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Folders Beginning with C
     See also: [Cemeteries] [Chamber of Commerce] [Churches]
Folder Title File Type Notes
CACI VF CACI, Inc.- Federal: 850 South Clearview Parkway, Harahan, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70123 (504) 734-4831
C.F. Bean Corporation BVF
C.V. Harold Rubber Corporation BVF
Cabildo VF
Cabildo-Fire,1988 VF Repair and restoration
Cabinet Makers, New Orleans VF
Cable Television, Louisiana, CATV BVF
Cable, George Washington, Mrs. VF see Authors-Cable, George Washington
Cabrini, Mother/Saint Frances Xavier VF
Caddo Parish TVF
Caddo Parish-History VF
Cafe Brasil VF
Cafe Du Monde VF
Cafeterias-Holsum BVF
Caffery, Patrick T. VF U. S. Representative for the State of Louisiana (1968-1972), Louisiana State Representative (1964-1968)
Cahil, Elwood VF
Cairo Datum VF
Cajun Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. BVF
Cajun Festival VF In Plaquemine, Baton Rouge Advocate article, November 23, 1969
Cajuns VF see Acadians
Calcasieu Marine National Bank BVF
Calcasieu Parish TVF
Caldwell Bank and Trust Company (Caldwell, Louisiana) BVF
Caldwell Parish TVF
Caledonia Society of New Orleans VF
Calendar of Events VF
Calendars GVF
Calendars (generic) VF
Calendars-Historic New Orleans Collection VF
Calhoun & Barnes, Inc. BVF
Calhoun, Louisiana TVF
Callahan, Gene VF Louisiana Set Designer, Academy Award winner, Times Picayune article, Lagniappe Section, July 13, 1990
Callatay, Xavier de VF Artist
Callender, Alvin A. (1893-1918) VF WWI air hero, born in New Orleans
Callender, Marshall C. (1897-1986) VF WWI aviator, obituary
Calligraphy VF see New Orleans Calligraphers' Association
Calogero, Pascal F. VF Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court
Caltex Resources, Inc. VF
Cambodians in New Orleans VF Times Picayune article, August 24, 1989
Cambon, Elise, Dr. VF Music Minister, St. Louis Cathedral.
Cameron Parish TVF
Cameron State Bank BVF
Cameron, Louisiana-History VF
Camp Leroy Johnson VF
Camp Moore (Tangipahoa Parish) VF Civil War Training Camp, includes 2 pages of typed notes by Mrs. Fred. C. Kolman, President of the Louisiana Division of the UDC
Camp Nicholls VF Confederate Soldiers Home
Camp Parapet VF Civil War era camp in Jefferson Parish
Campbell and Associates BVF
Campbell, Charles Henry VF New Orleans native
Campgrounds VF
Camps (youth) VF
Campsites and State Parks (St. Tammany Parish) VF
Canadian Club of New Orleans VF
Canadian Naval Task Group 301.0 VF
Canal Bank and Trust Co. BVF
Canal Place VF
Canals, New Orleans area VF
Cancer (generic) VF Includes statistics on cancer cases in Louisiana, American Cancer Society, 1989 Facts and Figures
Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans VF
Cane Bayou (St. Tammany Parish) VF
Cane River Country (Natchitoches Parish) VF
Canizaro, Joseph C. VF
Cannizzaro, Leon VF Candiadate for Judge in Orleans Parish
Cao, "Joseph" Anh VF U.S. Congressman
Capella, Tom VF State Representative
Capital Bancshares, Inc. BVF Previously Capital Bank
Capital Gaming International VF
Capitol Buildings VF State Capitol Buildings in Baton Rouge
Capricious Productions VF
Carey Hodges Engineers BVF
Carlisle, Kitty VF
Carlozzi, Annette DiMeo VF Former Director of the CAC
Carmick, Daniel, Major VF
Carnaval Interamericano/Carnaval Latino VF Hispanic Festival,1990-1992
Carnival VF
Carousels-Audubon Park VF
Carousels-City Park, New Orleans VF
Carriage Journal VF Replacement folder
Carriages and Carts, New Orleans VF Antebellum
Carrier Aircraft Service Unit Twelve (CASU 12) VF Brief paper written by Earl E. Cook, about unit of the US Navy during WWII
Carriere, Oliver P., Judge VF Judge, Orleans Parish Civil District Court, Division H
Carroll, Sister Mary Theresa Austin VF Bibliography of works written, translated, and edited by Sister Mary Teresa Austin Carroll, order of the Sisters of Mercy
Carrollton Historical Trail TVF
Carrollton Lions Club VF
