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Folders Beginning with G
     See also: [Genealogical Research] [Genealogical Societies] [Genealogy (Family Files)]
Folder Title File Type Notes
G.E.D. (General Educational Development) VF
Gabbard, Hamer and Segaloff VF
Gaines, Ernest VF
Galan, Skip VF
Gale, Peter VF
Galleria VF
Galleries VF
Galliano, Louisiana TVF
Gallier Hall VF
Gallier House VF
Gallier, James, Senior VF
Galvez, Bernardo de VF
Galveztown-Historical Foundation VF
Gambino Doll Co. BVF
Gambit Newspaper VF
Gambit Rate Card VF
Gamblers Anonymous VF
Gambling VF
Gambling-St. Bernard Parish VF
Games VF
Gandolfo, Henri VF
Ganucheau, Richard VF
Garbage-Collection VF
Garbage-Recycling VF
Garden Clubs VF
Garden Clubs-Lists VF
Garden District VF
Garden District Carnival Club VF
Gardening VF
Gardens-Miscellaneous VF
Gardens-Plants-Flowers VF
Gardens-Live Oak Gardens (near New Iberia, Louisiana) VF
Gardner, Don C. VF
Garibaldi, Antoine VF
Garrison, Jim VF
Garrison, Grover W. VF
Garvey, Marcus Mosiah VF
Gas (Natural) VF
Gasohol VF
Gatling, Maurice VF
Gator Plastic Wire Screen Co. BVF
Gauthier, Wendell VF
Gay History VF
Gay Liberation Front of New Orleans VF
Gay Liberation-Essays and Articles VF
Gayarre Place (on 2200 block of Esplanade Avenue) VF
Gayarre, Charles VF
Gazette of the General Society of Colonial Wars VF
Geckos VF
Geffen, Van VF
Gegenheimer, Jon VF
Geiser, John and Johann and Family-Woodcraftsmen VF
Gem and Mineral Society of Louisiana VF
Genealogists-Bremer, Ronald GVF
Genealogists-Certified GVF 1995-1996 Directory of Professional Genealogists (APG), call number: Gen R 929.1 A848d
Genealogy GVF
Genealogy Books GVF With annotations
Genealogy Classes GVF
Genealogy Classes-Brigham Young University GVF
Genealogy Classes-Delgado Community College GVF
Genealogy Classes-East Baton Rouge Parish Library GVF
Genealogy Classes-National Institute on Genealogical Research GVF
Genealogy Classes-Stanford University GVF
Genealogy Conferences-Ancestor Research and Analysis-Great Day; (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) GVF
Genealogy Conferences-Angelina College (Lufkin, Texas) GVF
Genealogy Conferences-Association of Professional Genealogists GVF
Genealogy Conferences-East Baton Rouge Parish Library GVF
Genealogy Conferences-Gentech GVF
Genealogy Conferences-Hebert, Donald J., Reverend GVF
Genealogy Conferences-Louisiana State Museum GVF
Genealogy Conferences-Morgan City Archives GVF
Genealogy Conferences-Mormons GVF
Genealogy Conferences-National Genealogical Society Conference in the States GVF
Genealogy Conferences-New Orleans Public Library GVF
Genealogy Conferences-Southeastern Louisiana University GVF
Genealogy Conferences-Tulane University GVF
Genealogy Conferences-University of New Orleans GVF
General Electric Company-Missile and Space Division BVF
General Laundry VF
General Outdoor Advertising Company BVF
Genetics GVF
Gennaro, Peter VF
GenServ System GVF
Genthe, Arnold VF
Geographic Names GVF
Geography VF
Geological Society, Inc.-New Orleans VF
Geological Surveys VF
George Engine Company, Inc. (GECO) BVF
George, Johnny J., Chief City Revenue Collector VF
Geothermal Energy VF
German American Cultural Center VF
German American Cultural Center VF
German Coast-Pest Ships (St. John/St, Charles Parish) VF
German Heritage Festival Association VF
German Heritage Tours VF
