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New Orleans Public Library

Councilmember Mike Early
Date range: 1978 - 1990
Size of collection: 33 cu. ft.
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment; in-house access only permitted
Acquisition: Transferred to the City Archives in 1990

Mike Early served three terms as Councilmember for District C, defeating incumbant Clarence Dupuy in the initial 1976 election. In the 1990 election, he declined to run for re-election, and the District C seat was won by Jacquelyn B. Clarkson. Early ran again for the District C race in 2006, but was defeated in a crowded field by James Carter.

A native of New Orleans, Early was educated at St. Joseph's Seminary, Loyola University and Harvard. Prior to his run for office, he headed the Louisiana Bureau of Aging Services and served as an administrative assistant to Lieutenant Governor James E. Fitzmorris, Jr.

The records are primarily subject/correspondence files. Note that the inventory below is not in strict alphabetical order.

Box 1

ABO Licenses (Temporary) - 1982
A.C.T. Program
Adult Daycare
Affirmative Action
Agriculture, State Dept. of
Aids Task Force
Airport Study
Alliance for Good Government - 1978-79
Alcohol Beverage Hearings - 1978-79
Anti-Apartheid Ordinance
Aquarium Design Commission

Box 2

New Armstrong Park
Armstrong Park Committee of Ten
Armstrong Park
Armstrong Park - 1978
Arnold, Tom
Arthritis Foundation
Arts Council
Asian Pacific Society
Audubon Zoo
Banquet Gratuities
Mayor Barthelemy
Barthelemy Campaign
Bauer Building
Bayou St. John
Bienville Street Wharf Committee

Box 3

Bingo (Video)
Bingo (Cable Television)
Blighted Properties
Boards of Commissions - 1
Boards of Commissions - 2
Boards of Liquidations
Board of Review Hearing - 1983
Board of Trustees
Board of Zoning Adjustments
Boggs, Lindy
Bond Issue - 1984
Bond Issue - 1989
Bond Projects - 1984
Bond Projects

Box 4

Boudreaux, Elaine
Budget - 1986
Budget - 1988
Capital Budget and 5 year Program
Capital Budget - 1980-1984
Budget Cuts
Budget Woes
Buildings Maintained
Building Code Revision Task Force
Bureau of Government Research
Buses for Handicapped - 1978-79
Bus Stands
Business Council of New Orleans
Bus Stop Shelters in 1978-82
Bywater Neighborhood Study 1978-79
Caluda, Ken
Friends of the Cabildo Newsletter
Cultural Cable Coalition
Cable Transit Systems
Campaign Finances
Canal Areas Service Association
Canal-Iberville Development Task Force
Canal Place #2
Canal Place #2

Box 5

Canal Place - 1978-79
Canal Historic District
2400 Canal
Canal Street Planned Project
Capital Fund Report
Capital Improvement Request - 1980-84
Capital Projects
Charity Hospital
Charter Revision 1979
Certified Public Necessities Conn. Licenses
Chenevert, Michael (Hairstyling)
Children's Museum
Christian Bros. School
Christopher Park (Neighborhood Development)
Citizens Crime Against Crime
Citizen Involvement Project
City Annual Financial Report
City Attorney
City Compensation Study

Box 6

City Contracts
Contract 1985
City Charter
City Council
City Council Policy Making Role
City Council Rules and Regulation
City Legal Matters
City Council Legal Representative
City Park (Friends of)
City Park - 2
City Planning Commission 1978-79
City Civil Defense

Box 7

Civil District Court
Civil Rights Ordinance
Civil Service - 1978
Civil Service Rules - 1979
Claiborne Corridor Study
Claiborne Avenue Revitalization
Claver Building (Knights of Peter Claver)
Clean City Committee (Background on Enforcement)
Clean City the Committee
Clean Air Ordinance
Clean Water Act
Clerk Criminal District Court
Coalition for Action - 1978-79
Coalition for Citizens
Coastal Energy Impact Program (CEIP)
CEIP Application
CEIP Federal Regulations
Coastal Zone Management - 1978-79
Coastal Zone Management Advisory Committee - 1978-79
Commission on the Future of the City
Coordination Committee (Off Street Parking)
Committee for a Better New Orleans

Box 8

The Committee for a Learning Society
Community Development (1982)
Community Development Planning Process - 1979-1980
Community Development Proposal -5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
Convention and Exhibition Center
Congressional Liaison Committee
Coroner's Office
Mr. Clark Cosse, III
Costello, Josie/Don Costello
Corps of Engineers
Council Activities Mike Early
Council Management
Council Pending
Council Police Officer
Council Relocation
Council Research
Council Retreat
Covenant House

