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Councilman Joseph V. DiRosa
Papers, 1962-1966; 1970-1978
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Joseph V. DiRosa served as New Orleans Councilman-At-Large from 1962-1966 and again from 1970-1978.

DiRosa was born in New Orleans in 1915. He attended local parochial and public schools and graduated from Loyola University with a degree in accounting. After service in the Coast Guard during World War II, he returned to New Orleans and became a Certified Public Accountant in 1945. In 1947, he received a degree from Loyola Law School.

From 1952-1956, DiRosa worked as Assistant Attorney General of Louisiana, on special assignment to the Mineral Board. In 1962, he ran successfully for an at-large seat on the New Orleans City Council, and during his term was closely allied with Mayor Victor H. Schiro. He lost the seat in 1966 to Moon Landrieu. In 1970, he again sought the at-large seat and narrowly defeated Ernest N. "Dutch" Morial in a run-off election.

In 1978, DiRosa again confronted Morial, this time in a race for Mayor of New Orleans, from which Morial emerged the winner by less than 5500 votes.

Following his defeat in the mayoral race, DiRosa ran unsuccessfully for Public Service Commissioner. In 1979, he was elected to a Civil District Court judgeship, a position he held until 1986, when he resigned to run for the City Council District A seat, which he lost to Peggy Wilson. Thereafter, DiRosa served frequently as a temporary judge in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish courts by appointment of the state Supreme Court.

DiRosa died in 1997.

The records are subject-correspondence files arranged alphabetically by subject or correspondent within each year. The records of DiRosa's first term in office (1962-1966) are more complete than those of his second and third terms (1970-1978). In addition to the alphabetical/chronological arrangement, some files from the 1970-1978 period are also grouped into several large subject categories: Domed Stadium Commission Files; New Orleans Public Service Commission Files, 1972-1978 (including a large group of city documents and reports removed from the files to the City Archives Documents Collection but noted in the inventory by call number); and Sewerage and Water Board Files, 1972-1976.

Box S-1


Reading Files

1962 (Jan.-Dec.)
1963 (Nov.-Dec.)
1964 (Jan.-June)

Subject Files

Administrative Office, 1963
Administrative Office, 1963
Advance Paper Company
Advertising Club
Advertising Companies
Advertising on Benches at Bus Stops, 1962-1963
Air Pollution--City of Los Angeles, California
Air Pollution control--Smog
Air RouteTraffic Control Centers to Houston
Algiers Civic Associations, 1962-1963
American Institute of Management
American Legion, 1962-1963
American Oil Company
American Public Works Association, 1962-1963
Angela Street Dump
Animals Haven League, 1962-1963
Anti-Communist Resolutions
Application--NASA--New Orleans Coordinating Committee

Ballots, 1962
Barkers Ordinance--French Quarter
Billboards on Expressways
Bleacher Stands--Carnival Parades
Blind (Transportation of Same), 1963
Blue Cross Insurance
Board of Assessors
Board of Commissioners, Port of New Orleans
Board of Liquidation City Debt
Bond Election
Bond Issue Campaign, 1963
Bond Issues--Election Returns (July 28, 1962 Election)
Bourbon Street Association, 1962
Bourbon Street Association of Night Clubs, 1962-1963
Budget Analysis and Research, 1963
Building Inspection

Calendar Ordiance 2713--Against
Calendar Ordinance 2713--Congratulatory Messages for Passage of
Calendar Ordinance 2821--Code of Ethics
Calendar Ordinance 2945, 2946--Permit Fee Increase
Canal Street Decoration, 1962
Canal Street Ferry, 1962

Box S-2

Canal Street Transit--File No. 1 (May-July, 1963)
Canal Street Transit--File No. 2 (August, 1963)
Canal Street Transit--File No. 3 (September, 1963)
Canal Street Transit--File No. 4 (October, 1963)
Canal Street Transit--File No. 5 (November, 1963)
Capital Budget, 1963
Carnival Organization
Carnival Reviewing Stand--Requests for Tickets
Carrollton Avenue Lighting, 1963
Central Medical Unit, 1963
Certified Public Accountants--Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Co.
Chamber of Commerce, 1962-1963
Character Reference, 1962
Charbonnet Street Wharf, 1963
Chief Administrative Office
Christmas Cards, 1962
Christmas Presents, 1962
Churches, 1962
Citizen's Council of Greater New Orleans, 1963
City Attorney's Office
City of New Orleans (Personnel)
City Planning and Zoning, 1963
Civic Association, 1962-1963
Civic Beautification Association, 1963
Civil Defense, 1963
Civil Rights, 1963
Civil Service, 1963
Civil Service, File No. 1, 1962-1963
Civil Service Hearing on Detectives
Classical Music Society
Clerk of Council, 1963
Clubs other than Civic Associations
Code of Ethics
Colleges--Louisiana State University
Colonel's List Requests--Governor's Staff
Communist Made Goods
Complaints--General--Folder 1
Complaints--General--Folder 2
Congratulatory Letters to Graduates, Warron Easton High
Constitutional Amendments, 1962-1963
Construction Industry Association of New Orleans, Inc.
Consulting Engineers
Contributions--DiRosa, J.V. (Personal)
Contributions for Bond Issue Election 7/23/63 solicited by Joseph V. DiRosa
Controversy with Levee Board and Sewerage and Water Board
Coroner's Office
Council Meetings, 1963, notes brought back from
Councilman Curtis, 1962-1963
Councilman DiRosa, Joseph V., 1962-1963
Councilman Dupuy, 1962-1963
Councilman Fitzmorris, 1962-1963
Councilman Kelly, 1962-1963
Councilman Marcus, 1962-1963
Councilman Petre, 1962-1963

Box S-3

Crippled Children's Hospital Guild
Cultural Center
Cultural, Educational and Public Service Broadcasting Inc.
Curtis and Davis, 1963

Dayries Pay Plan
Defraites and Associates, Inc.--Sewerage Treatment Plant
Delgado Museum
Delago Trade School
Delgado, Isaac Trade School Congratulatory Letters, Graduation 1962
Department of Finance, 1963
Department of Finance, Bureau of Treasury
Department of Fire, Fire Alarm Division
Department of Fire, Fire Prevention
Department of Health
Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Records
Department of Health, Various Divisions
Department of Law
Department of Purchasing
Department of Recreation
Department of Sanitation
Department of Streets--General
Department of Streets
Department of Traffic Engineering, 1962-1963
Department of Welfare, 1963
DiRosa, Joseph V.--Attorney at Law--Letters
DiRosa, Joseph V.--Campaign
DiRosa, Joseph V.--New Home, 1963
DiRosa, Joseph V.--Personal (Get Well Notes>
DiRosa, Joseph V.--Personal, 1962
DiRosa, Joseph V.--Personal, 1962--Contratulations
DiRosa, Joseph V.--Personal, 1963--Congratulations
DiRosa, Joseph V.--Personal, 1963
DiRosa, Joseph V. (Expected Trip to Germany material) DiRosa, Louis
District Attorney--Folder 1
District Attorney--Folder 2

Economic Study, City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Employees Retirement System
Esplanade Bus Stop
Exchange of Property, City of New Orleans with Tulane University
Expressway By Pass Route, I-10 Through City Park--Lakeview
Expressway Route I-10 through Downtown 8th and 9th Wards

Fairgrounds Passes, 1962-1963
Fairgrounds Passes, 1963
Federal Buildings--U.S. Mint
Ferry Service--Tullis Drive and Paris Road
Fifth District Homestead
Fingerprinting Ordinance
Fire Department
Firemen's Pension
Fire Retardant Mattress
Fire Station Lower Algiers
First Anniversary of Administration in Council
Fort Pike Residents Petition
French Market Corp.

