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Reports of deaths, 1862-1863.

The deaths listed here for the period November 29, 1862-December 5, 1863 were recorded in what appears to be a notebook used by the Coroner or someone in his office. Some, but not all, of the deaths also appear in the official record of Inquests and Views. These deaths are of special interest since they occurred during the period of Union occupation of New Orleans following the city's fall in April 1862.

The data in the notebook were transcribed by members of NOVA (the New Orleans Volunteer Association) and made available to New Orleans Public Library for inclusion on its web site. Several of the reports are accompanied by links to newspaper accounts of the deaths.

November 23rd/1862
Tom Woodson Slave of Thomas Pinckard – Parish St. Charles – 28 years – Virginia – in the cook yard back of Odd Fellows Hall. Verdict – “Pleuro Pneumonia”
A White Male Child – No. 16 Vilirie (sic) Street. Verdict – “Still Born”
John Slave of Mr. Roy Bezou – Lafourche – 8 months – Louisiana – in a house on Gentilly Road below draining machine. Verdict – “Pneumonia”
December 1862
Patrick Foley – 10 minutes – Louisiana – No. 296 New Levee Street. Verdict – “Inanition”
No. 19 Isaac Slave of John Schoffer* – Catahoula Parish – 2 years – Louisiana – No. 226 Levee Street. Verdict – “Pneumonia”
*Name is hard to read. Might be Schoffen
A Female Negro Child – 10 months – Louisiana – in the Touro Almshouse. Verdict – “Naturel (sic) death but disease unknown”
John Herk* – 25 years – Germany – Claiborne St. bet. Union & Bagatelle Sts. Verdict – Accidental Death from the limb of a tree falling on top of his head just as he had cut down a tree. The tree he fell struck against another tree breaking of (sic) some of the limbs of a standing tree one of which fell on his head. He was a single man living with his mother and sister. The accident occurred (sic) in the woods near the Gentilly Road on one side and the Ponchartrain R. Road on the other side. There were some four men with and near him.Brot. found.*Might be Huk
Margaret Elman – 6 weeks – Louisiana – No. 73 First Street 4th Dist. Verdict – “Convulsions”
George Matrowich – 47 years – Austria – No. 12 St. Philip Street. Verdict – Consumption. Had no relatives here. Amongst his effects was found an Austrian decoration, showing that he had performed services rewarded by the Austrian Government.
Dr. Peter Nobili – 55 years – France – cor. Dryades and Poydras Sts. Verdict – “Disease of the Heart”
Johana Reser – 4 weeks – Louisiana – No. 220 Derbigny St. Verdict “Convulsions”
Catherine Miller – 7 months – Louisiana – No. 315 Old Levee St. Verdict – “Dentition”
Arthur Lander F. M. C. – 24 years – Louisiana – cor. St. Ann & Royal Sts. Verdict – “Delirium Tremens”
December 1862
White Female Child – eight days – Louisiana – cor. Urquhart & Elysian Fields Sts. Verdict – “Trismus Nacentium”
Male Negro Child – 12 hours – Louisiana – Touro Almshouse – Levee St. Verdict – “Premature Birth”
Easlis* Robinson Slave of Frank Arfutt – 6 years – Louisiana – Gentilly Road near Ponchartrain R. R. Verdict – “Pneumonia”*Name hard to read. Might be Erlis, Easlis, Etc.
A while male child – No. 119 St. Louis Street – Verdict – Still Born
Peter Finigan – one week – Louisiana – cor. Broad and Bank Streets. Verdict – “Convulsions”
John Plunket – 35 years – Ireland – cor. Dryades and St. Andrew Sts. Verdict “Disease of the Heart”
Mary Rose Slave of John B. Gervis – 2 years – Louisiana Touro Almshouse. Verdict “Pneumonia”
Nelly Slave of Mrs. Knight – Grand River – 25 years – South Carolina – Touro Almshouse. Verdict – “Pneumonia”
New Orleans December 1862
December 8th
No. 20 Louisa Slave of Don Leche – 26 years – Louisiana – 226 Levee Street. Verdict – “Disease of the Heart”
December 9th, 1862
Sam Slave of James Ballow* of Bayou Lafourche – 75 years – North Carolina – cor. Marais & Ursuline Sts. Verdict “Diarrhea”*Might be Ballon, Ballou
Male Negro Child Salve of Mrs. Knight – 2 months – Louisiana – Touro Almshouse. Verdict – “Inanition”
December 10th, 1862
Eusus Bernaby F. C. C. – 5 days – Louisiana – No. 183 Roman Street. Verdict – “Trismus Nacentium”
Joseph Degruy F. M. C. – 23 years- Louisiana – Private in the Co. C. First Regimt. Native Guards – cor. Tonti and Roman Sts. – Was shot by Lt. Emile Deliege F. M. C. up on Lafourche. Case set for Friday Dec. 12th 62. Post Mortem by coroner Dr. B*. Two gunshot wounds on the body one in the left breast one inch below the left nipple and one just at the pubes about one inch above and to the left of the penis. The wound in the breast was the fatal wound. The ball passed between the fifth and sixth ribs and passed through the right ventricle just at the apex causing immediate death. The wound in the pubes passed downwards in the inside of the left thigh was not necessarily mortal.*Might be Dr. R, or Div. B. Sloppy handwriting.
December 10th/62
Josephine Anderson – 3 weeks – Louisiana – 286 St. John the Baptist St. Verdict – “Inanition”
December 11th, 1862
Hanorah Thompson F. W. C. – 59 Years – Virginia – Gasquet St. bet. Robertson & Vilirie (sic) Sts. Verdict - “Asthma”
Francis Hanan – 45 years – Germany – Hercules Strt. bet. Josephine & Jackson Strts. – Verdict – Asthma
December 12th/62
A white female child – in a house on St. Ann Street bet. Miro and Tonti Streets. Verdict - “Still Born”
John Edmond – F. M. C. – 55 years – Nativity not known – No. 197 Franklin Streets. Verdict – “Rheumatism” This is the old man lame man that used to black shoes in front of St. Charles Theatre.
A male free child of colour – cor. Miro & Customhouse St. Verdict – “Still Born”
Amanda Pegram Slave of LeBrut* Baton Rouge – 26 years – Louisiana – cor. Baronne and Union Streets. Verdict “Diarrhea”*Might be LesBrut. Sloppy handwriting.
12th continued over
December 12th, 1862
Josephine Lache F.W.C. – 72 years – Louisiana – No. 292 St. Ann Street. Verdict – “Disease of the Heart”
Joseph Degruy F. M. C. – 23 years – Louisiana – This is the man that was shot up at Terrebonn (sic). A verdict of murder against Emile Deliege F. M. C. Inquest concluded.
December 13th 62
George Roxbury – 40 years – Isle of Man – On the warf (sic) opposite post 20 first dist. Verdict – accidental death by the breaking of a spar on which a staging was erected on to hoist ice from out of the Brig “Lizzie Bell”. He was standing on the staging to receive the ice as it was being hoisted up; just as two blocks of ice were landed on the staging, the spar across under the staging and on which the planks of the staging lay, broke, precipitating the two men standing on the staging in the hold of the vessel, and the ice following. One of the blocks of ice struck deceased on the head killing him almost instantly. The other man caught by the tackle and was only slightly scratched. The deceased has a wife and children.
Read a newspaper account of this incident.
Betsy Slave of William Cox Lafourche – 5 years – Louisiana – Touro Almshouse. Verdict – “Pneumonia”
Read a newspaper account of this incident.
N.O. December 14th,1862
Rachiel (sic) Harris – Slave of Pierre Landreaux – Parish of St. John the Baptist – 8 years – Louisiana – No. 105 St. Louis Street. Verdict – “Diarrhea”
Joseph Hofelman – 11 months – Louisiana – No. 326 Magazine Street. Verdict – Dentition
Tarras Burkstahl – 7 weeks – Louisiana – corner of Jefferson & Chartres Sts. Verdict – Diarrhea
December 15th/62
Oscar Frederic Patterson – Four years – Louisiana – No. 141 Baronne St. - Verdict - “Convulsions”
White female child – 358 Common St. - Verdict - Still Born
December 16th/62
Ann Arjon F. W. C. – 97 years – St. Domingo – Poydras Street bet. Claiborn (sic) & Derbigny Sts. Verdict – Debility in old age.
Marie La Courage – 5 days – Louisiana – corner Fortan & Esplanade Sts. Verdict – “Trismus Nascentium”
Catherine Wilson – 3 months – Louisiana – No. 149 Ferdinand Street bet. Morales & Good Children Streets. Verdict – “Infantile Marasmus”
December 16th, 1862
Tristi Christeby – 45 years – France – Found dead in a skiff in the Mississippi River opposite First Street. Verdict – “Swamp Fever” This man was gathering moss on the river in the swamp, took sick, died as they were bringing him in.
