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Folders Beginning with D

Folder Title File Type Notes
D-Day Museum VF see National D-Day Museum; see also WWII Museum
D'Estaing, Valery Giscard VF see Estaing, Valery Giscard
D'Arensbourg, Karl Friedrich VF
D. H. Holmes Department Store BVF see Holmes, D. H.
D. H. Holmes Department Store VF
Dairies BVF
Dakin, James VF
Dale, Peter VF
Dameron, Pierson BVF
Dancers-Ciro VF
Dancing VF
Daneel, Rudolph Theodore Paul VF
Dannel, Dennis Jude VF
Danziger Bridge VF
Darden, Severn VF
Daughters of the American Revolution GVF
Daughters of the American Revolution VF
Daughters of the British Empire VF
David M. Berger Memorial VF
David M. Berger Memorial Fund VF Fund set up for a Tulane alumnus killed at the 1972 Munich Olympics
David, Sister Mary, O.P. VF
Davies, Joseph J., Jr. VF
Davis, Arthur Q. VF
Davis, Dr. A.L. VF
Davis, George H. Collection VF
Davis, Jackie VF New Orleans activist
Davis, Jefferson VF
Davis, Jimmie VF Governor of Louisiana, 1944-1948, 1960-1964; country music singer
Davis, Joyce VF
Davis, Mollie E. Moore VF
Dawnbusters Radio Program VF
Day Care Centers (Children) VF
Dayspring Country Home VF
De Barros, Jules VF
De Barros, Jules "The Baron" VF New Orleans Entertainer, Magician 821 Soniat St., New Orleans,LA 70115 (504)891-2631, ca. 1976, author, "The Coins of Ishtar"
De Bartolo Corporation BVF
De Gaulle, Charles VF
De Gaulle, Charles VF 1960 visit to New Orleans
De La Verges, Jukes K. VF Architect
De Ridder TVF
De Ridder, Louisiana-History VF
De Soto Parish TVF
Deaf VF
Dean, Lynn VF
Dease, Arlin K. VF
Death and Dying VF
Deaths-Louisiana-Wars VF
Debut des Jeunes Filles de La Nouvelle Orleans VF
Debutante VF
Debutante Club of New Orleans VF
Debutantes-New Orleans VF
Decoy Carving VF
Deep South Steam Excursion VF
Deep South Writers' Conference VF
Deers VF
Degan, Charles VF
Degan, Janyce D. VF 6th District Assessor for New Orleans, since 1981
Degas House VF
Degas in New Orleans VF Art Exhibit, New Orleans Museum of Art
DeGeneres, Ellen VF
DeJoie, C.C., Sr. VF
DeKernion, George C. H. L. VF
Delamays VF
Delaney, Patrick VF
Delgado College VF Includes "Delgado Community College"
Delgado College-Isaac Museum of Art VF
Delgado College-Moss Memorial Library VF
Delille, Henriette VF
Deloitte and Touche BVF
Delondes, Dona Maria Josefa VF Typed copy of last will and testament
Delphians VF
Delta Airlines BVF
Delta Bank and Trust Company BVF
Delta Container Corporation BVF
Delta Duck Club VF
Delta Festival Ballet VF
Delta Health Network VF
Delta Line VF Certificate from the Domain of Neptune's Rex
Delta Queen VF
Delta Region Preservation Commission VF
Delta Savings and Loan BVF
Delta Service Corps VF
Delta Steamship Lines, Inc. BVF
Delta Steamship Lines, Inc.(folder # 2) BVF
Delta Wilderness Excursions VF
Delta Women's Clinic VF
Delta Wood Carvers and Artists Guild VF
Delta-Marshes, Wetlands VF see also Wetlands
Demarest, Francis J. Sr. VF
Demitasse Dramatic Society VF
Denham Springs, Louisiana TVF
Dennery, Phyllis VF
Dennis, James L., Associate Justice VF Louisiana Supreme Court
Denson Engineers, Inc. BVF
Dent, Albert W. VF
Dent, Tom VF
Dentistry-Education VF
Department and Clothing Stores BVF D. H. Holmes-Maison Blanche-Hats-Gus Mayer
Depression VF
Derbes, Jim VF
Derham, James, Dr. VF
Des Allemands TVF
Desegregation of Schools VF
Desegregation-Faculty-New Orleans Public Schools VF
Desegregation-Conflicts VF
Design, Stage VF
Desire Community Chorus VF