General Information
Gifts--DeRosa, Joseph V.
Good Soil from Old Garbage
Gremillion, Jack P.F.
Gros, National Campaign
Gubernatorial Election, 1963
Gubernatorial Election, First Primary, 12/7/63

Hospital--Veterans Administration
Hopitalization Program, City Employees
House Bills--Folder 1
House Bills--Folder 2
Housing Authority of New Orleans

Indecent Movies and Literature
Independent Democratic Electors Association
Insurance--DiRosa, Joseph V.
Intercoastal Waterway, Gulf
Interdenomination Segretation-Integration
International House
International Trade Mart Building
International Trade Mart Building--File No. 2
International Trade Mart Building--File No. 3
International Trade Mart Building Corporation

Box S-4

Invitations--Folder 1
Invitations--Folder 2
Invitations, 1962
Invitations, 1963--Folder 1
Invitations, 1963--Folder 2

Jackson Avenue Ferry
Jackson Brewing Company
Jefferson Downs Racetrack, 1962-1963 Season
Jefferson Parish
Jung Hotel
Juvenile Court

Kennedy, Complaint about, 1963
Krewe of Orleans

Land Survey--Planning Commission
Lacey, Dennis--Mayor's Office
Leake Avenue
Lease Agreement, N.O. Aviation Board, Moisant Airport
Legislative Reapportionment Committee, 1962
Liuzza, Ray
London Avenue-North Galvez Street
Long, Gillis
Louisiana Avenue Bus Line
Louisiana Civil Service League
Louisiana Power and Light Company
Louisiana, State of
Loyola School of Law
Loyola University

Maison Blanche
Mangin, Earl--Legislative Candidate
Methodist Hospital Building Fund--(Personal) DiRosa, Joseph V.
Methodist Hospital Building Fund
Mississippi River Bridge Authority
Moisant Airport, Conveyance, Parking Lot Extension
Moisant International Airport
Moisant International Airport (Controversial Levee Extension Matter)
Mosquito Control
Motor Vehicle Inspection
Motor Vehicle Inspection--Safety and Permits Department
Multiple Sclerosis
Municipal Auditorium
Municipal Yacht Harbor Property Management Department

Napoleon Avenue Ferry
National Association for Advancement of Colored People
New Orleans Athletic Club, Joseph DiRosa
New Orleans East
New Orleans Municipal Employees Club
New Orleans Philharmonic Society
New Orleans Women for Constitutional Goverment
New York Times
Newspaper Clippings

Oakwood Shopping Center, 1963
Oath of Office
Opera House Association
Operating Budget, 1962-1963
Operating Budget, 1963
Ordinance--Electrical Licensing
Ordinance--Calendar No. 2809--Immovable Property Aquisition
Ordinance--Prohibiting Tattooing of Minors--Houston, Texas
Ordinance--For the Purpose of Selling and Servicing Advertising Signs to Operators of Taxicabs

Box S-5

Orleans Levee Board--File No. 1
Orleans Levee Board--File No. 2
Orleans Levee Board--File No. 2
Orleans Levee Board--File No. 2--A Reports
Orleans Levee Board Financial Reports, 1963
Orleans Parish School Board, 1962-1963
Orleans Parish Service Office

Parking--6000 block of St. Charles Ave.
Parking Meters
Parking Meters Report
Parking Meters, Vicinity Touro Infirmary
Parking Ordinance--Traffic Judge David Mac Hauer
Parks--City Park
Parkway and Parks (Transferred)
Parkway and Parks, 1962-1963
Parkway and Parks Commission, 1962 (Dead Tree Situation)
Parkway Commission Tree Works for Public Service Ordiance, Calendar No. 2983
Payrole Power
Pay Plan--Classified
Pay Plan--Unclassified
Payroll Tax
Pizzo, Cecelia M.
Planning and Zoning Case
Playgrounds, General
Police Bureau of Investigation
Police, 1962
Police Complex
Police Department, 1963
Police Department, 1963--File No. 2
Police Foundation, Inc., 1963
Police Jury Association
Police Radio Technicians
Pontchartrain Pioneers Association
Press Releases--Folder 1
Press Releases--Folder 2
Property Management, 1962-1963
Public Belt Railroad
Public Library
Public Relations, May 1962-May 1963
Public Relations, May 1963

Box S-6

Public Relations--Richard Dixon
Public Relations Assignment Special Lists
Publishing Company, Times-Picayune

Real Estate
Real Estate Division, Property Management, 1963
Red Kagan (Personal)
Redistricting, City of New Orleans, by Wards, 1962-1963
Refrigeration Ordinance, 1963--Calendar No. 2900
Regal Brewery
Registrar of Voters
Requests for Appointment to Board
Requests for Information
Requests for Jobs--File No. 1 (5/15/62-5/10/63)
Requests for Literature
Resolutions--Folder 1
Resolutions--Folder 2
Revocation of Liquor Licenses
Revocation of Liquor Licenses, 1963
Revocation of Liquor License of Universal Co., Kidd's Korner, Coniglio's Bar, Brown's Place, Moore's Bar and Trade Mart Liquor Store
Revocation of Liquor License of Richard K. Durabb
Revocation of Liquor License of Trescalu Lounge, Dockets No. 1-63
Richinse, Santo M.
Roosevelt Hotel
Rubbish Disposal System

Safety and Permits
Sanitation--Central Maintenance Garage
Schiro, Victor H., Mayor
Schiro, Victor H., Mayor's Office
Scholarchip Grants
School Board
Schools (Colored) for Retarded Children
Seabrook Bridge and Tunnel
Securities and Exchange Commission
Security Homestead
Sergi, Joseph (Personal)
Sewerage and Water Board--Lower Coast Algiers, 1962-1963
Sewerage and Water Board--Legislation, 1962-1963
Sewerage and Water Board, 1962-1963
Sewerage and Water Board, 1963 (Maxent Station)
Sewerage and Water Board, Code of Ethics, July 10, 1963
Sewerage and Water Board Notices of Meetings, Jan.-July, 1963
Social Welfare Planning Council
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Sophie Gumbel Home (Association for Retarded Children, Inc.)
South Johnson Street, Proposed Sale of--Real Estate, 1962
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company
Southern Railway
Special Lists (Personal)
Speeches--Joseph V. DiRosa
State Representatives and Senators

Box S-7

Street Lighting Program
Taxicab Ordinance
Taxicab Ordinance for New Rates
Television Broadcasting Stations
Traffic--John Hancock Building, St. Charles Avenue
Traffic at Lee Circle
Traffic Engineering
Traina, Cyril
Transit Bus Extension, Moisant International Airport
Trottman, Mrs.

