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Folder Title File Type Notes
Pain Perdu VF see Lost Bread
Paincourtville, Louisiana TVF
Pakenham, Major-General Sir Edward M. VF
Paleontology VF
Palker, Walter VF
Palmer Park (South Carrollton Ave.) VF
Palmer, Jed VF
Palmetto Braiding VF
Pan American Clipper (Ship) VF
Pan American Fiesta VF
Pan American Life Building VF
Pan American Regatta VF
Panzeca,Salvatore VF
Papal Visit by John Paul II VF Sept. 11-13, 1987. File Replaced 2007
Papillotes VF
Paradis, LA TVF
Paradise Plantation VF
Paralegals VF
Paramedics VF
Parent Support Groups-New Orleans VF
Parent-Teacher's Association VF
Parental Involvement Instructional Program VF
Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays VF
Parents and Retarded Children (PARC) VF
Parents of Murdered Children VF
Parents' Council of New Orleans VF
Parish National Bank BVF
Parish Prison #1 VF
Parish Prison #2 VF
Parish Prison Rehabilitation Program VF
Parish Travel Center, Ltd. BVF
Parishes-History, Parish Seats Etc. VF
Parker, Jack A. VF
Parker, Mary Evelyn VF
Parking (New Orleans) VF 1984, August Vertical File of Louisiana Division of NOPL
Parks and Squares VF
Parks-J.W. Brown Memorial Park ( New Orleans East or Eastern New Orleans) VF
Parkway Partners VF
Parochial Employees Retirement System BVF
Partners in Progress BVF
Partnership in Education VF
Parun, Bernard VF
Passenger Lists GVF
Passengers to Louisiana-1719 VF
Passmen, Otto E. VF
Patio Planters VF
Patrolmen's Association of New Orleans (PANO) VF
Patrons and Friends of Southern Dominicans VF see Southern Dominicans-Patrons and Friends of
Patrons of the Vatican Museums in the South, Inc. VF
Patterson State Bank BVF
Paul Revere Associated Yeomen, Inc. VF see Revere, Paul Associated Yeomen, Inc.
Pavilion, The VF
Pavy, Octave Pierre, Dr. VF
Pax Christi VF
Peace Sunday Task Force VF
Pearce, Joseph Chilton VF
Pearl River Basin VF
Peavy, Co., Remy, La (St.James Parish) BVF
Pecans VF
Pedicabs VF
Peete, C.J. (Public Housing) VF Article in Tulanian, Winter: 1996-1997
Pelham Marine BVF
Pelican Girls VF
Pelican Girls State VF
Pelican Homestead BVF
Pelican Lanes VF
Pelican Public Affairs VF
Pelican Publishing Company BVF
Pelican Stadium VF
Pelican State Investigation and Security, Inc. BVF
Pelicans VF
Pell, Claiborne VF
Pelto Oil Co. BVF
Pendennis Club VF
Pennington, Claude Bernard, "Doc' VF
Pennington, Richard VF
Pensacola, Florida VF
People' Bank & Trust Co. (Natchitoches, Louisiana) BVF
People's Bank (Minden, Louisiana) BVF
People's Bank and Trust Company of St. Bernard BVF
People's Development Corporation BVF
People's Directory VF
People's Friendship Association VF
People's Homestead and Savings Association BVF
People's Methodist Community Center VF
People's State Bank (Many, Louisiana) BVF
Peoples' Village VF
Pepper (Hot) VF see also 1-Avery Island 2-Mcllheny 3-Trappey
Percent for Art VF
Perez, August (Architect) VF
Perez, Chalin Octave VF
Perez, Judge Leander H. Memorial Park VF
Perez, Leander, Sr. and Jr. VF
Perez, Melvyn J. VF
Perfect Blend of the Old and the New, A Story of the Famous Vieux Carre of New Orleans (1935) VF
Perfume VF
Perfumeries-Bourbon French Perfume VF
Periodicals-Miscellaneous VF
Perique Tobacco VF
Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas VF Mrs. Perkins, nee Joyce Kaufman
Perlis Men's Store BVF
Perry, Donald (1928- VF
Perry, Harold R. Bishop (1916-1991) VF
Persian Gulf War (1990-1991) Operation Desert Storm VF Welcome Home for Louisiana Troops
Personal Rapid Transit System VF
Pesticides VF
Peter T. McLean, Ltd. BVF see McLean, Peter T., Ltd.