Box 9

Cox Cable
Hispanic League of Voters
Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee
Cruise Ships
Current Projects
Datacom Systems Corporation
Direct Mailing
District Attorney's Office
Dock Board/Rivergate/Convention Center

Box 10

Downtown Development District - 1978-79
Drug Abuse
Dutel, William J. (Billy)
Economic Development
Economic Development Administration 1978-79
Economic Development Agencies
Economic Development Strategy
Downtown Design Review District
Economic Renewal Plan - Federal
Editorials - Misc
Education Committee - 1978-79
Education Conference
Educational Crisis of the Black Child
Education Coordinating Council 1978-79
Education Public Hearing - 1978-79
Education: Business Task Force - 1978-79
Educational Vouchers
Election Times
Election '90
Emergency Broadcast Systems
Emergency Disaster Plan - 1978

Box 11

Emergency Medical Service
Energy Management Committee
Energy Management Task Force 2
Energy Management Task Force 1
Energy Policy - (Carter) U.S. 1978-79
Energy Supply and Consumption - Orleans Parish Historical Trends
and Price Projections
Enterprise Zone Programs
Enterprise Zone
Environmental Affairs Office
Environmental Impact Process 1978-79
Environmental Protection Agency
Esplanade Avenue Improvements
Esplanade - Marigny Historic Study Committee - 1978-79
Zack's - Enterprise

Box 12

Esplanade Ridge Historic District
Esplanade village - Boucree Project
Fairgrounds - 1984
Favor File
Ferc - I
Ferc - II
Ferc - III
Federal Privacy Act 1978-79

Box 13

Federal Programs
Federal Regional Council
Federal Revenue Sharing
Firearms (NOPD)
Gun Control Ordinance
Firefighters 1978-79
Fire Pension System (City Employees)
Fiscal Reform
Flea Markets
Flood Control Program
Floodwall - Canal and Bienville
Food Stamp Office
For Your Information (1982)
Sheriff Charles Foti
Sheriff Foti's Budget
Freeman, Bobby
Frequent Flyer Marketing Plan
Gagliano, Tony
Gallier Hall
Casino Gambling
Garages Conditional Use in CBD 3
Garbage Schedule
Gattuso, Sam (1980)
Gay Rights Ordinance
General Fast Foods
Groesch, Gary L.
Grand Gulf, Middle South Energy
Grand Gulf State Litigation
Grand Prix New Orleans

Box 14

Grant Review Committee
Greater New Orleans Hotel-Motel Association
Grenoble House
Growth Management Plan - CBD
Gotech Inc. - Consulting Engineers
Gulf South Minority Purchasing Council 1978
Gypsum Dumping
Haase, Charlie
Celebration of New Orleans
Halpern, Alvin
Handicapped Ramps
Hare Krishna
Hazardous Materials 1979-80
City Employee Health Care 1980
City Health and Life Insurance Plan 1980
Health Systems Agency
Murray Henderson School
Heritage Foundation - Urban Renewal Project
Hibernia National Bank
Historic District Landmarks Commission 1978-79
Historic District Landmarks Commission Appeals 1981
Historic District Tax Freeze
New Orleans Studio
Hitcom Studio Theater

Box 15

NOHMA - Council District C
New Orleans Home Mortgage Authority
Hope Mausoleum
Abandoned Houses
Housing and Urban Affairs
House and Urban Development
Housing Authority
Iberville Literacy Program
International Investment Committee
Industrial Development Board
Indigent Defendant Funding
International Communications Management, Inc.
Irish Cultural Society
Jay Landscaping
Jazz and Heritage Festival
Junior Achievement Bldg - Lease Agreement
Krack, Carolyn
Kress Building - Canal Street
Lafayette Mall
Lake Pontchartrain
Lakeview Zoning
League of Women Voters
Warren Leruth (Chelsey's Custard)
Letters of Intent
Levee Board

Box 16

Literacy 2
Literacy Task Force
Litter Abatement
Litter (Keep Louisiana Beautiful)
La. Dept. Health & Human Resources (Substance Abuse Task Force)
La. Dept. of Public Safety
La. Dept. of Transportation and Development
Louisiana Gay Political Action Caucus
Louisiana Marketing Image
Louisiana Nature Center 1979
Louisiana Parish Government
Louisiana Public Service Commission
Louisiana Science Center
Louisiana State Museum
Louisiana Avenue Truck Traffic Task Force
Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation Inc. Committee
Louisiana Power and Light
Louisiana Public Facilities Authority
Maison Blanche Building 1982
Mardi Gras Task Force
Marti, Jose
Mayor Barthelemy
Mayor's Building Code Task Force
Mayor's Office
The Mayor 1981
534 St. Louis St. Duplicate Folder
Massage Parlors/534 St. Louis/Letters From Constituents
Mayor's Overtime Use
Merchandise Mart - Canal Street
Metropolitan Area Committee
Metropolitan Civic and Business Club
Metropolitan Council LIfelong Learning
Metropolitan Crime Commission
Metropolitan Task Force