Union Passenger Terminal
United Nations
Upper Pontalba Commission
Urban Renewal
Utilities--Light Controversy, 5839 Argonne
Utilities Department
Utilities Department--Taxicab Bureau
Utilities Department--Street Lighting Program

Vacation Trip, 1962--Personal, Joseph V. DiRosa
Vieux Carre--Case of 236-240 Royal St.
Vieux Carre--300 Bourbon St.
Vieux Carre Commission
Vieux Carre Hotel--Regal Brewery Site
Vieux Carre Property (Royal Orleans Hotel)
Vieux Carre Zoning--Case of Convent of Holy Family, 717 Orleans Ave.
Von Braun, Dr. Wernher, Testimonial for (Personal)
Voting Instructions--Mr. Haggerty--Criminal Court Building
Vouchers, DiRosa, Joseph V.

Wax Museum
Welfare Department
West End Boulevard--Name Change to Lakeshore Drive, 1962
West End Bus Line
Westside Transit

Xmas Gifts, 1963

Zoning Adjustments
Zoning Dockets 8-63 and 9-63, Daniel McGovern Cemetery
Zoning Dockets 28-62 and 29-62 (Very controversial)
Zoning Dockets 36-62
Zoning Dockets 41-63, 1963


Box S-8

Ad Hoc Committee to Study Proposed Amendment to City Charter
Administration of Joseph DiRosa, First Anniversary and Second Anniversary, 1964
Administrative Office, 1964
Advisory Committee--Orleans Parish Service Office
AFL-CIO, 1964
Air Pollution
Alcoholics--Treatment of, 1964
Almonaster St. Extension, 1964
American Automobile Association
American Legion, 1964
American Public Works Association
Argonne Boulevard, Lighting of Same
Assessment Study Committee
Associations--Various, 1964

Banks--General, 1964
Barataria Bay Waterway, Louisiana (Public Hearing)
Beauregard Square--Preservation of
Biracial Committee

Board of Assessors
Board of Liquidation, City Debt
Board of Trade--Roster of Membership
Board of Zoning Adjustments
Bureau of Governmental Research
New Orleans Aviation Board (Moisant International Airport)
Orleans Levee Board
Railroad Terminal Board
Real Estate Board
School Board--Orleans Parish
Sewerage and Water Board
Sewerage and Water Board Plumbing Conference Committee
Sewerage and Water Board, Southern Yacht Club, Sewerage Condition
Sewerage and Wate Board, Tropical Tourist Court Case
Traffic and Transportation Bureau of Chamber of Commerce
Bond Election, March 3, 1964
Bond Issue Election
Broadway Bus
Brown, Joe, Tract
Building and Trades Council
Building Code Committee
Building Code Ordinance
Building Ispection
Bureau of Governmental Research, "Orleans Parish Assessments, 1953-1964"

Calendar Ordinance No. 3196--Raise in Taxicab Rates
Canal Street Bus Operating Schedule
Canal Street--Relocation of Odd Fellows Cemetery
Capital Budget, 1965-1969
Capital Budget and Program, Calendar Ordinance No. 2939
Carnival Stand Tickets, 1964
Chamber of Commerce--General
Chamber of Commerce Industrial and Development Department
Chamber of Commerce New Orleans Industry Sub-Committee
Christmas Cards Received, 1964
Christmas Gifts, 1964
Citizens for Progress Committee
City Attorney's Office
City Council's Citizen Committee
City Planning Commission
City Wide Beautification Program--Committee
Civic Associations, 1964
Civic Clubs--Ninth Ward Civic and Improvement League
Civil Defense
Civil Service
Clerk of Council
Clubs Solicited for Speaking Engagement
Committee for Soviet Jewry
Committee on Alcoholism--Folder 1
Committee to Study Rate Base of NOPSI, 1964
Communistic Material
Compost Plant

Box S-9

Concession Lease Extension Controversy (Moisant International Airport)
Concessions Leased Out by Departments and Agencies of City Goverment
Congratulations, 1964
Consumer Price Index
Contributions, Joseph DiRosa (Personal)
Conversion of (Old) Civil District Court into Opera House
Coordinating Committee
Coroner's Office
Council Chamber (Requests for Use of Same)
Council General
Council Meeting Notes
Council (Personal)
Council, Secretary to Crime and Law Enforcement Committee (Police Department)
Criminal Court
Criminal Sheriff
Cultural Center
Curtis, Councilman Henry B.

Design of Tall Buildings in New Orleans
Delgado Albania Plantation
Delgado Museum
Delgado Trades and Technical Institute
Delta Parish Building Code Committee
Democratic Committee for Johnson for President
Department of Finance, Bureau of Accounting
Department of Health, Various Division
Department of Streets

DiRosa, Joseph V.
Attorney at Law papers
Beta Gamma Sigma
Biographical Sketch
Information, Personal
New Home
Personal Bank Business
Special Lists
United Cab, Personal
Dominical College, Change in Zoning
Dupuy, Councilman Clarence J.
Duvio, Plumber

Electronic Data Processing Committee
Engineering Firms
Expressway By Pass Route I-10 through City Park-Lakeview
Expressway over French Quarter area and River Front

Fairgrounds Passes, 1964-1965
Fairgrounds Racetrack
Federal Power Commission
Federal Power Commission (Uniform System of Accounting)
Federal--War on Poverty Program
Finance Department
Financial Statement, City of New Orleans, Year Ended 12/31/1963
Fire Department
Fire Fighter's Association, Pay Increase for 1964
Fire Retardant Mattress
Fitzmorris, Councilman James E.
Flood Protection Lake Pontchartrain
Floral Trail
Foreign Trade
French Market Corporation

Garbage Disposal--National Organic Corp.
Garden Clubs
General Election, 11/3/64
General Fund Revenues Report
General Services Administration Utilization and Disposal Real Property Division

Hayne Boulevard Mercury Vapor Lighting
Henderson Sugar Refinery
H.H.F.A. Demonstration Grant, Vieux Carre
Hitachi Ltd.
Housing Authority of New Orleans
Housing--Morrison Park

IBM Data Processing Equipment
Informal Tuesday Council Meeting
International House
International Relations
International Relations Committee
International Review Information

Box S-10

Jefferson Downs Racetrack Passes, 1964-65 Season
Jefferson Parish Electric Maintenance Contract, Louisiana Power and Light
Juvenile Court

Labor Unions
Land Survey, City Planning Commission
Land Swap--West End Blvd.
League of Women Voters
Legalized Gambling
Legislation by Ordinance
Legislative Bills Adverse to City of New Orleans
Liaison Committee (D.A.'s Office and Supt. of Police)
Library--Algiers Regional
License Fee Ordinance for Transient Business
Louisiana Department of Highways
Louisiana Landmarks Society
Louisiana Power and Light Company
Louisiana, State of--Department of Welfare
Lower Mississippi Valley Flood Control Association
Loyola School of Law