December 17th, 1862
Mary McPherson – 7 months – Louisiana – Conti St. bet. Prieur & Johnson Sts. Verdict – Premature Birth
John Brown – One month – Louisiana – Prosper St. bet. Elysian Fields and Frenchman (sic) St. Verdict – Premature Birth
Phillip Miller – 33 years – Baden, Germany – In a vacant lot on Greatman (sic) St. bet. St. Jane and Pauline Sts. Verdict “Accidental Death” caused by the horse which he was driving running and throwing him out of the wagon on __ the river road track and the wheel afterwards passing over his head cutting his head the scalp and cutting of (sic) almost one of his ears caussing (sic) considerable hemorhage (sic) from the ears besides dislocating his neck.
December 18th, 1862
No. 7 Susan Slave of William Cox Lafourche – 30 years – in the Touro Almshouse – Verdict “Diarrhea”
No. 21 Jacob Slave of Piere (sic) Landreaux – 5 years – Louisiana – 226 Levee Street. Verdict “Diarrhea”
December 19th, 1862
Daniel, an unknown slave said to belong to the lower cotton press – aged about 80 years – Kentucky – on the bank of the Mississippi River in a shanty or tent opposite post 23 – second district. Verdict – “Rheumatism”
Black male child slave of Mrs. Dumond – 2 months – Louisiana – (a contraband). - Verdict - “Pneumonia”
December 20th/62
Squire F. M. C. – 55 years – Virginia – No. 134 Mandeville Street. - Verdict – “Diarrhea”
Samosett F. M. C. – 95 years – Maryland – in a house No. 11 Derbigny St. - Verdict “Debility and Old Age”
December 21st, 1862
Francis Ward – 5 days – Louisiana – Conti Street between Miro and Tonti Streets. Verdict – “Trismus Nascentium”
Mary Lacour – one month – Louisiana – No. 31 Frenchman (sic) Street. Verdict ‘ “Infantile Marasmus”
December 22d/62
Benjamin Hutton F. C. C. – 1 year – Louisiana – 351 Melpomine (sic) St. Verdict – “Measles”
Dec 23d/62
Joseph Alexander Slave of Mr. Carprian – 14 months – Louisiana – No. 170 Morales St. Verdict – Dentition
Christopher McGill – 27 years – Ireland – on board the Steamer Empire Parish lying opposite Bienville Street. Verdict – Death caused by sundry gunshot wounds fired at him by a company of guerrilla commanded by Capt Talbot while McGill was acting as engineer on the Steamer Empire Parish. The Boat at the time was lying tied up at the plantation of Emile Trinidad about four miles below Baton Rouge on the right bank of the river.
Benjamin Austin Slave of R. Dodd of Lafourche – 6 years – Louisiana – Touro Almshouse – Verdict “Diarrhea”
December 24th, 1862
F. Bodechtel – 45 years – Germany – No. 127 Euterpe Street. Verdict “Disease of the Heart”
R. E. Knarpp – 10 months – Louisiana – No. 39 Main Street. Verdict – “Dentition”
December 25th/62
Julius H. J. Lunensclarors* – 17 months – Louisiana – No. 123 Bolivar Street – Verdict – “Convulsions”*Might be Lunenschlors.
Catharine Untereimer – 65 years – France – No. 296 Josephine Street – Verdict – “Consumption”
Daniel Martin – 4 months – Louisiana – No. 85 Bolivar Street – Verdict – “Infantile Marasmus”
Mary Reiter – 35 years – Germany – No. 190 Franklin Street. Verdict – “Murder”
December 26th, 1862
Annie Sophia Patterson – 10 months – Louisiana – No. 140 Baronne Street. Verdict – “Cramp”
No. 22 Rose Slave of John Shaffer Catahoula Parish – 2 years – Louisiana – 226 Levee St. Verdict - “Pneumonia”
N.O. December 27th, 1862
Richard Tilton – 33 years – Ireland – in the hold of the Barque Garibaldi lying opposite Orange Street. Verdict – Accidental Death caused by a cask of old iron weighing some twelve hundred pounds falling on his head mashing it flat as the cask was being lowered in the hold of the said Barque. He leaves a wife and two children. The accident occurred yesterday about half past 3 o.c. pm and the inquest was held last night.
Jacob Biehler – 60 years – Germany – No. 828 Greatmen Street. Verdict – “Consumption”
December 28th/62
Isam J. Stewart Slave of Denis Donivar – 55 years- Virginia – 445 Josephine St. Verdict – Disease of the Heart
December 29th/62
Mary Ann Taylor Slave of Madam Bourgeois – 14 months – Louisiana – on Broad St. near Gentilly Road. Verdict – “Measles”
Peter Slave of L. E. Lambert – 70 years – Louisiana – 613 Bagatell (sic) St. Verdict – “Paralysis”
Catherine McDonald – 38 years – Ireland – cor. Dryades & Washington Sts. Verdict – Intemperance
Note lying across this page:
Rec from Jerry Mashen. The sum of two & half dollars for one month rent due this 31 Jan 1870.
$2.50 New Orleans, Feb. 1, 1870
J. Douglass
E. B. Noirat
December 30th, 1862
Henrietta Boling Slave of Almindinger – 75 years – Maryland – No. 86 Felicity Road. Verdict – “Debility and Old Age”
Morris F. Ward – 2 months – Louisiana – No. 65 Johnson Street. Verdict – “Infantile Marasmus”
Josiah H. Munce – 45 years – Natchez, Miss. No. 170 Carondelet St. Verdict – “Disease of the Heart”
Julien Sel – 55 years – N.O. Louisiana – on the sidewalk of Exchange Alley between Canal and Custom house Sts. Verdict “Apoplexy”. “Fell dead in the street.”
Wesly Stewart Slave of Mrs. Ann Penro* – 18 months – Louisiana – 271 Felicity Road. Verdict – “Diarrhea”*Could be Penrd.
December 31st, 1862
A white male child – cor. St. Andrew and Franklin Street. Verdict – “Still Born”
January 1st, 1862
A male slave child cor. Franklin & Poydras Sts. Verdict – Still Born
Joseph Barbe F. C. C. – 21 months – Louisiana – Barrack St. near Tonti St. Verdict – Dentition
Robert Mackie – 45 years – Scotland – corner Roman & Bienville Streets. Verdict – Suicide by cutting himself with a razor on the inside of each ancle (sic) and on the inside of each arm.
January 2d, 1862
Allena Ledhe – 2 1/2 years – Louisiana – No. 148 Tchoupitoulas St. Verdict – “Diarrhea”
A female free child of colour – on St. Philip St. between Claiborne and Derbigny Strts. Verdict – “Still Born”
Louisa Gedeles* – 8 years and four month (sic) – N.O. Louisiana – corner of Girod & Ferdinand Strs. 3d Dist. Verdict – “Accidentally Burned”. It appears she was out on the corner and some boys had set the grass on fire from which her clothes took fire and burnt her quite all over her back and the back parts of her legs.*Might be Gideles, Gedelis, Gidelis, etc.
January 3d, 1862
Daniel Taylor Slave of G. de Castro – 70 years – Maryland – cor. Gasquet and Villere Sts. Verdict – “Asthma”
Maria Tinsley – 50 years – Sussex Co., England – No. 162 Magazine St. Verdict – “Suicide by Hanging”
January 10th 63
Cupid Slave of Mrs. Dunn – 23 years – Virginia – Franklin St. bet. Lafayett (sic) & Girod St. Verdict – “Dysentery”
January 16th 63
Abraham Levy – 67 years – France – No. 126 Baronne St. Vdct – Disease of Heart
White male child – 693 Tchoupitoulas St. Vdct – Premature Birth
January 17th 63
Jim Slave owner dead – 95 years – No. 785 Love Street. Verdict – Debility and Old Age
January 18th, 1863
Barbara Harganour – 8 days – Louisiana – Franklin St bet. Julia & Girod Streets. Verdict – Trismus Nascentium”
Roderich Mane – 35 years – on Hopkins Plantation, Gentilly Road - Verdict – Perished from cold and exhaustion from falling into a well.
January 19th, 1863
George Christy – 35 years – New Haven, Con’t. Found dead on board Ship Bernard lying at Post 37 third district. Verdict – “Epilepsy”. He drank hard and was subject to these fitz (sic) after a spree, had been drinking for some days, had a fit yesterday about noon and was found dead in his berth last night about 9 o.c. pm, still warm. He had formerly belonged to the U. S. Navy and had been dismissed from service on account of this vice.
The lower portion of a man from above the pelvis down was found floating in the river. The body had evidently been burried (sic) as could be seen from the position of his limbs. A certificate was given and again reintered where I hope he will lay till (sic) Gabriel blows his horn.