Desire Community Housing Corporation VF
Desire Community Housing Corporation BVF
Desk and Derrick Club of New Orleans VF
Destinations, Inc. BVF
Detectives (Private) VF
Detweiler, William M., J. D. VF
Deutsch, Rosa VF
Deutsches Haus VF
DeValera, Eamon VF
Deville, Robert E. VF
DeViney, Robert L., Jr. VF
Devol, George (1829-1903) VF
Dial, Dan G. VF
Diamond Club of Greater New Orleans VF
Diamond Coal Corporation BVF
Diamond Crystal Salt Company BVF
Diarra, Suma VF
Diaz-Smon Pediatric Clinic VF
Diboll-Kessels and Associates BVF
Dick Bruce Advertising Agency BVF see Bruce, Dick-Advertising Agency
Dickey Foods, Inc. BVF
Dickey, Mary H. VF Aviator
Dictionaries GVF
Dietrich, Helen R., Inc. VF
Dietrich, Helen Russell VF
Digicourse, Inc. BVF
Dillard University VF
Dillard, James Hardy VF
Dillards Department Stores VF
Dimitry, Alexander VF
Diocese of Baton Rouge-Department of History and Archives VF Services available, 1991
Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas VF Founded April 25, 1793-Bicentennial Commemoration
Directory of Louisiana Genealogists VF
Directory-Minority Groups VF
Dirosa, Joe, Councilman VF
Disabilities Act, American with VF
Disabilities Information Access Line VF
Disabled American Veterans VF
Dishcloth Gourd VF
Disneyland VF
Distaff VF
Diversity's Gallery VF
Diving, Deep Sea and Snorkeling VF
Dix, Dorothy VF
Dixie VF Origin of term and brief history
Dixie Art Supplies BVF
Dixie Brewery BVF
Dixie Doodles VF
Dixie Freeway VF
Dixie Gas Co., Inc. BVF
Dixie Homestead BVF
Dixie Plastics, Inc. BVF
Dixie Reweavers BVF
Dixie-Beginning and Endings VF Times Picayune
Dixon, Henry VF
Dixon, Irma Muse, State Representative VF
Doctor Tichenor's Antiseptic VF
Dodd, William J., Sr. VF
Doley Securities, Inc.. BVF
Dollars for Scholars VF
Dolls VF
Domestic Violence VF
Domincans in Dialogue VF
Dominican Conference Center VF
Dominican Motherhouse Guild VF
Don Randon Real Estate, Inc. BVF see Randon, Don-Real Estate
Donaldsonville, Louisiana TVF
Donegan, Charles Edward "The Black Lawyer in Louisiana" VF
Donelon, Jim VF
Donelon, Thomas F. VF
Donnaud's VF
Dorignacs Supermarket VF
Dormon, Caroline VF
Dorothy Hulse Memorial Scholarship Fund VF
Dow Chemical Co. BVF
Downtown (Central Business District)-New Orleans VF
Downtown Development District (DDD) VF
Dozier Pottery VF
Draft Resistance VF
Drainage in New Orleans VF
Drexel, Rev. Mother Katherine VF
Drug Prevention VF
Drug Stores BVF
Drugs-Abuse VF
Drugs-Anti-Drugs Organizations VF
Drugs-Heroin Route VF
Drugs-Mayor's War on Drugs VF
Drummer Award VF
Dry Prong TVF
Dryades Savings and Loan Association BVF
Dubreuil, Claude Joseph Villars VF
Dubuclet, Antoine VF
Duchesne, Blessed Rose Philippine VF
Ducks VF
Ducks Unlimited VF
Ducote, Richard VF
Dueling VF
Dufour, Charles L., "Pie" VF
Dufresne, Edward A., Sr. VF
Dugas, Francis F. VF
Duggins, David D. VF
Duhamel, Vaughn VF
Duke St. Amant Golf Tournament VF
Duke, David VF
Dun and Bradstreet, Inc. BVF
Dunbar Awards (Charles E.) VF
Dunbar Awards-Programs VF
Dunbar, Charles E., Jr. VF
Dunbar's (Corinne) VF Distinctive Creole Cuisine, brochure
Duncan Plaza VF
Dunn, Oscar James VF
Duplantier, Hrapman, Hogan and Maher-Certified Public Accountants BVF
Dupuy, Joseph N. VF
Duran, Melvin J. VF
Durieux, Caroline VF
Duval, Claude B. VF
Duvernay, Terrence VF
Duvic Hardware Co. BVF
Dwyer, Ralph D., Jr. VF
Dyer, Dianna, State Representative VF
Dyslexia VF

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