Mangin, Earl
Marcus, Councilman Walter
Masson's Beach House Restaurant--Pontchartrain Blvd.
Mayor's Office
Mental Hygiene, Institute of
Merchants on 100 block St. Charles Ave. Request for Removal of Bus
Metropolitan Crime Commission of New Orleans
Metropolitan New Orleans Safety Council
Mid-Winter Sports Association
Millage Transfer Coordinating Committee
Mississippi River Bridge Authority
Moisant International Airport
Moisant International Airport Convenience Parking Lot Extension
Moisant International Airport Insurance Contract Extension
Monorail, Public Hearing, Excerpt from
Morrison Funeral Schedule, May 26, 1964
Morrison Memorial Committee
Mosquito Control
Multiple Sclerosis
Municipal Auditorium
Municipal Court Judges
Municipal Employees Club, New Orleans, NOMEC
Municipal Employees Retirement Plan
Municipal Yacht Harbor
Municipal Yacht Harbor Boathouse Leases, Calendar Ordinance 3187

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People--Human Relations Committee
New Orleans Area Horticultural Council
New Orleans Athletic Club
New Orleans East
New Orleans Public Service, Inc.

Oak Park Playground
Official Journal House and Senate
Officials Traffic Safety Committee
Oklahoma Cement Company in New Orleans
Operating and Capital Budget
Operating Budget, 1964
Operating Budge, 1965
Orleans Airport Commission
Orleans Levee Board, Camp Leroy Johnson

Parish Prison
Parish Prison Bulletin
Parishes--Jefferson, St. Bernard
Parking Meter Report
Parks--Audubon Park
Parks--City Park
Parkway and Park Commission
Paving Lien -- 13 Folders
Paving Liens Against Thomas or E.H. Schill
Petre, Councilman John J.
Pezant, James, Budget Analyst
Planning and Zoning Case of Claude H. and Donald W. Solanar Subdivision -- 32-64
Planning and Zoning Disposition of Old Mint Building
Planning and Zoning Petition of Donald F. Blythe for Re-Subdivision approval--Subdivision docket 52-64
Planning Commission Opinions--Docket Cases Only
Plaza Towers
Poland-Alvar Street Extension

Box S-11

Police Complex
Police Department
Police Department Detectives Pay Scale
Police (Fraternal Order)
Police Jury Association
Police Jury Association Convention
Police Parking Garage
Police Pension Fund
Polling Places and Information
Pontchartrain Pioneer Association, Inc.
Pontchartrain Sanitary District Commission
Presidential Campaign
Presidential Election Returns, 11/3/64
Professional Football in New Orleans
Property Management
Proposed 1964-1965 Louisiana Budget
Public Belt Railroad Commission
Public Library
Public Relations--Folder 1
Public Relations--Folder 2


Real Estate
Real Estate--Acquisition of Propery--Wall Blvd.
Real Estate--Leased Property for Private Purposes
Real Estate--Street Dedications--Lakewood So.
Real Estate--Poydras Street Widening--Acquisition
Recreation Department
Regional Planning Commission
Requests for Jobs
Results of Election, 7/25/74--Judgeships

Revocations of Liquor Licenses
Cathy's Lounge
Gay Nineties Bar
Glorioso, Anthony P.
Rossi, Paul
Village Inn
Cases 6-64A, 7-64A, and 8064A
Cases 9-64A, 10-64A and 11-64A
Cases 12-64A and 13-64A
Cases 14-64A, 15-64A, 17-64A and 19-64A
Cases 16-64A and 18-64A
Cases 26-64
Cases 70-64
Revocations of Taxicab Permits
Chalaire, Burton and Lange, Frank
Chalaire, Lionel and Williams, Sam
Eatman, Walter C. and Baroni, Frank J.
Locascio, Frank
Lombas, Herman
Ortiz, Alfred
Revolta, Charles Frank
Robert, Bill
Rosenwald Center, 1964
Rules and Regulations Council

Safety and Permits
St. Claude Avenue Underpass--Petition
Sanitation, Department of
Scholarship Grants
Schools--Cabrini High
Schools--Delgado Trade and Technical Institute
Schools--Jefferson Parish
Schools--St. Mary's
Seabrook Bridge and Tunnel
Sesquicentennial Celebration Commission
Sewerage and Water Board
Social Welfare Planning
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
Special Investigating Committee--Department of Finance
State of Louisiana--Sunshine Bridge Dedication, 10/12/64
State Senators, State Representatives
Statements of Councilman Joseph V. DiRosa
Streetcars Desired, Incorporated -- Folder 1
Streetcars Desired, Incorporated -- Folder 2

Box S-12

Streetcars, Information on Modern and Foreign Made

Tax Papers for Attorney Joseph V. DiRosa
Taxicab Drivers' Permit Case of Joseph Tocci
Taxicab Ordinance Changes in Liability Coverage for Taxicabs
Telephone Vouchers
Thank You's
Tourist Commission
Traffic Court--Relocation
Traffic Engineer
Traffic Tickets--May 1964, Joe Michelli
Transportation Trends

United States Engineers--Barataria Bay Waterway
United States Municipal News
Upper Pontalba Commission
Urban Renewal
Utilities Department--File 1
Utilities Department--File 2
Utilities Department--Construction Budget, NOPSI
Utilities Department Gas Rate Schedule
Utilities--Street Lighting Program

Vieux Carre
Vieux Carre--818-820 Dumaine St.
Vouchers--DiRosa, J.V.

Welfare Department
West End Boulevard Land Swap
Westside Transit
Witty Sayings




Accounting--City of New Orleans
Advance Paper Company, 1965 (Personal)
Advertising Club
Affidavit Form
Alpha Delta Gamma
American Federation of Labor--C.I.O.
American Legion
American Public Works Association
Area Transportation Authority Study Committee
Area Transportation Study
Assessment Study Committee
Association for Retarded Children (Sophie Gumbel Home)
Aubrey J. Bergeron
Augustin, Douglass

Biracial--NAACP etc.
Board of City Trusts
Board of Liquidation, City Debt
Board of Zoning Adjustments
Budget--Capital Requests
Budget Material
Building Inspection Dept.
Building--Tulane and South Claiborne Avenue (Personal)
Campaign 1965
Campaign 1965--Contributions

Box S-13

Campaign 1965--Endorsements of Unions
Candidates for Election, 1966
Carnival Krewes
Carnival Organizations
Causeway--Lake Pontchartrain
Chamber of Commerce
Character References

