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Louisiana. First Judicial District Court
Habeas Corpus records, 1831-1846

The Code of Practice in Civil Cases for the State of Louisiana (New Orleans, 1839) states that the district judges were among those empowered to grant writs of habeas corpus. Individuals were allowed to petition a judge for such writs. The petition was to state that the party applying for the writ was imprisoned or otherwise deprived of his liberty. The writ of habeas corpus if effect ordered the imprisoner to bring the imprisoned before the issuing judge who was to then determine whether or not to grant freedom to the imprisoned party.

It appears that the Court kept a separate docket for habeas corpus matters but such a docket book is not extant. It is unclear as to why the records do not begin until 1831. This series of habeas corpus records ends in 1846 when the First Judicial District Court ceased to exist.

The table below lists the extant habeas corpus cases from the First Judicial District Court.

Name(s) Docket
Year Comments
04 James McGary 1831
05 James Mitchell 1833 Seeking the return of his infant daughter.
13a Michael Flynn, James Myers, John Fitzgerald, Patrick O'Brian 1838
13b Spencer Logan 1838 A negro boy who once lived in France.
15 Martin Steib 1838 Attempting to have his daughter released from an indecent situation with another individual.
16 Robert Mitchell 1838
17 James Cassedy 1838 Attempting to secure the release of a boy, of whom he had temporary custordy, from another individual.
18 D. F. J. Maloy 1837
21 Thomas Wharton Collens 1838 Collens, Deputy Clerk of the U.S. Circuit Court, seeks his release from imprisonment on contempt of court charges stemming from his refusal to turn over records in another matter.
22 Charles Cora 1838
23 Felix (fmc) 1839 Included is a police report on other free men of color who were arrested for playing cards with white persons and slaves at a grog shop on Gallatin Street.
25 John Whilberger 1839 Seeking the release of his seven year old son from the custordy of Thomas Iler.
26 Solomon Andrews 1839
27 Marie Noel alias Nounoute 1839 A "quartroon" illegally detained in the Police Jail.
28 Louis Chabert 1839 Seeking the release of his young son who has been placed on a ship bound for France. A copy of the child's French birth record in included.
29 Anna Marie Alfonse 1839 Seeking the release of her young daughter from custody of a St. Bernard Parish couple. Alfonse was the wife of Antonio Cerise.
30 Leonard C. Barber 1839
31 Louis D. Fleury 1840 Seeking custody of his two young children who are being concealed by their mother who he is in the process of divorcing.
32 Abraham Colby 1840
37 Archibald Hotchkiss 1840
38 Pierre Dastugue 1840
39a Samuel Scott, Joseph Rogers, Joshua Riddle, James Morgan, Charles Thompson, James Groves, Jonas Malcolm 1840 All were branch pilots who were arrested by order of a Plaquemines Parish Justice of the Peace and imprisoned in a barn since no other jail space was available.
39b Jonas King Murphy 1840 For contempt of court.
40 Brigette Cicet (Widow of Bernard Anglade) 1840 Seeking the release of her fifteen year old daughter from custody of her son-in-law in St. John the Baptist Parish.
41 Charles F. O'Conner 1840
44 Jack Bowers 1840
49 Jean Baptiste Roussillon (fmc) 1840 Charged as an "incorrigible vagabond and a suspicious man of color."
50 William Weed 1840
51 F. A. Weed 1840
52 Daniel De Putron, Osborn Abbott, Luis Bargasse, Manuel Domingos, John Rathbone, John Tally, Michel Myhan 1841 Charged with piracy.
53 Charles Valles 1841 Deserter from a French ship.
74 Thomas Powell 1844 Claiming that he is being held more or less in "debtor's prison."
77 E. W. Nance 1844 Includes testimony on witnesses to Nance's movements in New Orleans.
78a J. B. Ross 1845 Seeking the release of his minor child from a man in Mississippi.
78b Manuel castein (fmc) 1845 Involving a charge of assault and battery brought against Joseph Zamore (fmc). Castein apparently was the victim. Includes statements of witnesses.
80 Jefferson J. Bryant 1845
81 Charles K. Wise 1845 Seeking the release of his minor daughter from custody of his in-laws.
87 Pietro Craglick, Mateo Fortunato 1846 They were Austrian nationals.
90 Dermot Jerome Brennan 1846 Accused of murder in the state of Mississippi.

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