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Folders Beginning with R
     See also: [Restaurants]
Folder Title File Type Notes
R. Dixon Speas Associates BVF see Speas, R. Dixon Associates
R.L. Lucien Tile Co., Inc. BVF see Lucien, R. L. Tile Company, Inc.
Rabbis VF
Rabies VF
Rabin, Carl H. VF
Race Discrimination-New Orleans VF
Race Relations-Legal Aspects in Louisiana VF
Race Tracks-Delta Downs (Vinton, Louisiana) VF
Race Tracks-Louisiana VF
Raceland Bank & Trust Company BVF
Rack, Elizabeth VF
Radiophone VF
Radlauer and Caire Advertising Agency BVF
Radon Gas VF
Railroad Museum, Louisiana State (Kenner, Louisiana) VF
Railroad Retirement Board GVF
Railroad Stations VF
Railroads-New Orleans-History VF
Railroads-New Orleans-Public Belt VF
Rain and Rainfall VF
Rainbow Day-Drug Alternatives for Youth VF
Ramos, Florencio VF
Ramos, Paul H. VF
Ramsay, Paul BVF
Ranatza, Mike VF
Ranches VF
Randall, James Ryder VF
Randon, Don-Real Estate BVF
Rankin, Hugh F. "Big Daddy" VF
Rap-a-Thon VF
Rape VF
Raphael, Sherman F. VF
Rapides Bank & Trust Co. BVF
Rapides Parish TVF
Rapides Parish-History VF
Rarick, John R. VF
Raspanti, Roy VF
Ray Chevrolet-Olds, Inc. BVF
Rayne Building and Loan Association BVF
Rayne, Louisiana TVF
Rayner, Sidney VF
Re-Birth Youth Crime Prevention Program VF
Read, A. Louis VF
Readak VF
Readers Club (1941 and 1968-69) VF
Reading VF
Reading & Bates Corporation BVF
Reagan Equipment Corporation BVF
Real Estate VF
Real Property VF
Reapportionment VF
Recall '92 (1992) VF
Recile, Sam J. VF
Recipes VF
Recovery, Inc. VF
Recreation VF
Recycling VF
Red Beans and Rice VF
Red Bones VF
Red Cross VF
Red Cross Natural Disaster Shelters VF
Red Fish VF
Red Menace VF
Red River VF
Red River Basis Coordinating Committee VF
Red River Federal Savings and Loan BVF
Red River Parish TVF
Red River Valley Association VF
Redemptorist Parish VF
Redistricting, Legislature VF
Redistricting, Legislature-Jefferson Parish (1991- ) VF
Redistricting, Legislature-Orleans Parish (1991- ) VF
Redistricting, Legislature-River Parishes (1991- ) VF
Redistricting, Legislature-Saint Bernard Parish (1991- ) VF
Redistricting, Legislature-St. Tammany and Tangipahoa (1991- ) VF
Reed, Sarah T. VF Namesake of East New Orleans School. Obit and Retirement Article.
Reese, George VF
Reese, Kern VF
Reeves, Larry J., Sr. VF
Reeves, William D. VF
Regan, Godfrey Z. VF
Regency Imports BVF
Reggae Riddums VF Reggae Music Festival, Marconi Meadows
Reggie, Edmund VF
Reggio, Godfrey VF Movie Director
Regina Matrum Award, 1984 VF
Regional Planning Forum VF
Regional Transit Authority (RTA) VF
Regional Transit Authority (RTA)-Elderly and Handicapped Center VF
Regional Transit Authority (RTA)-Fares VF
Regular Democratic Organizations of Louisiana VF See P:Political Organizations
Reid, Fred G. VF Letter about Louisiana State Capital
Reid, Leonard G. VF
Reily Electrical Supply, Inc. BVF
Reily, Patrick M. VF
Reliable Production Service, Inc. BVF
Religion in Louisiana VF
Religion in Louisiana: A History VF
Religious Habits VF
Religious Literature VF
Religious Orders-Dominican Sisters of St. Mary VF
Remington Company BVF
Renaissance Festival VF
Renwick, Edward F. VF
Republic National Bank BVF
Republic of Africa VF
Republican National Convention-New Orleans, La. (1988) VF
Republicans for Truth in Government, Inc. VF
Residency Requirements, New Orleans Civil Service VF
Resnick, Regina VF
Resources Review System VF
Restoration-Artisans VF
Retail Food Dealer VF
Retardation-Death Sentence Litigation VF
Retarded Children Association VF
Retarded Citizens Association for Greater New Orleans VF
