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Digest of the Acts and Deliberations of the Cabildo

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Subject Book Volume Page Date Description
Bayous 2
56 5/25/1781 Acting Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. - In this act mention is made of “two bridges over Little Bayou” pertaining to a complaint that one bridge has been removed by Don Gabriel Peyroux, “with the depraved intention” of making the Negro washer woman pay half a reale for using the other one (evidently on his land) in washing clothes.
Bayous 3 I 159 3/9/1787 Governor: Miro; Royal Ensign: De Reggio, Sr. - The "small Bayou de la Cruz" is mentioned in this act in a report to the Cabildo that Don Gabriel Peyroux has stopped the current in another Bayou, which is detrimental to the public.
Bayous 4 I 59 11/6/1795 Governor: Carondelet; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - Reference is made at this time to Bayou St. John in connection with the erection of a draw bridge to permit schooners to reach the city through the Canal. (See “Canals”). (Pedro Guiot, alias Lafeunesse, was employed to build this bridge under the supervision of Commissioner Forstall. See Cabildo Book 4, Volume I, page 71).
Bayous 4 I 199 3/17/1797 Governor: Carondelet; Royal Ensign: Almonaster - A watchman is employed at this time to see that masters of schooners raise the bridge carefully. At the next meeting of the Cabildo (page 204) the Commissioners resolve to levy a toll on all ships using the bridge, to cover expense of upkeep, build a hut for the watchman, etc. The Governor ordered the Commander of the Fort of Bayou St. John to permit no boat to pass without a receipt showing that the toll has been paid.
Bayous 4 IV 127 8/14/1801 Governor: Salcedo; Royal Ensign: De La Ronde - Two Commissioners were authorized at this time to sound out the residents to see who might contribute to the repairs of the draw bridge. (Later the Governor ordered the bridge repaired out of the city funds - Cabildo Book 5, page 73).

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