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Folders Beginning with E
     See also: [Elections]
Folder Title File Type Notes
E-mail Directories-Louisiana GVF
E. and P. BVF
E. Eean McNaughton and Associates BVF
E. Eeanan VF
Eagan, Charles J. VF
Eagles-Louisiana VF
Earhart, Fred A. VF
Early, Mike VF New Orleans City Councilman, District C
Earth Day VF
Earth Flag VF
Earthquakes VF
East Baton Rouge Parish-School Board VF
East Carroll Parish TVF
East Feliciana Parish TVF
East Feliciana Parish-History VF
East Jefferson General Hospital BVF
East Jefferson Italian American Society VF
Easter by Candlelight VF
Easter Seal Society VF
Eastern College of Heath Vocations VF
Easton, Warren VF
Eastover Corporation BVF Previously named First Commerce Realty Investors
Eberle, Gerald L. VF
Eckankar-The Ancient Science VF
Eclipses, Solar-New Orleans VF
Ecol, Limited BVF
Ecolgy Center Inc. of New Orleans VF
Ecology VF
Ecology and Heath VF
Ecology Center of Louisiana VF see also Organization's Newsletter in Serials
Economic Activity Statistics VF
Economic Conditions-Baton Rouge, Louisiana VF
Economic Conditions-Louisiana VF
Economic Conditions-Metropolitan New Orleans VF
Economic Conditions-New Orleans VF 1989
Economic Conditions-New Orleans VF Since 1989
Economic Conditions-New Orleans-Central Business District VF
Economic Development Council VF
Economic Development Council of Chamber, New Orleans and River Region VF
Economic Development Council-The Chamber/New Orleans and the River Region VF
Economic Development-Jefferson Parish VF
Economic Impact of Military in New Orleans Area VF
Economic Recessions-Louisiana VF Including 1988,1989,1990
Economic Recessions-Metropolitan New Orleans VF 1990
Ecuyer, Richard J. VF
Eden Isles VF
Edenborne, William VF
Edison Electric Company BVF
Edit Point VF
Education VF
Education Improvement Project VF
Education, Special VF 1936 Report
Education, State Department of VF
Education-Adults-Adult Education Association of New Orleans VF
Education-Career VF
Education-Catholic Schools VF
Education-Catholic Schools-Archdiocesan School Board VF
Education-Distributive Education Programs VF
Education-Gifted Children VF
Education-Higher VF
Education-Louisiana-Integration VF
Education-Louisiana-Magnet Schools VF
Education-Secular Educational Services Act VF
Education-Special VF
Education-Stay in School Challenge Grant Program VF Est. 1993
Education-Vocational and Technical VF
Educational Attainment-New Orleans VF 1967
Educational Television Authority VF
Edward Wisner Donation Advisory Committee Minutes VF 1960
Edward Wisner Donation Advisory Committee-Annual Report of Secretary-treasurer VF
Edward Wisner Donation Advisory Committee-Balance sheet and analysis of receipts and disbursement VF Trust Proceeds Fund
Edwards Engineering Corporation BVF
Edwards Printing Inc. BVF
Edwards, Edwin W. VF
Edwards, Edwin, Mrs. VF
Edwards, Helen Sylvania VF
Edwards, J. Dearborn VF Antebellum Photographer
Effectiveness Training VF
Egyptian Festival VF
Eight Naval District VF
Eisenhower Center VF see University of New Orleans-Eisenhower Center
Elbeetian Legion VF
Elder, William "Bill" VF
Elderly Education VF
Eldorado VF
Election Commissioners VF At voting polls
Elective Officials Association of Orleans Parish VF
Elective Officials-Addresses VF
Electoral College VF
Electrical Association of New Orleans, Inc. VF
Electrical League of New Orleans VF
Electrical Workers Home Association VF
Electricity Usage-Louisiana VF
Electricity-Companies BVF
Electricity-Safety VF
Electronic Distributors, Inc. BVF
Elgee, Jane Francesca VF Pseudonym, "Speranza"