Chief Administrative Office
Bicycle Licenses
Capital Expenditures
Capital Improvements Project
Central Police Facilities
Community Renewal Program
Fire Station--Tulane and N. Robertson St.
General File
General Revenue Statement, November 1965
L&N Crossing of the Industrial Canal
Maintenance of Chef Menteur Highway, Dowman Rd. to Flood Protection Levee
Procedures for Revocation of Suspension of Alcoholic Beverage Permits
Project Status Report
Proposed Truck Route
Retirement Benefits
U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency--Non-discrimination Requirements
Christmas Gifts
City Attorney
Civic Associations--General
Civil Court Judges
Civil Defense
Civil Service
Clerk of Council (4 folders)
Clerk of Council Agenda for Use of Council Chamber
Colleges--Loyola University
Colleges--Xavier University
Composting--Arizona Biochemical Company
Composting--Fromherz Engineers
Composting--Key Largo Plant (Photographs)
Congratulatory Letters and Answers (Personal)
Construction Industry Association
Henry Curtis
Joseph V. DiRosa
Clarence O. Dupuy
James E. Fitzmorris
Daniel L. Kelly
Walter F. Marcus
John J. Petre
Criminal Court Clerks and Judges
Criminal Sheriff
Cultural Center--Acquisition of Property

Degelos Brothers Grain Corporation
Delgado Museum
Desire Street--Petition to make same one way from St. Charles Ave. to Robertson
DiRosa, Joseph V., Attorney at Law
DiRosa, Joseph V., CPA
DiRosa, Joseph V.--Correspondence, General)
DiRosa, Lucy
Dominican College Zoning, File #1
Dominican College Zoning, File #2

Box S-14

Earhart Expressway
Editorials, WDSU-TV, 1965
Editorials, WNOE, 1965
Election, Predictions on 1966 election
Election, 1966--Qualifying papers of Councilman Joseph V. DiRosa
Election Returns, 1965
Engineers, Corps of
Expressway over French Quarter Area and Riverfront

Fairgrounds Passes, 1965
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal War on Poverty Program
Finance Department--Bureau of Electronic Data Processing
Finance Department--Purchasing
Finance Department--Quarterly Report, Annual and Sick Leave of Employees
Finance Department--Statement--Cash Receipts and Disbursements
Finance Department--Suggested Procedure for Contracts for Repairs to Damaged City Property Caused in Hurricane Betsy
Fire Department
Fire Fighters Association
Fire Prevention Department
First City Court--Judges Requesting Increased Salary
Floral Trail
Fraternal Order of Police
French Market Corporation

Gillis, James Column
Get Well Notes
Gulf South Research Institute (Proposal for Lakefront Site)

Health Department
Hold File
Hospital--Crippled Children
House Bill No. 149
House Bill No. 246 (Fixing dates of first and second primary elections for Parochial and Municipal offices, City of New Orleans)
Houseing Authority of New Orleans
Housing Improvement
Housing Improvement Advisory Committee
Humphrey, Hubert--Vice President, USA
Hurricane Betsy--Committee on Housing
Hurricane Betsy--Offer of Ham Operators
Hurricane Betsy--Volunteers Help for Victims

Incinerator (Algiers) Pittman Construction Co.
Incinerator--New Orleans East
Incinerator (St. Louis St.)
Incinerator--Proposal between City and Wallace Industries
International Relations
International Relations Committee
International Trade Mart--Air Rights
International Trade Mart--General
International Trade Mart--Tripartite Agreement
Interstate Highway through Lakeview

Jackson Avenue Ferry
Jefferson Parish School Board Land Acquisition
Jefferson Downs Passes
Junior Chamber of Commerce
Juvenile Court Judges Pay Plan

Kagan, Red (Personal)
Kelso, Iris, column
Krewe of Elenians King

La Kratt Corp. (Old Brown Tract)
League of Women Voters
Legislation--Aurora Properties, Inc.
Legislation--State of Louisiana
Levee Board--Mosquito Control
Louisiana Landmarks Association
Louisiana Municipal Association Newsletter
Louisiana, State of
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
Louisiana Tuberculosis Association (Re-Ordinance on Solicitations)
Lower Mississippi Valley Flood Control Association

Mardi Gras Parade Reserved Seat Requests
Mayor's Office (Appointments to Boards and Commissions)
Mayor's Office--Correspondence General
Mechanical Inspection Department
Metropolitan Crime Commission
Michoud Boulevard Flood Control

Box S-15

Mid-City Baptist Building Program
Mid-City Baptist Church Zoning
Mississippi River Bridge at Paris Road
Mississippi River Bridge Authority
Mosquito Control
Multiple Sclerosis
Municipal Art Commission
Municipal Auditorium
Municipal Courts
Municipal Yacht Harbor

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
National Association of Counties
New Orleans Army Terminal
New Orleans Athletic Club
New Orleans Aviation Board
New Orleans Consumer Price Index
New Orleans East, 1964-1965
New Orleans East Junior Chamber of Commerce
New Orleans Municipal Employees Club
New Orleans Railroad Terminal Board
Newspapers Clippings--General
Norco--Composting Plant
Notes Brought Back from Council Meetings

Operating Budget--County Officials--Request of Mayor for $1,000
Ordinance, Calendar No. 3233 (Increase Sales Tax Referendum)
Ordinance #3277 (Traffic during Carnival season)
Ordinance, Calendar No. 3333 (Mobile Home Parks, Trailer Parks, etc.)
Ordinance, Calendar No. 3431 (Shopping Cart Ordinance)
Ordinance, Calendar No. 3436 (Sightseeing guides)
Ordinance, Calendar No. 3443 (Sightseeing guides)
Ordinance #3234-3236-3454 (Elmwood Subdivision)
Ordinance, Calendar No. 3494 (City Property damaged by Hurricane Betsy, 1965)
Ordinance, Calendar No. 3491 (Prohibiting use of glasses and bottles on streets of Vieux Carre)
Ordinance, Calendar No. 3547 (Utilization of appropriations of Juvenile Court)
Ordinance prohibiting issuance of worthless checks with intent--Phil Foto
Orleans Levee Board
Orleans Parish School Board
Orleans Parish School Board--Traffic Safety Program

Parish Prison
Parkway and Park Commission
Paving Lien--11th Phase, June 8, 1965
Pay Plan
Pay Raise Requests
Pezant, James
Pezant, James--Analysis of Dock Board Leases
Pezant, James--Analysis of Responsibilities and working hours of District Fire Chiefs
Pezant, James--Review of Paving Lien
Pezant, James--Study of Meat Inspection Practices and Fees
Planning Commission--Air Rights
Planning Commission--Approval of Ordinances
Planning Commission--Community Renewal Program
Planning Commission--CRP Study
Planning Commission--Contracts Between City of N.O. and Harland, Bartholomew and Associates

Box S-16

Planning Commission--Economic Base Study
Planning Commission--General
Planning Commission--Subdivision Appeal 65-65
Planning Commission--Zoning Docket 4-65
Planning Commission (Controversial)
Poland--Alvar Extension
Police Boards
Police Department
Pontchartrain Beach
Poydras Home
Poydras Street Widening
Press Releases
Property Management
Public Library
Public Relations

Railroads--L&N--Riverfront Development
Real Estate
Recreation Dept.
Regional Planning
Registrar of Voters
Rehquate Osweld Rept. (German Streetcar)
Representative James A. Moreau (Re: Police Supplemental Pay)
Requests for Jobs
Requests for Jobs (Louisiana Employment Office)
Requests for Racetrack Passes
Requests for Seats for Stands (Tickets)

