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Folders Beginning with J

Folder Title File Type Notes
J. and J. Lawn and Garden Center BVF
J. and L. Engineering Co, Inc. BVF
J. Aron and Co. BVF see Aron, J. and Co.
J. Ray McDermott and Co. BVF see McDermott, J. Ray & Co.
J.B. Sandoz, Inc. BVF see Sandoz, J. B., Inc.
Jack Ass Town VF
Jackson Barracks VF
Jackson Brewery VF
Jackson Brewing Company BVF Est. May 2, 1980
Jackson Day Race VF
Jackson Homestead Corporation BVF
Jackson Parish Bank (Jonesboro and North Hodge, Louisiana) BVF
Jackson Square VF
Jackson Square Task Force VF
Jackson Square-Concerts VF
Jackson, Alphonse VF
Jackson, Andrew VF
Jackson, Darlene VF
Jackson, Johnny Sr. VF
Jackson, Johnny, Jr. VF
Jackson, Louisiana TVF
Jackson, Mahalia VF Singer
Jackson, Shelby VF
Jacobs, John Hall VF
Jacobs, Leslie VF
Jahncke Service, Inc. BVF
Jahnke, Ernest Lee, III, Lieutenant VF
Jambalaya VF
James Business Park BVF
James Machine Works, Inc. BVF
James, (T.L.) and Co, Inc. BVF
Janssen, Francis, Bishop (1843-1897) VF Served regions of Natchez and New Orleans
Janssen, Dale VF
Janvier, Carmelite VF
Japan Club VF
Japan Society of New Orleans VF
Japan Week VF Materials from 1989 celebration
Japanese Embassy VF
Japanese Garden Society of New Orleans VF
Jarvis, John Wesley VF
Jax Brewery BVF see Jackson Brewing Company
Jax Brewery-shopping mall VF
Jazz VF
Jazz at Lu and Charlie's VF
Jazz Bands VF
Jazz Festival VF 1968
Jazz Funerals VF
Jazz Lyrics-"Marie Laveau Blues" VF Written by Papa Celestin
Jazz Musicians VF
Jazz Musicians-Barker, Danny VF Guitar
Jazz Musicians-Barnes, Bruce "Sunpie" VF
Jazz Musicians-Barrett, Emma "Sweet Emma" VF Piano
Jazz Musicians-Bechet, Daniel VF Drums
Jazz Musicians-Bechet, Sidney VF Saxophone
Jazz Musicians-Bolden, Buddy VF
Jazz Musicians-Humphrey, Willie VF Clarinet
Jazz Musicians-Jazz Machine, The VF
Jazz Musicians-Longhair, Professor VF
Jazz Musicians-Morton, "Jelly Roll" VF
Jazz Musicians-Original Camellia Jazz Band VF
Jazz Musicians-Rebennack, Mac "Dr. John" VF
Jazz Musicians-Robinson, Joseph VF
Jazz Resource Center (New Orleans) VF
Jazz Students VF
Jazz Umbrellas VF
Jazzland Theme Park VF
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Service-Barataria VF
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Service-Chalmette VF
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Service-Chitamacha Reservation (Clarenton, Louisiana) VF
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Service-Delta Region Preservation Commission VF
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Service-Prairie Acadian Cultural Center (Eunice, Louisiana) VF
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Service-Riverfront VF
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Service-Thibodaux VF
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Service-Vieux Carre VF
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park-Islenos Museum (Chalmette, Louisiana) VF
Jean Lafitte National Historical Parks VF
Jean Lafitte, city of VF
Jeanerette, Louisiana TVF
Jeanmard, Jules B., Bishop VF
Jeff Davis Bank and Trust Co. (Jennings, Louisiana) BVF Annual Reports
Jeff Fest VF
Jeff, Jr., Morris F. X. VF
Jeff, Sr., Morris F. X. VF
Jeffcoat Compost Site VF
Jefferson Association of Educators VF
Jefferson Bancshares BVF
Jefferson Bank and Trust Co. BVF
Jefferson Bank and Trust Company (Metairie, Louisiana) BVF
Jefferson Chamber Symphony VF
Jefferson City VF
Jefferson College VF
Jefferson Council on Aging VF
Jefferson Davis Association VF
Jefferson Davis Electrical Cooperative, Inc. BVF
Jefferson Davis Parish TVF
Jefferson Democratic Association VF
Jefferson Disposal Company BVF
Jefferson Dollars for Scholars BVF
Jefferson Downs VF