Elks-New Orleans Convention VF 1977
Ellender, Allen J. VF
Ellerbe House VF
Elliott Industries, Inc. BVF
Ellis, Crawford H. VF
Ellis Enquirer-Ellis Family Researchers GVF
Elman, Mischa VF
Elmer's Island (Lafourche, Louisiana, Jefferson Parish) VF
Elmwood Industrial Park VF
Elzy, Lula M. VF
Emergency Relief Administration of the State of Louisiana VF
Emery, Emma Wilson D. VF January 1969 Poet Laureat of Louisiana, Appointed 1942, 1964
Emotionally Disturbed Children, Inc. VF
Employee Assistance Program of Louisiana, Inc. VF
Employment VF
Employment Development Services, Inc. BVF
Employment Profiles of Women and Minorities in 23 Metropolitan Areas VF 1974
Employment-Minorities VF
Employment-Vietnam Veterans VF
Encuentro VF
Energy VF
Energy Center (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) VF
Energy Center Sreet-RiverBend Energy Center (Francisville, Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish) VF
Energy Corporation of Louisiana, Ltd. BVF
Energy Crisis VF
Energy Theatre, New Orleans VF
Enertech, Inc. BVF
Engineering VF
Engineering-Baton Rouge, Louisiana VF
Engineers Club of New Orleans VF
English Speaking Union-New Orleans VF
English Turn TVF
English Turn VF
Entergy Corporation BVF Est. 1988; formerly Middle South Utilities
Environmental Contractors Associated of Louisiana (ECAL) BVF
Environmental Directory of New Orleans Area VF 1974-1975
Environmental Health VF
Environmental Issues VF
Environmental Protection Agency VF
Environmental Protection Organizations (Jefferson Parish) VF
Environmental Quality VF
Ephphatha Word Women's Ministry VF
Epps, Louisiana-History VF
Equitable Shipyards, Inc. BVF
Erace VF
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center BVF Annual Reports
Erosion, Coastal VF
Esgard VF
Espina, Cipriano VF
Esplanade Avenue VF
Esplanade Ridge VF
Essence Festival VF
Essex Club VF
Essex, Mark VF Howard Johnson Sniper, see Sniper-Howard Johnson
Etches of Ebony VF
Ethiopian Theatre VF
Ethnic Culture-Arabic VF
Ethnic Culture-Filipinos VF
Ethnic Culture-Italian VF
Ethnic Culture-Japanese VF
Ethnic Culture-Vietnamese VF
Ethnic Groups VF
Eucharistic Congress-8th National VF
Eulogies (1970-1979) VF
Eulogies (1980-1989) VF
Eulogies (1990-1999) VF
Eulogies (2000-2009) VF
Eunice, Louisiana TVF
Eunice, Louisiana-Historical (Acadia Parish) VF
Eureka Homestead Society BVF Annual Reports
Eustis Engineering Company BVF
Evangelical Lutheran Bethlehem Orphan Aylum of New Orleans, Louisiana BVF Brief historical sketch
Evangeline Bank and Trust Company (Ville Platte, Louisiana) BVF Annual Reports
Evangeline Brokerage Company BVF Annual Reports
Evangeline Downs VF
Evangeline Economic and Planning District VF
Evangeline Memorials VF
Evangeline Parish TVF
Evans Cooperage Company BVF
Evans, Doug VF
Evans, Louis VF New Orleans Chef at the Ponchartrain Hotel, 1969-1989
Everard, Wayne VF Archivist, Louisiana Division, author of How to Research the History of Your House (Or Other Building) in New Orleans
Eves, Joyce VF Community Affairs Director, WDSU Television
Exchange Alley VF
Exchange Bank and Trust Company (Natchitoches, Louisiana) BVF Annual Reports
Exchange Bank and Trust Company (Ville Platte, Louisiana) BVF
Exchange Oil and Gas Corporation BVF
Exhibits and Exhibitions VF
Experimental Opera Theatre VF
Export Trading Companies VF
Exports from Louisiana VF
Exxon Corporation BVF
Eye and Ear Institute of Louisiana VF
Eye Banks VF
Eye Care and Hygiene VF
Eye Foundation of America VF
Eye, Ear, Nose an Throat Hospital BVF
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Foundation VF

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