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Councilman James E. Fitzmorris
Papers, 1954-1966

Series II: Councilman-At-Large, 1962-1966

Box 19 [continued from Series I]

Algiers Incinerator
Algiers Library
American Oil Company
Amusement Tax
Appointments, April 1962
Appointments, May 1962
Appointments, June 1962
Appointments, July 1962
Appointments, August 1962
Appointments, September 1962
Appointments, October 1962
Appointments, November 1962
Appointments, December 1962
Appointments, January 1963

Box 20

Appointments, February 1963
Appointments, March 1963
Appointments, April 1963
Appointments, May 1963
Appointments, June 1963
Appointments, July 1963
Appointments, August 1963
Appointments, September 1963
Appointments, October 1963
Appointments, November 1963
Appointments, December 1963
Appointments, January 1964
Appointments, February 1964
Appointments, March 1964
Appointments, April 1964
Appointments, May 1964
Appointments, June 1964
Appointments, July 1964
Appointments, August 1964
Appointments, September 1964
Appointments, October 1964
Appointments, November 1964
Appointments, December 1964
Appointments, Jan., Feb. 1965
Appointments, Mar., Apr. 1965
Appointments, April 1965
Appointments, May 1965
Appointments, June 1965
Appointments, July 1965

Box 21

Appointments, August 1965
Appointments, September 1965
Appointments, October 1965
Appointments, November 1965
Appointments, December 1965
Appointments, January 1966
Appointments, February 1966
Appointments, March 1966
Appointments, April 1966
Assessors Office
Audubon Park Commission
Aurora Properties Inc.
Automobile Report 1960-1961
Aviation Board (1)
Aviation Board (2)

"Barker's" Ordinance
Bayou St. John Homes
Beauregard Square
Beautification of City
Better Business Bureau
Bienville St. Opening through Housing Project
Billboards Ordinance
Board of Commissioners--Port of New Orleans
Bottleneck--Orleans Blvd.--Florida Avenue
Building Inspection

Campaign for Assessor 7/23/60
Campaign for Councilman at Large 1/27/62
Canal St. Decorations
Cat and Dog Ordinance
Central Maintenance Garage (1)
Central Maintenance Garage (2)
Central Medical Unit
Certified Public Accountants
Charity Ordinance
Choctaw, Krewe of, Lease
Christmas Baskets
City Amusement Tax
City-Owned Property Listing
City Park Improvement Assoc.
City Planning Commission
City Study Group
Communist Merchandise (license of importers)
Congratulations, April 1966
Congratulations (1)

Box 22

Congratulations (2)
Congratulations (3)
Congratulations (4)
Congratulations (5)
Congratulations (6)
Congratulations (7)
Congratulations (8)
Congratulations (9)
Congratulations (10)
Congratulations (11)
Congratulations (12)
Congratulations, Anniversary
Coroner's Office
Council, Clerk of & Council Letters
Council Secretary & Clerk

Box 23

Curtis, Councilman Henry, District A

Data Processing Equipment
Daylight Savings Time
Dayries Pay Plan
Degelos Brothers File
Delgado-Albania Plantation Commission
Delgado Barn
Delgado Museum
Delgado Trades and Technical Institute
Dibert , Bancroft and Ross
DiRosa, Councilman Joseph
District Attorney's Office
Dock Board Wharf Tollage
Dogs for Medical Research Ordinance
Dominican Zoning Hearing (1)
Dominican Zoning Hearing (2)
Dominican Zoning Hearing (3)
Dupuy, Councilman Clarence, District C

Electrical Inspection Station
Employees, Classification of
Employees Retirement System
Endicott Johnson Corp.
Extension of Victory Drive (DeGaulle Blvd.)

Fairgrounds Race Track Report
Finance Department
Fingerprinting Ordinance
Fire Department
Fire Prevention Department
Firemen's Pension and Relief Fund
Fitzmorris, James--Personal and Invitations
Fitzmorris (Personal) (1)
Fitzmorris (Personal) (2)

Box 24

Fitzmorris (Personal) (3)
Fitzmorris (Personal) (4)
Fitzmorris (Personal) (5)
Fitzmorris (Personal) (6)
Fitzmorris (Personal) (7)
Fitzmorris (Personal) (8)
Fruit Stand Nuisance