Carrollton-History VF
Carrollton-The Centennial in the City of Carrollton, July 4,1876 VF
Carter Realty & Development BVF
Carter, Karen VF State Representative, District ?, daughter of Ken Carter
Carter, Ken VF Politician, lawyer, former New Orleans Assessor, mayoral candidate in 1994, see Gwen Carter, wife and Karen Carter, State representative District
Carter, Troy VF New Orleans City Councilman, former State Representative
Cartoonists-Local (generic) VF see Walter Wade Welch, New Orleans cartoonist
Carville, Louisiana VF
Casa Grande Condominiums BVF
Casey, Connie VF President of the Kenner Business Association (KBA) in 1986
Casey, Tom VF Former Louisiana State Representative and Senator
Cashio, Cochran, Torre Design Consortium BVF
Casino Club and Ballroom VF 1414 Frenchmen St., May 29, 1940
Casino Gambling VF
Casinos (various) VF
Casquette Girls VF
Cassagnol, Francois, Dr. VF President of a Haitian related foundation
Cassanova, John D. VF
Cassibry, Judge Fred VF
Castle Industries, Inc. BVF
Castle of the Chateau VF 3113 St. Anthony Avenue
Castleden, G. F. VF Artist. Pen and Ink Sketches of French Quarter scenes, Studio: 622 St. Peter Street
Catfish VF Louisiana Catfish Festival in Des Allemands, early July
Catahoula Bank (Jonesville and Harrisonburg, Louisiana) BVF
Catahoula Leopard Dog VF
Catahoula Parish TVF
Catalogs-Community Kitchens VF Baton Rouge Based company
Catalogs-New Orleans Specialty VF
Catholic Action VF National Monthly published by the National Catholic Welfare Conference Catholic Serial, single issue from 1949
Catholic Charismatic Renewal, New Orleans Area VF
Catholic Church, New Orleans, general VF
Catholic Church Conferences in New Orleans VF 1940's
Catholic Church in Louisiana-Dioceses VF
Catholic Church-Education VF
Catholic Church-History VF
Catholic Church-Holy Year Rally VF September 7, 1975, Superdome
Catholic Church-Missions VF
Catholic Church-Ordinations VF
Catholic Church-Parishes, New Orleans VF
Catholic Deaf Center VF
Catholic Federation VF
Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese of New Orleans VF
Catholic Human Relations Commission for Metropolitan New Orleans VF
Catholic Library Association VF
Catholic Life Center, Baton Rouge VF
Catholic maritime Club VF
Catledge, Turner VF New Orleans newspaperman
Cayman Resources Corporation BVF
Celebration VF Gay Pride Celebration in 1983, see Gay Pride, New Orleans
Celebration in the Oaks VF see City Park-Celebration in the Oaks
Celebration of the Creative Woman VF
Celeron Corp. BVF
Censorship VF
Census GVF
Census-Louisiana (general) VF
Census-Louisiana-1728 VF
Census-Louisiana-1763-1802, Spanish Colonial VF
Census-Louisiana-1770 VF
Census-Louisiana-1910 VF
Census-Louisiana-1920 VF
Census-Louisiana-1930 VF
Census-Louisiana-1963 VF
Census-Louisiana-1970 VF
Census-Louisiana-1980 VF
Census-Louisiana-1990 VF
Census-Louisiana-2000 VF
Census-Metropolitan New Orleans VF
Census-Metropolitan New Orleans,1990 VF
Census Research VF Guidelines for use
Centenary College VF
Centennial Celebration VF
Center for African and African American Studies VF Southern University, New Orleans
Center for Development and Learning VF
Center for Displaced Homemakers VF
Center for French Colonial Studies VF Sainte Genevieve, Montanta
Center for Traditional Louisiana VF
Central American Conference VF Trade Conference in New Orleans
Central Appraisal Bureau VF
Central Bank BVF
Central Business District (CBD), New Orleans VF
Central Business District Redevelopment VF
Central Business District, Historic District Landmarks Commission VF
Central Business District-Traffic VF
Central City Housing Development Corporation VF
Central Gulf Lines BVF
Central Louisiana Electric Company, Inc. BVF
Central Louisiana Energy Corporation BVF
Central Metairie Civic Association VF see New Orleans Galleria, Theaters Office Towers, Gym
Central Savings and Loan Association, New Orleans BVF
Central State Life Insurance Company BVF
