New Orleans Public Library
Louisiana Division
Index to the Louisiana Division Vertical Files

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Folders Beginning with I

Folder Title File Type Notes
I.L. Lyons and Co., Ltd. BVF see Lyons, I. L. and Co., Ltd.
Iberia Parish TVF
Iberia Savings and Loan Association (New Iberia, Louisiana) BVF Annual Reports
Iberville Parish TVF
Iberville Parish-History VF
ICB Corporation BVF
Ice Companies VF
Ice Cream Parlors BVF
Ikebana International-New Orleans Chapter VF
Illinois Central Industries BVF
Illinois Central Railroad BVF
Illiteracy VF
Imax Theatre VF
Immigrants-German-New Orleans VF
Immigrants-Irish-New Orleans VF
Immigrants-Italian-New Orleans VF
Immigration and Naturalization Service VF
Immigration Records GVF
Imperial Professional Coatings BVF
Improvement Associations VF
Incinerators VF
Income, Personal-Statistics VF
Independence Isle VF
Independence, Louisiana TVF
Independent 1000 Club VF
Independent American VF
Independent Democratic Electors Association VF
Independent Living Center, Inc. VF
Independent School Teachers Association of Louisiana VF
Independent Schools Association of New Orleans VF
Independent Schools Association of the Southwest VF For private schools
Independent Women's Organization VF
Indexes GVF
Indexing Projects GVF
Indian Mounds VF
Indians VF
Indians of New Orleans VF From India
Indians of Louisiana VF
Indians-Antiquities VF
Indians-Caddo Indians VF
Indians-Chitimachas VF
Indians-Choctaw VF
Indians-Coushatta VF
Indians-Houmas VF
Indians-Place Names VF
Indigo VF
Industrial Canal VF
Industrial Development Research Council, Inc. VF
Industrial Management Club VF
Industries BVF
Inflation VF
Information Council of the Americas VF
Infoservices VF
Ingram Corporation BVF
Inheritance Tax-New Orleans VF Since 1989
Insects VF
Insight Center, Inc. VF
Instant Care Medical Center VF
Institute for Human Understanding VF
Institute for Human Understanding (folder #2) VF
Institute for Mental Hygiene VF
Institute for Southern Studies-Southern Exposure VF
Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being VF
Institute for the Realization of Personal Potential VF
Institute of Child Welfare VF
Institute of French Studies VF
Institute of International Education VF
Institute of Louisiana Music and Folklore VF
Institute of Quantitative Analysis, Inc. BVF
Insurance Companies BVF
Insurance Rating System VF
Insurance-Flood VF
Insurance-Hospitalization VF
Insurance-Maxicare Louisiana, Inc. BVF
Insurance-Medicare, Louisiana VF
Insurance-No Fault VF
Insurance-Societies, etc. VF
Insurance-Unemployment VF
Inter-American Municipal Organization VF
Inter-Schools Parents Association VF
Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, New Orleans VF
Interior Decoration VF
Internal Revenue Service VF
International Association for Identification-Louisiana Division VF
International Association of Airport and Seaport Police VF
International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters VF
International Association of Fire Fighters VF
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers BVF
International Building Products BVF
International Childbirth Education Association VF
International Children's Film Festival VF
International City Bank BVF
International Council of the Americas VF
International Data Systems Corporation BVF
International Expeditions VF
International House BVF
International House VF
International House-Banquets VF
International Institute of Municipal Clerks VF
International Longshoremen Association VF
International Lubricants Corporation BVF
International Management Services BVF
International Oceanographic Foundation VF
International Paper Company BVF
International Processors BVF
International Reading Association VF
International Rivercenter, Louisiana VF
International Science and Engineering Fair VF
International Shipholding Corporation BVF
International Society for Jazz Research VF
International Telephone and Telegraph in Louisiana (ITT in Louisiana) VF
International Telephone Directory VF
International Trade Building Corporation BVF
International Trade Mart BVF
International Trade Mart VF
International Typographical Union VF
International Women's Day VF
Internet Bulletin Boards GVF
Internet Magazines GVF
Internet Magazines (folder # 2) GVF see also Rootsweb Review and Missing Links in Serials and online
Internet Mail Lists GVF
Internet Mail Lists-Canada GVF
Internet Mail Lists-Great Britain GVF
Internet Mail Lists-Italy GVF
Internet Mail Lists-Roots-Louisiana GVF
Internet Service Providers-New Orleans VF
Internet Web Sites GVF
Internet Web Sites-Commercial GVF
Internet Web Sites-Comprehensive Lists GVF
Internet Web Sites-Comprehensive Lists-Louisiana Gen web-U.S. Gen web GVF
Internet Web Sites-Databases GVF
Internet Web Sites-Gennam-L GVF
Internet Web Sites-Miscellaneous GVF
Internet Web Sites-Personal GVF
Internet Web Sites-Rootsweb Project GVF
Internet Web Sites-Search Engines GVF
Interstate Highway System I-10 VF
Interstate Highway Systems I-410 VF
Intracoastal Waterway VF
Investors Homestead BVF
Invitations-19th Century VF
Invitations-20th Century VF
Iowa, Louisiana TVF
Irish Channel VF
Irish Channel Action Foundation VF
Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Committee, Inc. VF Articles of incorporation (January 31, 1975)
Irish Cultural Society VF
Irish Week, Proclamation of VF
Irish-New Orleans VF
Irish History-New Orleans VF December, 1983 issue of "Reporter", History of the Irish in the American South
Irons, Paulette VF
Ironwork VF
Islenos (St. Bernard Parish) VF
Italian Golf Open VF
Italian Headquarters on Madison St. VF Image, 1906
Italian Trade Commission VF Event menu, 1975
Italians-Events VF
Italians-New Orleans VF
Italy-Consuls and Diplomats VF
Iturbi, Jose VF
Ivy J. Foret Associates, Inc. BVF

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