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Councilmember-At-Large Eric Granderson
Date range: 2011-2012
Size of collection: 1 cu. ft.; 2919 digital files
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment; in-house access only permitted
Acquisition: Transferred to the City Archives in May, 2012

Biographical Note

Eric Granderson was appointed to the Council-At-Large seat on October 6, 2011 to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Councilmember Arnold D. Fielkow. Granderson served in this position until the seat was filled by Councilmember Stacy Head, the victor in a special election on April 21, 2012.

Prior to his appointment, Granderson served as Chief of Staff for Councilmember Fielkow and, during a long career in city government, held a variety of other positions, serving as legislative aide or Chief of Staff to councilmembers Lambert Boissiere, Jr. and Troy Carter. Granderson was also Executive Assistant to Mayor Sidney Barthelemy and Capital Projects Manager for the Downtown Development District. After leaving the Council-At-Large seat, he accepted a position as Director of Local Government Affairs in the Office of Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

A native New Orleanian, Graderson graduated from St. Augustine High School and received a B.A. in Political Science from Columbia University.

Scope Note

The records are subject/correspondence files, which reflect the day-to-day operations of Councilmember Granderson's office. There is some overlap between his records and those of Councilmember Fielkow. It is not uncommon to find documents within this collection that were originally addressed to Fielkow.

In addition to the paper records, two members of Councilmember Granderson's staff -- Danielle Viguerie (Director of Communications) and Sayde Finkel (Deputy Chief of Staff) -- transferred born-digital documents on two flash drives (1.81 GB and 117 MB). Since both staff members had previously worked for Councilmember Fielkow and remained in place when Granderson was appointed to the seat, these digital files reflect the terms of both councilmembers (given his short term in office, comparatively few of the files cover Granderson's term). The files include correspondence (primarily outgoing), press releases and statements, speeches, meeting agendas and notes, reports, photographs, and other documents reflecting the business of the Council-At-Large office. File types are limited almost exclusively to those produced by Microsoft Office software (Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel) and to PDF, and to jpeg and tiff image files.


The digital files have been copied to DVD for in-house use. The directory structure of each flash drive can be viewed below:

The paper files were boxed as sent by the Councilmember's office. The inventory below re-sorts the folders by alphabetically by the folder title used in the office.

Box # Folder # Folder Title Dates
1 2 2012 Budget - Granderson 2012
1 7 Arts Council of New Orleans 2011
1 1 At -Large Charter Amendment - Calendar # 28, 977 2012
1 9 Board of Ethics 2011
1 4 Calvin - Receipts 2011
1 5 Citizens Attitude Survey 2011
1 6 Communication 2011 - 2012
1 8 Curfew 2011
1 10 General Correspondence 2011
1 3 Granderson Calendars - 10/11 - 4/12 2011/10 - 2012/4
1 11 Labor / Employment Compliance 2012
1 12 Mail Letters - 10/11 - 4/12 2011
1 13 Neighborhood Monitor 2011
1 14 New Orleans Council on Aging 2011
1 15 Outgoing 2011
1 16 Research - Re: Amending CPNC Appeal Process 2011 - 2012
1 17 Responsible Employer 2009, 2011

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