New Orleans January 22nd, 1863
Thomas Keely – 6 ½ years – New Orleans, La – at the Charity Hospital. This boy was run over yesterday afternoon between the hours of 3 & 4 o.c. p.m. by the cars of the Ponchartrain R. R. Have no particulars. Case set for examination Saturday 10 o.c. am. January 24th/63. Both of his legs were badly injured. The right one had been amputated and was injured badly from above the knee, the knee was litterally (sic) tore to pieces. The left was also badly injured principly (sic) below the knee. The tibia was litterally (sic) denuded and broken but had not been amputated.
Michael Lehoffer – 2 years – Louisiana – cor. Clouet & Good Children Streets – Verdict – “Measles”
Joseph Slave of Alfred Archenal – 9 months – Louisiana – St. John the Baptist St. between Ninth and St. Antoine Streets. Verdict – “Diarrhea”
January 23d, 1863
Edward Egan – 2 years – N.O. Louisiana – St. Charles Street bet. Felicity Road & Polymine (sic). Verdict – “Measles”
Catherine Rauche – 7 years – N.O. Louisiana – corner of Girod & New Levee Streets – Verdict – “Accidental Death” caused by a bar of iron falling on her head crushing the scull (sic). She was playing about the iron at the time at the foundry on Fulton Street.
January 24th, 1863
Thomas Keely – 6 ½ years – New Orleans, La. – Verdict – From evidence given before us find that the said Thomas Keely came to his death from being run over by the cars of the Ponchartrain R. Road on the twenty first day of January 1863. We feel satisfied that the running over the child was entirely accidental and the Railroad Company is not in fault.
January 30th. 1863
Unknown white man aged about 40 years – found in the New Canal near the Lake End. Verdict – “Found Drownd” Dark long hair, a short dark beard – Blue flannel blouse with U. S. button – brown casaret? pants – coarse brogan shoes – snuff colored woollen (sic) socks – plain white cotten (sic) shirt - Red flannel undershirt – red silk hdchf and woolen comforter round neck – leather suspenders, about 5 ft 8 inch (sic) high
Adam Powel* – 48 hours – N.O. La. - 117 Chesnut St. – “Premature Birth”*Could be Porel. Sloppy handwriting.
February 2d, 1863
Solomon Slave of Mrs. Ley – 90 years – Virginia – No. 191 Robin Street – Verdict – “Debility and Old Age”
Maria Theresa Ahrens – 7 days – Louisiana – No. 8 Third Street – Verdict – Trismus Nascentium”
Gustave Louel* – 1 year – Louisiana – No. 360 Thalia Streets (sic) – Verdict – “Trismus”*Could be Lorrel. Hard to read bad handwriting.
February 2d, 1863
No. 23 Griffin Slave of Madam Vurinoy* – 5 years – Louisiana – 226 Levee Street – Verdict – “Dropsy”*Could be Durinoy.
February 3d/63
Marshal Fountaine – 16 years – Mandeville, La – at the Old Basin near Treme St. Bridge – Verdict – “Accidental Drowning”. The youth was employed by his uncle on board a charcoal schooner, was subject to fits, and fell over board in a fit.
February 4th/63
Charles Graf – 65 years – Brunswick, Germany – At the cigar store 91 Customhouse Street. Verdict – Disease of the Heart. He was the old man who sold cigars for Zickendrath for the last number of years.
February 6th/63
William Slave of J. D. Picot Parish St. John the Baptist – Aged 10 years – Louisiana – 226 Levee St. – Verdict – “Pneumonia”
February 7th/63
Thomas McClery* Slave of Mrs. Olidier** – 4 months – Louisiana – Third St. bet. Bachus (sic) & Dryades St. – Verdict – “Pneumonia”*Could be McClerry. Bad handwriting.**Could be Alidier.
Joseph Yunnyhan* – 40 years – Ireland – NO. 66 Girod Street – Verdict – “Consumption”*Could be Tunnyham.
N.O. February 7th, 1863
Patrick Price – 64 years – Ireland – No. 255 Lafayette Street – Verdict – “Pneumonia”
February 9th/63
Margaret F. W. C. – 95 years – St. Domingo – No. 29 St. Bernard St. – Verdict – Debility & Old Age
February 12th, 1863
Bernard Jose Free Child Colour – 3 years – Louisiana – No. 218 Derbigny Street – Verdict “Convulsions”
Johnson Col’d Man belong (sic) to 4th Regint (sic) Native Guards – 30 years – Touro Almshouse – Verdict “Epilepsy”
Unknown white man supposed to be a man known as George, a German woodchopper. Auburn hair, dark goute (sic), about 40 years of age, 5 ft 9 inches high, check linen blouse, calico shirt. Hickory undershirt, check casimere (sic) pants – heavy coarse high boots – Verdict – “Found Drownd” (sic)
Henderson Slave of his mother Mary Russell F. W. C. – aged 22 years – N.O. La. – on board steamboat Southerner lying in River opposite Bienville Street – Verdict – “Natural Death but Disease Unknown”
New Orleans February 20th 1863
Ferdinand Regan – one year – N.O. La. – No. 18 St. Philip St. – Verdict “Dentition”
No. 25 Isaac Dunbar Slave of Judge Dunbar – 18 months – Louisiana – 226 Levee St. – Verdict - “Pneumonia”
March 4th, 1863
White male child – Cypress St. bet. Johnson & Prieur Streets – Verdict - Still Born
Victor Rue – 80 years – St. Domingo - cor. St. John the Baptiste & Mandeville Streets – Verdict – “Disease of the Heart”
March 7th/63
Louis Benjamin Seaver – 37 years – Mobile, Ala. – No. 111 Perdido Street – Verdict – “Rupture in a Blood Vessel”. Member No. 5 Engine on Girod St.
Moses Briges F. M. C. – about 50 years – found dead in St. James Hospital – Verdict “Disease of the Heart”
March 13th/63
No. 26 John Slave of Thomas Bourgeois of Parish – 50 years – Virginia – No. 226 Levee St. – Verdict – “Diarrhea”
March 15th, 1863
Gregor McGregor – 5 years – N.O., La. – in a house No. 276 Fulton Street – Verdict – “Accidental Drowning”. In the yard of the house above mentioned is a well with a curb around it some three feet high. This little boy was in the habit of getting up on top of the curb and playing. He was missed since one o.c. yesterday but the well was not suspected as he was in the habit of being out in the street, until a little girls some four years old that had been playing with him said he is in the well. The well was immediately examined, the body found and taken out last night about half past six o.c. p.m.
March 16th/63
Bascun? Slave of Mr. Laurens of this city – 45 years – Louisiana – No. 319 Robertson St. – Verdict “Diarrhea”
Mary Ellen Littleton – 3 years – Louisiana – No. 245 Laurel Street – Verdict – “Convulsions”
March 21st/63
Christopher Burbank – 33 years – Germany – Rosseau (sic) St. bet. Jackson & Phillip Sts. – Verdict – “Accidental Death” by being kicked by a mule in the Government Mammouth Stables. He came in with his mules last night about nine o.c. and as he was passing a slat_ leading his own mules, another mule stood out to (sic) far and in his way. He struck the mule with his whip, when the mule kicked him with both feet. But he died in about fifteen minutes afterwards.
March 21st/63
Marie Laurens F. C. C. – 9 months – Louisiana – Royal St. 2d door from St. Ann St. – Verdict “Dentition”
March 22d, 1863
G. B. Millegas* F. M. C. – 48 years – Louisiana - Found dead on the Levee opposite Jefferson St. He was walking along the levee this morning about ten o’clock, was taken sick and died in a few moments. Verdict – “Epileptic Fit”*Could be Millegas, Mellegas, etc.
Gustave Slave of Widow Carriere – 6 years – Louisiana – St. Louis St. bet. Roman & Prieur Street. Verdict – “Measles”
Michael O’Brien – 17 years – Louisiana – at the first dist. Lock up Main Station – Verdict – Accidental death caused by the mast of the Steamship Bisbie falling across his body causing instant death. The accident occurred while the Steamship was burning.
March 27th, 1863
Yesterday evening – Santofele* F. M. C. – aged 56 years – Louisiana - Found dead near the Gentilly Road, below the fortification on the Plantation of A Wiltz. Verdict – “Accidentally Drownd” (sic). He had been employed by Mr. Willtz to cut wood. Was out with other hands cutting wood. The other hands missed him and on searching found him lying on his face in mud and water. He was subject to fits and it is supposed fell on his face in a fit.*Could be Santople. Bad handwriting.
March 31st, 1863
Jerry Mahony Slave of T. Picou of Bonnet Carre – 60 years – Maryland – Gentilly Road at Mrs. Bourgeois - Verdict – “Diarrhea”.
Jim Slave of J. D. Weaver – 12 years – Louisiana – cor. Magazine & Natches (sic) Streets – Verdict – “Natural Death but Disease Unknown”
Anne Marie Spidel – 67 years – Germany – No. 696 Fulton Street – Verdict – “Disease of the Heart”
Catherine Redkno** – 5 years – N.O., La. – No. 146* Love St. – Verdict – “Pneumonia”*The number is smeared. This is just a guess.**Could be Redkns, or Redkins.