German Interpretive Center VF Museum, est. 1989
Germans-New Orleans and Louisiana VF
Gerson, Irving VF
Gert Town VF
Gertler, David VF
Gertrude Gardner Realtors BVF
Gertrude Stein Society VF see Stein, Gertrude Society
Gestalt Institute VF
Ghosts VF
Giacobbe, George VF
Giambelluca, Nick VF
Giardina, Lloyd VF
Giarusso Security Services BVF
Giarusso, Alfred P. VF
Giarusso, Joseph I. VF
Gibson, Louisiana TVF
Giffroy, L.P.E. VF
Gilbert, Jan VF
Gill Nets VF
Gillespie, George VF
Gillin, Edward G. VF
Gilmore Park VF
Girard, Stephen VF
Giraud, Theodore Eugene VF
Girl Scouts VF
Girls First VF
Girod, Nicolas VF
Giscard d'Estaing, Valery VF
Glapion, Alton A. VF
Glapion, Roy E., Jr. VF
Glasgow, Vaughn Leslie VF
Glass VF
Glass Collections VF
Glasser, Ira VF
Glazer Steel and Aluminum BVF
Glazer, Jerry VF
Glenn, John VF
Global Wildlife Center VF
Global Wildlife Center (Robert, Louisiana, Tangipahoa Parish) TVF
Globe Homestead Association BVF
Glossary-Louisiana VF
Goals for Louisiana VF
Goals Foundation Council VF
Godchaux Sugar VF
Godchaux's BVF
Godchaux, Leon VF
Godoro, Robert and Associates BVF
Goertz, Arthemise VF
Gold, Victor VF
Golden Eagle Club VF
Goldstein, Agathine H. VF
Goldstein, Albert VF
Goldring Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life GVF Jewish Heritage in the South
Golf Courses-Louisiana VF
Golf Tournaments VF Since 1900
Gonzales (East Ascension Parish) TVF
Gonzales Louisiana-Tanger Factory Outlet Center BVF
Gonzales, Ernest "Snake" VF
Good Government Forum VF
Goodwill Industries VF
Gordon, Jean VF
Gordon, Kate VF
Gothard, Sol VF
Gottschalk VF
Goudchaux/Maison Blanche BVF
Goudeau, Inc. BVF
Gourmet Gala VF
Gourmet-Gazin's BVF
Government Vessels VF
Government-Citizen Participation VF
Government-Louisiana VF
Governmental Finance Officers Association VF
Governor's Conference on Libraries VF
Governor's Inaugurations VF
Governors of Louisiana VF
Grace, W. R. BVF
Graduate Medical Assembly, New Orleans VF
Graham's BVF
Grambling State University VF
Grand Couteau Preservation Association VF
Grand Ecore TVF
Grand Isle and Grand Terre VF
Grand Isle Sulphur Mine VF
Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo VF
Grand Opera Association VF
Grand Prix du Mardi Gras VF
Grand United Order of Odd Fellows VF
Grant Parish TVF
Grant, Jo Ellen VF
Grant, Karin VF
Grateful Dead VF
Grayline VF
Great American Corporation BVF
Great River Road TVF
Great South Engineers, Inc. BVF
Greater Jefferson Port Commission VF
Greater Louisiana Special Train VF
Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO VF
Greater New Orleans Black Tourism Network TVF
Greater New Orleans Black Tourism Network, Inc. VF
Greater New Orleans Bridge #1 and #2 VF see also New Orleans Connection
Greater New Orleans Bridge #2 VF see also New Orleans Connection
Greater New Orleans Camera Club VF
Greater New Orleans Choral Society VF
Greater New Orleans Council of the Naval League of the United States VF
Greater New Orleans Federation of Churches BVF
Greater New Orleans Federation of Churches VF
Greater New Orleans Federation of Independent Businessmen VF
Greater New Orleans Floral Trail, Inc. VF
Greater New Orleans Foundation VF
Greater New Orleans Foundation BVF Annual Reports; Non-profit resource for grants
Greater New Orleans Homestead Association BVF
Greater New Orleans Italian Cultural Society VF
Greater New Orleans Library Club BVF