Retired Businessmen's Club VF
Retired Senior Volunteer Program VF
Retreat VF
Retreat, Louisiana TVF
Revenue Sharing VF
Revere, Paul Associated Yeomen, Inc. VF
Rex Milling Co., Inc. BVF
Reyer, George VF
Reznor, Trent VF
Rhodes Enterprises VF
Ricard, Ulysses VF
Ricciuti Stoffle and Associates BVF
Rice VF
Rice, Robert C. VF
Rice, Thomas J., Sr. VF
Richard, Charlene Marie "Little Cajun Saint" VF
Richland Parish TVF
Rickshaws-Bicycle Powered VF
Ricochet Magazine VF
Rideau, Wilbert VF
Rifles VF
Right to Life Federation VF
Right to Read VF
Rillieux, Norbert VF
Rink VF
Riot in New Orleans, 1866 VF
Rip Offs GVF
Rip Van Winkle Gardens VF
Rittiner, Lloyd VF
River Bend Energy Center VF
River City Festivals Association-Baton Rouge Fall Crafts Festival VF
River Parishes (Orleans, St, Bernard, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. John, St. Charles, St.Tammany) VF
River Parishes-Economic Development Council, 1989 VF Includes seven parishes
River Pilots VF
River Projects VF
River Queen VF
River Road Construction, Inc. BVF
River Road, Historic Drive VF
River Traffic VF
Riverbend Business Park BVF
Riverboat Gambling Commission VF
Riverboats-Creole Queen VF
Rivercenter Mall BVF
Riverfarm Lodge VF
Riverfront VF
Riverfront-Mississippi (New Orleans) VF
Riverfront Expressway VF
Riverfront Expressway (Proposed) VF
Riverfront Floodwall Corridor Committee VF
Riverfront Musical Festival VF
Riverfront Transit Coalition VF
Rivergate VF
Riverlands National Bank Association BVF
Rivers VF
Rivers-Ouachita VF
Rivers-Tangipahoa VF
Riverside Country Club VF
Riverwalk, est. 1986 VF
Riverwalk Marketplace, est. 1990 (Mississippi River at Poydras) VF
Riverwalk-Christmas (since 1986) VF
Road Home, The VF
Roads and Highways VF
Robert Godoro and Associates BVF see Godoro, Robert and Associates
Robert, Louisiana TVF
Roberts, Francesca VF
Roberts, Henry, Jr. Sall VF
Roberts, Nash, Jr. VF
Roberts, Sally Ann VF
Robinette, Garland VF
Robinson, George III, (Sr.) VF
Robinson, Martha VF
Robinson, Sandra Lawson VF
Robinson, Thonius VF
Roccaforte, Mike VF
Rock Musicians VF
Rockwell Drilling Company BVF
Rocky Mountain Sketches VF
Roddy, Leon R. VF
Rodeo VF
Roemer, Charles "Buddy" VF Governor of Louisiana (1988- )
Roemer, Charles "Buddy" VF Governor-Fiscal Reform
Rogers, Elizabeth VF
Rogers, Peter V., Rev. VF
Rogers, Samuel Blythe VF
Rogers, Benjamin Tingley VF
Roller Skating VF see Skating, Roller
Romagosa, Elmo VF "Memories, Pen and Prism". Editor of Clarion Herald.
Roman Candy Man-New Orleans VF
Romance Writers of America VF
Romanov, Alexis, Grande Duke VF
Ronald McDonald Children's Charities VF
Ronald McDonald House VF see McDonald, Ronald House
Roots of New Orleans Tour TVF
Rosa Keller Campus VF
Rosary Sacred Heart Alumnae VF
Rosaryville VF
Rose, Kate VF
Rosicrucians VF
Rotary Clubs VF
Round and Round Players VF
Round Table Club VF
Rouquette, Adrien Emmanuel, Pere VF
Rouse Company BVF
Rousseve, Charles B. VF
Royal Air Force Diamond Jubilee Mississippi Paddle '78 VF
Royal Educational Systems of New Orleans BVF
Royal Orders of Jesters VF
Royal Society of St. George VF
Royal Street VF
Royal Street Courthouse VF Program from ground breaking ceremony
Royal Street Rounders VF
Royale Airlines BVF
Rucker Pharmacy BVF
Rucker, Mark VF
Ruckert, Margaret, VF
Ruiz, Steven "Rock" VF
Rummel, Joseph Francis VF Archbishop
Running VF
Runyon, Howard L VF
Russell, Maud VF
Ruston TVF
Ryan, Fr. Abram J. VF
Ryan, Walter "Puddy" VF
Ryan, Yvonne Arnoult VF see Tulane, Office of Planned Gifts
Ryniker-Houses VF

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