Revocation of Liquor Licenses
Lucky Pierre's
State of Louisiana vs. Carol M. Klein and Mary E. Maslaukas
Cases 1-65A through 7-65A
Cases 8-65 through 11-65
Cases 12-65A, 13-65A, 15-65A through 17-65A
Cases 12-65A through 17-65A
Cases 18-65A through 20-65A
Revocation of taxicab permit (Kent R. Brouillette) No. 185-548, No. 186-932
Roussel, Louis--Personal (Re-Campaign Contribution, 1962 primary)

Safety and Permits Department
Sanitation Department
Schools--Cabrini High
Schools--Cabrini High Bacccalaureate Address, Class of 65
Schools--Delgado Trade School
Seabrook Bridge and Terminal
Sewerage and Water Board
Sewerage and Water Board (Change in Plumbing Conference Code)
Sewerage and Water Board--Drainage Department
Sewerage and Water Board--Hoey Canal
Sewerage and Water Board--Plumbing Department
Sewerage and Water Board--Proposed Legislation, May 1965
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
Solicitations--Joseph V. DiRosa--Personal
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company
Special Lists--Councilman Joseph V. DiRosa
Speeches--President Johnson Budget Message to Congress, Monday, January 25, 1965
Stadium--9th Ward
State of the Union Speech, Monday, January 4, 1965, President Johnson
Statements by Councilman Joseph V. DiRosa
Streetcars--Dr. Wallace Rubin
Streets Department--Accelerated Maintenance Program
Streets Department--General
Streets Department--Proposed Truck Route
Streets Department--Travelers Insurance
Streets Department--Work Folders
Streets Department (17 folders)

Thank You notes
Times Picayune Publishing Company
Traffic Engineering
Traffic Engineering--Lee Circle Traffic Study

U.S. District Court (Personal)
Universities--Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
Urban Renewal
Utilities Department--General
Utilities Department--Schedule of Canal Street Buses
Utilities Department--Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Economic and Feasibility Study
Utilities Department--Taxicab Bureau

Vieux Carre--818-822 Dumaine St.
Vieux Carre Civic Association
Vieux Carre Commission
Vieux Carre Property Owners Association
Vieux Carre Study--Contrasts Between Bureau of Governmental Research and City

Welfare Department
Westside Transit


Zoning Docket--Folder 1
Zoning Docket--Folder 2
Zoning Change, Docket No. 19-65

Box S-17

Zoning Docket No. 46-65


Note: Councilman DiRosa left office in May, 1966. This accounts for the thinness of his files for this year.

American Legion
American Public Works Association
Aviation Board

Bond Election
Budget Analysis and Research Staff

Character References
Citizens Council of Greater New Orleans
City Attorney
Civic Associations
Civil Defense
Civil Service
Clerk of Council
Congratulatory Letters
Council Meetings

DiRosa, Joseph V.--Personal
Drug Abuse--Glue Sniffing

Election Material
Exchange Club of the Vieux Carre

Finance, Department of

Health, Department of

International Trade Mart

Japan Society of New Orleans
Juvenile Court

Liquor Licenses, Revocation of
Louisiana Municipal Association

Mayor's Office
Mississippi River Bridge Authority
Multiple Sclerosis
Municipal Court

New Orleans East
New Orleans Public Service

Orleans Levee Board

Paving Liens
Pay Plan
Planning Commission
Planning Commission--Docket 47-65
Police Department
Property Management (and aquisition of same)
Public Relations (Personal)

Real Estate and Records
Registrar of Voters
Riverfront Expressway

Sewerage and Water Board
Sewerage and Water Board--Agreement with La Kratt Corporation
Southern Railway Claim (Personal)
Streets, Department of
Streets, Naming of Same

Times Picayune Editorial (2/29/1964)
Traffic Engineering

Urban Renewal
Utilities Department
Utilities Department--Taxicab Bureau

Vieux Carre

Welfare Department



Air Pollution
Alcoholic Permits
American Federation of Police
Audubon Park
Aviation Board

Board of Liquidation--City Park
Board of Zoning Adjustments
Boards--Commissions--Personnel, etc.
Budget and Research

Central City
Chamber of Commerce
Charity Hospital
Chief Administrative Office

Box S-18

City Attorney
City Demonstration Agency (CDA)
City Park
City Planning Commission
City Planning Commission (Correspondence, Recommendations, etc.)
City Planning Commission (Meetings, Minutes, etc.)
Civil Defense
Civil Service
Clerk of Council
Community Improvement Agency
Community Relations
Council Research
Councilman Matters
Councilman Notices

DiRosa, Joseph V.
DiRosa, Joseph V. (Personal)
Domed Stadium (General)
Domed Stadium (Meetings, Minutes, etc.)
Domed Stadium (Meeting of November 8, 1970)

Equalization of Assessment

Finance Department
Flood Insurance
Food Stamps
French Market Corporation
French Quarter--Miscellaneous

Giarrusso, Supt. Joseph vs. Aaron Kohn, M.C.C.

Health Department
Health, Education and Welfare, Department of
Housing and Urban Development, Department of
Housing Authority of New Orleans
Housing Improvement
Human Relations
Hurricane Protection

International Science Fair

Landrieu, Moon--Mayor
Law Department
Legal Assistance
Legislature File
Letters of Recommendation
Letters (Personal)
Liquor Permit Hearings
Liquor Permits
Louisiana Festivals

Metropolitan Crime Commission
Miscellaneous--Folder 1
Miscellaneous--Folder 2

Box S-19

Model Cities
Monteleone (Exchange Alley)
Motions by DiRosa, J.V. 1970--Adopted

New Orleans Dental Association
New Orleans Fire Department
New Orleans Fire Fighters Association--Local 632
New Orleans Public Library
New Orleans Public Service
New Orleans Tourist and Convention Commission

Ordinances by DiRosa, Joseph V. 1970--Adopted
Orleans Levee District, Board of Commissioners
Orleans Parish School Board

Parish Prison
Parkway and Park Commission
Plastic Pipe and Fittings
Police Department, New Orleans
Police Department, New Orleans--Vieux Carre
Police--Junk Cars
Policemen's Association of New Orleans
Pride Package (General)
Property Management
Public Affairs Research Council
Public Relations

Race Track Passes
Recreation Department
Regional Planning Commission--Folder 1
Regional Planning Commission--Folder 2
Registrar of Voters

Safety and Permits
Sanitation Department
Scattered Site Housing 41/70 Correspondence
Sewerage and Water Board--Electronic Data Processing
Sewerage and Water Board--General
Sewerage and Water Board--Plastic Pipe and Fittings
Sherwood Forrest
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Louisiana
Southern Railroad System
Streets Department
Student Mail: re National Historic Designation

Tax Matter, James E. Comiskey
Taxicab Permits
Taxicab Permits--Miscellaneous
Tidewater Development
Total Community Action, Inc.
Traffic Engineering Department