Century Bank in New Orleans BVF
Century Geophysical Corporation BVF
Century Graphics Corporation BVF
Century National Bank BVF
Century Telephone Enterprises, Inc. BVF
Ceramics (generic) VF
Cerebral Palsy Center VF
Cerino, Albert VF
Certified Genealogists GVF see Genealogists, Certified
Chachere, C. W. VF Candidate for Register of Conveyances, Orleans Parish
Chackbay, Louisiana TVF
Chaine des Rotisseurs VF Times Picayune. June 12, 1983, Section 2, Page 10
Chakula & Chink VF
Chalmette, Louisiana VF
Chalmette National Cemetery VF
Chalmette National Historical Park VF
Chamber, The BVF Annual Reports; New Orleans and River Region
Chamber of Commerce BVF New Orleans Area
Chamber of Commerce VF 1846
Chandeleur Islands VF
Chandler, David L. VF
Changing Times-Louisiana Blueprint, Inc. BVF
Chapels and Shrines-Saint Roch Shrine VF
Chapital, Arthur J. VF
Characters, New Orleans VF
Charbonnet, Louis III VF
Charities VF
Charity Animal Hospital VF
Charity Hospital School of Nursing VF
Chart House BVF
Charts GVF
Chase, Edgar "Dookey" III VF
Chase, John C. VF
Chase, Leah Lange VF
Chateau de Notre Dame VF
Chateau de Notre Dame Guild VF
Chateau Motel BVF
Chauvin, Louisiana TVF
Chefs VF
Chefs-Blake, Christopher VF
Chefs-Constantin, Patti VF
Chefs-Fraccaro, Goffredo VF
Chefs-Legasse, Emeril VF
Chefs-Petit, Guy VF
Chefs-Pierce, Wayne VF
Chefs-Preuss, Gunter VF
Chefs-Prudhomme, Paul VF
Chefs-Spicer, Susan VF
Chehardy, Lawrence A. VF
Chehardy, Lawrence E. VF
Chehardy, Susan VF
Chemfix Technologies BVF
Chemical Dependency Consultants, Inc. BVF
Chemical Industries (Lake Charles, Louisiana) BVF
Chemical Plants-Toxic Influence,1991 VF
Chenet, Pierre VF
Chenier Plain Ecosystem VF "An Ecological Characterization", 1979
Chess VF
Chester, Mrs. Florence Johnson VF
Chetta, Nicholas J. VF Coroner, Orleans Parish
Cheval, Louison VF
Chevron Oil Company-Oil Spill BVF
Chiarppa, Carlo VF Violinist
Childbirth Education Association, New Orleans VF
Childnet VF
Children VF
Children of American Revolution VF
Children of the Confederacy VF
Children's Book Bank VF
Children's Bureau of New Orleans VF
Children's Hospital Guild VF
Children's Literary Festival of New Orleans VF
Children-Abnormal & Backwards VF
Children-Institutionalized VF
Child's Wish of Greater New Orleans VF
Chimney Sweepers VF
Chinchuba, Louisiana TVF
Chinchuba, Louisiana-History VF
Chiropodists VF
Chocolate VF
Chopin's Piano VF
Chopin, Kate-International Conference (Natchitoches, Louisiana) VF
Chopin, Samuel VF
Choral-Symphony Society VF
Chotard Family VF
Christenberry, Drew VF
Christian Ministers Union VF
Christian Women's Exchange VF
Christie, Agatha VF
Christmas VF
Christmas Bonfires VF
Christmas in New Orleans (1986-) VF Creole Christmas, Marketing Promotion for tourism in New Orleans during the Christmas season
Christmas, Bill VF 9th Ward Parish Committee
Christmas, New Orleans Style VF
Christwood VF
Chrysler Learning Incorporated VF
Chrysler Motor Corporation BVF
Chubbuck, James VF
Church Records GVF
Citizen Alliance for Regional Transit VF
Citizen's Committee for Successful Schools VF
Citizen's Committee of Louisiana VF
Citizen's Council of New Orleans VF
Citizen's Organization For Police Support II (Cops II) VF
Citizens Against Animal Abuse VF
Citizens Against Crime VF
Citizens Against Government Takeover VF
Citizens Against Rate Excesses VF
Citizens Against the Parallel Span VF
Citizens Against Unfair Taxes VF
Citizens Bank and Trust Co. (Arcadia, Louisiana) BVF
Citizens Bank and Trust Co. (Natchitoches, Louisiana) BVF
Citizens Bank and Trust Co. (Plaquemine, Louisiana) BVF
Citizens Building an Loan Association BVF
Citizens' Coalition Against Crime BVF Membership letter, 1993
Citizens for an United Community VF
Citizens for Common Sense VF
Citizens for Decent Literature VF
Citizens for Educational Freedom VF
Citizens for Progess Committee VF
Citizens for Safe Energy VF
Citizens for Sound Planning VF
Citizens National VF