Box 17

Mississippi River Bridge 1982
Mississippi River Bridge (New) 1981
Bridge No 2 (A)
Bridge No 2 (B)
Mississippi River Bridge Authority
Mississippi River Bridge Tolls
Mississippi River (Chemical Dumping)
Mississippi River - Crossing Between St. Bernard and Orleans
11 Parish Water Coalition
Mississippi River - Water Quality
Mobile Employment Unit
Morphy, Paul
Moss Street Convention (1492)
Mosquito Control
Municipal Auditorium
Municipal Court
Municipal Endowment Fund
Meg Arts Grant
Municipal Lease (Tax Exempt)
Municipal Yacht Harbor

Box 18

Ernest Morial vs Retail Gasoline Bonnaffons
Music Commissions
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
National Conference of Christians and Jews
National Historic Register Nominations
NLC - Community Development Policy Steering Committee
Neighborhood Organizations
Neighborhood Score
Neighborhood Statistics Program
Neighborhood Taxing District
New Orleans Businessman
Night in New Orleans
New Orleans Council on Aging
New Orleans Exhibition Hall
New Orleans Film and Television Production
New Orleans Film and Video Commission
NOPSI - Gas -Lights
New Orleans Image Development Committee
New Orleans Novelty Company
New Orleans Museum of Art
New Orleans Preservationists
New Orleans Public Library
New Orleans Public Schools - 1
New Orleans Public Schools - 2
NOPSI Municipalization Task force (Municipal Acquisitions)

Box 19

NOPSI Rate Increase - 1
NOPSI Rate Increase - 2
New Orleans Recreational Development
New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Symphony
New Orleans Tax Reform
New Orleans Vessel Traffic Service
Obscene Sexual Material
Olde Tyme Builders
Office of Environmental Affairs

Box 20

Office of Municipal Investigation - 1
Office of Municipal Investigation - 2
Oil Overcharge Committee
Proposed Ordinance/Resolution Amendment 1980
Orleans Assessment - 1986-87
Orleans Bank
Orleans Parish School Board
Orleans Transportation Service
Orleans Parish Prison
Parish Prison Overcrowding
Parole Power
Parkway Pardners Advisory Committee
Passenger Cruise Ship
Pay Plan
City Employees Pay Plan 1982
Payroll Deduction Suit
Peat Marwick, Mitchell - Financial Report (City of New Orleans)
Peter Claver Hall - Orleans Avenue
Peterson, Paul C.

Box 21

Petitions 86-87
Petition 8(g)
Petition 8(g) Phase 2
Photograph Councilman Early 1978-89
Photo - 2

Box 22

Piazza d'Italia
Pitot House
George Plauche
Polack, Rosenberg
Plimsoll Club
Political Neighborhood Organization
Political Organizations
Political Signs
Politcal Trends in Black
Polk & Orleans Zoning
Polling Places 1980
Popes Visit to N.O.
Popeye's Fried Chicken
Port of New Orleans
Poydras Square Associates
Poydras Square Aaaociates (DeBartolo)
Preservation Resource Center
Press Conference 8 (g)
Press Bloopers
Press Errors
Press Release
Prevailing Wage Law
Private Club Ordinance
Pro Bono Study
Projects in District
Public Belt Railroad

Box 23

(Pea) Public Employees Assoc.
Public Information
Public-Private Partnerships
Public Safety
Richard Pulin
Purpa Hearings
Radio For The Blind & Handicapped
Radioactivity/Water - Quality Public Hearing
Rampart Street Association
RAP - Gertie Keiffer Center
Rap Program (Active File)
Reading File (August 1978)
Recovery Action Program
Regional Planning Commission
Regional Planning Commission - Proposal for Reorganization
Regional Transit Authority
RTA 86-87
RTA - Budget

Box 24

Residential Parking Prgoram
City Employee Retirement System - 1980
River Front Study
Riverfront Trolley System
The Rouse Company
St. Jude Center
Saint Mark Community

