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Orleans Parish (La.) District Attorney's Office
          Records of the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Investigative Unit, 1974-1976
        4 cu. ft.

This unit was established in 1974 through a grant from the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Criminal Justice. The unit was designed to work closely with victims and witnesses to sex and child abuse crimes accepted for prosecution by the District Attorney's Office. Two female investigators were hired to staff the unit.

The records deal with the establishment and functioning of the unit. Included are reports required by the grant process along with information on subjects bearing on the unit's responsibilities. The latter group includes material on the functioning of other such units, such as the one in New York City, along with data on other rape programs in New Orleans and Louisiana. There is also some material on the operations of the District Attorney's Office in general.



Abortion, 1974
Baton Rouge District Attorney's Office rape crisis program, 1974-1975
Bibliography on rape
Carter, Ruth A., 1974
Child abuse, 1976
Conferences, meetings, etc., 1975
Coroner's Office
Series on rape, 1974-1975
Correspondence, general, 1974-1976
District Attorney's Office
Investigators, 1975
Personnel information, 1975
Film - "Nobody's victim" - reviewers' comments
General information
District Attorney's Office, 1974-1975
Sex crimes, 1973-1974
Sex Crimes Unit, 1974
Grant data, 1975-1976 (2 folders)
Interoffice correspondence, 1974-1976
Lecture material, 1975
Legislation, 1974-1976
Louisiana District Attorneys' Association, 1974-1976
Louisiana State Bureau on the Status of Women, 1974-1976
Louisiana State University rape seminar (Lake Charles), 1975
Incoming, 1975
Outgoing, 1975
Miscellaneous, 1970-1971
Monthly reports, 1975-1976
National District Attorneys' Association information on child abuse, 1976
National Organization for Women, 1974
New Orleans Police Department
Family Crisis Intervention Unit, 1974-1975
New Orleans Public Service, Inc., 1975
New York City Sex Crimes Analysis Unit data, 1968-1975
Notes Taken in New York
Seminars - General, 1974-1975
Pontchartrain Mental Health Center, 1975
Program directory, city of New Orleans (excerpts)
Rape crisis centers outside of Louisiana, 1974-1975
Rape crisis workshop (Lafayette, La.), 1975
Rape Task Force, 1974-1975
Seminar on the investigation and prosecution of obscenity cases (District Attorney's Office), 1975
Statistical study - Correspondence, etc., 1973-1975
General, 1975
Sex crimes, 1972-1976
Victim/Witness program, 1976
Women Against Rape, 1974-1975
YWCA Rape Crisis Line
Forms, 1974
Speakers Bureau, 1976
Volunteer training, 1974-1976

NOTE: The remainder of the records in this series are restricted since they either consist entirely of case files or they include information relating to individual perpetrators or victims.

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