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Folders Beginning with B
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Folder Title File Type Notes
B'Nai B'rith VF
B.F. Trappey's Sons, Inc. BVF
B.P. VF see British Petroleum
B.P. Lousiana, Inc. BVF
Babineau, Nicholas VF
Babovich, Wayne M. VF
Babst Services, Inc. BVF
Bacco (Paul Brennan's) BVF October Truffle Festival, 2001
Backgammon, New Orleans VF Includes New Orleans Backgammon Club
Bagert, Ben Jr. VF
Bagert, Broderick "Brod" VF City Councilman, District "D"
Baggott, Anna VF
Bagneris, Dennis R. VF State Senator, 1983 to December, 1998. Elected Judge, 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1999.
Bagneris, Larry J. VF Candidate for City Councilman and State Legislator
Bagneris, Michael VF Judge. Orleans Parish Civil District Court, Division "H"
Bagneris, Vernel VF Playwright, author of "One Mo Time"
Baha'i Community of New Orleans VF
Bajoie, Diana E. VF Louisiana State Legislator
Baker, Julia W. VF Writer for "Times Democrat", husband is Marion Baker, literary editor for same paper
Baker, Richard VF Louisiana State Representative, District 6
Bakeries BVF
Bakeries, New Orleans VF
Baldor Electric Company BVF
Balize (The Balize) VF Plaquemines Parish, Fort during Colonial time near mouth of the Mississippi River
Ballet, New Orleans VF see New Orleans Ballet Association
Ballet De La Nouvelle Orleans VF
Ballet Hysell VF
Ballet Jeunesse VF
Ballet Resource and Volunteer Organization of the New Orleans Ballet Association (BRAVO) VF
Ballet-Bolshoi VF
Ballet-City Ballet VF
Ballet-Markova/Dolin and Ensemble VF
Bananas BVF Trees, Industry
Bancoklahoma Corporation BVF Annual reports
BancShares Corporation BVF Annual reports
Bank and Trust Company of Abbeville BVF Annual reports
Bank Buildings BVF
Bank of Bernice BVF Annual reports
Bank of Choudrant BVF Annual reports
Bank of Dixie BVF Annual reports
Bank of Erath BVF Annual reports
Bank of Jena BVF Annual reports
Bank of Lacompte BVF Annual reports
Bank of Lafayette BVF Annual reports
Bank of Logansport BVF Annual reports
Bank of Louisiana BVF Annual reports
Bank of Maringouin BVF Annual reports
Bank of New Orleans BVF Annual reports
Bank of New Orleans(folder #2) BVF Annual reports
Bank of New Roads BVF Annual reports
Bank of Oak Grove (Oak Grove, Epps, and Kilbourne, Louisiana) BVF Annual reports
Bank of Saline BVF Annual reports
Bank of St. Charles BVF Annual reports
Bank of St. John (St. John, Laplace, Reserve, Garyville, and Edgard, Louisiana) BVF Annual reports
Bank of St. Joseph and Trust Company (St. Joseph and Waterproof, Louisiana) BVF Annual reports
Bank of Sunset and Trust Company BVF Annual reports
Bank of the South (Gretna, Louisiana) BVF Annual reports
Bank of Winnfield and Trust Company BVF Annual reports
Bank of Zachary BVF Annual reports
Banks BVF
Banks BVF
Banks and Banking BVF
Banks and Banking-Closures BVF
Banks Folder #2 BVF
Banks-Citizen's Bank and Trust Co. BVF Annual reports
Banned Books Week, 1986 VF
Banquette Book Shop BVF
Baptist Bible Institute VF
Baptist Community Ministries (non-profit) BVF
Baptists, Louisiana VF
Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program VF
Barber Shop Quartet Singing, New Orleans VF
Barclays International BVF
Barkerding, Robert R. Sr. VF Businessman
