Mayor Paul Capdevielle

City Archives
New Orleans Public Library

Date range: 1900-1904
Size of collection: 3 cartons
Terms of Access: Available to registered researchers by appointment

Historical Note

Paul Capdevielle (1844-1922) served as Mayor of New Orleans, 1900-1904. A native New Orleanian, Capdevielle entered public life in 1877 with the School Board and later served on a number of other local boards and commissions prior to his election as Mayor of the city in 1899. During his administration, the city's modern sewerage and drainage system was installed and the Public Belt Railroad was organized. Also during this time, the racial incident involving Robert Charles took place. Following the expiration of his term as Mayor, Capdevielle served as the city's Auditor of Public Accounts until his death at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, in 1922.

Arrangement and Scope

The records consist primarily of correspondence (arranged alphabetically by correspondent or subject), both incoming and outgoing, with local public officials, citizens, and organizations, as well as with mayors of other American cities and other notables. Among the correspondents are Susan B. Anthony; Senators Donelson Caffery, Murphy J. Foster, and Samuel Douglas McEnery; Congressmen Robert C. Davey and Adolph Meyer; Governor W. W. Heard; Alcee Fortier; and Sophie B. Wright.

Also included are smaller quantities of court papers, invitations, petitions on various subjects, and miscellaneous materials.

Detailed Description of the Records

Box 1


"A" miscellaneous
Anthony, Susan B.
Ashley, Charles S. [Mayor of New Bedford, MA]
Audubon Park Association

"B" miscellaneous
Bartholdt, Congressman Richard [Missouri]
Board of Commissioners, Esplanade Ave.
Board of Commissioners for Clay Square
Board of Commissioners of Carrollton Ave.
Board of Commissioners of Claiborne Ave. (from Julia to Napoleon)
Board of Commissioners of Claiborne Circle
Board of Commissioners of Gentilly Ave.
Board of Commissioners of Louisiana Ave. and Neutral Ground
Board of Commissioners of Prisons and Asylums
Board of Commissioners of St. Charles Ave.
Board of Commissioners of St. Roch's Park
Board of Liquidation, City Debt

"C" miscellaneous
Caffery, Senator Donelson
Charity Hospital
Choctaw Club
Citizens' Protective Association
City Attorney
City Council
City Engineer
City Notary
Civil Service Commissioners for the City of New Orleans, Board of
Coliseum Square Commission
Comptroller's Office
Coroner's Office

"D" miscellaneous
Daily Picayune
Daily States
Davey, Congressman Robert C.
Davis, John R. [Mayor of Jacksonville, FL]
Davis, S.L. [Mayor of Hobson City, AL]
Diehl, Conrad [Mayor of Buffalo, NY]
Drainage Commission of New Orleans
Drennen, W.M. [Mayor of Birmingham, AL]

"E" miscellaneous

"F" miscellaneous
Fire Department
First City Court
First City Criminal Court
First Recorder's Court
Fortier, Alcee
Foster, Senator Murphy J.

"G" miscellaneous
Gordon, Jean M.

"H" miscellaneous
Harrison, Carter H. [Mayor of Chicago, IL]
Hayes, William P. [Mayor of Springfield, MA]
Heard, Governor W.W.
Hicks, Marshall [Mayor of San Antonio, TX]

"I" miscellaneous

"J" miscellaneous
Joseph, E.B. [Mayor of Montgomery, AL]

"K" miscellaneous

Box 2

"L" miscellaneous
Library of Congress
Louisiana Board of Supervisors of Elections
Louisiana Department of State
Louisiana Insane Asylum
Louisiana Purchase Exposition
Louisiana Railroad Commission
Louisiana Registration Office
Louisiana State Board of Agriculture and Immigration
Louisiana State Board of Health
Louisiana State National Guard
Louisiana Supreme Court

"M" miscellaneous
McEnery, Senator Samuel Douglas
Meyer, Congressman Adolph
Moores, Frank E. [Mayor of Omaha, NE]

"N" miscellaneous
National Zoological Park
New Orleans Belt and Terminal Company
New Orleans Board of Health
New Orleans Board of Trade
New Orleans Christian Advocate
New Orleans City Park Improvement Association
New Orleans Cotton Exchange
New Orleans Gas Light Company
New Orleans Progressive Union
New Orleans Public Library
New Orleans Spring Festival and Great Street Festival ...
New Orleans Water Works Company

"O" miscellaneous
O'Brien, E.E. [Mayor of Bay St. Louis, MS]
Orleans Levee District, Board of Commissioners of
Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff

"P" miscellaneous
Police and Public Buildings, Department of
Police Department
Port of New Orleans, Board of Commissioners of the
Prison Commission of the City of New Orleans
Public Schools
Public Works, Department of

Querbes, Andrew [Mayor of Shreveport, LA]

"R" miscellaneous
Reed, James A. [Mayor of Kansas City, MO]
Register of Conveyances

"S" miscellaneous

Box 3

Second Recorder's Court
Sewerage and Water Board
Shakspeare Almshouse
Smyth, J. Adger [Mayor of Charleston, SC]
Southern Industrial Convention
State Tax Collector

"T" miscellaneous
Toulme, John V. [Mayor of Bay St. Louis, MS]
Treasurer, City of New Orleans
Trowbridge, W.L. [Mayor of Vicksburg, MS]
Tulane University

"U" miscellaneous
United States Army
United States Civil Service Commission
United States Department of State
United States Department of the Interior
United States Embassy, Mexico
United States Marine Hospital Service
United States Navy
United States Post Office
United States Treasurer
United States War Department

"V" miscellaneous

"W" miscellaneous
Walsh, Walter F. [Mayor of Mobile, AL]
Welch, F.M. [Mayor of Alexandria, LA]
White, R.E. [Mayor of Austin, TX]
Wilson, Andrew H.
Wright, Sophie B.

"XYZ" miscellaneous

Zeigenheim, Henry [Mayor of St. Louis, MO]

Court Papers
Moore vs. New Orleans Water Works (U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals)




Coliseum Park
Home Swell Pleasure Club Dance
Lawn Parties
Rendering Plant (Opposition by Milneburg Residents)
St. Alphonsus Orphan Asylum
Smoke Nuisance

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