Jefferson Economic Development Commission VF
Jefferson Federation of Teachers VF
Jefferson Genealogicl Society GVF
Jefferson Highway VF
Jefferson Island TVF
Jefferson Island VF
Jefferson Parish TVF
Jefferson Parish VF
Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter VF
Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission VF
Jefferson Parish Government VF
Jefferson Parish Historical Commission VF
Jefferson Parish II VF
Jefferson Parish Players Theatre VF
Jefferson Parish Politics VF 1973
Jefferson Parish Public School System VF
Jefferson Parish School Board VF
Jefferson Parish School Districts VF 1969
Jefferson Parish-Clubs and Organizations VF
Jefferson Parish-Court Building VF
Jefferson Parish-Crime VF Study covering period of 1988-1989
Jefferson Parish-District Representatives and Senators VF
Jefferson Parish-Founder's Day Celebration VF Founded, 1825
Jefferson Parish-History VF
Jefferson Parish-History of West VF
Jefferson Parish-Libraries VF
Jefferson Parish-Place Names VF
Jefferson Parish-Politics and Government VF
Jefferson Parish-School Names VF
Jefferson Parish-Sheriff and Tax Collector VF
Jefferson Parish-Streets VF
Jefferson Parish-Wards VF
Jefferson Performing Arts Society VF
Jefferson Performing Arts Society (folder #2) VF
Jefferson Psychometric Clinic VF
Jefferson Savings and Loan Association BVF Annual Reports
Jefferson SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) VF
Jefferson, Joseph VF
Jefferson, William VF
Jeffersonians/Orleanians United to Defend Home Values VF
Jellystone Park (Robert, Louisiana) TVF
Jemison, T.J. VF
Jendry, Edward L. VF
Jennings VF
Jennings, Louisiana TVF
Jerusalem Temple VF
Jesuits of the South VF
Jeunesse d'Orleans VF
Jeunesse Musicales World Orchestra VF
Jewish Archives VF
Jewish Community Center VF
Jewish Endowment Foundation VF
Jewish Family and Children's Service VF
Jewish Family Service VF
Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans VF
Jewish History in New Orleans VF
Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A. VF New Orleans Conference, August 8-15, 2004
Jewish Welfare Federation of New Orleans VF
Jews-Societies and Organizations VF
Jigger, Louisiana TVF
Jiles, Pam VF
Jindal, Piyush "Bobby" VF Louisiana Governor, Jan 14th, 2008; previously, served two terms as U.S. Representative for Louisiana (2004,2006)
Job Training Partnership Act VF
Jockey Club VF Luling Mansion, 1436 Leda Street
Joesten, Jaochim VF
John Brechtel Memorial Association VF
Johns, Glynn VF
Johns-Manville Co. BVF
Johnson, Anna P. VF
Johnson, Bernett VF
Johnson, Henry, Bishop VF
Johnson, Jon D. VF
Johnson, Lewis VF
Johnson, Lyndon B., President VF
Johnson, Ricardo VF
Johnson, Ricardo VF Artist
Johnston, J. Bennett VF
Jolson, Al VF
Jones, Alvin Hamilton (1905-1951) VF
Jones, Charles R. VF
Jones, James H. VF
Jones, Johnnie VF
Jones, Melvin Charles VF
Jones, Olka, Judge VF
Jones, Quincy VF WNOL-TV
Jones, Samuel Houston VF
Jonesboro State Bank (Jonesboro, Louisiana) BVF Annual Reports
Jonesboro, Louisiana TVF
Jonestown, Guyana VF
JOPA Plaza Apartments BVF
Jordan, Eddie VF
Jordan, Edward Edwin Hundley VF
Judge L.H. Perez Memorial Park VF see Perez, Judge Leander H. Memorial Park
Judo VF
Julia Row VF
Julia Street Jump VF
Julien, Henry, Jr. VF
Junebug Productionsi VF
Juneteenth Celebration VF African-American observation of Emancipation Day
Junetenth VF
Jung Hotel BVF
Junior Achievement BVF
Junior Achievement VF
Junior Chamber of Commerce VF
Junior League Building Watchers' Tour VF
Junior League of New Orleans VF
Junior Philharmonic Society of New Orleans VF
Juvenile Courts VF
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation-Fund Raisers VF
Juvenile Homes VF

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