Barkerding, Ted VF Jefferson Parish School Board candidate
Barksdale Airforce Base (Bossier City, Louisiana) VF Shreveport Times newspaper clipping about retiring Airforce General Eubanks
Barnard and Burk, Inc. BVF
Barnard & Thomas Engineering Inc. BVF
Barnes, Lee, Cooking School and Gourmet Shop BVF
Barney, Clarence L. VF President, Urban League of Greater New Orleans
Barnwell Industries, Inc. BVF
Barq's Root Beer VF
Barret, Thomas C. VF Louisiana Senator, candidate for Lieutenant Governor for Lousiana, no date, photo looks turn of the 19th century
Barron, Elizabeth VF Theatere Director, New Orleans area
Barrow, Alfred VF New Orleans Checkers Champion
Barrow, Harry C. VF New Orleans Artist
Barry, Denis A. VF New Orleans Attorney, Assistant District Attorney, Chairman Regional Planning Commission
Bars/Bar Rooms, New Orleans VF
Barthelemy, Mickey (Mrs. Sidney, nee Thibodeaux) VF Wife of Mayor Sidney Barthelemy
Barthelemy, Sidney VF Mayor of New Orleans (1986-1994), insurance dealer after being Mayor
Barzini Memorandum VF Racism in the South, 1997
Baseball, New Orleans VF
BASF/Wyandotte Basagran Manufacturing Plant BVF
Basin Street VF see Simon Bolivar Statue
Bastille Day Celebrations, New Orleans VF
Bastrop National Bank BVF Annual reports
Bastrop, Baron de (Felipe Enrique Neri) VF
Bastrop, Louisiana TVF
Baton Rouge Art League VF
Baton Rouge Audubon Society VF
Baton Rouge Bancshares, Inc. BVF
Baton Rouge Bank BVF
Baton Rouge Businesses BVF 100 Top Private
Baton Rouge Civic Symphony VF
Baton Rouge Music Society VF
Baton Rouge River City Festivals Association VF
Baton Rouge Savings and Loan Association BVF
Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra VF
Baton Rouge, Louisiana TVF
Baton Rouge, Louisiana Folder #2 TVF
Baton Rouge-Art Galleries VF
Baton Rouge-Arts and Humanities Council VF
Baton Rouge-Businesses BVF
Baton Rouge-Floods VF
Baton Rouge-Historical VF
Baton Rouge-Industry VF
Baton Rouge-Public Relations VF
Batt, Harry J. Sr. VF Playland Amusements, Inc., Pontchartrain Beach, New Orleans, Louisiana
Batt, Jay VF New Orleans Councilman, District A
Battered Women, New Orleans (resources, general file) VF Dated materials, shelters, see also YWCA-Battered Women's Program Crescent House
Battery Power Incorporated BVF
Battle of New Orleans VF
Batture VF
Baudier, Joseph Roger Sr. VF
Bauduit, Agnes Leonie VF
Bauerlein, Inc. BVF
Baumler, Thomas J. Jr. VF
Bayless, J. L., Jr. VF
Bayou Books VF
Bayou Culvert Manufacturing Inc. BVF
Bayou Dinner Theatre VF
Bayou Folk Museum VF
Bayou Girls State VF
Bayou Goula TVF
Bayou Mardi Gras VF
Bayou Metal Products Company BVF
Bayou Sauvage Wildlife Refuge (Eastern New Orleans) VF
Bayou Segnette (Westwego, Louisiana) VF
Bayou Segnette (Westwego, Louisiana) TVF
Bayou St. John VF
Bayouland Library System VF
Bayous VF
Beal, Mary VF
Bean, C. F. Corporation BVF see C.F. Bean Corporation
Beard Oil Company BVF
Bears, Louisiana VF
Beatles in New Orleans VF Music Group
Beau Brummel Club VF
Beauregard House VF
Beauregard Parish TVF
Beauregard Savings and Loan Association BVF
Beauregard Square VF
Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant, General VF
Beauty Pageants VF
Becker, Rudolph F. III VF
Becway Supply Company BVF
Bed and Breakfasts, New Orleans and Louisiana VF