Gallier Hall--Return of Reviewing Stant for Carnival Parades
Garbage Collection
Gesell Report
Glazer Steel Corp. vs. U.S.A.
Golden Age Club
Gulf Intercoastal Waterway
Gulf South Research Institute Meeting 10/15/65
Gumbel, Sophie Home

Hayne Barrow Pit
Hayne Blvd.
Hayne Blvd. Playground
Health Department
Heft, G.A. Co.
Heier, Thomas, Jr.
Home Rule Charter, Ad Hoc Committee
Horticultural Council
Hospital in Jefferson
Housing Authority of New Orleans

Incinerator--St. Louis
Increase in Hours (35 to 40) for City Employees
International Relations Office
Invitations Pending

Jackson Ave. Ferry
Jefferson Parish
Jefferson Parish Council
Joan of Arc Memorial
Juvenile Court

Kelly, Councilman Daniel, District E
Kirsch-Rooney Park--Delgado Playground
"Kitchen Cabinet" Group

Lacey, Dennis, Executive Assistant
Lake Pontchartrain Pollution
Lakefront High School Correspondence

Box 25

Lakeland Terrace Improvement Association
Lakeview Lighting (Lakeview Civic Association), Parkview Gardens
Lakewood School
Lambert, Harold
Latin America
Law Department
Leases of City Owned Property:

Acme House Wrecking Co.
American Legion Home
Bagneriac, Charles
Bel Air Motel
Bonura, Felix
Booker, Mr. & Mrs.
Catalanotto, Frank
Clark, Walter
Crescent Auto Wreckers
Daigle, Mrs. Gilbert
Deffes, Anthony
Disabled American Veterans
Dreyfous Machinery Company
Elder, Rene
Express Food Store
Fontana's Seafood Rest
Gaubert, L.F. & Co., So. Broad
Gaubert, L.F. & Co. (1) West End
Gaubert, L.F. & Co. (2) West End
Gaubert, L.F. & Co. (3) West End
Gulf Engineering Co. (1)
Gulf Engineering Co. (2)
Hamilton & Villere Coal Co.
Humphrey, Bonnie
Hyman, Henry
Industrial Outdoor Displays--N. Claiborne
Industrial Outdoor Displays--Florida Ave.
Industrial Outdoor (Incoming) Displays--Franklin
Industrial Outdoor (Outgoing) Displays--Franklin
Industrial Outdoor Displays--Galvez
Industrial Outdoor Displays--London Ave.
Industrial Outdoor Displays--Mississippi River
Lacour, Mrs. Mamie
Landry, H.E.
Lococo, Sal
Louisiana Assn. for Exceptional Children
Louisiana Industries
Mechanical Contracting
Messina, Louis
Minor, Jacob
New Orleans Cultural Center Company
New Orleans Railroad Terminal Board
Orlando, Ciro
Orlando, Laurence
Orleans Roofing & Materials
Pelican Ice Co.
Pressner, Ralph
Quaid, J.R. Inc.--Elysian Fields
Quaid, J.R. Inc.--Franklin Ave.
Retarded Children Association
Robinson, Lindy
Robinson, Sam
Russell Ice Cream Co.
St. Roch Market
Shorling Brothers
Sintes Boat Works
Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph--Franklin Ave.
Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph--City Hall
Southern Boat & Brokerage
Southern Yacht Club
Swanson, Frank
Truck Equipment Co.
Warehouse, A.J.
WDSU Radio Station
Wells, Mitchell
Woolworth Co., Iberville & Bourbon
WYLD Radio Station
Leave, Annual & Sick
Legislature Acts of Louisiana
"Let Freedom Ring"
Library File
Library Hearings File
Liquidation, Board of
Liquor Permit File
Liquor Permit Hearings

Mayor, Annual Report of
Marcus, Councilman Walter, District B
Mattress Ordinance, proposed
Michoud Bus Service
Michoud Plant
Mid-City Zoning (1)

Box 26

Mid-City Zoning (2)
Mid-City Zoning (3)
Mint Bldg.
Miss Greater New Orleans Pageant Com.
Mississippi River Bridge Authority (1)
Mississippi River Bridge Authority (2)
Mississippi River Bridge Toll Reduction
Mississippi River Bridge Transit
Monthly Review
Mosquito File
Municipal & Traffic Courts Bldg.
Municipal Art Com.
Municipal Auditorium
Municipal Court
Municipal Yatcht Harbor