Citizens National Bank BVF
Citizens Planning Committee for Public Education VF
Citizens Recreation Committee VF
Citizens Savings and Loan Association (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), BVF
Citizens to Save New Orleans VF
Citizens Utilities BVF
Citizens' Rights VF
Citizens' Advisory Committee VF
City Bank and Trust Company (Natchitoches, Louisiana) BVF
City Bank and Trust Company (New Iberia, Louisiana) BVF
City Business BVF
City Council-Biographies VF
City Council-Redistricting VF
City Decorator VF
City Employees Association VF
City Guides-New Orleans-Miscellaneous VF
City Hall Reports VF
City Hall Reports I VF
City Hall Reports II VF
City Hall-Paintings and Statuary VF
City Lights, Inc. BVF
City National Bancshares, Inc. (City National Bank, Baton Rouge, Louisiana) BVF
City Park VF
City Park Golf Club VF
City Park Stadium VF
City Park-Celebration in The Oaks VF
City Park-Degas Celebration, est.1985 VF
City Park-Storyland VF Events
City Park-Hill VF
City Park's 61st Annual Big Bass Fishing Rodeo VF
City Stores Company BVF
Civic Center, New Orleans VF
Civic Development VF
Civil Air Patrol VF Photographs
Civil Defense-Louisiana VF
Civil District Court-Clerk and Notarial Archives VF
Civil District Court-Jury Duty Instructions VF
Civil District Court Building VF Brochure/Guide, 1988
Civil Rights-Louisiana VF
Civil Service Assembly's Southern Regional Conference VF
Civil Service-City of New Orleans VF
Civil War GVF
Civil War-African Americans VF
Civil War-African American Soldiers VF African American soldiers in Louisiana during the Civil War
Civil War Centennial Commission VF
Civil War Round Table of New Orleans VF
Civilian Conservation Corps GVF
Civitan Club VF
Claiborne Bank and Trust Company (Homer, Louisiana-Haynesville, Louisiana) BVF
Claiborne Parish TVF
Claiborne, William C. C. VF
Clapp, Rev. Theodore VF
Clarion Herald VF
Clarion Herald-Bicentennial VF
Clark Oil and Refining Company BVF
Clark, Daniel VF
Clark, Emery VF
Clark, Joseph Samuel VF
Clark, Marguerite VF
Clarke, James, Mrs. VF
Clarkson, Jacquelyn Brechtel "Jackie" VF
Clarkson, Patti VF
Classic Graphic and Publishing Corporation BVF
Classical Guitar Society of New Orleans VF
Classical Institute of the South VF Program for The Institute's First Annual Symposium, 2009
Classical Music Society VF
Clay Square VF
Clean Gulf Associates BVF
Clemens, Mrs. Elizabeth "Betty" VF
Clements, Ernest VF
Clergy-New Orleans VF All Denominations
Cliff Dwellers Deviltry and Diversion Society VF
Climatology VF
Climatology-Weather Statistics, New Orleans 1875-1981 VF
Cline, Isaac Monroe, M.D. VF
Clinton Bank and Trust Company (Clinton, Louisiana) BVF
Clipt Wings VF
Cloutierville TVF
Clovis A. Brantley Baptist Center VF
Clovis A. Brantley Baptist Center VF
Clown College VF
Clubs and Organizations VF
Clubs and Organizations-Black VF
Clubs and Organizations-Civic Improvement Associations VF
Clubs and Organizations-Elenian Club VF
Clubs and Organizations-Exchanges VF
Clubs and Organizations-Garden VF
Clubs and Organizations-Luncheon VF
Clubs and Organizations-Military Associations VF
Clubs and Organizations-Patriotic VF
Clubs and Organizations-Patriotic-Spanish VF
Clubs and Organizations-Professional & Trade VF
Clubs and Organizations-Valencia Auxiliary VF
Clubs and Organizations-Women's' Organizations VF
CMI Corporation BVF
Co-ops-Food VF
Coalition for Action VF
Coalition for Human Dignity VF
Coalition for Public Education VF
Coalition Helping in Public Schools (CHIPS) VF
Coalition of Leading Educational Organizations VF
Coast Guard VF
Coastal and Ocean Management VF
Coastal Environments, Inc. BVF
Coastal Warning Facilities Chart VF
Coastal Zone Management VF
Coastal Zone Management Plan VF
Coastcon VF
Coats of Arms-City of New Orleans VF
Coca Cola BVF
Cochon du Lait VF
Cochran, Jacqueline VF
Cock Fights VF
Cocktail VF
Cody, John P., Archbishop VF
Coffee VF
Coffee Houses VF
Coffee Houses-P.J.'s VF on Maple St.