Bedico VF
Bee Keepers VF
Beer, New Orleans/Louisiana VF
Beer, Peter H. VF
Behrman, Martin VF Mayor of New Orleans, 1904-1920, 1925-1926
Beier, Frank L Radio, Inc. BVF
Beignets VF
Bel, Clyde Jr. VF
Bell Aerospace BVF
Bell, Andrew Johnson VF
Bell, Dean P. VF
Belle Chase State School VF
Belle Chasse TVF
Belle Meade South VF Westbank Subdivsion
Belle Promenade Mall (Marrero, Louisiana) VF Westbank, closed
Bellocq, Ernest J. VF
Benachi-Torre-Derbes House VF
Benintende, A. J., Jr. VF
Benjamin, Adelaide Wisdom VF
Benjamin, Judah P. VF
Berberich, Willard, Reverend/Father, C.S.S.R. VF Program for the Silver Jubilee of Reverend Willard Berberich, C. SS. R. May 28, 1950, Redemptorist Order
Berger, David M. VF Memorial
Bergeron Industries BVF
Bernard & Nungesser BVF
Bernhardt, Sarah VF Famous Actress, in Louisiana, article from Dixie Magazine September 12, 1971, pp14 & 16
Bertel Award VF
Bethea, Oscar W. VF
Bethlehem Children's Home, Lutheran Social Services of the South VF
Better Business Bureau of the Greater New Orleans Area, Inc. VF
Better Young Men Boys' Club VF
Beverly Dinner Playhouse VF
Bevinetto, Tony VF
Bezou, Henry, Monsignor VF
Bicentennial Bulletin VF
Bicentennial Cities VF
Bicentennial Committee-Louisiana VF
Bicentennial-Louisiana VF
Bicycling, New Orleans and Louisiana VF Recreation and Safety
Bienvenu Family VF
Bienville Club VF
Bienville Landing Apartments BVF
Bienville Parish TVF
Bienville, Jean Baptiste Le Moyne VF
Big Al's Chicken (formerly Popeye's Fried Chicken until Fall, 1992) BVF
Big Bass Fishing Rodeo VF City Park, 2008
Big Brothers of Greater New Orleans VF
Big Easy VF
Big Easy Entertainment Awards VF
Big Oak Island VF
Big Sisters of Greater New Orleans VF
Billings, Warren M. VF
Biloxi, Mississippi VF
Bio-Chem BVF
Birds VF
Birds, Protection of VF
Bisso Family VF
Black and Veatch BVF
Black Arts National Diaspora (BAND) VF
Black Businessmen's Association of Louisiana VF
Black Catholics VF
Black Code (Code Noir) VF
Black Economic Development Council VF
Black Elected Officials Louisiana and National VF
Black Gold Marine, Inc. BVF
Black Heritage Festival VF
Black Heritage Tour TVF
Black History-Bibliography VF
Black History-Biographies VF
Black History-Conferences VF
Black History-New Orleans VF
Black Leadership VF
Black Music Hall of Fame and Museum VF
Black Pages of America VF New Orleans Metropolitan Edition, 1992/1993
Black Pages Mini Directory VF
Black Panthers VF
Black Pearl Mutual Aid and Pleasure Club VF
Black Political Organizations VF
Black Politics VF 2 folders
Black Protest Groups VF
Black Theater VF
Black Unity Lasting Leadership VF
Blacks (general interest) VF
Blacks-Conditions in New Orleans VF
Blacks-Dances and Processions (Antebellum) VF Journal article by Estes, David in "Louisiana Folklore Miscellany" Vol. VI, # 3, 1990
Blacks-Field Hands VF Chapter in an anthology entitled "Southern Women" - Stronger than Love: Louisiana's Sugar Cane Women" by Julia Burkart
Blacks-Population VF
Blanchard, Blanche Virginia VF Married to Charles Milo Williams in 1897, son is an attorney named Lavinius L. Williams
Blanchard, John M. VF
Blanchard, Terrence VF World-reknown musician who resides in New Orleans
Blanco, Kathleen Babineaux VF Candidate for governor in 1991, lieutenant governor in 199?