April 1st/63
Etan Frentz – 10 days – Louisiana – No. 159 Phillipe St. – “Trismus Nascentium”
Dick Slave owner unknown – 45 years – No. 152 Conti Street - “Consumption”
April 2d, 1863
Samuel Smith – F. Boy of C. – 12 years – La. – 191 Johnson St. – “Accidental Drowning”. He was playing in a skiff and fell in the old* Canal opposite Johnson St. yesterday about 1 o.c. p.m. Was got out shortly afterwards but was dead.*Illegible. This is a guess.
April 8th, 1863
John Carlis – 36 years - Ireland – No. 75 Front Street – Verdict – “Disease of the Heart”
April 9th, 1863
Unknown white man aged about 30 years found drowned in the Mississippi River opposite Mazant Street. About 5 ft 10 inches high, long black hair - side whiskers, radish (sic) colour. Dressed brown box coat, satin vest, calico shirt, black silk neck hdckf. Navy blue cloth pants, leather belt, brown woolen sock (sic), coarse brogan shoes.
April 11th/63
Unknown white man aged about 40 years found drownd (sic) in the river opposite Louisa St. About 5 ft 10 inches high, long black hair, verry (sic) slight whiskers, reddish colour. White cotten (sic) shirt - Hickory jumper, old cottenade pants, woolen sock (sic), old brogan shoes. Everything about him showed poverty. Cloths patched all over. Think from appearances he was a German.**Note written vertically in margin: Since recognized as John Burns, 29^ years, Ireland. Drownd from the Empire Parish.^Could be 27 or 28.
April 12th/63
Mary Louisa Gross – 4 months – N.O., La. No. 270 St. Antonio Street - Verdict “Convulsions”
April 17th/63
Robert Scott – 22 years – N.O., La. – No. 109 Cyprus (sic) Street – Shot by the pickets at Camp Paropet (sic). Had been out fishing and was returning on the evening of the 15th inst between 5 & 6 o.c. with his fishing pole, string of fish and bucket of blackberries when he was shot – A certificate was given to bury him.
Mary Ann Brooks – 60 years – Pensacola, Fla. – 37 Union Street – Disease of the Heart
April 18th/63
J. B. Albert – 47 years – France – In a house cor. St. Ann & Prieur Streets. – Verdict – Suicide by shooting himself in the abdomen with a double barreled shot gun. He was a man of some property and kept a coffee house and grocery at the above corner mentioned place. He had been in bad health for some time and his neighbors noticed lately a certain wildness about him. Nothing was found to indicate the cause.
P. Terrance Cook
New Orleans April 6
April 19th, 1863
Thomas Harrington – 53 years – Massachusetts – In a house on Levee St. adjoining the Sash Factory of A. Brown & Co. Verdict – Accidental death caused by falling from a galery (sic) attached to said sash factory. From appearances of the body he probably had an apoplectic fit.
April 20th, 1863
Henry McDermot – 37 years – Ireland – Mississippi River opposite Market St. 1st Dist. – Verdict – Found Drowned – Leaves wife and four children.
April 25th/63
Matthew Searcin* F. Boy of C. – 8 years – Louisiana – cor. Rochelblave (sic) & Orleans Street – Lockjaw caused by running a splinter in his foot.*Could be Searcia.
An unknown white man aged about 48* years – Found dead in the first dist. lock up – verdict – “Apoplexy”. Was found in a dying condition on Gravier St. near Camp St. and died before he got to hospital.*This number is smeared. It looks like it might be 48.
April 27th/63
Unknown white man about 35 years – found in the Mississippi River opposite Port Market 3d Dist. Verdict – “Found Drowned” Black hair, short side whiskers about 6 ft high, left arm apparently helpless, much smaller than right. Dressed in black woolen overshirt, white mirius? undershirt, black pants, woolen socks, high shoes laced up before. Black silk neck hdckf supposed to be the cook of the Brig O’Brien drownd (sic) some two weeks ago.
April 28th, 1863
Edward Slave unknown – Had a pass on him from G. H. Hanks Lieut. and General Superintend’t of Negro Labour – aged about 25 years – found dead in the Miss. River opposite Josephine Street – Verdict – “Accidental Drowning”
White male child – No. 57 Perdido Street - Verdict – Still Born
Charles Reike? – 14 months – Louisiana – cor. Fourth & Tchoupitoulas Street – Verdict – “Dentition”
Josephine Slaughter – 3 days – Louisiana – No. 237 Bourbon Street – Verdict – “Premature Birth”
Charles Wilson – 36 years – Switzerland – No. 157 Elysian Fields Street – Verdict – Hemorhage (sic) of the Lungs
April 29th/63
Marion Shaff – 7 years – Louisiana – cor. First & Dryades Street – Verdict – Disease of the Heart – The child has been suffering a long time from rheumatism, hence the disease which caused death.
May 4th, 1863
U. S. Soldier aged about 40 years – private in artillery – the mark was on his vest of 5 year enlistment. Red hair and slight beard on chin also red. Was bruised in the right eye. Verdict – “Found drowned”
May 5th/63
Michiel (sic) O’Brien – 8 years – Louisiana – Found in Miss. River opposite Barrack St. – Verdict – Accidental Drowning
Agatha Slave of Mr. Biel* – 48 years – Virginia – No. 16 Fourth St. 4th Dist. Verdict – “Acute Peritonitis”*Might be Riel.
John Wagoner – 3 months – Louisiana – Crap St. bet. Louis & Clouet Street. – Verdict - "Convulsions”
May 10th/63
Marion Johnson McChesny – 1 month – born on the Island of Double Head Shot Keys – No. 202 Annunciation Street. – Verdict – Accidentally smothered in bed. The parents were passengers on the ill fated Steamship Marion. The child was prematurely born on the above named Island and ended his eventful life as above. He was named by the passengers after the ship and the Captain.
Read a newspaper account of this incident.
Louis P. Paget – 2 months – La. – cor. Prieur & Johnson Streets – Verdict “Convulsions”
May 11th, 1863
Charles Rogers – 1 month – La. – 250 Erato St. Verdict – “Apthus*”*Could be Apthas, Asthus.
William Holloway – 18 months – La. - No. 825 New Levee St. Verdict – “Chagres Fever”
Wm Fiddler – 30 years – Germany – 4th Dist. Police Station – Verdict – Killed accidentally by being run over by the N.O. & Carrolton Cars
Read a newspaper account of this incident.
May 13th, 1863
Peter Pratini – 45 years – Italy – cor. Treme & St. Peter Street – Verdict - Suicide by Hanging” – He has been insane since Monday the 11th inst and from this state of decomposition that the body was in he in all probability ended his life on that day. He has a wife and three children who are living with another man, at least such is the talk.
May 15th/63
Jehial Johnson – 28 years – Middletown, Connecticut – Miss. River opposite Lower Cotten (sic) Press. Verdict – Found drowned. It appears form papers found on him that he was a discharged musician from the 24th Connecticut Volunteers and had a pass home. ____* from dates in his pocket it would appear he was lately drownd (sic) May 8th/63.*Smeared. Illegible.
New Orleans May 15th/63
*On an Unknown white man – about 45 years – found drowned in the Bayou St. John near the Fortification. Verdict – “Accidental Drowning” Have not yet obtained his name but will as he has family somewhere in the city. He with another man was crossing the Bayou when the boat upset throwing them both in the Bayou. He was a woodcutter.*Note written vertically in margin – Recognized as Jean Marlat – 45 years – Native of France.
May 16th/63
Unknown white man – about 50 years – supposed to be a Spaniard – Charity Hospital – Was taken to the Charity Hospital yesterday morning and died as he was being taken in to the Hospital. It was reported that he was taking a cup of coffee in the French Market when he fell down as if in a fit and was taken up and immediately conveyed to the Charity Hospital. A post mortem examination was made by Drs. Smyth & Morrison in presence of the Coroner. Death was found to have been caused by hemorhage (sic) of the stomach. That organ was full of blood. There was nothing on the man to indicate who he was. He was dressed in a brown cloth sack coat much worn. Pants of the same colour, ribbed white woolen undershirt and white cotten (sic) shirt, grey woolen socks, brogan shoes. About 5 ft 8 inch (sic) high, dark curly hair mixed with gray, and blue eyes.
May 18th, 1863
An unknown white man – aged about 25 years – Mississippi River opposite lower cotton (sic) press – verdict – “Found drownd”. The body had the appearance of being in the water some time and of having been injured. The left leg had the flesh denuded almost entirely from the bone. The flesh was also almost entirely off the hands. Dressed in blue cottenade pants, white merino undershirt, check linen shirt, brogan shoes.