Coffee News VF 2010, Volume 2, Issue 3
Coffey, Kathryn VF
Coghill, Mary Dora VF
Cohen, Elizabeth, M.D. VF
Coins VF
Colbert, Charles VF
Coldren, Tamra VF
Collecting VF
Collection Agencies-Milliken and Michaels, Inc. VF
College Retirement Equities Fund (CREF) BVF see Teacher's Insurance Annuity Association (TIAA)
Collin, Dr. Richard H. VF
Collins, Andrea VF
Collins, General J. Lawton VF
Collins, Robert F. VF
Colonial Bank BVF
Colonial Civil Records in the State of Louisiana VF
Colonial Dames of the Seventeenth Century VF
Colonial Sugars, Inc. BVF
Colored Citizens Committee of New Orleans and Vicinity for Better Race Relations VF
Colored Young Men's Christian Association VF 1909 Reception for President-elect Taft
Columbia Homestead Association BVF
Columbus, Mississippi VF
Comarda, Chris VF
Combined Health Agencies-Greater New Orleans Area VF
Comhaltas, New Orleans VF
Comics VF
Comiskey Jr., Lawrence A. VF
Comiskey, James August VF
Comite des Archives de la Louisiane VF
Comite Louisiane-Francais VF
Comite River Flood Diversion Plan VF
Commander's Palace VF History
Commerce VF
Commercial Athletic Association of New Orleans VF
Commercial Bank BVF
Commercial Bank and Trust Company (Baldwin-Franklin-Centerville, Louisiana). BVF
Commercial Diving Journal-Magazines Diving Symposium,1985 VF
Commercial National Bank BVF
Commercial National Corporation BVF
Commercial Securities Company, Inc. BVF
Commercial Shipboard Cables BVF
Commission on Civil Rights Reports VF
Committee for a Safer City VF
Committee for a Better Judiciary VF
Committee for a Better New Orleans VF
Committee for a Learning Society VF
Committee for a Safe New Orleans VF
Committee for the Celebration of the 450th Anniversary of the Discovery of America VF
Committee for the Freedom to Choose VF
Committee in Solidarity With The People of El Salvador (CISPES) VF
Committee of 21 VF
Committee to Celebrate the Arts VF
Committee to Celebrate the Arts-Fundraisers VF Fund raiser called "A Celebration for the Arts" benefits New Orleans City Ballet, NOMA, NO Opera Assoc, and NO Philharmonic Symphony
Commodore Cruise Line, New Orleans VF
Common Cause VF
Common Ground VF
Commonwealth Savings Association BVF
Communist Party VF
Community Access Television VF
Community Action Council of Tulane University Students (CACTUS) VF
Community Alliance for Radical Education VF
Community Bank of Lafourche BVF
Community Centers VF
Community Chest BVF
Community Chest VF
Community Concert Association-Programs VF
Community Food Distribution Center VF
Community Health Network of Louisiana, Inc. VF
Community Homestead Association BVF
Community Improvement Agency VF
Community Kitchens VF
Community Organization for Political Education VF
Community Property VF
Community Relations Council of Greater New Orleans VF
Community Resources, New Orleans VF
Community Service Center VF
Community Services Council, Inc. BVF
Community Sex Information and Education Service VF
Community State Bank BVF
Community Volunteer Service VF see Volunteer and Information Agency
Communiversity Projects VF
Compac Classic of New Orleans VF Golf Tournament
Compassionate Friends VF
Composers-Palmisano, Fred VF
Comptran VF
Computer Library, The VF
Computer Programs GVF
Computer Programs-Gedcom GVF
Computer Programs-The Master Genealogist GVF
Computer Programs-World Family Tree GVF
Computers VF
Computers-Schools VF
Con Pac, Inc. BVF
Concerned City Employees Committee VF
Concerned Voters for Good Government VF
Concert Choir of New Orleans VF
