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Folders Beginning with S
     See also: [Schools] [St. (Saint) . . .]
Folder Title File Type Notes
S & M Fertilizer & Seed Co., Inc. BVF
S.K. Whitty and Co., Inc BVF see Whitty, (S.K.) and Co., Inc.
Sabine Parish TVF
Sabine State Bank & Trust Co. BVF
Sacred Heart Convent-Natchitoches VF
Sacred Heart Orphanage VF
Safe River Committee of 100 VF
Safety VF
Safety Net Inc.-Samaritan House VF
Sahscah, Mr.-(Camus, Mike) VF
Saia Motor Freight Lines BVF
Sainte Domingues VF
Saints VF
Salaam, Kalamu ya VF
Salaun, Milton "Chip" VF
Salaun, Zuma Young VF
Salmanders VF
Salt Domes VF
Salt Water VF
Salvation Army VF
Salvation Army-Silvercrest Children's Day Care Center VF
Salvation Navy VF
Samuel, L. Julian VF
Samuel,, Stella VF
Samuels, Arthur VF
Sanchez, Andrew P. VF
Sanders, Evelyn I. VF
Sanders, Joe W. VF
Sanders, Ken VF
Sanderson Farms, Inc. BVF
Sandoz, J. B., Inc. BVF
Sandra K. Northrop & Associates BVF see Northrop, Sandra K. & Associates
Sanitation in New Orleans VF Series of 16 articles from The Southern Plumber by Roger Baudier, November 1930 - April 1932
Sankofahene Barima Odi Akosah VF see Jeff Jr., Dr. Morris F.X.
Santeria VF
Sapir, Eddie VF
Sarpy, Leon VF
Sarpy, Peter Abadie VF
Sassone, Martha VF
Satanism VF
Sauder, Robert A. VF
Save Our Cemeteries, Inc. VF
Save Our Cemeteries, Inc.-Fund Raisers VF
Save Our Coast VF
Save Our Schools VF
Save Our Selves, Inc. VF
Save Our Wetlands, Inc. VF
Save Our Youth Summit (1992) VF
Save Outdoor Sculpture VF Sawachi
Sawachi, Hisae VF
Sawmills VF
Saxophone VF
SBA BVF see Small Business Administration
Scalia, Antonin (U.S. Supreme Court Justice) VF
Scavenger Hunts VF
Schaffer, F. C. and Associates, Inc. BVF
Schaller, Howard G. VF
Scharff & Jones, Inc. BVF
Schaumburg, Wright (1844-96) VF Confederate Soldier, see JD. Pic. July 10, 1896, p. 14, c. 3
Scheuermann, Louis "Rags" VF
Schexnayder, Bishop Maurice VF
Schiffer, Hubert F., S.J. VF
Schiro, Gasper J. VF
Schiro, Mrs. Victor, "Sunny" VF
Schiro, Victor H. VF
Schlitz Brewing Company BVF
Schmidt, Douglas VF
Schneider, Anne "Sherry" VF
Schoen Funeral Home VF
Schoen Funeral Home (Canal Street) VF
Scholarships and Educational Fund VF
School and Day Care and Information Services, Inc. VF see Schools-School and Day Care Information Services, Inc.