Upper Pontalba Commission
Utilities Department

Vieux Carre--National Historic Landmark Designation
Vieux Carre Commission

Welfare Department



Agendas, Completed--January 1, 1972-April 30, 1972
Agendas, Completed--May 1, 1972-August 31, 1972

Box S-20

Agendas, Completed--September 1, 1972-December 31, 1972
Agendas, Completed--January 1, 1973-April 30, 1973
Agendas, Completed--May 1, 1973-August 31, 1973
Agendas, Completed--September 1, 1973-December 31, 1973
Agendas, Completed--January 1, 1974-April 30, 1974
Agendas, Completed--May 1, 1974-August 31, 1974
Agendas, Completed--September 1, 1974-December 31, 1974
Agendas, Completed--January 1, 1976-April 30, 1976
Agendas, Completed--May 1, 1976-August 31, 1976

Box S-21

Agendas, Completed--September 1, 1976-December 31, 1976
Agendas, Completed--January 1977-April 1977
Agendas, Completed--May 1977-August 1977
Agendas, Completed--September 1977-December 1977
Animal Control Ordinance

Bottles, Glass, Ordinances prohibiting from the French Quarter (#5226)
Bourbon-Royal Streets, French Quarter Street(s) Closing
Broussard's Restaurant Liquor Permit
Budget 1978--Folder 1
Budget 1978--Folder 2

Box S-22

Cable TV--1972 Ordinance #5330
Central Business District Moratorium on Demolition Ordinance #5878
Central Business District Moratorium on Demolition
Council Correspondence--January 1, 1976-April 30, 1976
Council Correspondence--May 1, 1976-August 31, 1976
Council Correspondence--September 1, 1976-December 31, 1976
Council Correspondence--1977

Box S-23

Council Redistricting--Folder 1
Council Redistricting--Folder 2
Council Redistricting Newspaper Clippings

Domed Stadium Site, Land Swap Ordinance #4720

French Market Renovations, etc.

Invitations--DiRosa, 1976

Louis Armstrong Park

Box S-24

Maple Street Bar Moratorium Ordinance #6511
Metropolitan Transportation Planning Program (MRBA, etc.)
Milne Boys Home--1974
Mississippi River Bridge Authority, 1970-1978
Mississippi River Gulf Outlet
DiRosa Motions Adopted--1971
DiRosa Motions Adopted--1972
DiRosa Motions Adopted--1973
DiRosa Motions Adopted--1974
DiRosa Motions Adopted--1975
DiRosa Motions Adopted--1976
DiRosa Motions Adopted--1977 and 1978

DiRosa Motions Pending, Withdrawn, etc. 1971
DiRosa Motions Pending, Withdrawn/Tableled, etc. 1973
DiRosa Motions Withdrawn/Tabled, etc. 1973
Municipal Auditorium--Ogden Foods, Inc.

DiRosa Ordinances Adopted--1971
DiRosa Ordinances Adopted--Jan. 1, 1972-Dec. 31-1972
DiRosa Ordinances Adopted--1973

Box S-25

DiRosa Ordinances Adopted--1974
DiRosa Ordinances Adopted--1975
DiRosa Ordinances Adopted--1976
DiRosa Ordinances Adopted--1977 and 1978 (through 4/30/1978)
DiRosa Ordinances Withdrawn (tabled, etc. 1973) DiRosa Ordinances, Motions, Resolutions Withdrawn/tabled etc.--1975
DiRosa Ordinances, Motions, Resolutions Withdrawn/tabled etc.--1976
DiRosa Ordinances, Motions, Resolutions Withdrawn/tabled etc.--1977

Parish Prison--1972-1973
DiRosa, Personal--1971
DiRosa, Personal--1972
DiRosa, Personal--1973
DiRosa, Personal--1974
DiRosa, Personal--1975

Box S-26

DiRosa, Personal--1976

Piazza d'Italia
Plastic Garbage Bags--French Quarter

Regional Transit Authority, 1976
Resolutions Adopted, DiRosa, 1971

DiRosa Resolutions Adopted--1972
DiRosa Resolutions Adopted--1973
DiRosa Resolutions Adopted--1974
DiRosa Resolutions Adopted--1975
DiRosa Resolutions Adopted--1976
DiRosa Resolutions Adopted--1977 and 1978
DiRosa Resolutions Pending/Withdrawn etc.
DiRosa Resolutions Pending/Withdrawn, etc. 1971
DiRosa Resolutions Pending/Withdrawn, etc. 1973

Riverfront Arena--Exchange Agreement, Council Resolution Adopted
Riverfront Landswap, Air Rights (Development) Ordinance #5069

St. Charles Avenue, Demolition, Preservation, etc.
School Board, Orleans Parish--Joint Meeting with Council, March 1, 1977

Taxicab Ordiance, City of New Orleans

Box S-27

Thank You Letters, DiRosa 1972
Thank You Letters, DiRosa 1973
Thank You Letters, DiRosa 1974
Thank You Letters, DiRosa 1975
Thank You Letters, DiRosa 1976

Voter Precinct Changes

Waste Disposal Composting Ordinance #5963

Domed Stadium Commission Files

Ad Art, Inc.
Ad Art, Inc.

Minutes, Correspondence, Reports, etc., 1971

Minutes, Correspondence, Reports, etc., 1972

Box S-28


Minutes, Correspondence, Reports, etc., 1973

Minutes, Correspondence, Reports, etc., 1974

Box S-30


New Orleans Tourist Commission--Family Attractions Committee

Pace Management Corporation

Superdome/Superdome Services, Inc. Management Advisory Committee

New Orleans Public Service, Inc. Files, 1972-1978


Public Hearing on Rate Increases, October 4, 1972--Miscellaneous
Rate Increases, 1972--Miscellaneous reports and correspondence
Transcript of public hearing on rate increases, February 2, 1972

Box S-31

Transcript of public hearing on rate increases, April 25, 1972


Algiers Transportation
Bus fare increase
Correspondence, constituents, etc.
New Orleans Public Service, Inc.--Miscellaneous
Public hearing, transit fare increase, May 15, 1974
Rate increase III, October, 1974
Rate increases, re: fuel adjustment, etc.
Testimony of Pat A. Loconto, Arkansas Power and Light before Arkansas Public Service Commission, 10/7/1974
Westside Transit--Rate increase, etc., 1973-1974


Bus Strike--Folder 1
Bus Strike--Folder 2
Correspondence--Constituents, etc.
Late charges on NOPSI bills
McKeithen, John J.
Metairie Bus Line
Miscellaneous reports, clippings, etc.
Ordinances, resolutions, and motions
Petition for transfer of jurisdiction over NOPSI to Lousiaian Public Service Commission

Proceedings before Mississippi Public Service Commission, Mississippi Public Service Commission vs. Mississippi Power and Light, re: issuance of citation to show cause why Mississippi Power and Light should not obtain fuel from sources other than System Fuels, Inc., Vol. 1

Proceedings before Mississippi Public Service Commission, Mississippi Public Service Commission vs. Mississippi Power and Light, re: issuance of citation to show cause why Mississippi Power and Light should not obtain fuel from sources other than System Fuels, Inc., Vols. 2-4