Blind (general interest) VF
Blood Banks VF
Bloomberg, Mildred VF School Board member in 1970
Blue Bayou Water Park VF Was off of I-10 near Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana VF
Blue Room VF At formerly The Roosevelt, now Fairmont Hotel
Blueprint for Gulf Renewal VF
Blues Musicians VF
Blundon Home (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) VF Home for African-American children, provides shelter and education, founded in 1920
Boatel, Incorporated BVF
Boats and Boating VF
Bobo, James R. VF Economics professor at University of New Orleans
Boeing Company BVF
Boeing Company, (folder #2) BVF
Boeing Petroleum Services, Inc. BVF
Bogalusa, Louisiana TVF
Boggs, Hale VF U. S. Congressman
Boggs, Lindy Claiborne VF U. S. Congresswoman, wife of Congressman Hale Boggs, Ambassador to the Vatican during 2nd term of Clinton Administration
Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge (Slidell, Louisiana) VF
Boh Brothers BVF
Bohemia Spillway Litigation (Plaquemines Parish) VF
Boissiere, Lambert C. VF New Orleans City Councilman
Bolivar, Simon VF Statue at Canal and Basin St.
Bonano, Les VF
Bonaparte Place BVF
Bonaparte, Napoleon VF
Bonavart, Inc. BVF
Bond Issues VF
Bonded Debt of Louisiana VF
Bonfuca Lighthouse VF
Bonhage, Limited BVF
Bonie Associates BVF
Bonnet Carre Spillway VF
Book Preservation VF
Booklovers Ball VF
Books VF
Bookstore-Bookstar VF
Bookstore-Catholic Bookstore VF
Bookstore-De Ville Books and Prints VF
Bookstore-Great Acquisition Book Service VF
Bookstore-Life's Journey Bookstore VF
Bookstore-Little Professor Bookstore VF
Bookstore-Maple Street Book Store VF
Bookstore-Plantation Bookstore VF
Bookstores BVF
Bookstores (generic) VF
Bookstores-Baptist BVF
Boop, Edward S. VF
Booth, Edwin VF
Borikins, Naomi VF
Bossier Bank and Trust Company BVF
Bossier City (historical) VF
Bossier City, Louisiana TVF
Bossier Parish TVF
Bossier, Pierre Evariste VF
Boston Club BVF
Boston Club VF
Boswell Sisters VF
Botnick, Adolph I. "B." VF
Bottles VF
Bouchon, Henry VF
Boucvalt House VF
Bouligny Foundation VF
Bouligny, Francisco VF Image. Portrait Painting, 1770s
Bourbon French Perfume Company VF
Bourbon Street Foundation VF
Boutte, Thelma (Coffey) VF First black female doctor in New Orleans, starting in 1937
Bowen, Bill VF Candidate for Lieutenant Governor for the State of Louisiana
Bowie, James VF
Boxing VF
Boy Scouts of America VF
Boy's Club New Orleans VF
Boyd, Thomas Duckett (1854-1932) VF President, Louisiana State University (1896-1927)
Boyer Antiques and Doll Shop BVF
Brahman Cattle VF see also Cattle Industry in Louisiana
Brandeis University National Women's Committee, New Orleans Chapter VF
Braud, Harry J. Jr. VF Author of a paper on tomato irrigation in greenhouse, remove no info on author other than he was a professor
Brazilian Contemporary Art Exposition VF
Bread of the World, New Orleans Chapter VF
Breaux Act VF November, 2006
Breaux Bridge Bank and Trust Company BVF
Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival VF
Breaux, John (1944- ) VF Louisiana state senator since 1972
Breaux, Joseph Arsenne (1838-1926), Louisiana Supreme Court Justice VF The Breaux Fund, A Tulane and Loyola Scholarship
Brennan, Ella VF
Brewing Companies BVF
Brian G. Corporation BVF