Concerts-Miscellaneous VF
Concordia Bank and Trust Company (Vidalia and Ferriday, Louisiana) BVF
Concordia Parish TVF
Condominiums-Jackson, Andrew VF
Condominiums-Part VII VF
Confederacy VF
Confederate Flag VF
Confederate Memorial Day VF
Confederate Memorial Hall VF
Confederate Party VF
Confederate Stamp Money VF
Confederate States of America VF
Conference on Louisiana Women-1975 VF
Congo Square VF
Congo Square Foundation VF
Congo Square Series on Videotape VF
Congresses and Conventions VF
Congressional Delegation VF
Congressional Districts VF
Connick, Harry VF
Conniff, John R. VF
Connolly, George C. VF
Conrad Industries, Inc. BVF
Conradt, Robert VF
Conservative Society of America VF
Consolidated Truck Parts, Inc. BVF
Constitution-Louisiana VF
Constitution-Louisiana, Revision VF
Constitutional Convention-CC-73 VF
Construction Industry VF
Construction Industry Legislative Council VF
Consulate of The Republic of Argentina VF
Consuls VF
Consumer Connections for Orleans Parish VF
Consumer Credit Counseling Service VF
Consumer Information VF
Consumer Price Index VF
Consumer Protection VF
Consumer Protection-Consumer Advisory Board of New Orleans VF
Contemporary Arts Center, 1977-1987 VF Theatre programs are located in Vertical Files folder: Theatres-Contemporary Arts Center
Contemporary Arts Center, 1988-1998 VF Theatre programs are located in Vertical Files folder: Theatres-Contemporary Arts Center
Contemporary Arts Center-Art for Arts' Sake (CAC) VF
Contemporary Arts Center-Festival of New Music VF
Contemporary Arts Center-Fund Raisers VF
Contemporary Arts Center-Music VF
Contemporary Arts Center-Visual Arts VF Painting, Drawing, Design, Sculpture, Photography, and Crafts
Contessa Entellina Society VF
Continental Bank (Harvey and Metairie, Louisiana) BVF
Continental Electric Service, Corporation BVF
Continental Group, Inc. BVF
Continental Savings and Loan Association BVF
Convent, Louisiana TVF
Convention & Tourist Bureau VF
Convention & Visitors Bureau VF
Convention and Publicity Bureau VF
Conventioneer Reception and Banquet Rooms VF
Conventions-1930-1939 VF
Conventions-1940-1949 VF
Conventions-1950-1959 VF
Conventions-1960-1969 VF
Conventions-1970-1979 VF
Conventions-1980-1989 VF
Conventions-1990- VF
Conventions-Blacks VF
Conventions-Directory VF
Conway, A. A. VF
Cook Books VF
Cook, Dr. Samuel DuBois VF President of Dillard University
Cookery VF
Cookery-Acadian (Cajun) VF
Cookery-Contests VF
Cookery-Gumbo(s) VF
Cooking Schools-Lee Barnes Cooking School and Gourmet Shop BVF
Cooking Schools-New Orleans School of Cooking BVF
Coonass VF
Cooper, Mary-Clair VF
Cooper, T. Smith Stevedoring BVF
Copeland Enterprises BVF
Copeland, Al VF
Copelin, Mrs. Maxine VF
Copelin, Sherman N. VF
Copolymer Rubber and Chemical Corporation BVF
Copper & Brass Warehouse Association-Annual Meeting in New Orleans-1969 VF
Copperfield, David VF
Copyrights VF
Coquille, Walter (Telesfore Boudreaux-Mayor of Bayou Pom Pom, Louisiana) VF
Cordier, Edna VF New Orleans Educator
Corey, Shirley Trusty VF
Corporate Cup Run VF
Cortez Theatre VF
Cosenza, Arthur VF
Costa, Myldred M. VF
Costumes VF
Cotton VF
Cotton, History VF Cotton Industry in New Orleans, 1835-1885
Cotton Consumption VF
Cotton Festival-Louisiana VF
Cotton Trade Journal VF
Cottonport Bank BVF
Cottrell, Louis Albert Jr. (1911-1878) VF
Cottrell, Louis Albert Jr. (1911-1978) VF Musician
Couhig, Robert/Treen, David C. VF
Council for a Better Louisiana VF
Council for Exceptional Children VF
Council for Federated Golden Age and Senior Citizen Clubs VF