May 19th/63
John Trapp – 45 years – Baden Baden, Germany – No. 260 Circus St. Verdict – “Acute Gastro Enteritis”. There was nothing like poison. The medicine found in the bottle was a mixture of Hoffman’s Anadyne Ess Peppermint & water, but make this addition to the verdict that the apothecary Charles Linck transcended his duty in prescribing medicine for the said John Trapp when he had not seen the man and could know nothing of his disease and prescribing medicine entirely inaplicable (sic) to the case.
Clara William F. C. C. - 18 months – N.O. La. – No. 2 Bolivar Street – Verdict – “Pertussis”
Sophia Brown – 52 years – Germany – cor. Dryades & Washington Street – verdict – “Paralysis”
May 22d, 1863
Post mortem by Dr. Beach* coroner on the body of Joseph Mandeburg F. M. C. aged 19 years, native N.O., La., died at the Treme Police Station 2d Dist. A gunshot wound in the left heart about one inch to the left of the sternum just below the cartilage of the second rid, passing directly in and backwards, wounding the upper lobe of the left lung and passing through both auricles of the heart, and again wounding the lower lobe of the left lung, producing instant death. There was also a slight wound on the second finger of the right hand. Examination set for this evening at 5 o.c. p.m. at Coroners Office.*Could be Dr. Burch.
May 24th, 1863
Thomas Los – 74 years – Manilla – No. 166 Elysian Fields Street – “Disease of the Heart”
May 25th/63
George Bonno – 38 years – Italy – corner of Bourbon & Orleans Street – Verdict – Disease of the Heart”
New Orleans
May 28th/63
Lewis Burton Slave of Mad. Jourdan – 40 years – Virginia – No. 210 Delord Street – “Strangulated Hernia”
Annie Castlow – 17 years – N.O., La. – No. 69 Perdido Street – “Consumption”
John Winey Slave of Antonio – 80 years – Virginia – No. 68 Burgundy Street – “Debility & Old Age”
May 30th/63
Salomon Zinser – 40 years – Wurtemburg, Germany – Prosper St. between Frenchman (sic) & Elysian Fields Street – Verdict – Came to death from a lesion caused by the hard injury in the first treatment of the case and fr____satis? find that it is a case of “malpractice”. The man what thrown from a buggy some two weeks ago and broke two ribs on the right side and the right leg above the knee.
New Orleans May 31st/63
Alphonse Gouigus? – 9 years – Louisiana – Mississippi River opposite Felicity Road – “Accidental Drowning”
Jeremiah Bradly – 30 years – Ireland – corner of Lafayette & St. Philipp Streets. “Chronic Pneumonia”
Marie Smith – 67 years – Diseased of heart – 3d & Dryades St.
June 2d, 1863
*1 Mary Slave of Robert Newel of Elm Bayou. 30 years – Virginia – “Dysentery”
*2 Verna Slave of Francis Ulmack of Grand Coteau – 10 years – Louisiana, “Dysentery’
*3 Benjamin Thorton Slave of Mrs. Jenkins Parish St. Landry – 70 years – Kentucky “Pneumonia”
*4 Polie Balgeron Slave of Baltere Balgeron Bayou Teche Attakapas – 70 yrs – Africa - “Dysentery”
*These four entries are joined by a note written vertically along the left margin that says, “All at the Cotton (sic) Press corner of Greatman (sic) & Cotton Press streets.”
Robt Russell – 11 years – N.O., La – in Mississippi River opposite Montegut St., verdict – “Accidental Drowning”
*5 Henry Slave of Ben Pratt Bellview Parish St. Landry – 9 months – La. Cotton (sic) Press. Greatman (sic) & Cotten (sic) Press St. “Pneumonia”
*6 Rose Slave Samuel Bassin Bayou Bell Parish St. Landry 2 yrs – La. - Cotten (sic) Press cor Greatman (sic) & Cotten (sic) Press St. – “Diarrhea”
June 4th/63
Harvey Heyman* – 40 years – Germany – cor. Union & St. John the Baptist Street “Homicide”
*7 Aaron Slave of Thomas Firk - Bayou Huppah R. River– 2 years - La – “Pneumonia”
*8 Ned Slave of Thomas Anderson - Opelousas 70 years – Maryland – “Diarrhea”
*9 Alexandrine Slave of Mad. Lucien Brassear - Faure** Point – 26 years – La. - “Diarrhea”
*10 Angel Slave of Col. Olivier Parish St. Mary – 27 years – La. – “Measles”
*11 Eliza Slave of Robt. Newel Elm Bayou - 2 yrs – La. – “Diarrhea”
*12 Amelia Slave of Thomas Anderson Opelousas – 45 yrs – Maryland – “Diarrhea”
*These entries are joined by a note written vertically along the left margin that says, “All at the Cotten (sic) Press corner of Greatman (sic) & Cotten (sic) Press streets.”**This might be Fause Point.
June 5th, 1863
13 Male Negro Child – Still Born
*14 Diana Slave of Gen Pratt Opelousas – 1 year – La. –“Diarrhea”
*15 Rosa Slave of Francois Dupre – Opelousas – 2 years – Louisiana – “Pneumonia”
*16 Auguste Slave of SeJohn Ceasar - Opelousas – 54 years – Virginia – “Diarrhea”
*These entries are joined by a note written vertically along the left margin that says, “Cotten (sic) Press”.
June 16th, 1863
Henry Rawlins F. Boy of C. aged ~9½ years – Louisiana – in the Old Basin opposite St. Claude St. – Accidental Drowning
June 17th/63
Benjamin Dircon F.M.C. - 40 years – Virginia – in the hold of the Brig Harriet Hallock lying opposite post 14 2d Dist. Killed accidentally by falling in the hold of said Brig on last night.
June 24th/63
Cloe Howard – Slave of Mrs. Pandritt – 57 years – No. 203 St. Louis Street – “Diarrhea”
Henrietta Wright – 30 years – Louisville Ky. – No. 81 Perdido Street – “Gastritis”
John Henry – 45 years – Ireland – No. 5 Calliope Street – “Pneumonia”
June 27th/63
Unknown White Man aged about 40 years in Miss. River opposite St. Peter St. – “Found Drowned” – Long black hair. Whiskers under chin. White cotten (sic) shirt. Light blue woolen pants. Brogan shoes, about 5 ft 9 inches high.
New Orleans June 29th/63
George Eggelston – 28 years – Hamburg Germany – 106 St. Charles St. Verdict – Died from taking an overdose of opium.*Might be Eggelaton.
July 3d, 1863
Francois Louis Burais – 33 years – Department of Le Manche (sic) France – Dupre St. bet. Laparouse & Onzaga Streets – “Swamp Fever”
27 Wm Field Slave of S. Pompano Parish St. James – 80 years – Louisiana – 226 Levee St. – “Putrid Sore Throat”
July 4th, 1863
No. 28 Priscilla Ross Slave of Andrew Day* of Lafourche – 20 years – “South Carolina,” No. 226 Levee St. Verdict – “Diarrhea”
*This name might be Duy or Diaj.
Timothy McMahon – 26 years – Ireland – No. 239 Lafayette St. – Verdict – “Intemperance”
Ann Richardson Slave of Leopold Cluckman – 40* years – Virginia. Girod St. between Camp & Magazine Street. “Disease of the Heart”*Might be 20 or 30.
July 7th/63
Joseph Denis – 83 years – Native of St. Domingo – 226 Toulouse St. – Suicide by shooting himself in the face with a horse pistol about 11 oclock last night.
July 11th, 1863
Thomas Maning – 9 years – St. Louis Mo. – opposite Custom house in Miss. River – “Accidental Drowning” – while bathing the body was naked.
July 12th/63
An unknown negro woman – aged about 20 years – found in the Mississippi River opposite Elmira St. 3d Dist. – Verdict – “Found Drowned” She had the appearance of a Plantation negro – Red plaid calico dress – red plaid hdchf round the waist.
July 13th, 1863
J. N. Lafosse – 64 years – France – Treme Police Station – Verdict – accidental death by being run over by the City R. R. Car No. 74 on Rampart St. junction of St. Peter St. on Sunday night about eight o’clock P.M. From evidence given it appears he had been to the south east corner of Rampart & St. Peter Street to get a bottle of liquor and was crossing the street diagonally and did not appear to notice the car when he attempted to cross the ___* track. As the mule came up, he threw up his hand which alarmed the mule. The mule knocked him down and the wheel passed over his neck and right arm breaking the bone. Death must have been instantaneous. The deceased was watchman for of Place de Arms. The driver hellowd (sic) at him and turned the brake but had not time to stop the car. The driver was discharged by the coroner.*A word is covered with an ink blot. It might have been scratched out.
Read a newspaper account of this incident.