Box 25

Sales Tax Collection Investigation
Sanitation Contracts
Save An Elephant
Schmitt, Earl 1980
$125 Service Fee
Service Charge - Police/Fire
Sewell, Scott
Scott Sewell Shopping Center
New S&WB Directors
Sewerage & Water Board
S&WB Water Rate Increase
Shell Oil Co.
Shenanigan's Food & Spirits Inc.
Sierra Club Committee on Political Education (Scope)
Patsy Sipas
Social Security Administration
Solid Waste Systems
South Africa
Southern Scrap
Spring Fiesta Association
State Issues
State Legislation Issues
State & Local Fiscal Matters
Streets Completed Complaints
Street Department
Street Light Conversions
Street Lighting & Crime
Street Sweeping Contract
Suits Against the City
The Sunshine Law
Sunday Laws
Super Bowl XX
Tax Abatement
Amusement Tax
Amusement Tax Exemption
Amusement Tax Ordinance 9644
Tax - Earnings
Tax Free Shopping
Tax Issues
(Proposed) Earnings Tax

Box 26

Tax Millage - 1
Tax Transaction
June 29th Testimonial
Taxi Cab - Subcommittee
Texaco Incorporated
Theatre of Performing Arts
Time Sharing
Time Share Condos - 3801 St. Charles Avenue
Timeshare - Maison St. Charles
Times Picayune
Total Community Action, Inc.
Tour Buses
Tourism - 1
N.O. Tourism - Councilman Early - 1978-79
Tourism Funding
Tourist Commission
Tourist Commission

Box 27

Marketing Committee Tourist Commission
Tourist Commission
1989 G.
G.N.O.T.C.C. - Board of Directors
Tourist Commission
Tourist Commission
Tourist Commission - 1
Tourist Commission - 2
Tourist Commission
Tourist Commission
Tourist Commission
Tourism - Cultural
Tourist and Visitor Related Transportation Systems
Traffic Court
Collection of Traffic Violations
Non-Moving Traffic Violations
Tragedy Fund, Inc.
Train Whistle - Ordinance
Transit - 1980
Transit Acquisition

Box 28

Transit Shelter
Transit Study - Orleans, Jefferson & St. Bernard Parishes- 2
Transit Study - Orleans, Jefferson & St. Bernard Parishes - 1
Transportation Development Department
Travel 1978-79
University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education
Closed - Travel
Pending - Travel
Travelers Aid
Travel Expense Records
Tree Planting Policy Committee
Trinity Funding, Inc.
Truck Route
2020 Year
City Employee Unemployment Insurance
United Gas Pipeline Co.
U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers
US Coast Guard - Vessel Traffic Service
U.S. Conference of Mayors
US Department of Transportation
University of New Orleans
Uptown Civic Association
Uptown Flood Association
Urban Corrida District
Urban Development Action Grants 1978-9
Utility Issues/Voting Record
Vending Machine
Veterans Affairs
Vidaliz Hydroelectric
Vocational - Technical Institute
1987 Voter Registration Plan & Analysis & Recommendations

Box 29

Warehouse District
Bonnie Warren
Waterford World
WCCL-TV (Barbara Lamont)
Weatherization Service
Westbank Projects
West Festival
Westminster, 1515 Poydras St.
Whitney National Bank (1982)
Windshield Washing - Public Streets
WWL T.V. - 2
WWL T.V. - 1
WSMB Tower Property
WWOZ - FM 90.7
WWL/WLPB Programming
YMCA - Young Men's Christian Association
Youth Study Center
Zero Base Budget Procedures
Bourbon Street Ordinance
ZD 74/87
Bed & Breakfast Ordinance
Bed & Breakfast
Bed & Breakfast
By Waters Riverfront Task Force
Algiers Problem Area
Algiers Reserve Police
Algiers Task Force Safety Comm.
Algiers-Fisher Health Clinic
Algiers Trash Pickup
Bayou St. John
Betty Grandbouche
Bodenger Playground Concession
Bourban Street Ordinance
534 Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street Mall
Brechtel Rupp Park Phase -3
By Water News
By Water Neighborhood Meetings
Marc Cooper - Crescent City Comm.
City Inheritance Tax
Council on Aging
A Creole Christmas
D-Day Blitz Zoning
District Constituet's
Faubourg Marigny - D-Day
Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Assn.
Film, Television & Productions
First Fisheries Development
French Market Corporation
Functions New Orleans City Council
Faubourg - St. John Neighborhood Assn.
GED Program Fisher Project
Greater New Orleans Marketing Commission

