the church grounds.
Health Rules - Sanitation 3 III 111 6/2/1786 Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. – Section 30 of the Edict of Good Government, published by Miro at this time, required that citizens have the fronts of their residence swept and watered.
Health Rules - Sanitation 4 II 5 7/21/1797 Governor: Carondelet; Royal Ensign: Almonaster – At this time the Attorney General calls attention to orders to establish cemeteries outside the city limits; and “sees with disfavor the return of the harmful custom of burying the dead in the Holy Cathedral.” (See “Cemeteries.”)
Health Rules - Sanitation 4 III 59 8/23/1799 Acting Governor: Vidal; Royal Ensign: De La Ronde – At this time the Governor informs the Cabildo that he has established a Sanitary Inspection of Ships. The Commandant of the Army, one or two Commissioners and the Attorney General to be present at such inspections.
Health Rules - Sanitation 4 III 149 3/14/1800 Acting Governor: Vidal; Royal Ensign: De La Ronde – The Attorney General presents a list of measures at this time designed to prevent a return of the deadly epidemic of last summer which included the following recommendations: -- Clean the streets, stables, yards, etc.; Grade and clean gutters to prevent stagnant water; Prohibit the dumping of garbage on the batture near the Garrison and the Royal Hospital; Provide cemeteries far from the city, particularly for those “not of our Faith, whose cemetery is too close in, unfenced and the graves shallow;” Establish a hospital down by the river to receive sick people before they reach the city; Inspect ships; disinfect merchandise, etc. -- The Commissioners approved a majority of the above measures (page 151) but agreed it would be impossible to establish the hospital down by the river at this time. They resolved that all ships arriving from foreign ports be held at Plaquemine and inspected by the doctor of that place, and the sick treated by the said doctor. No ship to come up the river without a certificate of inspection and approval of the Commander of the Quarantine Station. All ships to anchor in front of the residence of Don Luis Macarty for reinspection and permit to enter this port.

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