July 13th/63
Frank Conrad – 66 years – Germany - in a house near the 2d Dist. Drianing (sic) Machine - Verdict – “Dysentery”
July 18th, 1863
Wm. J. Argan – 8 years – Louisiana - in Mississippi River opposite Josephine St. - Verdict “Accidental Drowning”
July 18th, 1863
Edward Soule F.C.C. 2 years – Louisiana - No. 223 Bienville – Verdict - death from natural causes but the sepific (sic) disease unknown and we further find that one Dr. J. T. Gattman* neglected the said child after prescribing for and attending the said child and that he is further guilty of a misdemeanor in refusing to give a certificate for the burial of said child.*Might be Eattman or Cattman.
July 21st, 1863
Josephine Link – 18 years – native of the Kingdom of Bavaria Germany – No. 55 Eighth – Verdict – Lockjaw caused by scalding her foot with hot starch – It appears she was living away from home and was not on speaking terms with her relations at the time of the accident. She was advised to go to Mrs. Long a doctress in the fourth dist. who told her she could attend to it as well as any Doctor. She heated? up the burn very quickly when symptoms of tetanus set in at which the girl became alarmed and wanted a physician but the Doctress still insisted she was good as any Doctor and that it was nothing but a cold. It finally came to the knowledge of her friends who sent and had her brought home and a physician sent for, Dr. Smedley who treated her case very skilfully (sic) but it was of no avail she dying with Lockjaw. The case might have resulted fatally under the best of most skilfull (sic) treatment. But the presumption of some of these Doctoresses is great.
An unknown Negro man aged about 40 years – found floating in the Miss River opposite Independence St. He was perfectly naked as if he had been in swimming. Verdict – “Found Drowned”
23d July 1863
James McNeal – 23 years – England – Mississippi River opposite Munroe St. just above the Barracks – Found Drowned – It is presumed that it was accidental drowning as he was perfectly naked. He was a U.S. Soldier 3d __*.*Crowded in corner of page. Cannot be read.
July 25th 63
A drowned woman opposite 8 at Market*.*Could be 8 St. Market.
A drowned soldier foot of Mason St. 3d Dist.
(Signed) John A. Chews*
Clerk 3d Dist.
Police Stat.
*Name could be Chens, Cheers, Cheevers or some other variation. Hard to read.
July 25th, 1863
Unknown white woman aged about 30 years found in the Miss. River opposite Port Market – Brown hair, striped calico dress, brown merino under shirt - old Congress gaiters, no stockings. Coarse cotten (sic) chemise white corset.
*Unknown white man a U.S. Soldier. Black hair, short beard under on lower part of face. Blue frock coat. U.S. Army pants, brogan shoes, buckskin purse and the Daguerotype (sic) face of a woman – in Miss. River opposite Mazant St. 3d Dist.*There is a note written vertically in the left margin, “This mans (sic) pants were down as if he had been attending to the call of nature.”
*Unknown white man U.S. Soldier supposed to be Ambrose Thompson - in Miss. River opposite Customhouse St. Blue blouse, U.S. Army pants, black ring on left little finger. 2 gold rings on left little finger, one bone ring on right little finger, cotten (sic) shirt, U.S. Army pants, brogan shoes, black hair, silver watch with iron chain, small amt. of U.S. and Confederate state money, cork screw.*There is a note in the margin “p. 151”
July 25th 63
Unknown white man U.S. Soldier supposed to be John M. Darrow. Co. D. 12 Regt. C. V. Gen. Banks Divission (sic) - in Miss. River opposite Custom house St. – Blue Blouse, U.S. Army pants brogan shoes cotton shirt & cott___ ___ black _____*
*The rest of this is torn.
[The rest of this page is torn out.]
N.O. August 9th/63
Rose Slave child of Edmond Rive* - 6 months – Louisiana – Bagatell (sic) St. bet. Greatman (sic) & Casacalvo – “Dentition”*Very hard to read name. Could be Rice, Riven, River, etc.
______________- F.M.C. – 27 years
*Very badly torn.
Janvier Slave of _____– 5 years – Louisiana _____ “Dysentery”*
*Entry is badly torn.
Mathilda Slave of Elbert Gant of Opelousas – 13 years – Louisiana – No. 65 Marais St. – “Dysentery”
Ellen Gilloly – 35 years – Ireland – in a house on Corduroy Alley – St. Thomas St. – “Gastritis,” caused from drinking to (sic) much “Louisiana Rum”.
Male White Child – No. 192 Esplanade St. - “Premature Birth”
N.O. August 4th, 1863
Ruchar - Slave of Frank Seller of Opelousas – 10 years – Louisiana – 59 Vilerie (sic) St. – “Diarrhea”
Louisa Slave of Placide Amant of St. Mary – 10 years – Louisiana – corner of St. Ferdinand & Good Children Streets, “Cholera Morbidus”
Frank Moore Co. B, 6 Miss. Regt. Vol. - about 21 years. Miss. River opposite Conti St. – “Found Drowned”. There was a parole in his pocket showing he was paroled from Vicksburg. I give the name as the Parole calls for. He was very much emaciated and had on nothing but shirt, drawers, and socks.
July 5th, 1863
Frank Slave of Frank Seller of Opelousas – 3 months – Louisiana – 59 Vilerie (sic) St., “Diarrhea”
Sophia Burns Slave owner unknown – 15 years – Louisiana – cor Orleans & Prieur Sts, “Pneumonia”
Simeon F. Boy C. – 10 years – N.O. La – cor. Dumain (sic) & Bourbon Sts. Killed by having his head crushed by the flywheel of a force pump used for making mineral water at the establishment of L. Deloche. The boy sliped (sic) and fell with his head in the wheel while it was revolving crushing his scull (sic) and right arm. Entirely accidental.
New Orleans August 6th, 1863
An unknown U.S. Cavelry(sic) Soldier opposite Clouet St. in Miss. River. “Found Drowned”. Nothing about him to indicate his name.
*An unknown white boy aged about eight years. Found in Hagan Avenue dreaning (sic) canal opposite Customhouse. “Found Drowned”. He had on a blue cottenade jacket patched. A man who missed his son took the jacket to see if his wife would recognize it and in case she does not the jacket will be left at the draining machine on Bienville St. to be seen by persons who have missed their child – N.B. “Recognized by the mother”.*A note is written vertically in the margin of this entry: ”Henry Fabian aged eight years”
William Comer* – 35 years – Ireland – in Mississippi River opposite Jefferson St. Verdict – “Accidental Drowning” Fell in the River on Monday evening from of (sic) the Steamer Continental. Lived in the Third dist. where he has a family who took charge of the body.*Might be Corner.
August 7th/63
Edward Switchard – 30 years – Ireland – at the Barracks police station. “Killed by Lightning” His clothes were burnt and torn nearly from his body – hat tore, shoes the soles were torn from the uppers.
New Orleans August 9th, 1863
An unknown Negro man about 20 years – First dist Police Station - “Diarrhea”. Was picked up early this morning on the levee opposite Canal St. dead. Nothing on him to indicate who he was.
August 10th/63
Celestine Marigny F.M.C. – 90 years – N.O., La. – Orleans St. bet. Dorgenois & Broad Sts. - “Debility & Old Age”
Louis Pollard – Slave of Wm Barnes of N.O. – 14 years – La. – cor Dryades & Triton Walk Sts – “Pneumonia”
Jerry Slave of John Campbell of Attakapas – 3 years – Louisiana – 88 Urquhart St – “Dropsy”
Mary Slave of Mrs. Charveaux of N.O. – 45 years – Virginia – No. 95 St. Ann Street. “Gastritis”
August 12th/63
Louis an old Negro man about 70 years found dead in a shanty on the Levee opposite Phillipe St. 2d Dist. – Natural death disease unknown.
Ernest Schermen – 45 years – Germany - at the N.O. City R. R. depot at Bayou bridge -an employe (sic) – Disease of Heart
August 13th, 1863
Hilyard Slave, owner unknown, 17* years – No. 192 Franklin St. – “Dysentery”*Ink is smeared. Might be 16. The first digit is a 1.
Priscilla Slave of Jacob Vanwinde of Point Coupe (sic) – 26 years – Louisiana – cor Constance & Melpomene St. “Congestive Chills”
*Henry Myer – 29 years – Bremen, Germany, cor. St. Claude and Morales, at Third dist. “Killed by Lightning”. He was standing leaning against the post of a gate smoking his pipe. About 25 feet back stands the house in which was a woman and three children. The woman said the first thing she knew was she was lying on her back in the floor gasping to get her breath and as soon as she could rise she did so and the three children were the same as herself lying on the floor gasping for breath and the man lying by the gate where on the pavement close by where he stood. He was burnt on his left side from the head to his foot. The skin was of in places as if he had been scalded. His hair was scorched. The fence and gate were splinters and tore to pieces. Occurred about 12 o.c.m.*Note written vertically in margin: “Came to life again July 14th, 1863, “That is a lie!!” Never had any appearance of coming to life”
August 15th
Rufus Allen - Contraband – 55 years – native of Alabama – in Miss. River opposite Girod St. Accidental Drowning – Fell overboard from U.S. Steam Man of War Albatros (sic).
