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Digest of the Acts and Deliberations of the Cabildo
Bonds, Surety

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Bonds, Surety 1
57 2/14/1771 Governor: Unzaga; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. - Don Joseph Ducros, appointed Commissioner of Finance by O'Reilly, was required to furnish bond. This bond was signed by Don Juan Lafite, Lieutenant of the Militia and Supervisor of the Markets of the City.
Bonds, Surety 2
101 3/1/1782 Governor: Galvez; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. - A letter from Galvez informs the Cabildo that Don Estevan Miro, being the ranking officer, should govern temporarily during his absence. The Commissioners voted unanimously to admit and recognize Don Estevan Miro as Acting Civil and Military Governor until they can consult with His Majesty for approval - not wishing to assume responsibility of the consequences of accepting “anyone who may not come provided and named directly by the Sovereign in accordance with the law.” Miro took the customary oath at this time, and “in conformity with the laws provided in the instructions given by ….O’Reily, promised to present the corresponding bond within a short time which will be received in the office of the Secretary of this Cabildo.”
Bonds, Surety 2
104 3/8/1782 Acting Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr - At this time the President (Miro) asked if this Cabildo had received a letter from Don Joseph de Galvez written to Don Pedros Piernas, at that time Acting Governor, in which letter the King has authorized Governor Bernardo de Galvez to name and place officials to his satisfaction in Louisiana, Mobile, Pensacola and its districts, in order that they may defend and govern them during his absence. A copy of this letter was found in the act of September 14th, 1781, and the Commissioners, taking its expressions literally and with mature consideration, unanimously agreed that it was not necessary to consult His Majesty for approval of the “said Governor Don Estevan Miro” as was resolved in the foregoing act, as this faculty is clearly conceded to Bernardo de Galvez.
Bonds, Surety 4 II 71 10/20/1797 Governor: Gayoso; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - At this time the Royal Ensign (Almonaster) presented a brief expressing the opinion that the City Treasurer (Castanedo) must furnish the bond prescribed by law as security on the funds he collects; that he should not charge any percentage for the collection of said funds, and having already collected 5 percent on the funds collected by him before he became Commissioner, he must replace this percentage in the Treasury. The Commissioners agreed to request the City Treasurer to furnish bond, but resolved that they could not revoke what was previously resolved concerning the percentage. They agreed to submit the request made by the Royal Ensign together with a copy of this act to the Governor, so that he might present it to His Majesty for decision.
Bonds, Surety 4 III 48 7/27/1799 Acting Governor: Vidal; Royal Ensign: De La Ronde - At this meeting (the second held after Vidal became Acting Governor due to the death of Gayoso) the Attorney General asked if the Acting Governor should furnish bond. Vidal stated that His Majesty had not ordered that all Acting Governors furnish bond. A majority of the Commissioners voted that the matter should be submitted to the King.
Bonds, Surety 4 III 188 6/14/1800 Acting Governor: Vidal; Royal Ensign: De La Ronde - The commissioners knowing that there is in the office of the Secretary of the Intendancy a Royal Order wherein His Majesty exempts the Governors from furnishing bond in accordance with law, as a part of their salaries is taken off to take care of such bond, ordered Don Pedro de la Roche to address an official letter to the Intendant requesting a copy of the said Royal Order.
Bonds, Surety 4 III 196 7/18/1800 Acting Governor: Vidal; Royal Ensign: De La Ronde - Don Pedro de la Roche presents a copy of the Royal Order sent to him by the Intendant, which proved to be an order wherein His Majesty decreed that the former Governor Luis de Unzaga must leave one fifth of his salary to take care of the bond on his impeachment. As the said Royal Order did not refer to other Governors, the Commissioners resolved to ask the Acting Governor what should be done if there is no other Royal Order concerning bond.
Bonds, Surety 4 III 201 8/8/1800 Acting Governor: Vidal; Royal Ensign: De La Ronde: At this time Don Pedro de la Roche presents a copy of a Royal Order wherein His Majesty decrees that if the Governors do not furnish any bond, 3000 Pesos be deducted out of their salaries - one fifth each year.
Bonds, Surety 4 IV 66 2/6/1801 Acting Governor: Vidal; Royal Ensign: De La Ronde - Juan de Castanedo, being re-elected City Treasurer at this time, is required to furnish a new bond or ratify the old bond he had already given. He offered a house and lot on St. Louis Street, and a lot cornering Chartres and Bienville Streets, which were accepted as mortgage bond.

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