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Louisiana. Criminal District Court (Orleans Parish)
Defendants Index, 1880 - 1918
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NOTE: The Criminal District Court records have not been microfilmed and are available for IN-HOUSE USE, BY APPOINTMENT, ONLY. We cannot respond to mail, phone, or email requests for copies. Researchers wishing to view the cases in house should email the archivist (at several days in advance of their visit to the library so that records can be retrieved. The records will not be available without prior notice.

This online index is a partial listing of cases heard before the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court, 1880-1918. While the City Archives' holdings of the cases of this court extend to 1932, this index ends in 1918.

The online index is a transcription of a card file created by Criminal District Court and deposited in the City Archives along with the Criminal District Court records. The 3 x 5 index cards, alphabetically arranged, give the name of the defendant and the docket number of the court case, the section of the court (Section A or B) which heard the case and, often but not always, the charge against the defendant and the final disposition of the case.

Users should be aware that the online index is incomplete; portions of the card file were lost before its transfer to the City Archives. Significant gaps exist in the "L," "N" and "P" sections of the alphabet, and smaller gaps may exist elsewhere. The card index should duplicate the "official" manuscript indexes to the individual volumes of the general docket of the court, which are available in the City Archives. [Link here for an inventory of the Criminal District Court general dockets.] Researchers wishing to conduct a thorough search of the cases heard before this court should consult the manuscript indexes to the general dockets in addition to this online index. These indexes to the general docket of the Court cease in 1918. A gap exists in the manuscript indexes from 1918 - ca. 1921. Beginning in 1921, rather than a general docket, the court used individual dockets for Sections A -E [See here for available indexing 1918-1933].

Users should also note that the index was transcribed "as is." No attempt was made to correct misspellings or inconsistencies in the Court's recording of defendants' names. Search under all possible variant spellings.

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