August 15th/63
Emperor William Slave of Rufus McIlhenny - 10 years – N.O. La. - Accidental drowned yesterday in the Ninth St draining canal at the crossing of the Jackson Rail Road.
Charles Slave of Coulon de Villier – 2 years - in Pickayune (sic) Cotten (sic) Press on Levee, 3d Dist. “Diarrhea”
Marie Louise F.W.C. – 69 years – N.O., La - Claiborn (sic) St. bet. Annett & St. Antonio St. – “Suffocated from a very large goiter (sic)”
August 18th/63
White Male Child – No. 111 Hospital St. Premature Birth.
Eliza Burns Slave owner unknown – 15 yrs – N.O. La. – cor. Orleans & Prieur Sts. Pneumonia
Alexander Slave of Lt. Gov. Mouton – 90 years – in Pickayune (sic) Cotten (sic) Press. 3d Dist. Debility & Old Age
Philip Long – 22 years – Germany – in Miss River opposite Louisa St – belonged to Co. G. 1st La. Cavelry (sic). Accidental Drowning
An unknown Negro Woman - 35 years – in Miss River opposite St. Josephine St. (sic), “Found Drownd (sic)” The same woman whose basket and bonnet was found on the warf (sic).
N.O. August 19th, 1863
John Slave of Edward Ducre of Attakapas La. - 3 years – Louisiana – Claiborne St. bet. Montegut & Clouet Sts. “Dysentery”
Edward Slave of Joseph Shannon of N.O. La, 20 years – Maryland – No. 244 Camp Street – “Diarrhea”
John T. Petgold – 5 days – La – No. 397 Lafayett (sic) St. “Trismus Nascentium”
William McDonald – 7 years – NO, La in Miss. River right bank, Algiers. “Accidental Drowning”
John Allen – 9 years – Louisiana – in Miss River opposite Jefferson Street. Accidental Drowning. His brother was with him at the time and in bathing – body naked. Mother took the body home with her.
August 20th/63
An unknown white man – aged about 25 years. Slight beard under the chin – Red flannel under shirt. Grey flannel over shirt. Brown cloth pants tied around the waist with a small cord. Barefooted. In Miss. River opposite Post 20 Second Dist. “Found Drowned”
N.O. August 27th/63
Peter Devow - 11 years – N.O. La. – No. 86 Ferdinand Street. “Accidental Drowning”
August 28th, 1863
Margaret Stevens an Indian woman – aged 33 years – St. Joseph, Missouri – on Lake Shore in a house Milneburg. “Swamp Fever”
Bidwell – Slave of John Donavan – 65 years – Virginia – Hunter St bet Levee & Tchoupitoulas Sts. - “Asthma”
August 30th/63
Ceaser Phillips, Slave of John Phillips – 50 years - Georgia – in Charity Hospital – died from the effects of a penetrating wound in the abdomen causing perotinitis (sic). Case set for examination Wensday (sic) evening Sept 2d (8h).
An unknown white man – about 25 years – found dead in the Miss River opposite Red Stores 2d Dist – entirely naked – supposed to be the soldier accidently (sic) drowned while bathing belonging to some Masachussets (sic) Regmt.
Ambrose Slave of S. Broussard – 5 years – Attakapas La cor. Good Children & St. Ferdinand Sts. “Pneumonia”
Sept. 4th/63
Samuel Windham – 26 years – England – in a house in Lake Shore Milneburg – “Cholera Morbus”
Robert Slave of Lt. Gen. Hitchcock of Miss – 35 years – Miss – Treme Police Station – “Dysentery”
Sept 7th/63
Jos* Kerby F.M.C. - 50 years Maryland - Miss. River opposite Conti St. - Accidental Drowning – He is the man that was drownd (sic) in the hull of the Steamer Bee.*There is a big inkblot here.
*An unknown white boy – about 8 years – very light hair – naked in Miss River opposite Pickayune (sic) Cotten (sic) Press. “Accidental Drowning”. Body unclaimed.*Note wrote vertically in the margin – “Since recognized by his parents. His name is Thomas O’Brien – 6 1/2 years. N.O. La. Was drownd (sic) in the river opposite St. Mary at 4th Dist.
Sept 9th, 1863
Frederic Mathias Krell – 32 years – Baden Germany – Third dist. Police Station. Killed accidently (sic) by car No. 117 of the city R. R. The driver was entirely exhonerated (sic) from all blame. The accident occurred on Love St. bet. Clouet & Louisa St. this morning. The cars were in motion at a slow speed. The man attempted to get on the car while in motion, in front the front. In taking hold of the iron holdi_* on the dash board he lost his balance and swung round in front of the car and fell dislocating his neck. Driver stoped (sic) the car almost instantly as the wheels did not pass over him b____* was crushed by the bar in front.*Corner of page is folded and hides the rest of these words.
Sept. 15th/63
Mary alias Yanke (sic) Mary – 45 years – No. 208 St. Louis St. “Dropsy”
Sept 15th 63
Mary Beck – 46 years – Ireland – Rosseau (sic) St. bet. St. Andrew and St. Mary Sts. “Dropsy”
Sept. 17th, 1863
Unknown Negro boy aged about 14 years found drownd (sic) in the new canal opposite Claiborne Street. Dressed in check shirt and brown cloth pants with fancy stripe (sic) on the side of the legs.
Mary Ward – 30 years – Ireland – No. 51 Orange St. - Disease of Heart
Harriet Slave of Mr. Cooper of N.O. - 30 years – No. 104 Gainne (sic) Street. “Uterine Hemorhage (sic),” She was found dead in her room last evening. Body much decomposed and the room in the most filthy and disgusting condition.
John Shields of the 165 N.Y. Zouans? – 35 years – Masachusits (sic) 88 Canal St. - “Congestion of the Brain”
(The following entry is crossed out.)
Olivier H. Leaumont – 10 mos – N.O., La., No. 159 ½ Claiborn (sic) St. “Dentition,” The child of our newly appointed recorder Chas. Leaumont Esq.* Better not report it as a verdict.*(Illegible words written above this word.)
N.O. Sept 22d, 1863
Henry Gerder – 49 years – Germany – No. 503 Casacalvo St. cor. Poet, “Suicide by hanging.” He leaves a wife and three children in destitute circumstances, and from all the evidence that could be obtained his poverty and trouble on acct of it drove him to the act. Sometime ago he sold a small property which was heavily morgtagud (sic) and since that time his mind appeared to wander often talking to himself. By trade a painter and could find no employment.
Sept 25th, 1863
Rose Ellen Fallon – 11 months – N.O. La. – No. 201 Tchoupitoulas Street – “Accidentally Burned to Death,” The Mother of the child had gone to market – the Father was working down stairs – Had left the child in bed - in the room was (sic) three other children – one of them a small boy struck a match – set the musketon(?) bar on fire – Elder child gave the alarm – Father ran up – found the bed all on fire – snatched the child from the bed – child was burnt from head to foot – lived about one hour – occured (sic) about half past 7 o.c. this morning. Father was quite badly burnt about the arms in trying to rescue the child.
Read a newspaper account of this incident.
New Orleans Sept 26th/63
Louis Buisson – 1 year – N.O., La. – 221 Dumain Street. “Dentition”
Elizabeth Harshalman – 52 years – Hanover, Germany cor. Magazine & Calliope Sts. “Diarrhea”
October 4th, 1863
C. P. Ryan, paymaster steward of U. S. Steamer Estrelle – 48 years – Ireland – in Mississippi River opposite Julia Street. Accidentally drowned while going of (sic) board of said steamer. Fell from the staging.
Oct. 5
Sophia Duirick – 11 years – France – No. 446 Chippewa Street – “Congestive Fever’
Jane Couzan col’d child contraband - 4 hours – La. “Inanition”
Charlot Slave of Mr. Sinclair of Attakapas – 14 years – La. – cor. Prosper & New Orleans - “Pneumonia”
Eve Slave of Sam’l Lepe of Washington, St. – 62 years – Louisiana – No. 402 Good Children Street
October 7th, 1863 or yesterday
An old Negro woman unknown aged at least sixty found dead on the side of Comon (sic) Street shell road about two hundred yards this side of Broad St. She had been seen lying there sick on the night of the fifth (Monday) and was alive next morning but died about six o’clock – natural death from want and destitution, disease unknown.
October 8th, 1863
Adelaide Pigarie, F.W.C. – 34 years – Louisiana – Reilly St. bet. Prieur & Johnson Sts. “Congestive Fever”
Pauline Pigola – 2 ½ years – N.O. La. Old Levee St. bet. Elysian Fields and Marigny Sts. Strangulated by the bursting of an abscess in the throat.