Peters, Florence VF
Petre, John J. VF
Petro-Marine Engineering, Inc.. BVF
Petrol Industries, Inc. BVF
Petroleum Club of New Orleans VF
Petroleum Helicopters BVF
Petroleum Systems Management Company VF
Pharmacy VF
Pharmacy-History VF
Phi Alpha Theta Historical Honorary Society VF see Louisiana Historical Association
Philanthropic and Educational Organization VF
Philanthropy Day VF
Philharmonic Society of New Orleans VF Liquidated on Jan. 16, 1951, became the New Orleans Philharmonic Symphony Society
Phillips Petroleum Company BVF
Phipps, Susie Guillory VF 1980's Civil Case where Mrs. Phipps tried to have her race changed on her birth certificate, her case had the law changed from the 1/32th or less law for legal whiteness
Photographers VF
Photographers-Alexander Neil VF
Photographers-Baquet, Harold VF
Photographers-Dennis, Lloyd VF
Photographers-Dureau, George VF
Photographers-Fontana, Luke VF
Photographers-Friedlander, Lee VF
Photographers-McCormick, Chandra VF
Photographers-McCusker, John VF
Photographers-Merritt, Wallace VF
Photographers-St. Croix, Mother VF
Photography VF
Photography-Exhibits VF
Physically Limited Association for An Constructive Environment (PLACE) VF
Piano Tuning VF
Piazza d' Italia VF
Piccadilly Cafeterias, Inc. BVF
Pichon, Bertha Charbonnet VF New Orleans business woman, caterer
Pickwick Club VF
Picou's Bakery BVF
Pictures Out Of The Past VF
Pierre the Pelican VF
Pilgrim, John Howland VF
Pike, Albert Centennial VF
Pilot Club of New Orleans VF
Pilottown VF
Pinball Machines VF
Pineville TVF
Pioneer Mortgage Corporation BVF
Pioneer Publishing Co., Genealogical and Historical Books VF
Pirates VF
Pirates' Alley Faulkner Society VF
Pirates' Alley Murder VF see Gay History
Pirogues VF
Pitot House VF
Pitot House-Fund Raisers VF
Pittsburgh Plate Glass, Co. BVF
Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory BVF
Pizzo, Cecilia M. VF
Place de France VF
Place Names-Baton Rouge VF
Place Names-Louisiana VF
Place Names-Plaquemines Parish VF
Place Pontchartrain Tower VF
Place Theatre, The VF
Plain Dealing TVF
Plain Dealing VF
Plains Resources, Inc. BVF
Planetarium, Frank J. Lewis VF
Planetarium-Science Center-Proposed VF
Plankton VF
Planned Parenthood VF
Planning and Zoning Commission-Megalink Development VF
Plantation Guides TVF
Planters Bank (Opelousas, Louisiana) BVF
Planters Hotel (Canal between Camp and Magazine) VF
Plants VF
Plaquemine, Louisiana TVF
Plaquemines Gazette VF 80th Anniversary Commemorative Calendar; 2010 calendar
Plaquemines Parish BVF Annual Reports
Plaquemines Parish VF
Plaquemines Parish Orange Festival and Fair VF
Plaquemines Parish-Charter, 1960 VF
Plaquemines Parish-Historical VF
Plaquemines Gazette VF
Plaquemines Parish-Hurricane Camille Recovery VF
Plaquemines Parish-Ironton VF
Plaquemines Parish-Ports VF
Plaster Ornamentation VF Ceiling Medallions-Cornices-Moldings
Plauche, Leda (Mrs. Henry) VF Mardi Gras costume designer
Playboy Club VF
Playgrounds VF
Pleasant Hill, Louisiana TVF
Plessy vs. Ferguson VF
Plimsoll Club VF
Po-Boy Sandwiches VF
Poetry VF
Poets VF
Poets Laureates of Louisiana VF
Poets-Baggert, Brod VF
Poets-Bethea, Elizabeth VF
Poets-Clark, Tina Marie VF
Poets-Kennedy, Evelyn Soule Ford VF
Poets-Maddox, Everette VF
Poets-Marshall, Rosanna E. VF
Poets-Pratetorius, Cecillia W. VF
Poets-Williams, Miller VF
Poets-Wise, Charlotte VF
Pointe Coupee Parish TVF
Pointe Coupee Parish-Historical VF
Pointe-a-la-Hache TVF
Police and Firemen's Holy Name Society VF
Police Association of Louisiana VF
Police Association of New Orleans VF
Police Brutality VF
Police Foundation, Inc. VF
Police Jury Association of Louisiana VF
Police Mutual Benevolent Association VF
Police, Fraternal Order of VF
Police-New Orleans VF
Police-New Orleans-Black Members VF
Police-New Orleans-Ecology Squad VF
Policemen and Firemen's Club VF
Political Parties-American Peoples' Party VF
Political Parties-New Independent Party VF
Pollock, Oliver VF
Pollution VF
Pollution-Air-Louisiana Air Control Commission VF
Pollution-Legislative Committee of Environmental Quality VF
Pollution-Water VF
Pollution-Water-Fishing VF
Pollution-Water-Louisiana Streams Control Commission VF
Pollution-Water-Mercury VF
Pollution-Water-Oil VF
Pollution-Water-Oil-Fines VF
Pollution-Water-Oil-Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission VF
Pollution-Water-Seafood VF
Polo VF
Ponchatoula TVF
Ponchatoula Homestead Association BVF
Ponsaa, J. V. "Johnny" VF
Pontalba VF