School Assignments-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans/Louisiana-Acadians (Cajuns) VF
School Assignments-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans/Louisiana-The Africans (Blacks) VF
School Assignments-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans/Louisiana-The Americans VF
School Assignments-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans/Louisiana-the Filipinos VF
School Assignments-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans/Louisiana-The Germans VF
School Assignments-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans/Louisiana-The Indians VF
School Assignments-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans/Louisiana-The Irish VF
School Assignments-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans/Louisiana-The Italians VF
School Assignments-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans/Louisiana-The Saint-Dominguens (Haitians) VF
School Assignments-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans/Louisiana-The Spanish VF
School Assignments-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans/Louisiana-The Yugoslavs VF
School Assignments-Ethnic Groups in New Orleans/Lousiana-The French VF
School of Metaphysics VF see Schools-School of Metaphysics
Schooners-Bladen, Sarah VF
Schornstein, Florence VF
Schott, Arthur O. VF
Schott, Patrick M. VF
Schowalter, Edward R., Jr. VF
Schulte, Francis Bible, Archbishop VF
Schultz, William R. VF
Schumacher's Shoes BVF
Schuman, Douglas VF
Schuyten, Ernest E. VF
Schwartz Supply Co. BVF
Schwegmann, John, Jr. VF
Schwegmann, John-Supermarket History VF
Schwegmann, Melinda (Mrs. John Schwegmann, Jr..) VF
Schweickhardts Drugstore (1438 Carrollton Ave.) VF
Science Fiction-Convention VF
Scientific Exhibition VF
Sciortino, Maurice C. VF
Scott, Natalie VF
Scott, Stanley S. VF
Sculptors-Alferez, Enrique VF
Sculptors-Benglis, Lynda VF
Sculptors-Emery, Lin VF
Sculptors-Gregory, Angela VF
Sculptors-Haridis, Panagiotis VF
Sculptors-Hayden, Frank VF
Sculptors-Kass, Gene VF
Sculptors-Ludwig, William VF
Sculptors-Otto, Louis VF
Sculptors-Rickey, George W. VF
Sculptors-Schwartz, Ersy VF
Sculptors-Scott, John T. VF
Sculptors-Shannon, Elizabeth VF
Sculpture VF
Seafood VF
Seal of Louisiana VF
Seale, Magaret VF
Seallinc VF
Seals of the City of New Orleans Folder #1 VF
Seals of the City of New Orleans Folder #2 VF Originals of all material are in the Official Vertical File AL951s, n.d.
Sealsfield, Charles A. VF
Secession VF "Secession, Insurrection of the Negroes, and Northern Incendiarism", U.S. Congressional speech, ca. 1863
Second Harvesters Food Bank BVF File Replaced 2007
Second Harvesters Food Bank VF
Securities and Exchange Commission VF
Security Homestead Association BVF
Security Industrial Insurance Co. BVF
Security Iron Company BVF
Security Savings and Loan Association BVF
Seelos, Francis Xavier, Rev. VF
Segregation VF
Segregation-Housing VF
Seiferth, Fanny VF
Sellers Baptist Home and Adoption Center VF
Sens, Paul VF
Sentry Manufacturing Co. BVF
Serials-Louisiana VF
Sertoma Club of New Orleans VF
Services Culturels Francais BVF
Sewerage VF
Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans BVF
Sex Education VF
SFE Technologies BVF
"Shadow Government" VF Satirical poster refering to Nagin's remarks during 2010 mayoral election.
