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Digest of the Acts and Deliberations of the Cabildo

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Subject Book Volume Page Date Description
Educational 1
246 11/15/1776 Governor: Unzaga; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. - A Commission from the Governor appointing Don Juan Du Forest as interpreter of Spanish and English languages, is read and approved by the Commissioners.
Educational 1
267 8/22/1777 Governor: Galvez; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. - At this meeting a letter from the King was opened and read which referred to a recommendation made by the Bishop of Cuba that the Ursuline Nuns be removed to the City of Havana, Cuba.
Educational 1
269 10/31/1777 Governor: Galvez; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. - A duplicate of the letter from the King, concerning the removal of the Ursuline Nuns to Havana was read, and the Commissioners resolved to comply with the agreement of August 22nd.
Educational 3 II 86 12/23/1789 Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Jr. - At this meeting the Governor presented a Royal Order whereby His Majesty has allocated 40 scholarships in the Royal Seminary of Nobles in Madrid, for American gentlemen.
Educational 3 III 19 9/7/1792 Governor: Carondelet; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - The Governor informs the Cabildo that His Majesty has established in the City of Granada, a college for American Nobles.
Educational 4 I 33 6/12/1795 Governor: Carondelet; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - A testimony is given to Reverend Father Friar Uvaldo Delgado testifying to his merits as a teacher of Kindergarten (Primary Grades) whose work has been and is now of great benefit to the Province.
Educational 4 II 21 8/5/1797 Governor: Gayoso; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - At this time, when Gayoso is being inducted into office, he presents a Royal Order from the King concerning the establishment of Schools in the Dominion of the Indies. - (This Royal Order (page 25) stipulates that the Spanish Language be taught, and use of the native language prohibited.)r
Educational 4 III 53 8/3/1799 Acting Governor: Vidal; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - At this meeting reference is made to a charitable fund (established by Galvez and approved by the King) from the proceeds of rentals from several small houses; the funds to be used for the support of twelve orphans in the Convent of the Ursulines.

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