Greater New Orleans Native Plant Society VF Housed at archives at Tulane University Library Special Collection
Greater New Orleans Needlecraft Federation VF
Greater New Orleans Open Invitational Golf Tournament VF
Greater New Orleans Reading Association VF
Greater New Orleans Regional Foundation BVF
Greater New Orleans School of Anti-Communism VF
Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair, Inc. VF
Greater New Orleans Spina Bifida Association VF
Greater New Orleans Tourist and Convention Commission BVF
Greater New Orleans Tourist and Convention Commission VF
Greco, Charles I VF Bishop of Alexandria. Connected with St. Maurice Church
Greek Festival VF
Greek Letter Societies VF
Greek Revival House VF
Green, Doug VF
Green, Samuel J. VF
Greenhouse VF For runaways in New Orleans
Greenleaf, Richard E. VF
Greenpeace VF
Greeting Cards-Karnival Kards VF
Greg Harkins Chairs BVF
Gregory, Francis W. VF
Grenadine McGunkles' Double-Wide Christmas VF
Gretna, Louisiana TVF
Greyhound Lines-East BVF
Gridiron Club VF
Griffin, Thomas VF
Grima, Mrs. Clarisse Claiborne (Mrs. Alfred) VF
Griots VF
Grocery Price Survey 1979-1980 VF
Grocery Prices VF
Grocery Stores BVF
Gros, Nat VF
Grosse Tete TVF
Grosvenor and Brown, Ltd. BVF
Grouchy, Margaret, O.P., Sister VF
Ground Pat'I VF
Ground Water Contamination VF
Groves, W.E. VF
Grundmeyer, Ennis VF
Grunewald Hotel BVF
Grunewald Musicale VF
GTS Corporation BVF
Guaranty Bancshares Holding Corp BVF
Guaranty Bank and Trust Co. (Alexandria, Louisiana) BVF
Guaranty Bank and Trust Co. (Gretna, Louisiana) BVF
Guaranty Bank and Trust Co. (Lafayette, Louisiana) BVF
Guaranty Bank and Trust Co. of Delhi BVF
Guaranty Bank and Trust Co. of Morgan City BVF
Guaranty Bank and Trust Co. of Zachary, Louisiana BVF
Guaranty Federal (Baton Rouge, Zachary, New Iberia, New Roads) BVF
Guaranty Income Life Insurance Co. BVF
Guaranty Savings (New Orleans) BVF
Guaranty Savings and Homestead Association BVF
Guatemalan Embassy VF
Guide for Visitors VF February 1, 1960
Guidry, Richard VF
Guild of the New Orleans Home and Rehabilitaion Center VF
Guillory, Curtis John, Bishop VF
Guillot, Una. VF
Guiraud, Ernest VF
Guizar, Tito VF
Gulf Coast TVF
Gulf Coast Bank (Abbeville, Louisiana) BVF
Gulf Coast Conservation Association VF
Gulf Coast TVF
Gulf Coast History and Humanities Conference VF
Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch-Blueprint for Renewal VF
Gulf Engineering Co, Inc., New Orleans BVF
Gulf Gulps VF Industrial Waste Disposal Machine
Gulf South History and Humanities Conference VF
Gulf Industrial Contractors, Inc. BVF
Gulf Intracoastal Waterway VF
Gulf Islands National Seashore VF
Gulf National Bank of Lake Charles, Louisiana BVF
Gulf of Mexico-Pollution VF
Gulf Ports Association VF
Gulf Savings and Loan Association of Jefferson Parish BVF
Gulf South Booksellers Association VF
Gulf South Engineers, Inc. BVF
Gulf South Minority Purchasing Council, Inc. VF
Gulf South Prestressed Concrete Association VF
Gulf South Research Instititute VF
Gulf South Venture Corporation BVF
Gulf Southbank-Lithoetched VF Sketches-Historic New Orleans
Gulfco Investment, Inc. BVF
Gulotta, James C., Judge VF
Gumbel, Bryant VF
Gumbel, Sophie L. VF Guild
Gurtler, Hebert and Co., Inc. and Subsidiaries BVF
Gusman, Marlin VF
Guste, William J., Jr. VF
Guyol, Louise VF

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