Shaffi, Mohammad VF
Shakespeare First Folio VF
Shakespeare Society of New Orleans VF
Shalom of New Orleans VF
Shambra, Martin C. Jr. VF
Shannon, Harvey, Dr. VF
Sharks VF
Sharp Electronics, Inc. BVF
Shaughnessy, Clark P. VF
Shaw, Clay (Trial) VF
Shaw, John William (Eight Archbishop of New Orleans, 1918-1934) VF
Shaw, William W., Dr. VF
Shea, John, Judge VF
Shea, Scott, New Orleans City Councilman, District A VF
Shear, Rhonda VF
Shelf Lands-Act, Amendments etc. VF
Shell Boycott Coalition VF
Shell Oil Co. BVF
Shell Oil Co. Oil Spill VF
Sherman, Mary Stults, Dr., murder of VF
Sherry, Mettery, Jr. VF
Shields, Grayling VF
Shiloh, Allen VF
Ship Island VF
Ships-Elissa (Sailing Vessel-1877) VF
Ships-Haakon VII (Norwegian Vessel) VF
Ships-Louisiana (named) VF
Ships-U.S.S. New Orleans (Cruiser) VF World War II-Decommissioned 1946
Shipwrecks VF
Shoe Town BVF
Shoplifting VF
Shopping Centers VF
Shopping Centers-Lakeside VF
Shopping Centers-Oakwood (Algiers, Louisiana) VF
Shopping Centers-Uptown Square (Broadway and Tchoupitoulas) VF
Shostakovich, Maxim- VF
Showboat Centennials VF
Shreve, Captain Henry Miller . VF
Shreveport Production Credit Association BVF
Shreveport- Shreve Square BVF
Shreveport-Historical VF
Shrimpers and Shrimp VF
Shriners VF
Shwartz, Simon James, Sr. VF
Sicily Island TVF
Sickle Cell Anemia VF see also New Orleans Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation
Sidewark Ordinance VF
Sierra Club, New Orleans Chapter of VF
Sigmund, Barbara Boggs VF
Silent Majority Committee VF
Silva Mind Control Center VF
Silver VF
Silversmiths VF
Simmons First National Corporation BVF
Simmons, Henry G. VF
Simon Bolivar Statue VF Brief history of statue at corner of Canal St. and Basin St.
Simon, Leon C. VF
Simon, Melvin & Associates, Inc. BVF
Singers-Barker, Blue Lu VF
Singers-Boswell Sisters VF
Singers-Dazzle, Germaine VF
Singers-Dixie Cups VF
Singers-Gilmore, Gail VF
Singers-Neville, Aaron VF
Singers-Thomas, Irma VF
Singers-Vaucresson, Robert A,, Jr. VF
Singles Clubs VF
Singleton, James M. VF
Sippel, Paul VF
Sippel, Paul VF
Sister Cities VF
Sister Walker VF
Sisters Council-Archdiocese of New Orleans VF
Sisters of the Holy Family VF Newsletter, Summer, 1997
Sisung, Lawrence J. VF
Six and Seven Eighths String Band of New Orleans VF
Sizeler and Muller BVF
Sizeler Realty Co., Inc. BVF
Skating, Roller VF
Skid Row-New Orleans VF
Sky Line VF
Slater, Walker of America Limited BVF
Slatkin, Leonard VF
Slidell Art League VF
Slidell Artists and Craftsmen's Guild VF
Slidell-Historical VF
Slocum, Hester VF
Slocum, John Willis VF
Small Business Administration (SBA) BVF
Smallwood, Jessie M. VF
Smith, Angus D. (Senator) VF
Smith, Gerald L.. K.. VF
Smith, James W. VF
Smith, Jerome VF
Smith, Joseph VF
Smith, Mary VF
Smith, Michael VF Photographer (1937-2008) [Folder replaced, 2010]
Smith, Norman R. VF
Smith, Prim VF
Smith, T. & Son, Inc. BVF
Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture/FONT> VF
Smoke Bend TVF
Smoking VF
Sniper-Howard Johnson VF
Sno-balls VF
Snow VF
Snyder, Isabel VF
Social Directories VF
Social Register of new Orleans VF
Social Security VF
Social Security Records GVF
Social Services-New Orleans VF
Social Welfare Planning Council BVF
Social Welfare Planning Council VF
Social Welfare Planning Council-Community Volunteer Service VF
Social Welfare Planning Council-Reports (Annual) VF
Social Welfare Program of the New Orleans Consortium VF
Social, Educational, and Athletic Association VF
Socialism VF
Sociedad Espanola VF
Societe des Marionettes VF
Societe Francaise de la Lousiane VF
Society for French Historical Studies VF
Society for the Preservation of State Government and Racial Integrity VF
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) VF
Society of American Archivists VF
Society of Clinical Surgery VF
Society of Colonial Wars VF
Society of Jesus (Jesuits) Novitiate Program (Grand Coteau, Louisiana) VF
Society of Louisiana Certified Public Accountants-New Orleans Chapter VF
Society of Southwest Archivist GVF
Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME VF
Society of Southern Archivists VF
Society of St. Joseph VF see St. Joseph, Society of
Society of the Founders of the City of New Orleans VF
Society of the War of 1812 in the State of Louisiana VF
Soil Conservation VF
Soil Conservation Service-Louisiana BVF
Soils VF
Soils-New Orleans Area VF
Soiree de Parisienne VF
Solar Energy VF
Solari's VF
Somner BVF
Songs-About New Orleans VF
Songs-Acadian VF
Songs-Bonnie Blue Flag, The VF
Songs-Carnival VF
Sonnier, Greg VF "Vote for the Cook";Campaign bumper stickers from 2010 mayoral election.