Pontalba Buildings VF
Pontalba, Baroness VF
Pontchartrain Astronomy Society VF
Pontchartrain Basin VF Action Agenda Items", report by The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, 1993
Pontchartrain Beach VF
Pontchartrain Beach-Land Swap VF
Pontchartrain Center-(Williams Boulevard and Lake Pontchartrain in Jefferson Parish) VF
Pontchartrain New Town VF
Pontchartrain Park VF
Pontchartrain Railroad VF
Pontchartrain State Bank BVF
Pool & Patio Center BVF
Popeye' Famous Fried Chicken BVF File Replaced 2007
Popp Family VF
Population Growth VF
Population of Louisiana by Parishes, 1966 estimated VF
Population-Estimates of the Population of Louisiana Parishes and Metropolitan Areas VF
Population-Estimates of the Population of States by Age: July 1 1981-1983 VF
Population-New Orleans VF
Population-Statistics, Louisiana (1984) VF
Population-Statistics, Louisiana (1989- ) VF
Poree, Edgar F. VF
Pornography VF
Port Hudson VF
Port of New Orleans VF
Port of New Orleans-"The Troubled Port" VF Times Picayune series, 1982
Port of New Orleans-Board of Commissioners VF
Port of New Orleans-Foreign Trade Zone VF
Port of New Orleans-Port Reports VF
Port of New Orleans-Warehousing VF Impact of warehousing on Port
Port of South Louisiana VF
Porter, Marion VF
Posey, Ernest VF
Post American Corporation BVF
Postal Codes-Canada & U.S. GVF
Postell, William D. VF
Potpourri VF
Pottery VF
Poverty Point State Commemorative Area VF
Poverty-Rural, Southern VF
Powell, Lawrence N. VF
Power Rig Drilling Co., Inc. BVF
Poydras Asylum VF
Poydras Street (Development) VF
Prager, Inc. BVF
Prairie Sketches VF
Praline Lady VF
Pralines VF
Pratt, Jean VF
Pratt, Renee Gill VF
Pratt-Stanton Manor VF
Prayer Breakfast for Greater New Orleans Area VF
Prayer Tower Development Center VF
Precipitation-Unusual VF
Preisser Family VF
Prep Quiz Bowl VF
Presbytere Guide Program VF
Presbyterian Church-Pictures VF
Preservation Alliance, Inc. VF
Preservation Hall VF
Preservation Resource Center VF 3 folders
Preservation Resource Center-Fund Raisers VF
Preservation-Buildings VF 2 folders
Preservation-Library and Archival Materials VF
Preservation-New Orleans VF
Preservation-Techniques in Cleaning and Coating of Masonry Buildings VF
Presidential Candidate 1988-Ahern, Frank VF
Presidential Scholarship Ball VF
Presley, Elvis VF
Press Club-New Orleans VF
Press Women, National Federation of VF
Preston, Alice VF
Pride TVF
Priests-Dominican VF
Prima, Louis VF
Principals, School-Orleans Parish VF
Printing Industry VF
Printing Week VF
Printing-French Language-History VF
Printing-Louisiana-History VF
Printing-New Orleans-History VF
Prison Overcrowding VF
Prison Reform-Louisiana VF
Prisoners-Release on Recognizance VF
Prisons-Louisiana VF
Prisons-Louisiana (1989- ) Folder # 2 VF
Prisons-Oakdale II VF
Private Schools in New Orleans VF Tabular Statement, early 1860's
Pro Christo Laborantes VF
ProCreations BVF
Producers Council-New Orleans Chapter VF
Production Management Companies BVF
Professional Education Systems, Inc. BVF
Professional Secretaries International VF see also National Secretaries Association (prior to April 16, 1981)
Professional Temporary Service BVF
Professor Longhair VF
Programs, Miscellaneous VF
Progressive Bank and Trust Co. BVF
Project AID VF
Project Enable VF
Project Headstart VF
Project Lazurus VF
Pronunciation Guide VF
Propeller Club, Port of New Orleans VF
Property Tax-Louisiana VF
Property Tax-New Orleans VF
Proposition One VF
Prostitution VF
Protestant Bethany Home VF
Protestant Children's Home VF
Protestant Episcopal Children's Home VF
Protestant Home for Babies VF
Public Affairs Research Council VF File Replaced 2007
Public Employees Training Institute VF
Public Housing VF
Public Investors, Inc.-Annual Reports. BVF
Public Lands in Lousiana VF
Public Law Center (1988- ) VF
Public Relations Association of Louisiana (PRAL) 1983, March VF
Public Relations Office VF City seal has interesting background
Public School Alliance VF
Public Schools-Districts VF
Public Schools-Exit Exam VF
Public Schools-Property Tax Proposal VF
Public Service Commission VF
Public Utilities VF
Public Works Congress and Equipment Show VF
Public Works History VF
Publishers, Louisiana VF
Publishers-Westgate Press VF
Publishing Houses, Louisiana VF
Pulitzer, Samuel Clarence VF
Purple Martins VF
Push-Excel New Orleans, Inc. VF
Putumayo Kids VF Audubon Zoo, 2010
Pyburn and Odom, Inc. BVF

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