Bricklayers and Masons Union VF
Bricks VF Times Picayune article about the St. Joe Brickyard in Slidell, LA
Bridge House VF
Bridges (generic) VF
Bridges, Ruby VF
Bridges-Algiers Lower Coast Bridge VF
Bridges-Covered VF
Bridges-Luling-Destrehan VF 310 Interstate connects with Interstate 10
Bridges-Paris Road, Gulf Outlet VF
Brigadeer General John B. Bellinger VF U.S. Army Tugboat
British Petrolium (BP) VF Gulf Oil Disaster
Broadmoor Auto Parts BVF
Broadsides VF Copies of various Broadsides originally posted in New Orleans
Broadway Theater League of New Orleans VF
Brocato, Vincent VF President of Amerita Club, Italian Americans
Brocato, Angelo VF Fine Italian Ice Cream and Pastries Since 1909, History
Brock Exploration BVF
Brock, J. R. VF Copies of letters by J. R. Brock, a sugar planter in Houmas, LA
Brook Tarpaulin Company BVF
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers VF typed written statement
Brothers Improvement Association VF
Broussard, Aaron VF Mayor of Kenner in 1980's
Broussard, Edwin Sidney VF U. S. Senator from Louisiana in the 1920's, publication by the National Builders' Supply Association, Cleveland, Ohio
Broussard, Marty VF Candidate for New Orleans City Council, District C
Brown Bag Concerts VF Sponsored by the Downtown Development District, Arts Council of New Orleans, City of New Orleans - two flyers from 1985 and 1986
Brown, Debria VF Xavier alumna, Opera singer, article from the Dixie Roto February 18, 1968
Brown, Dorothy Dr. VF English professor at Loyola University, specialty is Louisiana women writers
Brown, Eula Mae Lee VF
Brown, G. Gernon VF Head coach at Jesuit, short 2 pp bio
Brown, James H. VF Secretary of State for Louisiana
Brown, Joe. W. VF New Orleans philanthropist and millionaire
Brown, William (1784-1849) VF Irish secretary to Livingston and Wilkerson, collector of the Port of New Orleans
Browne-McHardy Clinic VF
Bruce Foods Corporation BVF
Bruce, Dick BVF Advertising Agency
Bruneau, Emile "Peppi", Jr. VF Louisiana House Representative, includes 2000 session update
Bruno and Tervalon BVF
Buard, Rebecca VF WDSU newscaster
Buck, Charles F. Jr, Mrs. VF New Orleans chapter of the Red Cross
Bucktown (New Orleans) VF
Buena Vista Garden Society VF
Buffalo Soldiers VF
Buie, Duncan VF
Building and Construction Trades Council VF
Building Watchers Tour VF
Bulletin de la Societe Historique et Archeologique du Perigord VF No. 136, 2009
Bultman Family VF
Bultman, Bethany VF New Orleans writer
Bunkie Bank and Trust Company BVF
Bunkie, Louisiana TVF
Buras, Camille, Judge VF
Buras, Louisiana VF Oil suit article, Times Picayune, July 7, 1972
Burch, George E., Dr. VF
Bureau of Governmental Research VF
Burguieres Motor Works VF
Burk and Associates BVF
Burke, Patrick E. VF
Burke, Paul V. VF
Burke, Richard "Dick" VF
Burke, Ulic VF
Burkenroad Reports BVF Tulane
Burns Furniture Company BVF
Bus Strike, New Orleans VF
Buses-Trailways VF
Business BVF
Business Cards VF
Business Conditions, Louisiana VF
Business Hall of Fame VF
Business Task Force on Education VF
Businesses-Louisiana BVF
Butcher Manufacturing Corporation BVF
Butler, Randle BVF
Butterflies VF "Butterfly Lady"
Byrnes, William H., Jr. VF Civil District Court Judge, New Orleans, Louisiana

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