Box 30

American Waste
Cox Cable
Cao Office 1987
Community Access Corporation
Community Improvement Agency
Council Fiscal Office
Council Research
Fire Department
Housing Authority
Letters of Intent
Levee Board
Mailing List
Parking Management
Parkway and Park Commission
Property Management
Real Estate & Records
Safety & Permits
Sewage & Water Board
South Central Bell
City Streets
Taxicab Bureau
Telecommunication Office
Thankyou from Mike
Thankyou to Mike
Tow Releases
Traffic Engineering
Transit Administration
Traffic Violations
Vieux Carre Commission
Cox Cable
Dist A
Dist B
Dist C
Dist D
Dist E
Safety & Permits 1987
Thank you Letters to Mike
Telephone Messages 1987
Christmas Carol List
Grease Trap Waste Disposal
Algiers Point Busses
Neighborhood Development Foundation
Special Events Coordinator
Commerce Center (Proposed)
City Budget 1990
1707 Esplanade
McLellan - Robertson
Crescent City Celebration
Royal Street Guild
Vieux Carre Park, Zoning District
New French Quarter Businesses
Back Injuries
Cafe Beignet
Mrs. Fields Cookies - Bourbon St.
Abandoned Houses
VC Ordinance
Presbytere Restoration
Mike Lala
Australia World Expo
Townhall Meetings
Algiers Agenda

Sewerage & Water Board - 1220 Lopez
Vieux Carre Miscellaneous

Box 31

American Waste
Chief Administration Office
Community Improvement Agency
Community Access Corporation
Council Fiscal Office
Council Research
Fire Department
Health Department
Housing Authority
Letters of Intent
Levee Board
Mailing List
Office of Municipal Investigation
Parking Management
Parkway & Park Commission
Police Department
Property Management
Real Estate & Records
Safety & Permits
Sewerage & Water Board
Streets Department
Taxicab Bureau
Telecommunications Office
Thankyou to Mike
Thankyou from Mike
Traffic Engineering
Vieux Carre Commission
Cox Cable
Tow Releases

Box 32

Miscellaneous unfiled documents -- Folder #1
Miscellaneous unfiled documents -- Folder #2
Miscellaneous unfiled documents -- Folder #3
Miscellaneous unfiled documents -- Folder #4
Miscellaneous unfiled documents -- Folder #5
Miscellaneous unfiled documents -- Folder #6
Vieux Carre Wine and Spirit Shop
Cultural Tourism
Street Improvements
Budget -1990
Vaughn Seminars
Proposed Exxon Station Rebuilding in Algiers
Southern Baptist Hospital
F. Edward Hebert Signage
Miscellaneous Vieux Carre #1
Miscellaneous Vieux Carre #2
Sewerage and Water Board
Mayor's Visit to Denmark
D. H. Holmes Lease

Box 33

Algiers Drainage Comm.
Algiers Neighborhood Improvement
Holiday Drive Project
Homeless Assistant Act
Horse and Carriage
Hope House
Homeless Legislation
Iberville Daycare and Learning
Iberville Housing Task Force
Iberville Literacy Program
Jax Brewery - City Planning
La. Hotel-Motel Assn.
Lower Coast - English Turn
Rose Loving
Mayor's French Quarter Task Force
Merliton Fest
Minority and Woman Participation
Minority Vendors/Contractors
Mobile Telephones
N. Claiborne/St. Bernard Ave. Task Force
Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization - Lillian Machado
News Stands
Noise Control Ordinance
Occupational License Tax - Musicians
Orleans Parish Sanitarian Service
Pace-Cypress Acres-Wall - General DeGaulle Task Force
PRC Committee
Parc Fontaine Housing
Police Department
Port Record
Property Management
Railroad Crossing Repairs
Recyle - American Waste
Road Races
Rochester Midland
Sanitation Department
Sewerage & Water Board Members
Service Charge
Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans
15690 Sidewalk Seating Ordinance
Skelly Rupp Park
Paul B. Cascio - Specialty Rest. Corp. St. Peter & French Market Corp.
Summer Worker 1989
Suzy Mague
Tall Timbers Neighborhood Assn.
Billy Tauzin-Wayne Fernandez
Telecommunication Tax
Telecommunications Revenue
Total Community Action
Tourist & Convention Millage
813 Toulouse Street
Tourist Commission Revenue Plan
Tullis Drive Neighborhood Group
Unclaimed Weapons & Firearms
Urban Affairs Service - N.O. Library
UNO - School of Urban & Regional Studies
Upper Pontaldo Building Committee
Vieux Carre Archectural Committee
Vieux Carre Carriage Mules & Horses
VC Commercial Vehicle Parking Permit
VCCV Parking Permit
Vieux Carre Comm.
Waiver of Moratorium Appeals
Walgreen Drugs
Wildlife & Fisheries Building
Zoning Codes

Box 34

French Quarter Cocktail Party (Aquarium)
3201 Patterson
RTA Bus Route Changes
Lafitte Project
Armstrong Park

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