Public hearing--NOPSI rate increase, January 6, 1975
Public hearing--NOPSI rate increase, April 8, 1975
Public hearing--NOPSI rate increase, July 28, 2975
Public hearing--NOPSI rate increase, September 24, 1975
Public hearing--NOPSI rate increase, November 11, 1975 (2 folders)
Public hearing--NOPSI-Union, transit strike, Febrary 12, 1975
Wilsey and Nam


Bagert, Ben vs. Moreau, et al.
Borrello, Charles vs. City Council
Correspondence--Constituents, etc.
Divestiture of Transit System
Exhibits presented by NOPSI
Miscellaneous reports, clippings, etc.
Ordinances, resolutions, and motions
Regional Transit Authority
Subsidy agreement--City and NOPSI--Council meeting, December 27, 1976
Utlity tax change, ordinance


Lifeline electric and gas rates
Miscellaneous reports, clippings, etc.
Refund of excess collections for electric and gas service
Transit fares

Box S-33

The following documents are copies of contracts and agreements furnished by NOPSI in 1977, at the request of Councilman DiRosa. They are filed at the end of the 1977 NOPSI files.

Agreement, Southern Gas and Fuel Co. And New Orleans Public Service, Inc., Nov. 26, 1934

Gas sales contract, United Gas Pipeline Co. And New Orleans Public Service, Inc., July 21, 1952

Agreement among Arkansas Power and Light Co., Arkansas-Missouri Power Co., Louisiana Power and Light Co., Mississippi Power and Light Co., New Orleans Public Service, Inc. and Middle South Service, Inc., April 16, 1973

Liquid fuel purchase contract between System Fuels, Inc. and Arkansas Power and Light Co., Louisiana Power and Light Co., Mississippi Power and Light Co., New Orleans Public Service, Inc. And Arkansas-Missouri Power Co., January 12, 1973

New Orleans Public Service, Inc. resale gas service agreement and power plant interim letter agreement with United Gas Pipeline Co., January 31, 1975

The following documents and reports were originally part of Councilman DiRosa's NOPSI files. To make them more accessible we have cataloged them as City Archives documents or have otherwise identified them in other Louisiana Division collections. In the chronological list below, the call number or other identification information follows the bibliographic description.


William C. Nelson. Brief of New Orleans Public Service, Inc. in Their Application for Their Application for Increases in Electric and Gas Rates and Transit Fares. November 1, 1972 AB460 1972a

McCabe, John William, III. Cost of Service, Price Commission Basis, Year Ended May 31, 1972. AB260 1972c

Aarne Harteka. Statistical Analyses of New Orleans Public Service, Inc. [1972] AB202 1972s

John K. Langum. Studies Regarding Fair Rate of Return for New Orleans Public Service, Inc. Feb 2, 1972. AB150 1972n

John K. Langum. Testimony Regarding Fair Rate of Return for New Orleans Public Service, Inc. Feb. 2, 1972. AB255 1972n


Main Larentz & Co. Report on application of Westside Transit Lines, Inc. for increase in transit fares. Nov. 21, 1973. KC202 1973w


New Orleans Public Service, Inc. Applications for increases in electric and gas rates and request for early effective date of 10 cent increase on transit fares applied for on April 10, 1974. Oct. 1, 1974. AB851 1974nt

New Orleans Public Service, Inc. Application for 10cent increase in transit fares. April 10, 1974. AB851 1974nt

Report of the Director of Utilities on application of New Orleans Public Service, Inc. for increased transit fares. October 10, 1974. KC202 1974nt

Main Lafrentz and Co. Report to Department of Utilities, City of New Orleans, on application of New Orleans Public Service, Inc. for increase in transit fees. October 8, 1974. KC202 1974t

Main Lafrentz and Co. Report to Director, Department of Utilities, City of New Orleans, on New Orleans Public Service, Inc. electric fuel adjustment charges, May and June, 1974. July 29, 1974. KC202 1974f


Division of Research, Collecge of Business Administration, Louisiana State University. A comparative study of electric utility rates in selected metropolitan areas. October, 1975. State Document Collection

Consumer recommendations, New Orleans Public Service, Inc. rate hearing. September, 1975. AC202 1975n

Wilsey and Ham. Electric, cost of service study, New Orleans Public Service, Inc. July, 1975. AB150 1975e

Exhibit of Pat A. Loconto. July 1975. AB150 1975l

Wilsey and Ham. Exhibits and schedules of Frederick Bolte in the matter of the application of New Orleans Public Service, Inc. for an increase in gas and electric rates. July, 1975. AB150 1975b

Exhibits of Dr. John K. Langum before the Council, City of New Orleans, re: New Orleans Public Service, Inc. rate hearing. January 6, 1975. AB150 1975f

Exhibits of Eugene W. Meyer before the Council, City of New Orleans, re: New Orleans Public Service, Inc. rate hearing. January 6, 1975. AB150 1975m

Wilsey and Ham. Investigation into New Orleans Public Service, Inc., System Fuels, Inc. and ECOL, Ltd. July 1975. AB240 1975n

Wilsey and Ham. New Orleans Public Service, Inc., transit system study. July 1975. AB150 1975t

Wilsey and Ham. Qualifications and testimony of Axel Hoffman in the matter of the application of New Orleans Public Service, Inc. for an increase in gas and electric rates. July 1975. AB255 1975h

Wilsey and Ham. Qualifications and testimony of Frederick Bolte in the matter of the application of New Orleans Public Service, Inc. for an increase in gas and electric rates. July 1975. AB255 1975b

Report of the Director of the Department of Utilities. September 11, 1975. KC202 1975i

Main Lafentz and Co. Report to Department of Utlities, City of New Orleans on application (dated 10-1-74) of New Orleans Public Service, Inc. for increase in electric and gas rates. September 11, 1975. KC202 1975ni

Subcommittee to Study Public Utility Rates. Report to the members of the Louisiana Legislature. May 22, 1975. State Documents Collection

Testimony of Pat A. Loconto. July 1975. AB255 1975l


New Orleans Coalition Research, Inc. The New Orleans City Council, can it really regulate NOPSI? February 1976. Numbered list of gift books


ATE Management and Service Co., Inc. New Orleans Transit Study. May 31, 1977. AB150 1977t

New Orleans Public Service, Inc. Proposed gas curtailment plan. April 20, 1977. AB631 1977g


Theodore Barry and Associates. Management and operations review of New Orleans Public Service, Inc. (Electric, gas, and corporate). February 1978. Vertical File: NOPSI

Sewerage and Water Board Files (1972-1976)

Flouridation (Folder 1)
Flouridation (Folder 2)
General (reports, correspondence, etc.) 1973
General (reports, correspondence, etc.) 1974
General (reports, correspondence, etc.) 1975

Box S-34

General (reports, correspondence, etc.) 1976
Meetings, minutes, etc., 1973
Meetings, minutes, etc., 1974
Public hearings--Rate increases, 1976
Public relations--Proposals
Rate increase, 1972
Rate increase, 1974
Rate increase, 1976
Water Rates

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