Council for the Development of Spanish in Louisiana (CODOSIL) VF
Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL) VF
Council for the Education an Employment of Women & Girls VF
Council of Correctional Agencies Personnel VF
Council of French Societies of New Orleans VF
Council of International Visitors of Greater New Orleans VF
Council of Social Services Health Division VF
Council of the Arts for Children VF
Country Clubs VF
Court Buildings VF
Court Honor Class of New Orleans, Inc. VF
Court Records GVF
Courtney, Kent VF
Courts, Parish of Orleans-History of VF
Courts-Civil District, New Orleans VF
Courts-Criminal Justice VF
Courts-Louisiana Supreme VF
Courts-Louisiana Supreme BVF
Courts-Municipal, New Orleans Elections VF
Courts-United States District VF
Courtside Tennis, Inc. VF
Courtyards and Patios VF
Coushatta, Louisiana TVF
Couvent, Marie C. VF
Covenant House of Greater New Orleans VF
Covington, Louisiana TVF
Covington Chamber of Commerce TVF Yearly publication, 1983
Cowan, Dr. Alton W. VF
Cox Cable (Television), New Orleans VF
Cox Cable New Orleans, Inc. BVF
Crafts VF
Crager, Robert L. VF
Craps VF Origins
Crawfish VF
Crawfish Odyssey VF Program for Benefit, 2003
Crawford Corporation BVF
Creationism VF
Creative Arts Camp VF
Creative Arts Center VF
Creative Marketing Affiliates VF Advertising Agencies
CREF BVF see Teacher's Insurance Annuity Association
Crematories VF
Creole Christmas VF
Creole Cookery VF
Creole Country (Sausage Company) VF
Creole Feast VF Festival, October, 1977
Creole Heritage Education Research Society VF
Creole Nature Trail TVF
Creole Slave Songs VF
Creole Studies Conference VF 2003, see Tulane University-Creole Studies Conference
Creole Wood-Carvers VF
Creoles VF
Creoles of Color VF
Crescent Bird Club VF
Crescent City Boat Owners Association VF
Crescent City Chamber Choir VF
Crescent City Classic VF
Crescent City Coalition VF
Crescent City Connection VF
Crescent City Connection Road Races VF
Crescent City Cyclists VF
Crescent City Democratic Association VF
Crescent City Entertainers VF
Crescent City Needlework Guild VF
Crescent City Stamp Club VF
Crescent City Willing Workers Club VF
Crescent Hall VF
Crescent House VF
Crescent Regional Ballet Company, Inc. VF
Crescent River Port Pilots VF
Crickets VF
Crime and Criminals VF
Crime in the Streets Coalition VF see also Citizens' Coalition Against Crime; St. Charles Avenue Association
Crime Watch VF
Crime-Capital Punishment VF
Crime-Prevention VF
Crimestoppers VF
Criminal District Court, New Orleans-Records VF 1846-1931
Crisis Line VF
Cronvich, Alwynn VF
Crossman, A. D. VF
Crossword Puzzles VF
Crowley Building and Loan Association BVF
Crowley Industrial Bag Company, Inc.. BVF
Crowley, Louisiana TVF
Cruise Ships-Ocean Spirit VF
Cruises VF
Crystal Oil Company BVF
Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front VF
Cubans VF
Cuccia, Ron VF
Cuco's BVF
Cudney, John Isaiah VF
Cuisine-French Glossary VF
Cuisine-New Orleans Glossary VF
Cultural Attraction Fund VF
Cultural Events VF
CulturefestLouisiana-Smithsmonian Magazine Explores Louisiana VF
Culver, Essae M. VF
Cunningham, Gay VF
Cunningham, Thomas F. VF Award
Curry, William Henry VF
Curtis, Henry B. VF
Curtis, Nathaniel VF
Cushman, Jerome VF
Custodian of Voting Machines VF
Custom House VF
Customs and Traditions VF
Customs Brokers VF
Cut Off TVF
Cuthbert, David VF
Cypress Bayou (Houma, Louisiana) VF
Cystic Fibrosis VF

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