Elizabeth Slave of Dr. Bour of Opelousas – 50 years – Louisiana – Bagatelle St. bet. Giraud (sic) and St. John the Baptiste (sic) Sts. “Dropsy”
An unknown white man found drownd (sic) in the River foot of Canal St. aged about 30 years dressed as a deck hand. Navy blue shirt and pants with a leather belt round his waist.
N.O. Oct 13th, 1863
Charlott Cassard F. W. C. – 68 years – N.O., La. – No. 202 Bourbon Street – “Disease of the Heart”
Mary Anderson – 22 years – Louisiana – No. 248 Royal Street – “Congestive Fever”. The above subject was a young woman that had been confined in the Charity Hospital some four weeks ago with a daughter. She had left the hospital some days ago with her child and took a small room in the backyard of the above premises where she was living in destitute circumstances. This morning the neighbors finding her door fastened and hearing the child cry and getting no answer bursted open the door, and found her lying dead on her cot with her child by her side. Child was about four weeks old. She had been complaining and sick for some days with chills and fever. Her Father lives in Algiers, the whereabouts of her husband was (sic) not known. The child was kindly cared for by the neighbors. The Father was sent for but wether (sic) he will be found or not I don’t (sic) know.
Oct. 14th/63
Ernest Laurerswartz – 48 years – Germany – in Parish Prison – “Diarrhea”. He was convicted for the murder of his wife but had not been sentenced.
Oct. 14th, 1863
Mariana Lietch* – 30 years – Ireland - No. 255 Bienville Street – New Orleans, La. Killed accidentally by falling over the galery (sic) of said house. She lived but a few moments.
*Might be Lutch.
Mary Kelly – 38 years – Ireland – No. 51 Adele Street- Dysentery
Also three others of natural deaths.
Oct 19th/63
George Lendtz – 39 years – Alsas (sic) France – on Bayou St. John just above Bayou Bridge. “Disease of the Heart”
(The next entry has been crossed out.)
Coroner wanted. Wife of James Gray. 172 Tchoupitoulas belw (sic) St. Joseph – died last night suddenly.
Oct. 22d/63
James McMahon – 60 years – Ireland – 59 Common Street – “Diarrhea” He lived by himself at the above number in a room in warehouse which he had in charge with the other buildings. Had been sick with diarrhea for some time. Was urged by his friends to employ a physician but would not. He was last seen on Monday. His friends not seeing him an (sic) getting no answer from him yesterday evening put a ladder up to his window and found him lying dead on the floor. Must have been dead since Monday from his appearance. The rats had eat (sic) his toes and hands.
N.O. Oct 22d, 1863
Catherine Willi – 36 years – Germany – Eight (sic) St. bet. Laurel & Annunciation Sts. Remitting and Swamp Fever
Nancy Slave of McClin of N.O. La. – 3 years – N.O. La. Second St. bet. Laurel & Annunciation St. “Sore Throat”
Oct 23d/63
An unknown white man aged about 25 years found drownd (sic) in Miss River opposite Jackson St. dressed as a U.S. Infantry soldier.
Oct 24th/63
Nicholas Slave of Octave Olivier – 5 months – Louisiana – No. 226 Levee St. cor. Eighth & Dryades St. “Pneumonia”
#29 Henry Slave owner unknown - 45 years – Virginia. No. 226 Levee St. “Pneumonia”
New Orleans, October 26th, 1863
Oliver Mills F.M.C. – 85 years – Georgia – 369 Robertson Street - Old Age & Debility.
Julia Ann Schaffer – 50 years – Germany – cor. Bayou & Gentilly Roads. Congestion of the Brain – superinduced by intemperance
Catherine Lawless – 30 years – Ireland – Poyfare (sic) St. bet. Tchoupitoulas and Annunciation Streets. “Jaundice”
Nov. 2d, 1863
#31 Edward Nicholson Slave of D. Boudreaux – 55 years – Virginia – 226 Levee St. “Remitting Fever”
Peter Duncan – 35 years – Scotland – in Miss River foot of Canal Street – “Accidentally drowned” – from Steamer Tupper last Wensday (sic) 28 inst
A man supposed to be B. S. Baldwin about 50 years of age in Charity Hospital run over by cars last evening – case set for Tuesday evening at Charity Hospital for examination. His right side was crushed in breaking a number of the ribs, also his right arm broken, injured also about the head.
New Orleans November 6th/63
Catherine Kenny – 30 years – Ireland – No. 216 Dryade (sic) St. – “Delirium Tremens”
November 10th, 1863
Louis Schmidt – 20 years – Germany – in Mississippi River under the warf (sic) opposite St. Louis St. Verdict – Accidental Drowning. This is the young man that kept a coffee stand in French Market. Drownd (sic) about 11 days ago. His pockets had been rifled and his shoes also stolen. His friends said he had about seventy dollars and a gold ring in his pocketbook and good gaiter shoes on.
An unknown white man taken to the Charity Hospital from Pacanier Station yesterday. Dark curly hair slightly grey, brown ribed (sic) cloth pants, blue woolen blouse, and bluesack coat. “Died from apoplexy”
November 14th, 1863
James Johnson F.M.C. 24 years – New Jersey – on board U. S. Steamer Lackawana. Post Mortem – A contused wound on the left side of the head. On removing the skull there was found a large coagulation of blood on the left side, and a slight coagulation on the right side. Skull fractured perpendicular about three inches. Compression and death. Case set for Monday at 4 o.c. p.m. 16th Nov on board Lackawana.
The next entry was X’d out:
November 16th, 1863
Chas. A Field – 23 years – Boston Massts In Miss River along side of U. S. Man of War Portsmouth of which was gunner. Accidentally Drowned on the 7th inst 1863.
Nov. 17th/63
James Johnson F.M.C. – 24 years – New Jersey – on board U. S. S. Sloop War Lakawanna was concluded and a verdict of manslaughter returned against Samuel Sislir*.*Might be Sistir, Sistin, etc.
Nov. 17th/63
An inquest comenced (sic) on Ellen Green F. W. C. - 62 years – Louisiana – No. 69 Howard Street. Post Mortem – Showed a gun shot wound on the right temple, the ball entering the scalp and passing out again, then entering the top of the right shoulder passing directly downwards breaking the collar bone and the first five ribs, passing through the edge of the middle and lower lobe of the right lung then through the diaphragm and right lobe of the liver, passing through one of the small intestines and lodging in the colon.Case set for Saturday at 5 o.c. pm. at Charity Hospital. Have since understood that a soldier of a firing squad fired of (sic) his musket yesterday in passing along but did not know he had shot anybody - the ball found was a minie (sic) ball an (sic) one ounce weight.
November 20th, 1863
The next two entries are X’d out.
Martin Cahill – 54 years – Ireland – No. 117 Old Levee Street. “Diarrhea” - From papers found on him it would appear he was from Quebec Canada where he has a brother and other relatives. He was a cooper and has been sometime sick and destitute.
Nov 25th/63
Catherine Selzer – 28 years – Germany – Craps St. bet. Clouet & Louisa Streets. Apoplexy superinduced by intemperance. She was drunk every day if she could get money to buy liquor. Leaves two children, Boy 8, Girl 6 years. Husband belongs to 1st La. Regt. U. S. A. She was a fortune teller. She was found dead by her children this morning lying on the floor. She fell last night, but the children did not think anything of it as they often saw her fall that way and lay until she got sober. A German woman offered to take charge of the children until their father should return.
The next four entries were X’d out.
Nov. 27th, 63
An unknown Negro man about 60 years. No. 80 Thalia St. “Dysentery”
Male Negro child. “Premature Birth”
George Dars - Slave – 57 years – No. 128 Basin St. “Pneumonia”
August Dickason Slave – 18 years – Perdido St. bet. St. Paul & Howard St. Diarrhea
The next five entries were X’d out.
Sunday Nov. 29th 63
Five cases on Sunday one white and 4 Blacks that died of disease. Nothing of interest attached to any of them.
Monday Nov. 30th 1863
Easter Harris a contraband girl - aged 5 years – Convulsions. No. 73* St. Thomas St.*Might be 173 St. Thomas St.
Prince Negro man aged about 25 years found dead in the gutter on Labadie St. bet. White & Dupre. Cold & Exposure. His clothes were wet, perfectly dry where he lay. A pass in his pocket from Col. Killbore* stated his name to be Prince. Panama Hat, gry (sic) box coat, plaid velvet vest. Black pants. Congriss (sic) gaiter shoes. Mustache & Goate (sic).*Might be Kilbone.
Dec 5th, 1863
Mary O’Brien - 33 years – Ireland – first Dist. Main Police State. Disease of the Heart. Fell down in the street as she was coming from market.
Mary Ballou* F. W. C. - 17 years – La. - No. 56 Poland Street. Congesive Chill. She had been ironing, got very warm and sit (sic) in a draft, took chill and died in short time.*Might be Ballon.

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