Napoleon Ave. Landing
New Orleans International Airport
New Orleans Municipal Employees Club
New Orleans Power Boat Association
New Orleans Public Service
New Orleans Recreation Department

Orleans Levee Board
Orleans Levee Board, East Lakefront Development Program
Orleans Levee Board, Transfering Millage from
Orleans Parish School Board

Parish Prison
Parking Meter Division

Box 27

Parkway and Park Commission (1)
Parkway and Park Commission (2)
Parkway and Park Commission Dead Trees Correspondence
Parkway and Park Commission Requests
Parole File
Paul Revere Association
Paving Lien File--7th Phase
Paving Lien File--8th Phase
Paving Lien File--9th Phase
Paving Lien File--10th Phase (1)
Paving Lien File--10th Phase (2)
Petre, Councilman John, District D
Pezant, James
Plaza Towers Inc.
Police Buffer Committee
Police Bureau of Investigation
Police Complex
Police Department (1)
Police Department (2)
Police Department (3)
Police Department Press Releases
Pornographic Literature--Drive to get Rid of It
Poydras Street Land File
Property Management Department
Public Health Sanitation
Public Library Board
Public Relations Office
Public Works Acceleration Act
Purchasing Practices

Rapid Transit System
Real Estate Board of New Orleans
Real Estate Division
Recording Equipment for Council
Refrigeration Ordinance (1)

Box 28

Refrigeration Ordinance (2)
Regional Planning Commission
Regrets (1)
Regrets (2)
Regrets (3)
Regrets (4)
Regulatory Inspection Department
River Park Playground Improvements
Riverside Expressway
Roe, Robert
Rosenwald Youth Center
Royal St., 236-240

Safety & Permits Department
Safety Committee (Rotary)
St. Anthony Canal
St. Bernard-Orleans Bridge Authority
St. Charles Ave. Traffic
Sanitation Department
Seabrook Bridge
Senate Bill #402
Sewerage & Water Board (1)
Sewerage & Water Board (2)
Sewerage & Water Board (3)
Sewerage & Water Board (4)
Sewerage & Water Board (5)
Sewerage & Water Board (6)

Box 29

Sewerage & Water Board Correspondence
Sewerage & Water Board--Executive Finance, Drainage, Sewerage & Water Committee
Sewerage & Water Board--Kratter File
Sewerage & Water Board--Maintenance
Sewerage & Water Board--Notices of Meetings
Sewerage & Water Board--Plumbing Conference Committee
Sewerage & Water Board--Reprts & Bids
Sewerage & Water Board--Suggestions for 1963 Budget
Sidewalk Suits
Sightseeing Ordinance
Smoking Ordinace, Proposed
South American Delegation
State Police Department
Steeg & Shushan
Street Maintenance Division (1)
Street Maintenance Division (2)
Street Maintenance Division (3)
Streets Department (1)
Streets Department (2)

Taxicab Bureau

Box 30

Taxicab Ordinance
Thank-You (1)
Thank-You (2)
Thank-You (3)
Today (TV Show)
Tour Committee
Touro Infirmary Parking
Traffic Court
Traffic Engineering Division (1)
Traffic Engineering Division (2)
Traffic Safety Inventory
Treasury, Bureau of (Installation of Parking Meters)
Tri-Parish PLanning Commission

Upper Pontalba Building Commission
Utilities Department (1)
Utilities Department (2)
Utilities--Broadway Trolley
Utilities--NOPSI Generating Station
Utilities--Street Lighting Program 1962-1963
Utilities--Street Lighting Program 1963-1964
Utilities--Taxi Permits

Venetian Isles
Veterans of Foreign Wars of U.S.
Vieux Carre & French Quarter Misc.
Vieux Carre Commission

Box 31

Vieux Carre "Historic Landmark"
Vieux Carre Hotel (proposed)
Vieux Carre--Relocation of Boundaries
Vieux Carre--Resolution
Vieux Carre--Zoning Holy Family Property

Welfare Department
Westside Transit
Women, Memorial for

Zoning Adjustments, Board of
Zoning Correspondence
Zoning Docket #39-64
Zoning Docket #4-65
Zoning Case 46-65
Zor Inc.

Box 32

Reading File, April 1954-September 1956

Box 33

Reading File, October 1956-October 1958

Box 34

Reading File, November 1958-December 1959

Box 35

Reading File, January 1960-June 1961

Box 36

Reading File, July 1961-May 1962

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