Sons of the American Revolution, Louisiana Society VF
Soul Patrol VF
Soule College VF
Souls of Valour: A Photographic Tribute to African American Veterans of WWII VF
Sound and Light (Son et Lumiere) at Jackson Square VF
South Central Bell Telephone Co. BVF
South Central Bell Telephone, Co. (Folder # 2) BVF
South Lafourche Bank and Trust Co. BVF
South Louisiana Library Association VF
South Savings and Loan Association BVF
Southdown Sugars, Inc. BVF
Southeast Louisiana Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc. VF
Southeast Louisiana Girl Scout Council BVF
Southeastern Library Association VF
Southeastern Louisiana Law Enforcement Association VF
Southeastern Louisiana University VF
Southern Industries Corporation-Annual Reports BVF
Southern Amateur Athletic Union VF
Southern Archivists Conference VF
Southern Area Gaming Association, Inc. VF
Southern Arts and Crafts Expositions VF
Southern Arts Federation Touring Company VF
Southern Assembly VF
Southern Association of Community Health Centers, Inc. VF
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company-Judiciary, State BVF
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company-Legislation, Lousiana BVF
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company-Moving Pictures BVF
Southern Booksellers Association VF
Southern Casualty Insurance Company BVF
Southern Conference Education Fund (SCEF) VF
Southern Conference on World Affairs VF
Southern Cooperative Development Fund, Inc. BVF
Southern Dominicans, Patrons and Friends of VF
Southern Exposure VF March/April, 2007. Publication of Institute of Southern Studies.
Southern Eye Bank Auxiliary-Fund Raisers VF
Southern Female Rights Union VF
Southern Historical Convention-1968 VF
Southern Humanities Conference VF
Southern Jewish Historical Society VF
Southern Legal Action Movement VF
Southern Municipal Officials Preliminary Conference VF
Southern Mutual Help Association VF
Southern National Bank at Tallulah BVF
Southern Pacific Railroad Co. BVF
Southern Pacific Transport Company BVF
Southern Public Relations Conference VF
Southern Radio Supply Co, Inc. BVF
Southern Railway Company-Annual Reports BVF
Southern Railway System BVF
Southern Regional Council VF
Southern Regional Education Board VF
Southern Regional Research Center VF
Southern Resorts VF
Southern Savings Association BVF
Southern Scottish Inns BVF
Southern Service Co. BVF
Southern States Industrial Council VF Program from installation dinner, 1948
Southern States Prison Association VF
Southern Structures, Inc. BVF
Southern University VF
Southern University in New Orleans VF
Southern University, New Orleans Center for African an African American Studies VF
Southern University-John B. Cade Library VF Dedication Booklet
Southern University-Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. VF
Southern Women's Economic And Political Science Association VF
Southern Writers Literary Agency VF
Southern Yacht Club VF
Southland University VF
Southwest Airlines BVF
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory VF
Southwest Gas Producing Co. BVF
Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau VF
Southwest Louisiana Rehabilitation Center VF
Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival VF
Southwest Pass (Gulf of Mexico into Mississippi River or Vice Versa) VF
Southwestern Electric Power Co. BVF
Southwestern Library Association VF
Southwestern Louisiana Institute VF
Southwestern Power Administration BVF
Spain-Diplomatic and Consular Affairs VF
Spanish American Business Association VF
Spanish Answer Desk VF
Spanish Culture Week VF
Southern Custom House VF
Spanish Enlightenment VF New Orleans under rule of Bourbon Spain
Spanish Fort VF
Spanish Heritage and Cultural Society of St. Bernard VF
Spanish Moss VF
Spanish Plaza VF
Spanish Speaking Community of New Orleans VF
Spanish Trail VF
Spanish War Veterans VF
Spann, John J. VF
Spartan Athletic Club VF
SpayMart VF
Speakers' Bureau-Our Lady of Holy Cross College VF
Speakers' Bureau-University of New Orleans- VF
Spears, Mack J. VF
Spears, Sonia VF
Speas, R. Dixon Associates BVF
Special Education-Child Search VF
Special Libraries Association, Louisiana Chapter VF
Speech VF
Speeches and Addresses VF
Spencer, Charles W. VF
Spill Control Association of America VF
Spillways VF
Spillways-Bonnet Carre Spillway VF
Spina Bifida Association of Greater of Greater New Orleans VF
Spiral Manufacturing BVF
Sports VF
Sports Promotions Associates, Inc BVF
Spremich Enterprises BVF
Spring Fiesta VF
Springhill VF
Springhill Bank & Trust Co. BVF
Springhill, Louisiana TVF
Square Dancing VF
Squirrels VF
Squyres, Linda VF
SSI BVF see Steering Systems, Inc.
Stained Glass VF
STAIR-Start the Adventure in Reading VF
Stall, Buddy VF see Stall, Gaspar Jacob Francis (Buddy)
Stall, Gaspar Jacob Francis (Buddy) VF
Stamp Collecting VF
Standard Brewing Company VF
Standard Company of New Orleans BVF
Standard Oil Company of Indiana BVF
Standard Oil Company of New Jersey BVF
Standish, P. H. VF
Stanford Research Institute Report VF
Stanley Muller & Associates BVF
Stanley, Henry Morgan-House VF
Star Inc . of Baton Rouge BVF
Stark, Mike VF
Starr Broadcasting Group BVF empty
State and National Parks VF
State and National Parks-Los Adaes Commemorative Area (Robeline, Louisiana) VF
State Bank and Trust Company of Golden Meadow BVF
State National Bank (New Iberia, Louisiana) BVF
State Savings BVF
State Song of Louisiana VF
States Rights VF
States Rights Party of Louisiana VF
States-Item Newspaper VF
Stationers VF
Statistics VF
Statistics-Business VF
Statistics-Children VF
Statistics-Crime and Criminals VF
Statistics-Education VF
Statistics-Income VF
Statistics-New Orleans VF
Statistics-Poverty VF
Statistics-Race VF
Stauffer Chemical Company BVF
Steamboat Cruises VF
Steamboats VF
Steamboats-Cajun Queen VF
Steamboats-Cotton Blossom VF
Steamboats-Creole Queen VF
Steamboats-Delta Queen VF
Steamboats-Mark Twain VF
Steamboats-Mississippi Queen VF
Steamboats-Natchez VF
Steamboats-President VF
Steamboats-Streckfus Steamers VF
Steamship, Tugboat, & Barge Lines BVF
Steel Magnolias (Play and Movie) VF
Steene, William VF
Steering Systems, Inc. (SSI) BVF
Stein, Gertrude Society VF
Steiner, Kurt VF
Stella Maris Maritime Center VF
Stephens, Jack A. VF
Stephens, Tim VF
Stephenson Floor Coverings, Inc. BVF
Sterling Sugars, Inc. BVF
Stern, Edgar B. VF
Stern, Edith (Mrs. Edgar B.) VF
Stevenson, Lea VF
Steward Enterprises

Stewart Cup VF
Stewart Enterprises, Inc. BVF
Stewart, William H. VF
Stich, Mrs. Charles VF
Still, William Grant VF
Stire, Milton A. VF
Stith, Gerard, elected mayor of New Orleans, 1858 VF
Stock Market BVF
Stokes, Al VF
Stone, Pigman, Walther, Wittman & Hutchinson BVF
Storch, Ambrose H. VF
Storms-Gulf Storm of 1893 VF
Stormwater Treatment Project VF
Storyland VF see City Park-Storyland
Storytelling VF
Storyville VF
Storyville Jazz Hall VF
Straight University VF
Strain, James R. VF
Strategic Petroleum Reserve BVF
Stratford Club VF
Straw-Hot Day VF
Strawberries VF
Street Directory-Jefferson Parish-Second Congressional District (East Bank), 1983, January VF
Street Directory-Orleans Parish-Second Congressional District-1983, January VF
Street Guides VF
Street Names VF
Street Signs VF
Street Vendors VF
Streetcar Transfers-circa 1870s VF
Streetcars VF
Streetcars Folder #2 VF
Streetcars-St.Charles Streetcar VF
Streets and Alleys VF
Streets-Bourbon Street VF
Streets-Canal Street VF
Streets-Chartres Street VF
Streets-Diamond, South VF
Streets-Magazine VF
Streets-Tchoupitoulas VF
Streets-Tureaud, A. P. Avenue VF
Strikes and Lockouts VF
Stuart, Charles E. VF
Stuart, Ruth McEnery Clan VF
Stubbs, William Carter VF
Student Libertarian Alliance VF
Students for Better Government VF
Subdivisions VF
Sublette, Robert VF
Subliminal Message Devices-Use in New Orleans VF
Submarine (The Sub of Jackson Square) VF A.K.A. The Pioneer, Civil War Era Vessel
Submarines VF
Submarines-World War II-Gulf of Mexico VF
Subsidence (of soil) VF
Success Guide-New Orleans Publishing Group VF
Suffrage VF see New Orleans Press Club, "Federal Suffrage: A Racial Question in the South"
Sugar VF
Sugar Bowl VF
Sugar Cane VF
Sugar Cane Festival VF
Sugarland State Bank (Jeanerette, Louisiana) BVF
Suicide VF
Suire, Harold VF
Sullivan, John L. VF
Sullivan, Violet VF
Sulphur VF
Summer Camps VF
Summer Pops VF
Summer Programs VF
Sun Bealt Federal Bank BVF
Sun King VF
Sunseri's Pharmacy and Patient Aids BVF
Sunshine TVF
Sunshine Club VF
Super Bowl VF
Superdome Grand Prix, New Orleans VF
Superdome, Louisiana (I) VF see also 690.5827 M42 (Master Plan for Louisiana Stadium)
Superdome, Louisiana (II) VF see also 690.5827 M42 (Master Plan for the Stadium)
Superior Casing Crews, Inc. BVF
Superior Energy Services, Inc. BVF
Superior Supply Co. BVF
Superport VF
Superstitions VF
Surface Effect Ship VF
Surgeon's Club VF
Surrey, N. M. Miller VF
Survey-Religious Denominations VF
Surveys and Planning in Louisiana VF
Survival Information Television BVF
Sutterfield, James R. VF
Swaggart, Jimmy VF
Swamp Angels VF A.K.A. Cajun Coast Guards, performed rescue missions during WWII
Swamp Thing VF
Swamps VF
Swedish Match, Co. BVF
Sweet Adelines, Inc. VF
Sweet, Mrs. Fanny VF
Swilling, Pat (State Representative) VF
Swiss American Society of New Orleans VF
Switzerland-Diplomatic and Consular Affairs VF
SYDA Foundation VF
Symphony Chorus VF
Symphony Volunteers, Inc. VF
Symposium News-6th. Annual Intraocular Lens Symposium, 1983 VF
Synagogues VF
Syntheses 2000 Music Productions VF
Systems Fuels, Inc. BVF

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